Ending ExplainedInvincible Stepmother Ending Explained

Invincible Stepmother Ending Explained

Dear readers, I am sure that you wanted to know about the ending explained of this Invincible Stepmother drama. You were probably curious whether Chi Yue would be returning to the modern world soon or did she had to wait for a full ten years. Or perhaps you wanted to know the secret behind the death of Li Ping. Worry not, this post is dedicated to this drama ending. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Invincible Stepmother Ending Explained

What Happened to Chi Yue?

Chi Yue’s tavern business was successful. She considered leaving the business to her children in case something happened to her. Meanwhile, Li Yi became jealous of Chi Yue’s business. Li Yi plotted against Chi Yue, wanted to close down the tavern, and harmed Chun Niang, the third wife of the county magistrate, who was pregnant at that time.

Invincible Stepmother Ending Explained - What Happened to Chi Yue?
Invincible Stepmother Ending Explained – What Happened to Chi Yue?

Li Yi poisoned Chun Niang with safflower and blamed it on Chi Yue’s tavern, arousing the magistrate’s anger and causing Chun Niang to give birth prematurely. The magistrate called Chi Yue to reprimand her, while Li Yi stood behind him with a smug smile. However, when Chun Niang almost died during childbirth, it was Chi Yue who came to her aid. She performed CPR and assisted with a water birth procedure.

In the end, the baby was born safely and healthily. Li Yi gritted her teeth. The case concluded when Ji Hong and the children went to the county magistrate. They also bring the new server who worked in the tavern with them. After questioning the server, the magistrate realized that the whole fiasco was orchestrated by her concubine, Li Yi.

Chi Yue dreamed of a voice telling her that she did not belong in the world and that she would leave the children and return to the modern world at the next lunar eclipse.

Due to the recent case involving Li Yi and Chun Niang, Chi Yue planned to hire village women to work at the tavern. She told Zhang Dagui that the reason was to prevent another poisoning incident, but Chi Yue also had a hidden motive. She was concerned about the welfare of the village women. By providing them with jobs, they would have the opportunity to earn their own money.

During their conversation about the business, Zhang Dagui mentioned that Li Ping also had a knack for business. Zhang Dagui then wondered, as he had never heard of any bandits in Xikong Village, then how could Li Ping have run into them? This raised Chi Yue’s suspicion that Li Ping’s death was premeditated.

Zhang Dagui mentioned that Li Ping was earning money and wanted to buy a house for his children. Li Ping sent a message to his children about the money and the house. Unfortunately, Zhang Dagui did not know who the messenger was.

Li Ping’s death had been troubling Chi Yue for days. Chi Yue believed that Li Ping had sought Li Cui’s assistance in delivering a message to his children. To confirm her suspicion, Chi Yue asked Ji Hong for help. Late at night, Ji Hong posed as Li Ping’s ghost and visited Li Cui. He inquired about the forged divorce letter and who was aware of Li Ping’s message letter that Li Cui was asked to deliver.

Li Cui was scared and immediately admitted that he had taken Li Ping’s thumbprint after he died because he wanted some money. As for the message, Li Cui was not the only one who knew about it, his mother and sister also knew.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chi Yue, the children, and Ji Hong were having dinner when Li Yi arrived with Hu San and his men. An argument arose, and Li Yi admitted that she had killed Li Ping. Chi Yue and the rest were captured and tied up in the kitchen.

Hu San’s men ransacked the house and took all the valuables. Chi Yue managed to cut the rope with the bowl shard. She instructed Ji Hong to guard the children in the kitchen while she dealt with the bad men.

Stepping out of the kitchen with a gun in hand, Chi Yue shot all the black-clad men. Chi Yue is an action movie actress, therefore she can wield and shoot a gun. Hu San and Li Yi were frightened to see Chi Yue could kill people from a distance. They thought she was using some kind of magic.

After all his men were killed, Hu San had to face Chi Yue alone, but before he could get close to her, Chi Yue killed him with the gun. Li Yi was shocked to witness Hu San’s death.

The children and Ji Hong hurried to her side. Chi Yue reassured them that she was unharmed. As she looked up at the sky, she noticed the lunar eclipse occurring. Ji Hong and the children were in front of her, and Chi Yue reminisced about their beautiful time together. Suddenly, Chi Yue felt that her body was weakening and she fell to the floor. Ji Hong and the children rushed to help her.

When Chi Yue woke up, she was still sitting in her van. Her assistant, Niu, had been trying to wake her up several times. Niu told Chi Yue that she had been murmuring about the children in her sleep. Chi Yue wondered if she would ever see the children again.

On the following day of shooting, Chi Yue was reading her script when the director called her because the set was ready. When she entered the set, she was shocked to see how similar the building was to her house in ancient times.

This was not the only surprise, as Chi Yue also saw the young actors who would play her children. The three of them had a similar appearance to Li Zi Qiang, Li Zi Chen, and Li Zi Xi. Chi Yue was overjoyed and tears filled her eyes. She introduced herself to the children with a smile.

What Happened to Ji Hong?

Ji Hong was informed that Chi Yue had been taken away by the men from the county magistrate’s office. He quickly gathered evidence and brought the suspicious new server to the county hall. There, he pleaded for Chi Yue to be released. With his help, Chi Yue was able to convince the County Magistrate that she had been framed.

Invincible Stepmother Ending Explained - What Happened to Ji Hong?
Invincible Stepmother Ending Explained – What Happened to Ji Hong?

One night, Ji Hong visited their home, and Chi Yue was eager to find out about the thing she had asked Ji Hong to prepare. Ji Hong was confused because the object resembled a weapon, and he lacked confidence in his ability to create it. Chi Yue reassured Ji Hong that he could make it.

However, the happy atmosphere was dampened when Ji Hong informed Chi Yue that the upcoming lunar eclipse would occur during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Chi Yue’s joy turned to sadness, which Ji Hong could clearly see.

Meanwhile, the children gossiped about them. Whenever Ji Hong visited their house, the children could see that he had feelings for their mother. Even the youngest, Li Zi Xi, could tell that Ji Hong could not take his eyes off Chi Yue.

Ji Hong could not deny that he was attracted to Chi Yue. He drew her portrait on a piece of paper while thinking about his longing for her. For the sake of Chi Yue, Ji Hong helped her uncover the secret behind Li Ping’s death. However, like the children, Ji Hong always felt that Chi Yue would leave them.

What Happened to Li Zhi Qing, Li Zhi Chen, and Li Zi Xi?

The children are studying at school when Mrs. Niu runs to them and announces that Chi Yue has been taken away by the county magistrate’s men. The children followed Ji Hong to the town hall to save their mother. Li Zi Chen made a heartfelt statement about their mother, explaining that although Chi Yue was their step-mother, she was a good and caring person.

Invincible Stepmother Ending Explained - What Happened to Li Zhi Qing, Li Zhi Chen, and Li Zi Xi?
Invincible Stepmother Ending Explained – What Happened to Li Zhi Qing, Li Zhi Chen, and Li Zi Xi?

Therefore, how could Chi Yue have had the heart to harm a pregnant woman? Li Zi Qiang stated that Chi Yue went to the county to earn money for the family, hoping to provide a better life for their children. Currently, their living conditions are improving, and there is no reason for Chi Yue to cause any trouble. Li Zi Xi, the youngest, tearfully expressed that their mother is a good person. The County Magistrate was moved by the children’s words.

Chi Yue was delighted when Li Zi Qiang referred to her as ‘mother’ and helped her with housework. Chi Yue was reminded by Li Zi Qiang to always call her ‘mother’ in the future. Li Zi Qiang asked Chi Yue if she had decided to stay with them because he always felt that Chi Yue did not belong with them. Chi Yue always saved money and reminded the children about it, as if she would leave them someday.

Li Zi Qiang’s words caused Chi Yue’s heart to ache. Chi Yue reminded Li Zi Qiang that if she was not around, he should take care of his sister. She forbade him from giving the deed and money to anyone. If something happens, he must seek advice from Mrs. Nui and Ji Hong. Li Zi Qiang begged her to stay and did not leave them. Chi Yue could not respond to his plea.

After an encounter with Li Yi, Li Zi Chen was sure that the jade pendant hanging on Li Yi’s waist was her father’s possession. She remembered asking her father about the pendant. Li Ping told her that the pendant was his biological mother’s heirloom. Li Ping promised that the pendant would someday become hers.

When Li Ping’s body was delivered to the house, Li Zi Chen intended to take the pendant as a memento, but she could not find it. the incident and story made Chi Yue believe that Li Ping’s death was connected to Li Yi.

The children finally learned the secret behind their father’s death. They also saw how invincible Chi Yue was when she dealt with Li Yi and her cronies. However, they must face the harsh reality when Chi Yue really leaves them during the lunar eclipse.

What Happened to Old Lady Li, Li Cui, and Li Yi?

Li Yi and her lover, Hu San, planned to sabotage Chi Yue’s tavern because it caused their distillery to lose a lot of profit. Li Yi devised a plan to bring down Chi Yue and Chun Niang, the County Magistrate’s third wife, who was currently pregnant.

Invincible Stepmother Ending Explained - What Happened to Old Lady Li, Li Cui, and Li Yi?
Invincible Stepmother Ending Explained – What Happened to Old Lady Li, Li Cui, and Li Yi?

On the designated day, Li Yi brought Chun Niang to the tavern, acted friendly towards Chi Yue, and ordered food and wine. However, after drinking her wine, Chun Niang clutched her stomach and groaned in pain. Upon returning to the mansion, Li Yi accused Chi Yue of poisoning Chun Niang because Chun Niang had offended Chi Yue.

The county magistrate was furious and planned to punish Chi Yue severely. But things did not happen as Li Yi wanted them to be. Chi Yue was not punished, and Chun Niang did not lose her baby because Chi Yue helped the difficult and premature birth.

After investigating the case, the County Magistrate realized that Li Yi was the true perpetrator. He dealt with her outside the court because it was a family matter and he could not disclose it in public. Li Yi’s husband slapped her, grounded her, and took away the distillery. However, Li Yi did not regret her actions and instead blamed Chi Yue.

Invincible Stepmother Ending Explained - poster

Old Lady Li learned that Li Yi was punished because of Chi Yue and planned to get revenge on Chi Yue. The lady forged a divorce letter and claimed that Li Ping had written it, with his bloodied thumbprint on it. She then took the letter to the Village Chief and demanded that Chi Yue hand over the deeds, money, and children to her.

However, Chi Yue was able to prove that the letter was forged and convinced the Chief. Old Lady Li attempted to play the victim, but she was unable to convince the Chief and left in shame. Following the incident, Old Lady Li was bedridden due to anger.

Li Yi was kicked out of the County Magistrate’s house after he investigated the relationship between Li Yi and Hu San. Outside the house, Li Yi met Chi Yue and Li Zi Chen. She blamed Chi Yue for everything that had happened to her, but Chi Yue refuted her words.

Li Yi had brought everything upon herself. During their conversation, Li Zi Chen noticed that the jade pendant that had fallen from Li Yi’s waist belonged to Li Ping. Li Yi claimed that the pendant was hers, but the argument ended abruptly when Hu San arrived and took Li Yi away.

It was later revealed that Li Yi was involved in Li Ping’s death and had conspired with Hu San to kill Chi Yue on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival. During dinner, Li Yi, Hu San, and their men appeared at Chi Yue’s house. Li Yi admitted that she was the one who killed Li Ping. She was not afraid of killing her relatives because Li Ping was not her biological brother.

Li Yi blamed Li Ping for flaunting his money. If Li Ping had not defended himself and seen Hu San’s face, he would not have died. The children were shocked to hear how their father died.

Invincible Stepmother Ending Explained - poster 2

Li Yi, however, blamed everything on Chi Yue, claiming that the Li family had suffered greatly. Old Lady Li was bedridden due to excessive anger, and nobody paid attention to Li Cui, who then gambled and lost his house. Li Yi also announced that she would send Chi Yue and the children to accompany Li Ping. She even threw away the jade pendant from her waist.

Hu San ordered his men to capture Chi Yue, the children, and Ji Hong. They were tied up in the kitchen while he took all the money and valuable items from the house. Li Yi and Hu San planned to run away with Chi Yue’s money. Chi Yue and the rest of the family managed to escape using a piece of bowl shard.

Chi Yue then told Ji Hong to watch over the children while she dealt with the bad guys outside. With the gun that Ji Hong made, Chi Yue shot and killed all the bad guys, including Hu San. Li Yi was shocked at how quickly Chi Yue took them all down and realized that everything was over. She broke down crying.

My Musing

It was refreshing to watch a short series Invincible Stepmother drama. I didn’t have to spend too much time in front of the screen, which I appreciated.

One thing that bothered me after watching this drama was that every face from ancient times also appeared in modern times, except for Ji Hong. I didn’t see him in modern times. Did I miss it or was he not there? Can anybody give me a definite answer? Please share the information with me.

Also, what are your thoughts on the ending of Invincible Stepmother? Dear readers, please share your opinions about this drama ending explained in the comment box below. I will see you in another post of Ending Explained. Goodbye!

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