About Us

Hello readers,

We are a gaggle of friends who realize that we have filled our lives with either watching endless streams of Chinese movies and dramas or reading Chinese online novels. As we live our lives vicariously through the lives of the characters we see in dramas or novels, we begin to form our own opinion about things. We find them fascinating, as one would, and hence we decide to share our insignificant opinions with everyone.

Why Chinese movies and dramas? Because the actors and actresses are handsome and beautiful, and when the stories are in ancient settings, the costumes are beautiful and of high quality, and the acting is professional.

This can be said about other movies and dramas, why specifically Chinese movies and dramas? Because they can tell a moving love story without graphic sex scenes, and the action scenes also stay away from gore.

Yes, again, this is not unique to only Chinese dramas and movies, so why Chinese movies and dramas though?

‘Hey! How exactly is a rainbow made? How exactly does a sun set? How exactly does a posi-trac rear-end on a Plymouth work? It just does.’ – I quoted this from the movie Joe Dirt. I know it doesn’t answer anything and it has no relevance whatsoever to Chinese dramas. But there you go. In short, it is because, we love it!!!

Thank you for visiting our website, much appreciate it 🙂


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