Drama RecapUnchained LoveUnchained Love (Episode 31-32 Recap)

Unchained Love (Episode 31-32 Recap)

  • Title: Unchained Love
  • Also Known As: 浮图缘, Floating on the Edge, Forbidden Love
  • Director: Wu Qiang
  • Casts: Dylan Wang, Chen Yu Qi, Peter Ho, Zheng Li
  • Screenwriter: Li Jing Ling
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 36
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Where to Watch: iQiyi, WeTV
  • Adapted from the web novel: Fu Tu Yuan by You Si Jie

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Dear readers, how are you today? It’s been soo hot in my area right now. I feel like drowning in my sweat and hope somebody give me a can of Sprite. Anyway… this episodes 31 and 32 was about Yuwen Liang Shi’s coup. And I wonder, would this incident affect Princess Hede and Yuwen Liang Xu’s relationship? Let’s find out!

Episode Recap

Episode 31

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(1)

Xiao Duo sat alone on the pavilion and talked to Cao Chun’ang about the death of Ah Duo and justice. He questioned whether this was something he really want. In the middle of the conversation, Xiao Duo realized that he was surrounded by men with bad intentions. He sent Cao Chun’ang away before calling out for the assassins to reveal themselves.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(2)

The assassins attacked Xiao Duo, fortunately, Xiao Duo’s capability was top-notch. He could handle those assassins alone and even managed to catch the living one. Cao Chun’ang returned and protested when he saw the aftermath and asked who dared to send assassins for his Godfather. Xiao Duo answered nonchalantly that it was Bu Yu Lu. Cao Chun’ang pondered and recalled She Qilang’s reports. He said that the Emperor had left for the royal hunting event.

The Emperor had allowed the Prince of Nanyuan to join the event and also ordered Bu Yu Lu to be in charge of the security. Xiao Duo wondered if something happened in the capital. However, his indifferent attitude changed when Cao Chun’ang said that the Emperor also took Bu Yin Lou with him. He hurriedly ordered Cao Chun’ang to gather his men who were stationed nearby the hunting ground before he prepared to leave.

Cao Chun’ang reminded him that he could not leave the mausoleum, or the Emperor would find a reason to punish him. Yet, for his dear wife, Xiao Duo did not care.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(3)

Meanwhile, The Prince of Nanyuan and Bu Yu Lu who led his army to the hunting ground palace was surprised to see Yuwen Liang Xu at the palace gate. Yuwen Liang Xu tried to stop his brother but failed.

Princess Hede went into her brother’s bed chamber. She told him that his trusted aide, Bu Yu Lu, has colluded with the Prince of Nanyuan. When the Emperor was stunned, Princess Hede dragged Bu Yin Ge. She told the Emperor that his favorite girl was a spy planted by the Prince of Nanyuan and Bu Yu Lu.

Her task was to steal the Emperor’s commander’s seal so the Prince could send the army away. Bu Yin Ge saw the situation was bad for her and immediately kneeled and said that she was forced by his father and the Prince. The Emperor was furious, and he took a sword to kill Bu Yin Ge, but Bu Yin Lou stopped him. She said that Bu Yin Ge was the Prince of Nanyuan’s concubine and the legitimate daughter of Bu Yu Lu. If he killed her, it would be a justified reason to attack the palace.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(4)

The Emperor stared at Bu Yin Lou. He asked whether she also took part in her father’s good plan. Bu Yin Lou told him that she wanted to tell him, but she had no chance. Princess Hede cut in and said that Bu Yin Lou had warned him long ago, but the Emperor was tricked by Bu Yin Ge and refused to believe her. So Bu Yin Lou went up to her and told her everything.

Luckily they managed to buy some time to hold the rebels for a moment. However, she did not know how long they could hold it off. The Emperor ordered Bu Yin Ge to be dragged outside and punished severely.

The Prince of Nanyuan declared his rebellion. Bu Yu Lu added that before noon on the next day, Murong Gao Gong should issue a decree to abdicate the throne. If not, they would charge in and kill everyone.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(5)

At the palace hall, the scared court officials have gathered. The Emperor entered the room, followed by Bu Yin Lou, Princess Hede, and Sun Tai Qing. One of the officials suggested the Emperor issued an edict to abdicate the throne. His words made the Emperor furious and ordered him to be executed on spot. But the officials refused to back down. They even had the royal guards prepared to arrest the Emperor.

The official said that only by killing the Emperor, the Prince of Nanyuan would set them free. Princess Hede moved forward and brandished her sword. She challenged everyone who dared to kill the Emperor.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(6)

Bu Yin Lou saw the situation was getting out of control. She pulled her hairpin and pointed it at the Emperor’s neck and said she would be the one who killed the Emperor. Her actions scared the Emperor and shocked Princess Hede. Bu Yin Lou raised her voice and said that after she killed the Emperor, the Prince of Nanyuan would ascend to the throne.

As a righteous Emperor, the first thing he would do would be to execute her because Bu Yin Lou had killed the Emperor. Bu Yin Lou asked who wanted to be the Emperor’s killer, she threw the hairpin and said that she would give them the chance to do it. The officials and guards cowered. Nobody dared to take the hairpin because they just realized the consequences of their action. All of them begged for mercy, including Bu Yin Lou.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(7)

The Emperor wanted to charge outside, but Bu Yin Lou stopped him. At the moment, they lacked guards and their priority was to stay safe. As long as the Emperor was alive, The Prince of Nanyuan’s status would always be a rebel. Bu Yin Lou asked Princess Hede who knew the location better than anyone, if was there another way to get out of the palace. Princess Hede understood Bu Yin Lou’s intention. She immediately asked the guards to follow her. While the rest waited in the hall.

The Emperor casted a glance at Bu Yin Lou while they were waiting for Princess Hede’s report. However, the report was not good. Although there was a secret door, they did not have enough time for all of them to leave. Sun Tai Qing suggested sending the Emperor out first. But Princess Hede refuted his idea. They could not put the Emperor in danger, because even if they escaped there were still many guards in the surrounding area.

Bu Yin Lou had an idea to send help, but the Imperial City was too far away. She said they did not have to go to the capital. They could go to the mausoleum and ask for help from Xiao Duo and the Zhaoding Bureau. The Emperor raised his head when he heard Xiao Duo’s name was mentioned. He said that he would never ask for help from him. Princess Hede asked whether he had a better idea.

The Emperor said that they should send the edict to Yu Zun at the mausoleum. Bu Yin Lou was confused, why would Commander Yu go to the mausoleum? It turned out that the Emperor had given him a secret edict to kill Xiao Duo if he stepped one foot outside of the mausoleum. Bu Yin Lou and Princess Hede were shocked.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(8)

Meanwhile, Xiao Duo, Cao Chun’ang, and his men rode to the capital. In the middle of the forest, they were intercepted by Yu Zun and his men. Yu Zun released an arrow and it pierced through Xiao Duo’s chest.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(9)

Bu Yin Lou asked what was Xiao Duo’s sin that he had to be killed on spot. The Emperor replied that Zhaoding Bureau was overbearing and that because Xiao Duo was the chief, he was the biggest sinner. Bu Yin Lou got angry and replied that if the world was at peace, they would not need Zhaoding Bureau or Xiao Duo.

The Emperor snapped at Bu Yin Lou because she dared to question him for a servant. Bu Yin Lou was not afraid. On the contrary, she was getting angry and accused the Emperor of being paranoid and arrogant. She pointed her finger at him and said that the Emperor was the one who transferred Xiao Duo and chose to trust the Prince of Nanyuan. He was the cause of everything that happened to them.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(10)

If Xiao Duo disobeyed his order and left the mausoleum, Yu Zun would go after him. And the Emperor would have nobody to help him. The Emperor was angry but he realized that Bu Yin Lou was right. He immediately ordered Princess Hede to deliver the edict to Yu Zun.

Bu Yin Lou could not stay still and left to go after Princess Hede. She was worried about her friend. Bu Yin Lou had an idea to leave the palace. She disguised herself as a rebel soldier and mingled among them. Bu Yin Lou listened when her father ordered the soldiers to kill everyone inside the hall, including her and Bu Yin Ge, his own daughters. Her heart felt cold when she heard Bu Yu Lu’s words.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(11)

When Bu Yin Lou arrived to where Xiao Duo and Yu Zun fought, she was shocked to see dead bodies and her fish immortal pendant. She thought Xiao Duo was dead already. Bu Yin Lou frantically ran to find him.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(12)

Fortunately, Xiao Duo was saved from Yu Zun’s arrow. Xiao Duo had explained earlier that the Prince of Nanyuan was rebelling and he wanted to go to help them. However, Yu Zun could not let him go because it was against the order. Yu Zun would let Xiao Duo go only if there was an order from the Emperor. And the edict was something Bu Yin Lou brought with her. It said that Yu Zun should put everything aside and help the Emperor. Xiao Duo saw Yu Zun leave with his men.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(13)

Xiao Duo helped Bu Yin Lou with the armor. Xiao Duo saw that she cried and Bu Yin Lou replied she was scared she would lose her husband. While Xiao duo dared to disobey the order because he was afraid she would die. Xiao Duo was able to survive from Yu Zun’s arrow because the tip of the arrow hit the fish immortal pendant. Both of them knew that when the situation was in chaos, it was a good opportunity to run away. Yet, they chose not to because they were afraid that the rebellion would lead to war. They thought about the innocent people of Great Ye.

Yuwen Liang Xu managed to run away from the room where he was held hostage by his brother. When the time came and the Emperor refused to abdicate the throne, the Prince of Nanyuan and Bu Yu Lu charged into the palace. They killed every guard. The Prince saw the eunuch and the guards trying to cover the Emperor so he chased after them. But it turned out to be Princess Hede who pretended to be a decoy. The Prince did not want to fight her, but Princess Hede forced him to. Yet, he was not her opponent.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(14)

At the critical time, Yu Zun and Xiao Duo appeared with their men to wipe out the rebel soldiers. Xiao Duo told Yu Zun to find the Emperor while he sorted out the rebels. When the Prince almost killed Princess Hede, Yuwen Liang Xu threw his body to protect Princess Hede. For her, Yuwen Liang Xu raised his sword to his brother. But Yuwen Liang Xu could not defeat him. Xiao Duo came at the right time to save the Princess. Xiao Duo and the Prince of Nanyuan had a duel and Xiao Duo won.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(15)

The Prince of Nanyuan realized that he was defeated and the Yuwen clan would vanish. He told Xiao Duo that he was willing to pay for his sins with his life, in exchange for Yuwen Liang Xu’s safety. And the only person he could entrust his brother to was Xiao Duo. The Prince of Nanyuan ended his life in front of Yuwen Liang Xu who cried miserably. Xiao Duo covered his body with his coat.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(16)

Meanwhile, The Emperor ran into the forest with Sun Tai Qing and several imperial guards. They were surrounded by Bu Yu Lu and his men. The Emperor tried to persuade Bu Yu Lu to surrender to him. Bu Yu Lu refused and told him that the Emperor was nothing but a coward. When he lost favor, he became useless. But if he gained power, he lost self-control.

The Emperor was incapable to protect the country but he was wary of anyone around him. Bu Yu Lu said that he did not trust the Emperor and despised him. When he was cornered, the Emperor fell off the cliff. When Bu Yu Lu ordered his men to find the Emperor, Yu Zun arrived.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(17)

The Zhaoding Bureau guards arrested Bu Yu Lu and took him to see Xiao Duo. Bu Yu Lu reminded him that the Emperor was already planning to kill Xiao Duo. When everything ended, Xiao Duo would fall into a worst state than his. Because Xiao Duo did not say anything, Bu Yu Lu offered his daughter Bu Yin Lou to serve him. Xiao Duo’s expression turned ugly when he heard Bu Yu Lu’s words. Xiao duo told him that Bu Yu Lu did not deserve to be Bu Yin Lou’s father and threw his sword at him. Xiao Duo did not intend to kill him, he merely wanted to frighten him.

Xiao Duo met Bu Yin Lou at a remote place. He asked why Bu Yin Lou did not stop him. She replied that she was sure Xiao Duo would not kill Bu Yu Lu because he cared about her. She also said that she did not know how to face him. Bu Yin Lou thought she was despicable to use his feelings to manipulate him. Xiao Duo stared at her with a sad expression. He explained that he did not kill Bu Yu Lu not only because of her but because he chose not to.

He had been pondering about justice. And the kind of justice he wanted was when the person with power and status did not trample over ordinary people. They did not get to decide on other’s life and death for their selfish desire. He hoped the law would give the punishment they deserved and he also hope that after they were together, he could be free of sins.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(18)

Cao Chun’ang disrupted their merry time because Yu Zun wanted to meet him. They promised to meet again that night. Xiao Duo went to see the flustered Yu Zun. He said that the Emperor was seriously injured and unconscious. Yu Zun did not dare to make any decision and asked for his help. Xiao Duo pondered and decided that they could not return to the palace. Instead, he sent the Emperor to Deer’s Reed Residence.

Unchained Love recap - episode 31(19)

Episode 32

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(1)

Bu Yin Lou spent her time sewing knee warmers from fur. She put it on the cabinet and lost in her thought. Bu Yin Lou opened the cabinet door and entered the secret door. Halfway there, she was surprised to see Xiao Duo who was waiting for her. Xiao Duo took her hand and told her that he had been preparing for their journey. But there was something that he must do first.

Xiao Duo was regretting the fact that Bu Yin Lou might have to live a hard life with him. However, Bu Yin Lou did not mind. She was willing to change his non-ambitious way of life into a hard-working life, only to be with him. However, when she went to check on the goods that Xiao Duo prepared for their journey, she was dumbfounded. Xiao Duo was waaaaaaayyyyy more wealthy than she imagined 😅.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(2)

Bu Yin Lou went to the imperial prison to see his father, Bu Yu Lu. She hesitated earlier, but Xiao Duo persuaded her because it might be the last chance to see him. Bu Yin Lou brought food and the knee warmers. Yet, Bu Yu Lu still blamed her for ruining the Bu family and destroying his years of plans. He even said that he regretted having Bu Yin Lou as his child. Bu Yin Lou stayed silent and listened to his rants.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(3)

After Bu Yu Lu finished venting his anger, Bu Yin Lou told him about her dream of living a good life with his father. A dream where their relationship was good just like when she was young. But her hopes were miles away. For Bu Yu Lu, Bu Yin Lou and Bu Yin Ge were only chess pieces to reach power. Bu Yu Lu did not say anything, but his expression was sad and regretful.

When she was leaving, Bu Yin Lou hoped that the knee warmers would keep him warm. But if he did not want to use it, Bu Yu Lu could just throw it away. She bid goodbye because both of them knew that they would never see each other again. When Bu Yin Lou left, Bu Yu Lu told her to go, best if she left the imperial city and never return. The pair of daughter and father parted with teary eyes.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(4)

When Xiao Duo came up to her, Bu Yin Lou was sad because she no longer had a home. Xiao Duo stared at her and said that she still had a home, and he would bring her there.

Meanwhile at the Deer’s Reed Residence. The Emperor’s anxiety turned into rage when the imperials physician reported his injuries. When the accident happened, the Emperor’s lower body was hit by rocks. It heavily injured him and made him unable to have children in the future. He roared and called the guard to behead the poor physicians but Xiao Duo came and stopped him.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(5)

The Emperor forgot about his arrogancy and begged Xiao Duo to help him. Xiao Duo told the Emperor that if he killed the physicians, the whole world would know about his condition. At the moment, all the Emperor had to do was to nurse his health. Xiao Duo reassured him that he would take care of everything. After he heard Xiao Duo’s words, the Emperor calmed down. But he still wanted all the physicians and everyone present to be killed.

Xiao Duo told him that he still needed the physician and the servants to take care of him. And with his presence, Xiao Duo was sure that nobody would dare to gossip about the Emperor’s condition. The Emperor blamed Yuwen Liang Shi for his condition. He also promised to kill every member of the Yuwen clan, including Yuwen Liang Xu. Princess Hede wanted to say something but Xiao Duo stopped her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(6)

Xiao Duo explained to the Emperor that the Yuwen clan was a famous family in the West Shu. If they finished them off, it would create chaos in West Shu. He suggested the Emperor use the Yuwen clan to stabilize West Shu. By then, it would make the Emperor to be recognised as a benevolent emperor and also secured his reputation in the heart of the people.

The Emperor was hesitant to accept the suggestion. But he pondered and agreed to spare them from the death penalty but he would make sure they would pay for their sin. He issued an edict to demote Yuwen Liang Xu as a commoner and would be imprisoned in the capital city for good. Princess Hede hold back the tears when she heard the edict.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(7)

Yuwen Liang Xu stayed at Xiao Duo’s residence. He spent his days drowning in wine. When Princess Hede came, she brought porridge that she cooked but Yuwen Liang Xu refused to eat it. Yuwen Liang Xu still blamed himself for the death of Yuwen Liang Shi. Princess Hede tried to console him, but it was to no avail. Yuwen Liang Xu felt bitter every time he saw Princess Hede because he remembered his brother.

The heartbroken Princess Hede said that she would never bother him anymore. The Princess did not realize that Yuwen Liang Xu was purposely being rude to her. Yuwen Liang Xu did everything he could to drive the Princess away from him. He realized he could never leave the place for good. His future was bleak and he did not want to drag her down.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(8)

Xiao Duo explained about his situation to Cao Chun’ang, Tong Yun, and She Qilang. He offered them to stay if they wanted to or leave if they wanted to. But Cao Chun’ang, Tong Yun, and She Qilang did not want to leave him or Bu Yin Lou. She Qilang said that their brother in Zhaoding Bureau also agreed to follow him. There’ll be no hope for them if they stayed in the Imperial City.

The Emperor was not in a good mood. He got angry easily and when a maid accidentally saw him, he ordered the guards to dig her eyes out. Sun Tai Qing tried to stop the punishment. He found Bu Yin Lou and reported the incident. Bu Yin Lou hurriedly went to the Emperor’s room and told everyone to leave.

The Emperor did not want to see her at all, he turned his back on her. Bu Yin Lou took the towel and wanted to help him clean up. Bu Yin Lou told the Emperor to calm down. She reminded him that the future of Great Ye lies in his hand. Therefore, he had to rest and recover.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(9)

Bu Yin Lou stayed to take care of the Emperor. When she was there to feed him, Xiao Duo came. The Emperor used the chance to show off their intimacy to Xiao Duo. When she saw Xiao Duo’s ugly expression, Bu Yin Lou found a chance to step back from the bed. After he greeted the Emperor, Xiao Duo said that he could take care of the Emperor himself so they would not need to bother Bu Yin Lou.

Sun Tai Qing explained that he did not have to do that, Bu Yin Lou only wanted to take care of the Emperor and she did it willingly. Xiao Duo racked his brain to make Bu Yin Lou stay away from the Emperor. He came up with the idea to let Bu Yin Lou brew the medicine since the Imperial Hospital issued a new prescription for the Emperor. The Emperor stared at Bu Yin Lou lovingly and she immediately obeyed the arrangement.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(10)

The sullen Xiao Duo accompanied Bu Yin Lou to brew the medicine in the kitchen. Bu Yin Lou furrowed her eyebrow when she saw the prescription. It was the same prescription, only it was written in reverse. Xiao Duo heard Bu Yin Lou muttered her dissatisfaction and protest. He was jealous because Bu Yin Lou took care of another man in front of him. To vent his anger, Xiao Duo told her to brew ten pots as a punishment.

Bu Yin Lou was angry too but she knew she could not face the angry Xiao Duo head-on. So she explained about the maid incident and apologized because she did not discuss it with him first. Xiao Duo told her that the Emperor’s mood was unstable and it would be better if Bu Yin Lou stay away from him. If something happened, she better look for him, so he could handle it.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(11)

However, Xiao Duo refused to reduce the number of pots that she had to brew. He said that if she did not do it, Bu Yin Lou would not learn the lesson. I have no idea what Bu Yin Lou did to Xiao Duo, but the next second, it was Xiao Duo who brewed the medicine. It seemed that Bu Yin Lou had done something terrifying that made Xiao Duo so scared of her 🤣.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(12)

Bu Yin Lou accidentally heard the Emperor talk to Sun Tai Qing. Sun Tai Qing said the Emperor would definitely get better when Bu Yin Lou was there. The Emperor smiled and said he did not want to make her worry anymore. He would not force her and would treat her kindly. Because no matter what happened, he only needed her to be by his side and they still had a whole lifetime together. Bu Yin Lou furrowed her brows and left quietly.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(13)

That night, the Emperor could not sleep. Sun Tai Qing wanted to call Bu Yin Lou, but the Emperor refused and chose to go to Bu Yin Lou’s courtyard by himself. Meanwhile, Bu Yin Lou was lost in her thoughts about what she heard earlier and decided to go to Xiao Duo through the secret tunnel. She went to his room and asked Xiao Duo to take her away because she could not stand it anymore.

Bu Yin Lou hugged him and said that every day she told herself that it was not wrong for her to be with him. However, Bu Yin Lou felt guilty. She did not want to lie to others anymore because she wanted to be with Xiao Duo openly and proudly. Xiao Duo told her the world was unfair and people were jerks. However, the world had no right to judge them.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(14)

He hoped that in the future there would be a different era where there was no concept of nobility or monarchy. No emperor or concubines. No masters or slaves. So there would be no people like them who did not have freedom.

Meanwhile, the Emperor arrived at Bu Yin Lou’s bedroom and pushed the door. He entered the empty bedroom and found the secret door. He walked through the tunnel to the courtyard where Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo were. He overheard when they talked about their departure. Xiao Duo wanted to request an edict so Bu Yin Lou could leave the residence. He planned to leave tomorrow. The Emperor saw with his own eyes when Xiao Duo lifted Bu Yin Lou and took her to the bed. He also saw shaving tools and hair on the table.

It dawned on him that Xiao Duo was not a eunuch. And the person who always had a relationship with Bu Yin Lou was Xiao Duo. The Emperor felt he was a joke all along. He sobbed because of the heartache. In the midst of his anger, the Emperor promised that he would make Bu Yin Lou and Xiao Duo suffer a fate worse than death.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(15)

The next day, Sun Tai Qing and several guards took Bu Yin Lou to watch a show. Bu Yin Lou greeted the Emperor but he answered coldly and told her to sit next to him. They watched an opera play about Consort Duan and Chief Xiao. Bu Yin Lou’s heart lurched when she heard the actor’s lines. He told a story about Chief Xiao who pretended to be a eunuch and hid in the palace.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(16)

The Emperor nonchalantly told Bu Yin Lou that Xiao Duo and her had become a famous people in the capital for pacifying the rebellion. The story of her and Xiao Duo watching an opera in West Shu also had become a trending story. And right now, the Emperor and Bu Yin Lou watched an opera about Consort Duan who risked her life to deliver an edict so Chief Xiao could suppress the rebellion. However, the Emperor said that the story was not good. So he added a scene where the Emperor accused them to be a couple of adulterers and punished them with death.

Unchained Love recap - episode 32(17)

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Things were getting tense… Writing this recap made me anxious, even though I knew what would happen next. 😣

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