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Lost Track Of Time Drama Review

Title: Lost Track Of Time Also Known As: 覆流年, Fu Liu Nian, Overwhelming Years Director: Yi Jun Screenwriter: Xu Yan, Chen Yao, Tian...

See You Again Drama Review

Title: See You Again Also Known As: 超时空罗曼史, Chao Shi Kong Luo Man Shi, Macross Romance Director: Wang Feng Screenwriter: Ling Qi, Wang...

Shining For One Thing Drama Review

Title: Shining For One Thing Also Known As: 一闪一闪亮星星, Let's Start Together at the End of the Universe Screenwriter: Duan Yu Le, Wang...

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Incantation Movie Review

Title: Incantation Also Known As: 咒,Zhou Director: Kevin Ko Screen Writer: Kevin Ko and Che-Wei Chang Genres: Mystery, Horror, Supernatural Country: Taiwan Type:...

The Town of Ghosts Movie Review

Title: The Town Of Ghosts Also Known As: 阴阳镇怪谈, Yin Yang Zhen Guai Tan Director: Tao Zhang Genres: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy Country: China ...

Double World Movie Review

Title: Double World Original Title: 征途 (Zhēngtú) Year: 2019 Duration: 110 minutes Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure Country: ChinaDouble World Synopsis Double World is a...


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