Ending ExplainedIslands Drama Ending Explained

Islands Drama Ending Explained

Dear readers, Islands is an urban Chinese drama about the Meng family and their life problems. The drama shows how hardship can bring a family closer and mend broken or strained relationships. Are you curious about how this Islands drama ended? Well, if the answer is yes, then let’s get started!

Islands Chinese Drama Ending Explained

What Happened to Li Yi Jin?

Li Yi Jin discovered that her mother had never lived a good life since marrying Li Cheng Zhi. He physically abused her and almost caused Meng Ming Wei to miscarry. Additionally, his attitude towards the Meng family was unacceptable. Despite all of this, Li Cheng Zhi stayed with her mother because he was afraid of Qiao Hai Yun.

Once she found out that her mother almost committed suicide because of him, Li Yi Jin decided to force them to divorce. Li Cheng Zhi refused to divorce Meng Ming Wei, but Li Yi Jin firmly stood in front of her to protect her. Li Yi Jin assured her father that she would give him a monthly stipend if he agreed to divorce her. With Qiao Hai Yun’s persuasion and promise to let him continue living in their house, Li Cheng Zhi agreed to the divorce.

However, the situation was far from over. After the divorce, Qiao Hai Yun reneged on her promise and decided to sell the house. Li Cheng Zhi tried several methods to stop them. He even threatened Meng Ming Wei with a knife when he was drunk. However, he was unable to do anything about it and broke down in tears. Li Yi Jin found him a house far away to live in.

Islands Drama Ending Explained - What Happened to Li Yi Jin?
Islands Drama Ending Explained – What Happened to Li Yi Jin?

Meanwhile, her relationship with Meng Ming Wei improved after her mother found happiness. When Meng Ming Wei decided to visit her in Shanghai, she and Zhou Dao were anxious at first, but Meng Ming Wei had no intention of scolding them. After carefully observing Zhou Dao, Meng Ming Wei found out that Zhou Dao is a good person. He treated Li Yi Jin well.

As a result, in this Islands Drama ending explained, Meng Ming Wei accepted him and supported Li Yi Jin and Zhou Dao’s relationship. Before leaving Shanghai, she left a gift box next to the bed containing an empty beverage bottle – the same one that Zhou Dao had given her during the Cranberry performance. This bottle served as proof that Li Yi Jin’s relationship was a treasure for Meng Ming Wei.

What Happened to Meng Ming Wei?

In this Islands Drama ending explained, Meng Ming Wei had a difficult time when she discovered that Li Cheng Zhi had taken her last savings, which were meant to be Li Yi Jin’s dowry. Disheartened, she decided to end her life by jumping out of the window. However, Qiao Hai Yun had a hunch and rushed to her house, but ended up falling down the stairs. Her accident revealed everything that had happened in Meng Ming Wei’s marriage.

Upon returning home, Li Yi Jin discovered that her father had been hounded by creditors. Li Cheng Zhi had also stolen Ming Ming Wei’s money, injured her, and scolded her harshly. Li Yi Jin realized how miserable her mother’s life was. Meng Min Wei was devastated and did not believe that Li Yi Jin was there to support her. She thought that her daughter looked down on her and refused her help and advice.

Li Yi Jin begged Meng Ming Wei not to think about dying anymore and to trust her that she would be there for her. Li Yi Jin wanted her to divorce Li Cheng Zhi. Naturally, Li Cheng Zhi refused it. Because if they divorced, Li Cheng Zhi would lose the house and the financial support from Li Yi Jin’s sisters. However, after Qiao Hai Yun persuaded him with the promise that he could still stay in the house, Li Cheng Zhi agreed.

Islands Drama Ending Explained - What Happened to Meng Ming Wei?
Islands Drama Ending Explained – What Happened to Meng Ming Wei?

After the divorce was settled, Qiao Hai Yun decided to sell the house since she could not bear to watch the person who abused her daughter live comfortably. Li Cheng Zhi caused a commotion by trying to stay at the house, but after Li Yi Jin promised him a monthly stipend, he finally agreed. She also rented him a new apartment far away.

When Meng Ming Wei visited Li Yi Jin in Shanghai, she saw that Zhou Dao was a hardworking person who always treated her daughter nicely. He cooks for her and waits for her to return or picks her up if it’s too late. Meng Ming Wei noticed that Li Yi Jin was truly happy living with Zhou Dao.

One day, she asked Zhou Dao to take her to the Cranberry performance and saw how people around Li Yi Jin admired her. This made Meng Ming Wei realize that she had been looking down on her daughter.

Meng Ming Wei told Zhou Dao that all this time, she was afraid that Zhou Dao would be like his father who abused his mother. However, after going through many things, she realized that she was wrong and should trust her daughter. She made it clear to Li Yi Jin and Zhou Dao that she now supports their relationship and accepts Zhou Dao as a part of their family.

What happened to Tao Shu Na (Nana) and Zhang Xiao Yan?

Nana and Zhang Xiao Yan’s relationship became strained after he stood her up on their date, in this Islands Drama ending explained. Nana felt that their relationship was coming to an end. Coincidentally, Li Yi Jin informed her about Meng Wan Qing’s condition. Nana felt helpless and panicked, but Li Yi Jin encouraged her to be strong, and the operation was successful. The following day, she left Shanghai and returned to her hometown.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Nana overheard her mother’s conversation with Meng Ming Wei. Nana listened quietly behind the curtain and realized that Meng Wan Qing was afraid she misunderstood her relationship with Zheng Bin.

Islands Drama Ending Explained - What happened to Tao Shu Na (Nana) and Zhang Xiao Yan?
Islands Drama Ending Explained – What happened to Tao Shu Na (Nana) and Zhang Xiao Yan?

Although Meng Wan Qing likes Zheng Bin because he treats her well. yet, Meng Wan Qing could not divorce Tao Da Lei because she was concerned about Nana’s feelings. Meng Wan Qing also kept her illness because she was worried about Nana.

After learning the truth, Nana no longer opposes her parents’ divorce and sees their relationship from a different perspective. Nana convinced her father to allow Meng Wan Qing to leave, as she had already suffered enough. However, Nana’s heart ached at the sight of her father’s broken state after Meng Wan Qing openly declared her intention to divorce him.

Meanwhile, Zhang Xiao Yan finally realized how much he missed Nana. When Li Yi Jin went to his apartment to collect Nana’s belongings, Zhang Xiao Yan discovered that Nana, who had not been returning his calls or texts, was going through a difficult time. He went to see Nana right away, but she coldly rejected him. Zhang Xiao Yan expressed regret for everything he had said and did, and he didn’t want to break up, especially since Nana’s mother was sick.

Nana and Zhang Xiao Yan finally had a decent conversation after meeting at a café and getting drunk. Zhang Xiao Yan told Nana that he envied her because she always lived life on her own terms, while he had always been under his parents’ control since childhood. He realized that he was not the perfect person that everyone thought he was. And he was afraid that Nana would find out sooner or later.

That night, Nana also apologized for not being aware of his problems and grievances. Zhang Xiao Yan who did not want to lose her asked Nana a chance to start over. In the end, they decided to stay together and get to know each other from the beginning.

What Happened to Meng Wan Qing and Tao Dalei?

… and Zheng Bin (I really wanted to put his name in the subtitle)

Meng Wan Qing was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have her breast removed. This news turned her world upside down, and she had no choice but to keep it to herself. She continued to lie to Nana about the results of the doctor’s examination.

The doctor urged her to undergo surgery before the cancer cells spread. Meng Wan Qing decided to lie to her husband and Nana that she was going on a business trip for a while. She also lied to Zheng Bin. However, on the day of the surgery, Qiao Hai Yun had an accident and had to be admitted to the hospital. In a hurry, Meng Wan Qing left the ward, ignoring the nurse’s call.

She took turns with Meng Ming Wei to take care of Qiao Hai Yun while enduring the pain. However, the secret could not be kept for long. While Meng Wan Qing was conversing with Zhang Bin in the parking lot, the doctor called and scolded her, reminding her of the significance of the surgery. Zheng Bin overheard the conversation and learned about the illness. His heart shattered, and he became anxious for her.

Islands Drama Ending Explained - What Happened to Meng Wan Qing and Tao Dalei?
Islands Drama Ending Explained – What Happened to Meng Wan Qing and Tao Dalei?

With his encouragement and support, Meng Wan Qing ultimately decided to undergo the surgery. Once again, she lied to her family about going on a business trip. Before being admitted to the hospital, Meng Wan Qing persuaded Meng Yi An to visit their hometown. On the day of the surgery, Zheng Bin waited for her outside the operating room. Unexpectedly, Meng Ming Wei and Li Yi Jin saw him.

After hesitating, Zheng Bin finally revealed that Meng Wan Qing was inside the room having her breast removed. Meng Ming Wei and Li Yi Jing were shocked to hear this. Upon waking up from anesthesia, Meng Ming Wei reproached Meng Wan Qing for not informing her about the illness and keeping it to herself.

Although Meng Wan Qing felt helpless, she was grateful to have her sister by her side. Meng Wan Qing still kept the news from Nana, but Li Yi Jin eventually informed her.

Nana rushed to her mother, saddened that such a big matter had been kept from her. She arrived at the ward when Meng Wan Qing was chatting with Meng Ming Wei about everything, including her happiness that someone like Zheng Bin was taking care of her.

Later, Meng Wan Qing and Nana had a heartfelt conversation, and Nana said that she would support her mother no matter what her decision was. It was then that Meng Wan Qing revealed her desire to divorce Nana’s father.

Upon returning home, Meng Wan Qing found her house in disarray and was scolded by Tao Dalei for leaving. When Tao Dalei noticed that Meng Wang Qing was not in a good shape, he became worried.

Meng Wang Qing revealed that she had intentionally kept her surgery a secret from Tao Dalei, as she had made a bet with herself that if she could return home safely, she would divorce him. Although it was not easy, Nana managed to persuade her father to agree.

Nana observed Zheng Bin’s gentle and considerate treatment of Meng Wan Qing. He also accompanied Meng Wan Qing to her breast cancer evaluation. The doctor told Meng Wan Qing that she was doing well. The cancerous cells were all removed.

Afterward, in Islands Drama ending explained, Tao Dalei arrived to deliver the signed divorce papers to Meng Ming Wei. He moved out and told Meng Wan Qing not to sell the house. He explained that it would belong to Nana someday.

What Happened to Meng Yi An and Qiu Xia?

Meng Yi An’s business is facing a problem because Guo Xiao Wen has not paid the aid fund. Her relationship with Song Jun Fang also ended because he apparently covered for Guo Xiao Wen’s dirty business. However, her relationship with Qiu Xia improved.

When he could not reach or contact her, Qiu Xia was worried. He then realized how much he still loved Meng Yi An. Later, he confessed to her. But Meng Yi An was unable to decide because she was too preoccupied with the aid matter, and she had already decided to file a lawsuit against Guo Xiao Wen.

Dealing with Guo Xiao Wen was not an easy feat. Things got worse when Meng Yi An started receiving threatening messages and rumors about herself. When Qiu Qiu disappeared from school, Meng Yi An and Qiu Xia were terrified. They searched for her everywhere but to no avail.

Islands Drama Ending Explained - What Happened to Meng Yi An and Qiu Xia?
Islands Drama Ending Explained – What Happened to Meng Yi An and Qiu Xia?

Finally, they found Qiu Qiu at the police station. She had been found on the street, trying to make her way to the airport. Her goal was to visit the mountain school and confirm that it was still functioning. She wanted to prove to people that her mother was not lying.

Qiu Xia asked Meng Yi An for another chance to be her husband, admitting that he had been immature in the past. For a year, Qiu Xia observed how hardworking Meng Yi An was and how she tried to maintain a balance between family and business.

This was not an easy task, as Qiu Qiu was at an age where she needed guidance from her parents. It seemed that Qiu Xia’s feelings for Meng Yi An had never truly vanished, as proven by the fact that he was hesitating to marry Sun Xiao Ru.

The happiness felt by Meng Yi An and Qiu Xia was also felt by Qiu Qiu. Since she was always eager to have her parents reunited.

Qiao Hai Yun faced a problem regarding their father’s first marriage. Meng Yi An confessed to her sisters that she never visited their father’s grave because she realized that the one whom Meng Xian Rong called on his deathbed was not Yi An but Yan. She could hear it clearly because she was closer to Meng Xian Rong.

Since then, she guessed that their father had someone else in his heart other than her mother. This fact had been a burden for her since Meng Xian Rong’s death.

The Islands Drama ending revealed that Meng Yi An and Meng Wan Qing knew Meng Ming Wei was not their biological sister, but they still loved her.

What Happened to Qiao Hai Yun?

Meng Ming Wei discovered that she was not Qiao Hai Yun’s biological daughter. She had been abandoned by her birth mother as a baby. Qiao Hai Yun and Meng Xiang Rong have been taking care of her ever since. To Meng Ming Wei, Qiao Hai Yun said that she loved Meng Ming Wei as if she had given birth to her. After a while, the two of them were able to calmly talk about it. Qiao Hai Yun also told Meng Ming Wei that she is the most cherished daughter in her heart.

Later, Qiao Hai Yun’s heart broke again after learning about Meng Wan Qing’s surgery from Tao Dalei. She realized that Meng Wan Qing always kept everything to herself and tried to be strong. Qiao Hai Yun saw that she took it after her, and it pained her.

Islands Drama Ending Explained - What Happened to Qiao Hai Yun?
Islands Drama Ending Explained – What Happened to Qiao Hai Yun?

Qiao Hai Yun and her daughters were shocked when three men claimed to be the son, grandson, and great-grandson of Meng Xian Rong. Despite Qiao Hai Yun’s desire to deny their claims, they presented undeniable proof. Furthermore, she noticed a resemblance between Meng Chen Liang and Meng Xian Rong’s face. Fortunately, when the situation escalated, Meng Yi An arrived and sent those men away with a stern expression.

Meng Yi An informed her that Meng Xian Rong’s marriage to Liu Shu Yan was arranged and lacked love. Qiao Hai Yun’s heart ached upon discovering that her husband had another woman and family. She began to wonder about his real feelings, particularly when Meng Xian Rong suffered from dementia and failed to recognize Qiao hai Yun as his wife.

Meng Chen Lian informed Qiao Hai Yun that Meng Xian Rong regularly sent money to their family, but his mother always returned it. Meng Yi An asked what they wanted by coming to see them. Meng Chen Lian explained that they were there to fulfill their mother’s last wish to be buried next to Meng Xian Rong in the family cemetery.

They demanded Meng Xian Rong’s remains so that they could take him back and bury him next to her mother in her hometown. Qiao Hai Yun explained to Meng Chen Lian that during his life, Meng Xian Rong always spent all his money helping others. As a consolation to Liu Shu Yan and his son in the hometown.

At the Islands Drama end, Qiao Hai Yun decided to let Meng Chen Lian move Meng Xian Rong’s grave. She wanted to let Meng Xian Rong go to the place he wanted to go and see the people he wanted to see.

The Meng family relocated to a new home, and before leaving, they took a final photo in their old house.

My Musing

Dear readers, after rewatching this Islands drama, I have mixed feelings about whether I still like it or not. The relationship between Li Yi Jin and Ming Meng Wei was too intense, and I got tired after watching their scenes. Additionally, the divorce drama was overwhelming. However, I appreciate that things went well for Meng Wan Qing and Meng Yi An’s families. I admired how the Mengs would stand up and protect each other whenever problems arose.

For me personally, the ending of Islands Chinese drama is satisfying. I hope you feel the same way. That’s all for today. Thank you for joining us, and I’ll see you in another post of Drama Reviews and Ending Explained.

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