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Frequently Asked Question on Cnovelholic Community Forum

  • Q: Can I be a member on this forum?
  • A: Sure you can, just create your member account by clicking 'Register' button on the forum header, fill in the form with your Username, Email and Password, then click on Register, and you are good to go. Remember to obey our Cnovelholic Forum Rules.


  • Q: How to reply on Topic/Thread?
  • A: Just click on any Topic you want to reply, then write on 'Leave a reply' box. After you finish writing your reply, click on 'Add Reply' button, and you're done.


  • Q: Can I create a new Topic/Thread?
  • A: Sure, just click on 'Add Topic' on forum Category, then choose on 'Select Forum' rollout (it's a Sub-Category where you want to post your new Topic). After that a 'Box' will appear where you can fill 'Topic Title' and write your Topic below it. Then click on 'Add Topic', and you're done.


  • Q: What is 'Topic Tag'?
  • A: You can leave it blank if you're not sure what your Topic Tag are.


  • Q: Why can't I post picture on my New Topic or Reply Post?
  • A: You can post picture on your Topic or Reply Post after you do 10 posts (on any Topic).


  • Q: Can I embed a Youtube video?
  • A: Sure, same as post picture, you can embed a Youtube video after you do 10 posts (on any Topic).


  • Q: Can I edit my Topic or Post I just create?
  • A: Yes you can, just wait for about 1 minute, after that you can edit your Topic and Post. But as a member, you can only edit your own Topic and Post that you create it.


- Cnovelholic Team

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