"Regeneration drama story flowed well for six episodes, but when it entered the seventh, it seemed a bit rushed.

Regeneration Drama Review

  • Drama Title: Regeneration
  • Also Known As: 新生, New Life, Xin Sheng
  • Genres: Mystery, Romance
  • Cast: Jing Bo Ran, Zhou Yi Ran, Wang Yan Hui, Chen Yu Xian, Huang Jue, He Liao Lu Yun, Zhang Yu Fan, Peng Yang
  • Episodes: 10
  • Date of Release: May 6, 2024
  • Original Network: Youku
  • Where to Watch: Youku, Netflix, Viki
  • Adapted from the web novel: “Fei Ke De Wan Yan” by Luo Jia

Hello, dear readers. I’m sorry for the late post. I’ve been under the weather lately. I’m trying to get back to my healthy state, so please be patient with me. In the meantime, I’ve been watching a lot of dramas lately and found this one interesting and the story engaging. I wanted to share my opinion on the Regeneration drama review with you all. Regeneration is one the Chinese dramas premier in May 2024. I hope this post helps you decide whether to watch it or ditch it. So, without further ado, let’s get started. Happy reading!

Regeneration Drama Synopsis

Regeneration is Chinese mystery drama, with 10 episodes and release in May 2024. He Shan is a female journalist from Quanzai Time Magazine. She was invited to attend Fei Ke’s memorial service on a remote island. Fei Ke is He Shan’s high school friend. They used to be close, but they’ve been estranged for more than 10 years.

Regeneration Drama Review - poster

Through a young man named Liu Mo, Fei Ke set up a meeting for He Shan and four others. Fei Ke left a will for them, but there was a condition. Each of them had to retrace their memories and tell the story about Fei Ke. Liu Mo said that he couldn’t read the will unless they finished telling the stories.

He Shan and the others found out that each of them knew a different version of Fei Ke. Nobody knew which version of Fei Ke was real. In their memories, Fei Ke was a humble son-in-law, a good friend, a sunny boy, a loyal lover, and a childhood sweetheart. But there were dark sides to every story. The real Fei Ke was different from what they imagined.

Regeneration Drama Review

I’ve been eyeing this drama because it only has 10 episodes. Lately, I’ve been addicted to short-episode dramas. I was ecstatic and planned to watch many dramas at one time. Yet the plan backfired on me. My back is hurting now and it stopped me from functioning. I guess what people say that too much of anything could destroy you is true. In my case, too much sitting posture is killing me. So, I plan to take things in moderation now.

Regeneration drama reminds me of Leonardo Di Caprio’s 2002 movie, Catch Me If You Can. In this movie, Leo acts as Frank Abagnale, Jr. A very famous con artist who could change his identity as easily as changing clothes. And in this drama Fei Ke is the Frank Abagnale, Jr.

Regeneration Drama Review - poster 2

Fei Ke and Frank Abagnale, Jr. did have something in common. Both of them have the same kind and charismatic appearance. The kind of people that arouse my empathy whenever they talk. Everybody (including me) would fall for their honest appearance and whatever they said, I would believe it. And it happened because they did not look or act like a liar. If you feel the same I do right now, you should consider stopping talking to strangers. We might easily fall for a con artist trap…😐

But we are talking about Leonardo Di Caprio and Jin Bo Ran here… of course we would fall for them…😁😁

Anyway, back to the drama. Regeneration is a very good mystery drama. I already have questions when I watch the first scene. At the beginning of the first episode, He Shan received a call from Fei Ke. She talked in a friendly manner, but I wondered why she recorded their conversation.

Later, when they met, Fei Ke was vomiting all over the airport floor. White foam oozes from his mouth, his body convulses, and Fei Ke looks pained.

Shortly after He Shan shouted for an ambulance, three paramedics rushed with a stretcher. One of them immediately put his hands on Fei Ke and started performing CPR. As far as I know, CPR can’t be performed when someone is having a convulsion. This made me wonder whether those paramedics were real.

And my guess is right. The paramedics were fake. They clearly weren’t there to help Fei Ke. In fact, I think they were there to take him away and kill him. And it seemed that I was right again, because not long after that, He Shan received an invitation to attend Fei Ke’s memorial ceremony.

He Shan is not the only one who was invited to the ceremony. There were Chen Shu Fa, Cheng Hao, Su Qian, and Zhang Xuan. There was also a mysterious guy called Liu Mo who said he was a driver and assistant. The six of them were staying in a mansion on a remote island.

And this is where the story really begins…

Regeneration offers a whole package of mystery drama. The story was based on a web novel titled Fei Ke De Wan Yan by Luo Jia. I haven’t read the novel, so I can’t compare it to the real story. I have to say that I was quite satisfied with the story. However, I felt that the ending was a bit rushed. After watching all the episodes, I realized that I needed a more elaborate ending.

The story moves at a slow pace and is told in flashbacks. The timeline is overlapping, so I have to pay close attention to it. However, the story itself is well-written and engaging. It’s hard for me to stop, but sometimes I have to rewatch several scenes just to make sure that I understand the story behind those scenes.

Regeneration is about a con artist who used to believe that a lie is still a lie, even if it was for good reason. It’s about Fei Ke’s life and the people who passed in his life, whether as a friend, a lover, or an intended target. His past is mysterious. Fei Ke showed his many faces to those people. He was a humble heir of a wealthy family, a naïve freshman just entering the workplace, a sunny boy who enjoys life, a genius student, and a loyal lover.

I feel that the opening scene, which showed Fei Ke’s face in a puzzle, is a very accurate description of this drama. Through stories, Fei Ke’s pasts were unravelled. It felt like working on a puzzle. You’ve got to put it all together to see the big picture. His complicated life has got me feeling all kinds of emotions. I feel sorry for him, I pity him, I’m disappointed in him, but at the end of the day, I still hope he’ll be able to have a better life.

I really liked how the story showed how complicated Fei Ke’s personality is. He has so many different sides to him. Fei Ke didn’t have a great start in life, so he creates an identity that reflects what he wants to be. This identity gives him the security and validation he needs. Fei Ke isn’t his real name.

It’s an alias he created for himself, and it comes from the English word “fake.” He used the name in his younger years. After he had a fall because of his impulsiveness and desire, Fei Ke learned how to devise a strategy. He used his intelligence to get rid of a disturbance and continue with his life as a con artist.

The other characters were also well-written. All the characters had desires, greed, and affection. None of them were better than the other, even the protagonist. He Shan somehow made me disappointed. She and everyone have their own catalyst for their actions.

I love this drama, that is why I wrote this Regeneration drama review. But I’m still a bit disappointed by the ending. Everything looked good until episode 6, but the last three episodes seemed rushed. The plot twist at the end was pretty satisfying. I wasn’t expecting to see that. And although the sad ending was somewhat predictable, I would have liked a better explanation and remorse. You can read the ending on our Regeneration Ending Explained post.

However, because of this drama, I am searching a way to balance a soda can all over the internet. 😆😆😆

Regeneration Drama Cinematography

The gloomy atmosphere is present throughout the entire 10-episode series. Everything on the screen was carefully arranged to generate a mysterious atmosphere. I felt uncomfortable in the scene where He Shan and the others were trapped in a basement without electricity on a stormy night. The darkness, small windows, dark furniture, and the fact that everybody wore black clothes made it feel truly depressing.

Regeneration Drama Review - poster 5

The director made good use of lighting in this drama. Regeneration is not a bright drama. The dark atmosphere really sets the mood. Even the flashback scenes make me feel melancholy. But even though it’s dim, we can see the expressions clearly. Each character is shot from different angles. Mostly close-ups, so we can see their expressions well.
I like mystery dramas because I’ve always liked this kind of story since I grew up with Agatha Christie’s novels. But I always feel tired after watching one.

Regeneration Drama Cast and Crew

This was the first time I saw Shen Ao’s drama. This young director didn’t have much filmography to his name, but he’d already done the rounds as an actor, a screenwriter, and a movie director. Regeneration is his first drama, and I was impressed by his work.

I’ve been a fan of Zhou Yi Ran since I saw her act in the short drama To The Wonder. Unlike the naïve and timid but stubborn Li Wen Xiu, her version of He Shan is leaving a deeper impression on me. Zhou Yi Ran really captured the essence of He Shan, who seemed like an ordinary person at first, but then she transformed into someone sharp and bold when her journalist side showed up.

Regeneration Drama Review - poster 3

But the real star in this drama is Jing Bo Ran. His portrayal of the complex Fei Ke was excellent. Unlike his role as Lan Jue in A League of Noblemen, whose character already showed some craftiness, Fei Ke is more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He seemed sweet and kind, but his calculating mind was terrifying.

The way Jing Bo Ran managed to evoke many emotions from one character is a testament to his talent. Jing Bo Ran has a lot of upcoming dramas on the shelf. I’m looking forward to watching them.

Regeneration has a lot of main roles. The first ones I recognized were He Liau Lu Yun, who played Liu Mo, and Peng Yang, who played Su Qian. He Liau Lu Yun used to act in 2023’s drama Ray of Light as Jia Kun. Regeneration is his first drama as a main lead.

Peng Yang is also someone I’m familiar with because she also acted in my favorite drama, Love Like the Galaxy, as Chen Shao Shang’s third aunt. She also appeared in The Longest Promise drama as Yu Ji and as Ada in Fake It Till You Make It. It’s always nice to see familiar faces in a drama because it brings back familiar feelings and a sense of nostalgia.

Even though I just watched their drama a few months ago… oh well, let me enjoy my happiness, dear readers… 😁😁

Regeneration Drama Story

The main character in this drama is Fei Ke. I have to say Fei Ke and not Li Ze Rui because they seemed like two different people. Fei Ke is a different entity that has been living for 12 years. This character was invented by Li Ze Rui so he could enjoy his desired life.

He Shan and Fei Ke were not as close as He Shan and Li Ze Rui. However, she was still the only person he cherished and trusted. He Shan’s character in this drama isn’t someone who’ll advocate for Fei Ke. She’s the neutral side that balances the good and the bad in Fei Ke. She gave me a different perspective on Fei Ke’s personality.

As a con artist, Fei Ke’s mishaps are an act of him reaping what he sowed. But there were more implicit messages in his situation. For instance, Fei Ke’s past and family members played an important role in shaping him into the person he is today. His impulsiveness showed that even if you have a superior IQ, it doesn’t prevent you from making mistakes. When someone is young, no matter how mature they seem, they still need guidance in their life.

This realization really struck me and made me think. Have I been a good parent to my daughter? Surely, you could find a life lesson in anything, including in a Chinese mystery drama. 🙄

Just like Fei Ke’s life was affected by other people, his presence affected other people’s lives as well. Chen Jia Jia’s is the most tragic because she lost her life. Chen Shu Fa, as his father, also experienced the pain of losing his daughter as well as his wealth. And he blames it on Fei Ke.

Regeneration Drama Review - poster 4

Although Chen Shu Fa was a loving father, you could immediately see his flaws. He was greedy and didn’t hesitate to use his daughter as a tool to get what he wanted. Fei Ke was good at reading people, so he could see the flaw in an instant and make use of it. When Fei Ke set his eyes on the Chen family, they couldn’t avoid their fate.

Chen Shu Fa wasn’t the only one who fell for Fei Ke’s trap. Cheng Hao was taken in by Fei Ke’s friendly and naive demeanor. They have a good time bonding as a friend. Cheng Hao even let Fei Ke stay at his house when he was in a dire situation.

Fei Ke was happy to help out with the house chores, so Cheng Hao didn’t mind letting him stay longer. Cheng Hao only found out that Fei Ke was using his assets for his own gain after Cheng Hao listened to Chen Shu Fa and Su Qian’s story.

Su Qian and Zhang Xuan could be considered Fei Ke’s lovers. They’ve got quite an intimate relationship with him. The difference is that Fei Ke didn’t ask for money when he was with Zhang Xuan. When he was with Su Qian, he used her position at Wylon and also asked for money. Either way, both women seemed to have a strong impression on Fei Ke.

On the contrary, I did not feel that He Shan still had a romantic feeling for Fei Ke. What they have left is a sense of understanding, empathy, and trust for each other.

Regeneration Drama Characters

Fei Ke

Fei Ke (played by Jing Bo Ran) is a smart guy. He’s honest and charismatic, which makes it easy for him to deceive others. Nobody would believe that under his sweet and kind exterior, he’s actually a scheming person.

Regeneration Drama Review - Fei Ke (Played by Jing Bo Ran)
Regeneration Drama Review – Fei Ke (played by Jing Bo Ran)

Fei Ke is a determined individual. When he schemes, his strategy is complex and difficult to trace. As a person, Fei Ke is adept at holding a grudge. He’s proud and arrogant, but he’s also very good at concealing his emotions. The only soft spot he has is his feelings for He Shan.

The catalyst for Fei Ke’s transformation is anger. He was disappointed by his father, but his stepmother made him angry. His drastic transformation from a good person to a bad was because of his family circumstances. Fei Ke demanded justice for his mother and himself, but in the end, it ruined his life.

He Shan

He Shan (played by Zhou Yi Ran) is an honest person. Her sense of right and wrong shaped her into a good and sharp journalist. He Shan’s instincts are strong, and she could tell when something suspicious was happening around her.

Regeneration Drama Review - He Shan (played by Zhou Yi Ran)
Regeneration Drama Review – He Shan (played by Zhou Yi Ran)

Although she and Fei Ke had been estranged for years, He Shan was still the only person Fei Ke trusted. They had been very close when they were in high school. They hid their closeness during the college entrance exam period because of the sensitivity of the puppy love thing. He Shan may seem like a cold-hearted person, but she’s actually quite empathetic.

Chen Shu Fa

Chen Shu Fa (played by Wang Yan Hui) is Chen Jia Jia’s dad. He’s a successful businessman and a CEO of a mining company. He’s a shrewd, greedy, and impatient guy. But he really cares about his only daughter, Chen Jia Jia.

Regeneration Drama Review - Chen Shu Fa (played by Wang Yan Hui)
Regeneration Drama Review – Chen Shu Fa (played by Wang Yan Hui)

As a father, Chen Shu Fa only wanted the best for his daughter. He saw that, because of their wealth, there were lots of people who wanted to take advantage of his daughter. So he was very careful when it came to choosing her husband.

Chen Shu Fa put his trust in Fei Ke because he couldn’t control his greed. Her desire to have more money ruined her daughter’s life. And in the end, all that’s left is regret.

Chen Jia Jia

Chen Jia Jia (played by Chen Yu Xian) is the one who really suffers as a result of the situation. She’s a good girl with a good heart. But life is unfair, and she lost her life in a tragic accident. However, Chen Jia Jia’s death was the tipping point for everything.

Regeneration Drama Review - Chen Jia Jia (played by Chen Yu Xian)
Regeneration Drama Review – Chen Jia Jia (played by Chen Yu Xian)

Cheng Hao

Cheng Hao (played by Huang Jue) is a crafty person. He seemed carefree and confident. But Fei Ke managed to sense his insecurities due to his family background.

Regeneration Drama Review - Cheng Hao (played by Huang Jue)
Regeneration Drama Review – Cheng Hao (played by Huang Jue)

Cheng Hao was born to ordinary parents and grew up in a small town. He’s the first person in his village to be able to afford to buy a house in the city of Chengjiang. Cheng Hao and Fei Ke met on a plane. They had a great conversation and hit it off right away. Like Chen Shu Fa, Cheng Hao had put his trust in Fei Ke and his story.

Su Qian

Su Qian (played by Peng Yang) and Fei Ke met on social media. She’s been posting photos of her life and has gained quite a few followers. Fei Ke is one of them. Their first communication is through the media channels. Su Qian is a quiet and reserved person. She’s a gentle, soft-spoken person.

Regeneration Drama Review - Su Qian (played by Peng Yang)
Regeneration Drama Review – Su Qian (played by Peng Yang)

Although she had a good life, Su Qian was concerned about her future. Back then, Su Qian is already in her 30s and single. Su Qian fell for Fei Ke’s kind and attentive personality. They started a relationship. But it didn’t last long because she found out that Fei Ke was a liar who was only after her money.

Zhang Xuan

Zhang Xuan (played by Zhang Yi Fan), also known as Xuan’er, is the polar opposite of Su Qian. She’s confident and outspoken, with a lively personality. Zhang Xuan is Fei Ke’s college sweetheart. She’s a talented dancer who’s aiming high. Fei Ke introduced her to one of his friends, a Bolshoi Ballet agent. However, the meeting didn’t go as planned.

Regeneration Drama Review - Zhang Xuan (played by Zhang Yi Fan)
Regeneration Drama Review – Zhang Xuan (played by Zhang Yi Fan)

Zhang Xuan woke up in a hotel bed and thought that Fei Ke had sold her to his friend. Even though she seemed confident, Zhang Xuan was still insecure. To overcome these feelings, Zhang Xuan had a plastic surgery procedure to change her looks.

Liu Mo

We don’t know much about Liu Mo’s background. He played the roles of a driver and assistant. He was the one who sent the invitation and took everyone to the island. Liu Mo (played by He Liao Lu Yun) was Fei Ke’s representative, and he also arranged the villa and the cruiser.

Regeneration Drama Review - Liu Mo (played by He Liao Lu Yun)
Regeneration Drama Review – Liu Mo (played by He Liao Lu Yun)

The Conclusion

I thought Regeneration was a good, well-written Chinese mystery drama. The story flowed well for six episodes, but when it entered the seventh, it seemed a bit rushed. I was caught off guard by the plot twist at the end. Although the ending is predictably sad, I was quite content with it.

If you enjoy a mystery that unfolds at a leisurely pace, this Regeneration drama is well worth a watch. But if you’re looking for something more intense without too much brain work, this might not be the best choice for you.

So, that’s all about Regeneration drama review. What do you think about this drama, dear readers? Are you interested in adding Regeneration drama to your watch list? If so, please let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you in the next Drama Review post. Enjoy the show!

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"Regeneration drama story flowed well for six episodes, but when it entered the seventh, it seemed a bit rushed.Regeneration Drama Review
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