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The Outsider Ending Explained

Dear readers, The Outsider drama just finished a few days ago. And I really hope for a good ending for Su Mo and Wang Ju’an as well as Zhong Sheng and Wang Ji An. However, things might change in a flash. So, would it be a happy ending or a sad ending for all of them? Let’s find out. Happy reading!

The Outsider Ending Explained

What Happened to Su Mo?

Su Mo told Zhang Ya Nan that she would emotionally support Wang Ju’an. However, when they were at work she still would do her part diligently. Su Mo proved her words prove her words when Wang Ju’an’s dismissal was made public and he went missing. She still came to the office and accidentally found Zhang Ya Nan’s secret about her ovarian cancer. She went to her and asked whether it was the reason why she wanted to kick Wang Ju’an out. Zhang Ya Nan admits it.

The Outsider Ending Explained - What Happened to Su Mo
The Outsider Ending Explained – What Happened to Su Mo?

Su Mo told her that it was a foolish move because Wang Ju’an was not the person who would seize the power of Ansheng. So when she was weak, that was the time when Zhang Ya Nan needed Wang Ju’an the most. Yet, Zhang Ya Nan said she could not think twice, because there was no turning back.

Zhang Ya Nan and Mr. Xu started to target Su Mo when they ordered her to handle a worker’s death at the construction site. Miss Du, the worker’s daughter, convinced her with a pitiful story about her family and asked for 2 million yuan for compensation.

Su Mo agreed but her decision was criticized harshly by Mr. Mu, yet Zhang Ya Na agreed. But when she came to Miss Du with 2 million yuan, she took back her words and asked for 10 million yuan as compensation. She instigated Su Mo to criticize her and secretly recorded everything she said.

Later, Zhang Ya Nan’s office was in an uproar because Shang Chun brought the record. He wanted Zhang Ya Nan to sell Ansheng Plaza to him in exchange for it. When she refused, he took another record of Su Mo and Wang Ju’an quarreling in front of the hotel room.

The footage was taken when Shang Chun made Su Mo drunk and put her inside Wang Ju’an’s hotel room. Facing a dead end, Su Mo decided to take all the blame on her to save Ansheng. Zhang Ya Nan smirked because that was her intention from the beginning.

On the conference press, Wang Ju’an rushed to the venue. With an angry face, he told Su Mo to stop taking all the blame. He took out the ring and get down on his knees to propose to her. The proposal shifts all the attention from Ansheng. It gave positive feedback that made Zhang Ya Nan and Shang Chun gritted their teeth.

Su Mo thought the proposal was just a pretense. But Wang Ju’an told her that he did fear marriage. But he felt more fear of losing her. Therefore, everything he said in the conference press was the truth.

Before Su Mo could enjoy her status as a fiancee, Wang Ji An’s condition worsened. Su Mo tried her best to stay with Wang Ju’an during the crisis. And after it passed and things were back to normal again, Zhang Ya Nan came and asked her to be the head of the Marketing Department of her friend’s company.

She felt guilty about Su Mo and wanted to make up for her ruined career. But Su Mo rejected the offer because she wanted to pursue her dream as a Fashion Designer.

What Happened to Wang Ju’an?

Zhang Ya Nan disagrees with Wang Ju’an’s idea of a cultural corridor. No matter what Wang Ju’an said, she was against it.

Wang Ju’an went to confront Zhang Ya Nan face to face. He told her that he knew her real intentions all along. She called him back because she wanted to eliminate the cankers inside Ansheng whom she could not do it personally. She also repressed Wang Si Wei so he could not build any status that might threaten her.

The Outsider Ending Explained - What Happened to Wang Ju’an
The Outsider Ending Explained – What Happened to Wang Ju’an?

She secretly planned the right time to kick Wang Ju’an from Ansheng. Wang Ju’an threatens to expose Zhang Ya Nan’s embezzlement in Ansheng Hotel. Zhang Ya Nan was surprised, she never thought that Wang Ju’an’s determination to put He Chengyi at Ansheng Hotel was to catch her weakness.

Something happened to Wang Ji An. He was found drowning in the pool after he quarreled with Wang Jua’an about his intention to marry Zhong Sheng. Wang Ju’an did not agree because they were too young.

So Wang Ji An proposed the idea of assets division. Wang Ju’an saw that he could not talk to Wang Ji An out of his stubbornness. So he left Wang Ji An alone at the bar. Wang Ju’an regretted his action and it made people think he was the one who made Wang Ji An drowned.

At the board meeting, Wang Si Wei came and made a scene. So Zhan Ya Nan took Wang Jian Ming’s will and make it public in front of the board meeting. It was revealed that Wang Ju’An was an adopted son. Wang Jian Ming also mentioned that if Wang Ju’an tried to take Wang Si Wei and Wang Ji An’s shares illegally, then all Wang Ju’an’s shares and assets would be nullified.

Immediately the board asked to dismiss Wang Ju’an from his post as CEO. Wang Ju’an was taken back by the will. He went missing afterward. Wang Ju’an only sent a message to Su Mo saying that he was fine and wanted to be alone for a while.

Wang Ju’an asked his chauffeur about the truth. The old man used to work for Wang Jian Ming, so he knew everything. Mrs. Wang could not get pregnant so she adopted Wang Ju’an. But then his father brought Wang Si Wei home as his biological son. The relationship between Wang Jian Ming and his wife got estranged.

But then everything return to normal again after Mrs. Wang got pregnant with Wang Ji An. It explained why Wang Ji An inherited 60% share, while Wang Si Wei got 30% share and Wang Ju’an only got 10% of the share. Wang Ju’an realized that for years, his parents only used him as a tool and it made him sad.

Shang Chun tried to make Wang Ju’an turn against Ansheng and his brothers. Wang Ju’an refused and when Shang Chun tried to blackmail him with Su Mo’s footage, Wang Ju’an give up. He was willing to do everything Shang Chun told him to. He drinks the whole bottle of liquor and frog jumping.

But when Shang Chun went overboard by asking him to kowtow, Wang Ju’an asked why the heir of Jiake needed to validate himself so much. Wang Ju’an told Shang Chun that Su Mo might be his Achilles’ heel, but she was also his armor. And if somebody tried to harm her, Wang Ju’an would do anything for her.

Wang Ju’an was frantic when he found Su Mo had left her necklace and ring next to his bed on the morning of the conference press. He drove as fast as he could to stop her from taking all the blame for Ansheng. Wang Ju’an steps into the room and cut all the questions from the media.

He told her that she always refused him because of their social class, but now he was not the CEO nor the son of a real estate Tycoon. He was nobody and Su Mo was the only one he got. Wang Ju’an down on his knee and asked her one important question, “Will you marry me?”. Su Mo smiled and said yes.

The proposal made the news about Xingyue Bay repressed. But the thing was not over for the Wangs. Wang Ji An’s condition collapsed and he need a lung transplant. So Wang Si Wei step up and gave Wang Ji An half of his lungs. At the same time, Zhang Ya Nan was also admitted to the hospital because she fainted in a board meeting.

After the operation, Wang Ju’an went to visit Zhang Ya Nan. They talked about Ansheng and Zhang Ya Nan wanted him to return to Ansheng because they were in a dire situation. Wang Ju’an refused so she asked why he backed down from his plan of building the cultural corridor.

Wang Ju’an said that he wanted to do it because he wanted to prove to his father that he was wrong for sending him away to France. But now Wang Ju’an did not have to prove anything to him anymore.

During Wang Si Wei’s operation, Zhao Xiang Qing called him and said that they found Tang Heshui. He confessed that the day Wang Ji An was in the pool, he was not alone. Back then, Qi Qi and Shang Chun were also there.

Wang Ju’an took Tang Heshui to the hotel room where he hide Qi Qi. But Shang Chun was already there. It was revealed that Wang Ji An overheard Qi Qi and Shang Chun’s conversation about framing Wang Si Wei. He got angry and confronted them. But then Wang Ji An was pushed into the pool. Shang Chun and Qi Qi left without helping Wang Ji An.

It also revealed that Shang Chun tried to kill Qi Qi by sabotaging her car brakes, but it was Wang Si Wei who almost got killed. Wang Ju’an got furious and beat Shang Chun up. They engaged in a fight. Wang Ju’an almost stabbed Shang Chun with a knife if Su Mo did not use her hand to stop it.

After the board meeting that agree not to let Wang Si Wei take the position as CEO, Wang Ju’an made a proper goodbye to Ansheng. Together with Su Mo, they walk out of the building hand in hand. Emotions welled up inside his heart, but Wang Ju’an already held his future in his hand.

Wang Ju’an decided that opening a restaurant in Shanghai cuisine would be his new dream. He had prepared everything from the place to the menu. He also prepared a surprise for Su Mo, her dream wedding dress. So she could wear it at their wedding.

What Happened to Wang Si Wei?

Wang Si Wei was still oblivious that his girlfriend, Qi Qi, was Shang Chun’s spy who report everything to him. She was also the one who instigated him to do everything according to Shang Chun’s order.

The Outsider Ending Explained - What Happened to Wang Si Wei
The Outsider Ending Explained – What Happened to Wang Si Wei

When Wang Ji An was drowned and hospitalized, Wang Si Wei was emotional and accused Wang Ju’an of purposely making Wang Ji An drowned after he asked for an assets division. He met Su Mo when she was looking for Wang Ju’an.

Su Mo told him that although they did not have any blood relation, Wang Ju’an had treated him as a brother. That night, Wang Ju’an had to attend the board meeting because Zhang Ya Nan had an ulterior motive by taking their father’s will. She reminded Wang Si Wei to be more aware so he would not be manipulated by others.

Later on, when Wang Si Wei drove Qi Qi’s car, somebody tampered with the brakes and he almost crashed into a huge truck (what a big truck did in the middle of Shanghai’s road, anyway?).

After Wang Ju’an was dismissed, Wang Si Wei took his position as the CEO of Ansheng. He started to get suspicious over anything that happened in Ansheng. When Shang Chun came to blackmail Ansheng with Su Mo’s recorded conversation with Miss Mo and her hotel footage, Wang Si Wei realized the truth.

All this time, Shang Chun had used him to get revenge against Wang Ju’an. He also learned that Wang Ju’an had been selling his house in Shanghai and France to pay for his gambling debt.

When Wang Ji An needed a lung transplant, Wang Si Wei gave him half of his lung. Before the operation, Wang Ju’an came to him and they have a long heart-to-heart conversation. They realized that they did not need blood relation to be brothers because their connections were at heart.

Wang Si Wei admitted that he was the one who leaked the news about the formaldehyde because Shang Chun keep spreading rumors about his mother. Wang Ju’an did not blame him for that because Wang Si Wei showed him Shang Chun’s true color.

After Wang Ji An awake, Wang Ju’an decided to leave Ansheng and let Wang Si Wei take the position as the CEO. He pays all his debt by selling his mother’s house and returned Wang Ju’an’s money by giving him some of his shares. At the moment, Ansheng Phase Two was hanging by a thread because they did not have enough capital.

But Su Mo suddenly came up with the news that somebody wanted to invest in Ansheng. The person was Mrs. He. Wang Si Wei, Wang Ju’an, Su Mo, and Mrs. He meets to talk about the investment that leads to a successful business deal.

What Happened to Zhang Ya Nan?

Zhang Ya Nan was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was afraid that people might find it so she hide it from everyone else, including Song Tian Lin.

The Outsider Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhang Ya Nan
The Outsider Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhang Ya Nan?

After Wang Ji An got into an accident, Zhang Ya Nan used Wang Jian Ming’s will to kick Wang Ju’an from Ansheng. Su Mo accidentally learns about her illness. She reminded Zhang Ya Nan that she should not make a foolish move against Wang Ju’an, due to her condition. Because Zhang Ya Nan and Ansheng needed him. Zhang Ya Nan responded that there was no turning back for it.

Zhang Ya Nan tried to convince Wang Si Wei that Wang Ju’an was behind the accident. She also gave him proof that Wang Si Wei’s car accident was man-made. She then asked Wang Si Wei to turn against Wang Ju’an. She wants him to file a lawsuit to disinherited Wang Ju’an’s shares and assets. Wang Si Wei agreed to one condition. He wanted a smart apartment project that would cost a lot of funds.

Before Zhang Ya Nan’s plan worked, Something happened at Xingyue Bay, a construction site. An incident happened and a worker died on site. Zhang Ya Nan ordered Su Mo to handle the case. She planned to kick Su Mo out of Ansheng, together with Cong Rong and people close to her, if she failed to handle the case.

Zhang Ya Nan was taken aback when Shang Chun came to blackmail Ansheng. Su Mo was at her wit’s end when she decided to take all the blame for everything. But when she talked in the press conference, Wang Ju’an turn up and with a proposal changed the public’s opinion. Zhang Ya Nan managed to kick Su Mo out of the company, but she did not feel happy at all.

Zhang Ya Nan’s health condition worsened and she fainted at a board meeting. She had to undergo surgery and Song Tian Lin learned about his mother’s illness. Zhang Ya Nan’s hair turned gray overnight.

When Wang Ju’an came to visit her, Zhang Ya Nan admitted that she had tried to pave the way for Song Tian Lin. But it seemed like he never needed any of her work. Song Tian Lin had chosen his path. Zhang Ya Nan returns to her position as the chairman of Ansheng. But this time, she had learned her mistake.

What Happened to Shang Chun?

Shang Chun had been the one played behind the curtain with one goal in mind: to acquire Ansheng. He used the Xingyue Bay incident to set a trap for Su Mo. He knew that Su Mo was Wang Ju’an Achilles heel so he used her as a tool to get back at him. He also tried to make Wang Ju’an turn against Zhang Ya Nan, but Wang Ju’an refused.

The Outsider Ending Explained - What Happened to Shang Chun
The Outsider Ending Explained – What Happened to Shang Chun?

To vent his anger, Shang Chun tried to humiliate Wang Ju’an. He made him drink alcohol to toast to him, frog jumps, and in the end, he told Wang Ju’an to kowtow to him. Wang Ju’an refused to kowtow. Instead, he asked Wang Ju’an why an heir like him needed this kind of self-validation from him. Wang Ju’an question stabbed Shang Chun in the weakest part of him, his pride.

Shang Chun’s relationship with Ai Lin was all about business. There was no affection much less love between them. Ai Lin never stopped to remind him that her father’s company had helped him during the formaldehyde crisis. And when she heard that Shang Chun wanted to take over Ansheng, she reminded him that his father never agreed to his intention to take action against Ansheng or that his capital would face issues.

Ai Lin secretly looking for Qi Qi. One of her subordinates found her hiding place. She wanted to inform Shang Chun, but after she learned that he still wanted to take action against Ansheng without her consent, she cancel it. Ai Lin also learned that Mo Wei Qing had returned to her apartment.

So she went there to confront her. Ai Lin listens to all the conversations between Shang Chun and Mo Wei Qing. Later, she meets Wang Ju’an. They talked about the past, and Ai Lin sent him Qi Qi’s address as a token of appreciation.

Ai Lin made a move against Shang Chun. She switched his document and made Shan Chun humiliated in front of Wang Ju’an. He got home furiously and yell at her. But Ai Lin had prepared because she was ready to divorce him. Ai Lin and Lam Group would not suffer losses if the divorce happened.

But Shang Chun had to pay a large amount of money as compensation if he was involved in a scandal. Ai Lin held the proof that Shang Chun was involved in a bribing case. It was Qi Qi who gave her a stack of photos as proof. Qi willingly confessed because she was on the verge of breaking down. Ai Lin left the house after she said enough.

After the fight in Qi Qi’s hotel room, Shang Chun was arrested by the police. He was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment together with Qi Qi and Tang Heshui. Ai Lin was waiting for him outside the court. She told him that the one who leaked the news about formaldehyde was Wang Si Wei and not Wang Ju’an.

Inside the police car, Shang Chun thought about his past and regretted everything, especially his fallout with Wang Ju’an

What Happened to Zhong Sheng and Wang Ji An?

Tong Yaqin was surprised that her daughter had a rich boyfriend like Wang Ji An. But she was anxious because Zhong Sheng still planned to go abroad. Wang Ji An determined to stop Zhong Sheng. So he went back to his house to get the household register, but Wang Ju’an and Wang Si Wei stopped him. They thought Wang Ji An was too hasty to take any decision.

The Outsider Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhong Sheng and Wang Ji An
The Outsider Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhong Sheng and Wang Ji An?

Wang Ju’an was impressed with Wang Ji An’s determination to marry Zhong Sheng. Yet, he thought it was a bad idea because they were too young, and early marriage was prone to divorce. But when he came to Mr. Zhong to apologize on his brother’s behalf, Mr. Zhong seemed happy with the idea of Wang Ji An marrying Zhong Sheng. He even thought that it would be a good thing to have Zhong Sheng give birth before graduation. The differences in opinion create a fallout between them.

Wang Ji An proposed to Zhong Sheng in a theater, but she thought that he was too childish. She was angry because he did not trust her enough to let her go abroad. When Zhong Shen returned, she overheard her parents and Su Mo was arguing about her relationship.

Zhong Sheng was disappointed because Wang Ju’an thinks she was after Wang Ji An’s money, her parents were forcing her to get married because it was a good chance for her. And Wang Ji An insisted to get married because he did not trust her. In the midst of her anger, she breaks up with Wang Ji An.

Wang Ji An went to drink at the bar and quarreled with Wang Ju’an about Zhong Sheng. Wang Ju’an was angry and scolded Wang Ji An for being childish and throwing tantrums. In the heat of anger, Wang Ju’an left Wang Ji An to drink to his heart’s content but he ended up drowned in the pool. His condition made Zhong Sheng sad and decided to quit studying to take care of him.

To compensate the Zhongs, Wang Si Wei decided to send Zhong Zheng abroad to study. She could meet someone better there. Zhong Sheng had to agree because she already promised Wang Si Wei to listen to his words. In the middle of the conversation, Wan Ji An woke up. Wang Si Wei told Zhong Sheng that they had to scare Wang Ji An by sending her away. If not, he would not wake up at all.😅

Wang Si Wei wanted to make up for Zhong Sheng’s missing opportunities. He promised to fund her study abroad and go with her as her chaperone. Yet, Zhong Sheng changed her mind. She chooses to continue her study in China, near her home and the people she loves.

What Happened to Cong Rong and Zhao Xiang Qing?

Cong Rong and Zhao Xiang Qing helped Wang Ju’an and Su Mo during the crisis. Cong Rong went to Zhao Xiang Qing when he was packing his stuff. Zhao Xiang Qing would move out of the apartment after a year of being Cong Rong’s neighbor. That night they drank many cans of beer and spent the night together.

The Outsider Ending Explained - What Happened to Cong Rong and Zhao Xiang Qing
The Outsider Ending Explained – What Happened to Cong Rong and Zhao Xiang Qing?

The next day, Cong Rong cooks the last breakfast for Zhou Xiang Qing. The atmosphere was a bit awkward. Cong Rong still could not admit that she liked him, so Zhao Xiang Qing asked her straight away. Cong Rong said that at the age of 35, she have to weigh all the pros and cons of her relationship. She was worried that Zhou Xiang Qing’s mother would not accept her and Ke Le. She did not think Zhao Xiang Qing could deal with such tedious matters.

Zhong Xiang Qing told her that his mother never visit him for almost a year because he already told her about Cong Rong and Ke Le. He never let her visit him because he did not want his mother to bother them. His mother used to be against them, but now she already accepted his decision.

The fact that Zhao Xiang Qing had cleared all the obstacles for Cong Rong, even before she agreed to be with him, touched Cong Rong’s heart. She gave up and that morning ended with a sweet hug shared between them.

What Happened to Mo Wei Qing?

Zhou Yuan Shan went to find Mo Wei Qing. He sincerely cares for her and is worried about her well-being. He even went to her family when Mo Wei Qing was out of reach. He was surprised that her family was not worried about her instead they were complaining because she stop sending money to them.

The Outsider Ending Explained - What Happened to Mo Wei Qing
The Outsider Ending Explained – What Happened to Mo Wei Qing?

Mo Wei Qin was stunned when she heard that, but she knew exactly what kind o family they were. She already told her family that she was breaking up with Shang Chun and could no longer be their ATM.

Mo Wei Qing returned to his apartment in Shanghai. She called Ai Lin to come and talk to her. Mo Wei Qing told Ai Lin that now she realized that the person she hated was the man between them. She return all the money and house key that Shang Chun gave her and said that he should leave her alone.

When they talked, Shang Chun came to the apartment and asked Mo Wei Qing to return to him. He even gave her a wedding ring and a promise to make her the happiest bride. Ai Lin listened to all the conversation. After he left, Ai Lin asked whether she was pitying her.

Mo Wei Qing said that she wanted her to see his true color. Ai Lin was stunned and left immediately. Mo Wei Qing took all her belongings and left the building, hand in hand with Zhao Yuan Shan. They got married a few months later.

My Musing

Finally, I knew why the title of this drama was The Outsider. It pointed to Wang Ju’an’s status as an adopted child. He was the outsider inside his family, yet he fought hard for them and Ansheng.

It was beyond my expectations that Wang Ju’an would spend his days as a restaurant owner. I thought his talent in cooking was just an add-on to the story. It turned out, cooking was his way out. This is the plot twist that I mentioned in The Outsider drama review.

Because I thought the board directors of Ansheng would choose Wang Ju’an as their CEO. But they actually kicked him out of the company. The ending was happy for all of the characters, although I was disappointed. How about you, dear readers? Did you feel the same way I did? I hope you enjoy this The Outsider ending explained. Thank you!

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  1. Thank you for explaining what happened to all the characters. I watched this on YouTube and Episodes 39-40 were never shown. It’s so frustrating when you get to the end but you never get to actually see it.


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