Ending ExplainedTill The End of The Moon Ending Explained

Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained

We have come to the end of this Till The End of The Moon drama and the viewers are left in gloom. Many have rooted so much for the Tantai Jin x Li Susu couple, hoping they will get the happy ending they deserved. But alas….it was not meant to be, Till The End of The Moon was somewhat a bad ending. I will explain it to you with more detail in this Till The End of The Moon ending explained post.

Perhaps we have seen it from the begining, that Tantai Jin’s life and death had always been linked to the Demon Lord. It is just that I refuse to believe it haha. So, while still being quite emotional about the ending, let us go through what basically went down during the final episodes.

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Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained

The Ending Arc

Tantai Jin and Li Susu were reunited, they were now both disciples of the immortal sect. Tantai Jin was given a new name by his teacher, Zhaoyou, which was Cang Jiumin. Zhayou knew who Tantai Jin was the moment he rescued him. But he believed in Tantai Jin, he had faith that Tantai Jin would be able to choose humanity and choose the safety of the people he cared about over the fate of him being the Demon Fetus.

Hence why he gave him the name Cang Jiumin, carrying with it new hopes and new life for Tantai Jin.
Tantai Jin’s reemergence in the world caught the attention of Si Ying and Jing Mie, the Demon Lord’s two top generals who were finally able to come out of the seal placed by Jize. They had been searching for the Demon Fetus for 500 years so they were overjoyed to have found him in the immortal sect.

They tried many ways to bring Tantai Jin, now Cang Jiumin, to their side, egging him on so he would turn into the Demon Lord and revive the Demon Palace.
Fortunately, Tantai Jin did not cave in. The love that Li Susu has given him and the teaching and care from his teacher Zhaoyou, had made him see that he was not the Demon Lord and he could break away from his destiny.

Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained - Cang Jiumin
Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained – Cang Jiumin

At this time, the Lord of Evil, Di Mian, was able to escape his imprisonment in the Barren Abyss. Di Mian was married to Chu Huang, an ancient phoenix goddes. They were the biological parents of Li Susu.
During the battle between demons and gods 10,000 years ago, Chu Huang lost her life in the hands of the Demon Lord.

This enraged Di Mian and made him turned against the Demon Lord. He stabbed the Demon Lord and ultimately caused his demise. But he was also imprisoned in the Barren Abyss before the Demon Lord was destroyed.

Di Mian went to Hengyang sect and met with Li Susu’s adopted father, Qu Xuan Zi. They then both told Li Susu of her real identity and how Di Mian had entrusted her to Qu Xuan Zi. Di Mian then promised to make up for the time that he had lost with his long lost daughter.

Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained - Di Mian
Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained – Di Mian

Unbeknownst to everyone, Di Mian actually held a secret ambition, which was to replace the Demon Lord. Knowing that the Demon Fetus was about to marry his daughter, he schemed against him to obtain the Evil Bone and the Demon Artifacts.

Tantai Jin had 2 Demon Artifacts on his body which were the Bone Refining Seal and the Devil Crossbow. Whereas Di Mian hid the fact that he had the Sky Slashing Sword, the remaining Demon Artifact belonging to the Demon Lord.

His scheme succeeded in getting him the Evil Bone that was sealed inside Li Susu and making the people in the immortal sect to hate and demonize Tantai Jin. He also killed Qu Xuan Zi and placed that crime on Tantai Jin’s head. Everyone cursed at Tantai Jin but fortunately Zhaoyou and Li Susu were skeptical. They chose to believe in Tantai Jin.

The two then worked together to get the truth out from Di Mian. They were suspicious of him and the wound on his body which actually was from the cut made by Qu Xuan Zi. Their cooperation pushed Di Mian to escape from the immortal sect and absorb the Evil Bone even without the complete Demon Artifacts.
The power in the Evil Bone proved to be too strong for Di Mian. He lost control and became the Demon Lord’s puppet.

Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained - Cang Jiumin and Li Susu
Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained – Cang Jiumin and Li Susu

At this time, Tantai Jin was kidnapped and brought back to the gate of the Demon Palace by Si Ying and Jing Mie. He quickly realized he had to pretend to be channeling the Demon Lord in order to escape and keep Li Susu from harm. Hence, he used the power inborn within him to revive the Demon Palace and opened the Demon Gate. His action caused further misunderstanding by others who truly believed he had turned into the evil Demon Lord.

What no one knew was Tantai Jin actually planned to seal the Demon Palace and kill the entire demon clan within. However, before the destruction was complete, the remaining conscience of Ming Ye within him told him that he still needed to live, to destroy the Demon Lord once and for all, preventing history from repeating itself. So, Tantai Jin abandoned his plan to self destruct.

His action earlier drained him of his strength, he collapsed and was momentarily powerless. He was captured and bound inside the Demon Palace. He was about to be tortured when Nian Baiyu came and helped him escape. On the way out of the Barren Abyss, Si Ying and Jing Mie caught up with him. As Tantai Jin was now without his powers, he could only run and hide.

The possessed Di Mian appeared at this time, he grabbed hold of both Si Ying and Jing Mie and absorbed their powers. The Demon Lord’s top two generals died tragically in the hands of the power they had been serving. Di Mian’s next target was to go to the Demon Palace and unleash the All In Distress Way to ultimately increase his power further. When this happened, the fatal casualties will be countless.

Tantai Jin witnessed everything that happened from his hiding place. His mission now was to let the people of immortal sects know of this impending doom and stop Di Mian from succeeding.

Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained - Tantai Jin
Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained – Tantai Jin

Di Mian finally found the Demon Palace and he claimed himself as the new Demon Lord. He tried to open the Demon Gate but his power seemed not enough. Zhaoyou came at this time to confront him. They had an epic battle but since Di Mian was possessed, his power was beyond Zhaoyou’s ability. The dark powers infiltrated Zhaoyou’s veins. It would only be a matter of time, before he was consumed and turned into a demon.

He escaped the Demon Palace to return to the immortal sect. On the way, he happened to see Tantai Jin activating the demon alarm to alert the immortal sect. But since the immortal sects have now turned against him, and they did not know it was Di Mian’s scheme, they aimed their attacks to Tantai Jin. They were about to kill him, when Zhaoyou swooped in and rescued him.

With his dying breaths Zhaoyou told Tantai Jin that he has known all along of his origin, and the hopes he had for Tantai Jin by naming him Cang Jiumin. Cang was Zhaoyou’s surname, that was how great he valued Tantai Jin.

He asked Tantai Jin to help him with one last favor, which was to kill him before he turned into a demon. Tantai Jin strongly refused but after heart breaking begging and seeing that Zhaoyou had half turned into a demon, Tantai Jin finally gave in and stabbed him in the heart.

This scene was witnessed by countless immortal sects disciple including Gong Ye Jiwu. He has hated Tantai Jin ever since he thought Tantai Jin killed Qu Xuan Zi, his teacher and adopted father.

Tantai Jin left the misunderstanding be, he now had a new mission; to make people believe he was indeed the Demon Lord and pushed them to kill him.

Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained - Zhaoyou
Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained – Zhaoyou

Meanwhile, Li Susu could not believe that Tantai Jin had indeed become the Demon Lord. She needed to find him and confirm the truth. She went into the Barren Abyss in search of Tantai Jin. She knew to find him at the Demon Palace. But when she was there, she saw Di Mian trying to activate the Demon Gate.

She attacked him with all she had, but unfortunately she was no match for Di Mian. As Di Mian was about to kill her and absorb her powers, Tantai Jin came and saved her. He killed Di Mian on the spot, taking revenge for both Zhaoyou and Qu Xuan Zi.

But to Li Susu’s horror, Tantai Jin continued to absorb the Evil Bone in Di Mian’s body and claimed the Sky Slashing Sword as his own. He ‘transformed’ into the Demon Lord in front of Li Susu and opened the Demon Gate unleashing the All In Distress Way, making her believe he has gone down the evil path.

Tantai Jin’s plan was simple which was to make Li Susu hate him. That way, she could practice the Heartless Way and broke through to become a goddess. She was after all the descendant of goddess Chu Huang, she could transcend when no one else could. And only a true god or goddess could kill the demon lord.

Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained - Tantai Jin Demon Lord
Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained – Tantai Jin Demon Lord

With the All In Distress Way activated, chaos occurred in all the lands. The immortal sect was desperate to defeat the Demon Lord but they were not strong enough. Gong Ye Jiwu then asked Pang Yi Zhi’s spirit in his last attempt to find a solution. Pang Yi Zhi’s spirit then handed him the instruction for a Celestial Punishment Formation, an ancient formation known only by the gods in the demon-god battle 10,000 years earlier. The only one who knew of this formation in their time was Tantai Jin.

Gong Ye Jiwu also recklessly absorbed the powers of the evil and restless spirits trapped in the Hengyang sect to match Tantai Jin’s powers. A dangerous move as it could turn him into a demon, but he was desperate.

Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained - Gong Ye Jiwu
Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained – Gong Ye Jiwu

To push Li Susu into becoming a goddess, Tantai Jin planned their marriage to make Li Susu become the Demon Lord’s Queen. Li Susu was shocked and horrified. She had no choice but to go along with it.
Before the wedding, Tantai Jin prepared a ‘parting gift’ for Li Susu which was a memory of their time together as husband and wife in the Ye household. A memory which was not unlike the Bore’ Life.

With this piece of memory left, Li Susu could back to it anytime and relieve their wonderful time together without the worries of Demon Lord and the destruction of their world. During their time together within this piece of memory, Li Susu and Tantai Jin spent their marital night together one last time.

Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained - Till The End of The Moon couple
Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained – Till The End of The Moon couple

Leaving the memory, Li Susu now had to marry the Demon Lord. Tantai Jin purposely invited all the immortal sects to come to their wedding, it was an open invitation to attack him.

Believing Tantai Jin was now under the control of the Demon Lord, Li Susu attacked him, trapping him inside the formation she made. This gave a chance for the immortal sects’ disciples to launch the Celestial Punishment Formation.

But Tantai Jin needed to push Li Susu further, he pushed her into the line of the attack and let her suffer the lightning strikes launched from the Celestial Punishment Formation.

Meanwhile, Tantai Jin had to confront Gong Ye Jiwu, who was now almost consumed by the demons inside his body. Tantai Jin deliberately let Gong Ye Jiwu stabbed him and at the same time helped him regain control and cleanse his body so that he was no longer possessed by the demons. He reminded Gong Ye Jiwu not to give in to evil. Gong Ye Jiwu was then saved through Tantai Jin’s assistance.

By this time, Li Susu broke through the barrier and reached goddess level. In her spiritual mind, she met her mother Chu Huang and all the gods that lost their lives in the battle 10,000 years ago. She was then able to guess Tantai Jin’s true intention.

A moment before she killed him, Li Susu who has now transformed into a goddess asked for time alone with Tantai Jin. She told him she knew of his real intention and she knew Tantai Jin was never under the Demon Lord’s control and all of this was his plan all along.
She said there were so many things she wanted to say to him and Tantai Jin let her, he will listen, he said.

Then they spent the time that felt like a moment but also like an eternity just being together, loving each other, seeing parts of the world that only they can see. They realized how minuscule human lives were but also precious.

When she was finally ready, she started the sequence to kill Tantai Jin, but she also made him promise to let her die with him. She could not go on alone. Tantai Jin acknowledged her request. But secretly he placed the Heart Protecting Dragon Scale on Li Susu to protect her. He could not bare for her to perish, he wished for her to live on and find happiness in her life.

Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained - Tantai Jin and Li Susu
Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained – Tantai Jin and Li Susu

Li Susu was awakened in the ancient Jing Kingdom mausoleum. She was confused but then realized that Tantai Jin must have lied to her again and did not let her die together with him.

Inspecting her surrounding, it was the old mausoleum that she visited together with Tantai Jin when he was emperor of Jing. He once told her to pick any spot there so she could be buried together with him when they were old and have died. At the time, she scoffed at his comments and laughed it off.

But now in front of her were two tombstones, one for her, one for Tantai Jin. It was Tantai Jin’s greatest wish to be buried together with her as husband and wife. Li Susu weep in front of the tombstones.

What happened to Tantai Jin?

His plan to have himself and the essence of Demon Lord killed eventually worked. He even made sure that his soul also perished so that there were no chance at all for the Demon Lord to be ressurected.

Before the last stage of his plan, he made preparations and did things he had always wanted to do. Such as the beautiful made up memory inside the Ye household together with Ye Xiwu, and also of the tombstones. He hand carved the names himself.

Making sure to dress himself as Cang Jiumin, the disciple of the Xiao Yao sect, and not as the Demon Lord. This was because he knew how Li Susu hated the Demon Lord.

Tantai Jin was determined to rid the world of the Demon Lord, even after knowing that he must die together with him. This was because he did not want Li Susu to ever experience the fear and terror when her family was murdered by the Demon Lord ever again. He loved Li Susu so much, he was willing to make the sacrifice.

What happened to Li Susu?

She finally realized the depth of Tantai Jin’s love for her. Turns out he had loved her deeply ever since he was emperor of Jing. That was why he made the tombstones. It was his greatest dream to lay to rest with her, but at the same time he also knew it was only an unattainable dream. Such a small dream but impossible for Tantai Jin.

500 years after the Demon Lord was destroyed, Li Susu came to the mortal realm and sat by Mohe river, accompanied by her daughter. It seemed she had her after the last night together with Tantai Jin. She told her daughter the love story between the Clam Princess Sang Jiu and the God of War Ming Ye.

The daughter thought God of War’s bravery and heroism was so similar to her father’s. It seemed Li Susu has been telling her about Tantai Jin. She then held out the Heart Protecting Dragon Scale which Tantai Jin left for her. The dragon scale was imbued with Tantai Jin’s essence when he fixed it some time ago. Hence a small part of Tantai Jin, a celestial part of him lived on inside the dragon scale.

Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained - Li Susu
Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained – Li Susu

What happened to Gong Ye Jiwu and Mo Nv?

Mo Nv has been restless ever since she came back from her life as Ye Bing Chang. She now disagreed with Si Ying’s ways of abandoning everything for the sake of the Demon Lord. When Tantai Jin killed Di Mian, basically getting revenge for Si Ying, Mo Nv decided to help Tantai Jin but Tantai Jin refused. He told her to live her life as she liked, not to be constrained by the demon clan.

Mo Nv agreed but as a token of her gratitude, she helped Tantai Jin obtain the last piece of the Demon Artifact, completing his plan.

As Gong Ye Jiwu was saved from turning into a demon by Tantai Jin, Mo Nv held him and took him to a safe place. Supposedly they were given a second chance to be together.

Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained - Mo Nv Gong Ye Jiwu
Till The End of The Moon Ending Explained – Mo Nv Gong Ye Jiwu

There you have it, Till The End of The Moon ending explained. I hope it can somehow give you more understanding about the ending. I’m hoping they will give us an alternate ending somewhere in the future, more like a happy ending maybe, to help me sleep soundly through these restless nights LOL.

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The Dewi
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  1. Thank you for this! It really helped me to come to terms with the end. haha. (They will forever be together in the ending I’ve created in my mind.)

  2. Can you let me know is the god warrior Ming Je is also the previous life of Jantai Jin ?
    and if the clam princess is also the previous life of Li SuSu?

    cos i remembered the part where he mentioned that he lived 3 different lives, one as god, one as human and now as the demon god?
    But i also remembered they said God has no spirit and hence when they died they cant reincarnate, they suppose to just disappeared?

    • I think when they went into the dragon Bo re, both of them experienced the lives of the clam princess and war god in a dream- but they are not them. The princess and war god lived 10000 years ago -the same time that susu mother and father lived then and they, with the war god- fought with the devil god. I think destiny arranged for susu and tan tai jin to experience the love lives of the clam princess and war god so that susu and tan tai jin fulfil their destiny to use their love to destroy the essence of the devil god.

  3. If they make an alternate ending Susu should take the lamp that resurrected xiao lin and put tantai Jin’s spirit from the scale in it to resurrect him.

  4. After learning about the original ending according to the novel and the series had to be condensed into 40 episodes due to new rules in China, this is what I think of the ending.

    It is an open happy ending, open for a continuation and they can still give us the happy ending like in the novel, if only they will give us the second season.

    But since second season is highly unlikely to happen, this is what I take from the last scene.

    A part of Tantai Jin soul, the pure soul without any demon’s artifact or influence is alive because of the dragon scale. This means he can cultivate and be resurrected/reborn after sometime.

    During the Bo’re dream, Ming Ye had an artifact which was given to him by the snake clan in exchange for their evil Goddess’s life. He planned to use this to store whatever is left of the dead clam clan so they can be resurrected after 1000 years.

    Tantai Jin is reborn in the mortal realm after 1000 years but the series only gave us up to 500 years later so we only managed to see Ming Ye/Jiu Min/Tantai Jin’s soul within the dragon scale, still recuperating because it has only been 500 years.

    Knowing Li Su Su/Sang Jiu/Ye Xi Wu’s characters, she will not just give up on him. She will always protect and nurse him back to health. It will just take longer this time.

    We know the moral of the story is you can change your destiny. As long as you’re sincere, karma will be good and you will be rewarded for your sacrifices. They even tell us about this a few times throughout the series.

    Alas, they failed to show us the rewards in the end due to the fact that the makers would rather excessively skim on the ending part so they can fit in as much as CGI battles, spend more time to drag on the angst, etc.

    It breaks my heart so much that they decided to butcher the ending to meet regulations. Everything about this drama is a masterpiece, an epic story but what really ruined it was what they decided to do in order to go around the new regulations.

    They could have just make a 2 interconnecting series but if they really have to condensed it to 40 episodes, they could have cut out some more of the less important parts so they can have more time to show us the real happy ending, tie up loose ends of all the couples and the beautiful reunion of Tantai Jin with his family, 1000 years after his great sacrifice.

    I guess in the end, for those who cares about this story, who cried rivers and felt betrayed over and over again….learning about the novel can heal you.

    The makers of this series just didn’t put in the last few chapters, maybe they want us to read the book or make our own ending because though it’s weird for me to accept this, I know not everyone loves happy ending.

    I love happy ending, this story deserves a happy ending and it does have a happy ending…just not completely shown in the drama series.

    • Thank you for sharing that ending..THAT is the ending I want..I agree that a lot of scenes could have been left out in favor of the happy ending I was hoping for after i dedicated myself to 40 episides and turned my emotions inside out

    • Thank you very much Jenny for that glimpse of happy ending, please could you let me know the name of the book. I am very interested and do not want to miss that beautiful end. Thank you

    • Your comment gave me the glimmer of hope and validation I needed because I was also thinking another 500 years Tantai Jin will be back and they’d live out their lives happily.

  5. Oh I remembered one more thing, when Li Su Su said that she still has a lot to tell him, Tantai Jin told her that she can tell him when they meet again in their next lifetime.

    I don’t know why Ming Ye said when a God dies, they are just gone but we’ve seen time and time again, in this genre, nobody ever dies and gone forever. Sometimes, we are not shown their reincarnation.

    This is another strong hint that they are meant to be reunited. The reunion is just not shown in the series but they do have an audio for the reunion on Youku.

    I hope this heals. Love conquers all. Always.

  6. But I have a question.
    In the end episode 40, Tantai jin said that he is going to lie to her.
    What was that mean?
    (And he said to her that he is living but going to come early.)👈🏻Is this what he lies to her?

    • no actually susu after becoming a god, when she was about to kill tantai jin ,she was willing to die along with him (she says” just this time I will hold you tight. without the devil god existing, the world won’t need a god!), he agrees, but he later apologizes telling ” I’m sorry susu, I’m gonna lie to you again” because he protected her with the heart guarding scale(not letting her die)

  7. Yes. Poir Tantai Jin suffered nonstop from beginning to end. He deserves a happy ending with Susu! So upset withe the cruel ending! THEY SHOULD HAVE A REUNION LIKE THE ASHES OF LOVE! WE NEED ONE MORE EPISODE!

  8. Poor Tantai Jin suffered nonstop from beginning to end. He deserves a happy ending with Susu! So upset with the cruel ending! THEY SHOULD HAVE A HAAPYREUNION LIKE THE ASHES OF LOVE! WE NEED ONE MORE EPISODE!

  9. It is a happy ending no doubt. Tanta Jin’s body has to die (with him willingly destory each demonic link) in order to totally destory the Demon King and the All Grieving Way vortex. The last few scenes clearly showed that Tanta Jin’s pure essence and spirit (at least a good state portion) has been preserved in the dragon scale, recovering and without Demon King’ influence. As Susu is keeping the scale by her side, with her celestial presence, he will recovers faster than what other needed. And Susu with her celestial being ability and knowledge, she can come up with a way/method (maybe some salt and heat) to revive him or find the 过去镜 -mirror of the past, to go back in time to retrieve the 冰晶盏 – reviving crystal that will revive him. She has all the ingredients on hand, his spirit, his scale and his daughter’s blood. It is almost certain hey will meet each other again, just abit longer – anyway, they are already together.

  10. I’ve heard from others that in the novel, Tai Tai Jin is alive at the end. Do you by any chance know if it is true? The ending is really sad because they are not together.

  11. apa yang terjadi dengan adik kedua keluarga ye? seingatku, dia di tugaskan untuk mencari generasi tantai untuk memimpin kerajaan jing, tapi kenapa adik kedua keluarga ye yang menjadi raja?


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