Ending ExplainedWill Love in Spring Ending Explained

Will Love in Spring Ending Explained

Dear readers, Will Love in Spring drama has finally ended. The story of this drama is quite heavy and emotional. Fortunately, Will Love in Spring is only 21 episodes. I was excited and disappointed at the same time. You can read this drama review at Will Love in Spring drama review post.

I wish the drama was a little longer so I could see more of Zhuang Jie and Chen Mai Dong’s relationship. But I also felt that this drama would be too heavy if they added more episodes. I was afraid that there would be another death in Zhuang Jie and Chen Mai Dong’s family.

So, to stop your curiosity about the ending, I wrote this Will Love in Spring ending explained post. We deliberately wrote it in a separate post so that those who did not want to know the ending could read my review with ease. And for those who need an explanation, this post is made especially for you. Happy reading!

Will Love in Spring Ending Explained

What Happened to Chen Mai Dong and Zhuang Jie?

Chen Mai Dong and Zhuang Jie’s relationship deepened after a night together. Before that, Zhuang Jie explained why she was angry when they started to make out on New Year’s Eve. Zhuang Jie said she never showed her amputated leg to anyone. When Chen Mai Dong tried to take off her prosthetic leg, she was scared.

Zhuang Jie was afraid Chen Mai Dong would be shocked when he saw her stump. She used to have a boyfriend who showed shock when he saw her leg. It was a bitter experience, and she didn’t want to feel it again. After hearing her story, Chen Mai Dong finally realized that although Zhuang Jie seemed confident, she still had some insecurities about her leg.

Will Love in Spring Ending Explained - What Happened to Chen Mai Dong and Zhuang Jie
Will Love in Spring Ending Explained – What Happened to Chen Mai Dong and Zhuang Jie?

Nobody knew because she kept it a secret. That morning, Zhuang Jie let Chen Mai Dong dress her amputated leg, and her worries seemed to disappear. However, she still had some problems. Zhuang Je didn’t know how to tell Chen Mai Dong that she was leaving for Shanghai to start her own company with Wang Xi Xia.

During Chinese New Year, Chen Mai Dong went to Zhuang Jie’s house by accident. He ended up writing banners for the family. Liao Tao was shocked to see him, but they ended up chatting in the living room.

Later, the hospital called Chen Mai Dong because Grandma Lin’s condition worsened. Chen Mai Dong felt emotional and he started to be afraid of dying alone. Zhuang Jie saw his state and decided to stay with him. While he was away, Zhuang Jie and Zhuang Yan kept Grandma Chen company. But Grandma Lin passed away.

For the first time, Chen Mai Dong didn’t know what to do. He was upset. He regarded Grandma Lin as his family. When he was working, he could console the grieving family, but this time he was the grieving one.

Zhuang Jie is leaving for Shanghai, but she still can’t tell Chen Mai Dong. She was afraid to say it when they met. She was even more hesitant after hearing Cui Ge’s words about long-distance relationships.

Cui Ge said that if he were married, he had to make it work. But if he weren’t married and he still had a chance to choose, he wouldn’t want it because distance would take a toll on their relationship.

When Grandma Chen asked about her relationship with Chen Mai Dong, Zhuang Jie confessed that she couldn’t give up Shanghai because her career and friends were there. So she couldn’t decide their future.

But after Zhuang Jie said she needed Chen Mai Dong, Grandma Chen helped her decide. She went to Chen Mai Dong’s apartment early in the morning and caught them spending the night together. She forces Chen Mai Dong to marry Zhuang Jie.

Chen Mai Dong was scared because he didn’t want to force Zhuang Jie to do something she did not want to do. Amidst the panic, Zhuang Jie remembered Grandma Chen’s words and realized she was helping her. So, Zhuang Jie told Grandma Chen that she was willing to get engaged to Chen Mai Dong.

Zhuang Jie and Chen Mai Dong did a wedding photo shoot and held an engagement party. Chen Mai Dong’s face lit up with happiness when he saw Zhuang Jie showing off her engagement ring to his friends.

From his friend, Hedgehog, Chen Mai Dong learned that a new medical tourism pilot project would be opened near their city. He asked Hedgehog to introduce him to his boss so that he could later help Zhuang Jie with her career.

The situation with Zhuang Jie is the opposite. As the day of her departure approaches, she is getting upset about Chen Mai Dong. Her family and Wang Xi Xia urged Zhuang Jie to tell Chen Mai Dong honestly that she would stay in Shanghai for a while. But she never had the chance to tell him. So she could only say it at the train station when she was ready to leave.

Chen Mai Dong got angry and accused her of not taking the marriage seriously because she told him about her departure at the last minute. He tried to take off her ring, but Zhuang Jie refused. The tug-of-war ended when Chen Mai Dong’s nose started bleeding because it was accidentally hit by Zhuang Jie. In her panic, Zhuang Jie shouted that she would not break up with him, but Chen Mai Dong never turned his back.

Zhuang Jie made her first business proposal brilliantly, but her heart still ached because of the separation. However, she realized that it was the result of her dreams and actions. Meanwhile, Chen Mai Dong was still upset because he always said he wanted to support her, but Zhuang Jie did not trust him enough with her dream.

Chen Mai Dong told Grandma Chen that the engagement did not solve the problem of his relationship. He and Zhuang Jie have different ideas about their future. He was fine with a monotonous life, but Zhuang Jie might not be. He doubts her decision if there is a better man and a better temptation appears. Grandma Chen told her grandson that he underestimated Zhuang Jie.

Chen Mai Dong refuted her and said that he has his own way of life and his own pace. In the end, Chen Mai Dong asked his grandmother not to interfere in his affairs. Grandma Chen had no choice but to comply.

Six months later, Zhuang Jie’s taxi was about to be hit by a truck. At the same time, Chen Mai Dong, who was at a funeral parlor in Shanghai for a competition, saw a pale hand with a ring appear under a white sheet. His heart skipped a beat when he went to the gurney and saw the familiar ring.

Fortunately, it was not Zhuang Jie, but someone else. Chen Mai Dong and Zhuang Jie had reconciled a month ago after Zhuang Jie returned to her hometown. She came back after hearing from Cui Ge that the Nanping government would submit the proposal for the medical tourism pilot zone project. It’s a great opportunity for her to make a move in business and also in love because now she has a chance to build a bridge between her and Chen Mai Dong.

But it was no small feat. Chen Mai Dong’s heart was as heavy as a rock, and it was not easy to persuade him. Zhuang Jie became anxious when she believed He Niao Niao and Liao Tao’s words that Chen Mai Dong seemed different now. She thought he was planning to leave her.

Zhuang Jie panicked and went to see him. Chen Mai Dong told her that she had been insincere with him, and his words hurt Zhuang Jie’s heart. She had tried everything to make him forgive her. Chen Mai Dong told Zhuang Jie to think carefully about what kind of life would make her happier.

Now, Zhuang Jie really believed that Chen Mai Dong would leave her for someone else. With tears in her eyes, she called Wang Xi Xia. Wang Xi Xia tried to reassure Zhuang Jie that if Chen Mai Dong was so stubborn, she could be more stubborn than him.

In fact, Chen Mai Dong never wants to leave Zhuang Jie. He even built a study room for her in his apartment. After hearing the words he wanted to hear from Zhuang Jie, Chen Mai Dong smiled.

But after he heard Zhuang Jie’s words at the government meeting that she wanted to join the medical tourism pilot zone project because she wanted to be close to her loved ones, Chen Mai Dong’s heart finally melted. He came to the train station to see her off. Chen Mai Dong told Zhuan Jie that he did not mind her going back to Shanghai. He was upset because she never treated him like a partner and did not trust him enough. The two of them made up and untangled all the knots in their hearts.

A month later, Chen Mai Dong saw the pale hand on the gurney. His heart was agitated when Zhuang Jie did not answer his call. Meanwhile, after she almost had an accident, Zhuang Jie realized that nothing was more important than Chen Mai Dong. All she wanted to do now was to see him. She and Chen Mai Dong met at the train station in Shanghai.

Zhuang Jie told him that from that day on, wherever he was would be her home. Chen Mai Dong also said that they should not live by days. Instead, they should live by the second. With tears in their eyes, they hugged each other as if they would be separated for life. Now Chen Mai Dong realized that true enlightenment is not to face death calmly at any time and under any circumstances. It is to live your life with a calm heart at all times and under all circumstances.

What Happened to Wang Xi Xia?

Wang Xi Xia was enjoying her relationship with Cui Ge. On Chinese New Year, she spent it with him. Wang Xi Xia had her heart set on him and she is ready to settle down. Zhuang Jie was happy for her and cried.

Will Love in Spring Ending Explained - What Happened to Wang Xi Xia
Will Love in Spring Ending Explained – What Happened to Wang Xi Xia?

Cui Ge went to see Zhuang Jie in Nanping without telling Wang Xi Xia. He wanted to ask if Wang Xi Xia loves the ring he chose. Zhuang Jie frowned when she saw it. It was quite ugly and very outdated. However, Cui Ge chose the ring, so Zhuang Jie didn’t want to ruin his mood.

Cui Ge express his worry that Wang Xi Xia didn’t want to marry him. Zhuang Jie said Wang Xi Xia had been planning her wedding since she was a child. People often misjudged them and thought they were against marriage or having kids. But modern women such as Wang Xi Xia and Zhuang Jie are waiting for the right person and the right time. They wanted to be responsible for their decisions. Zhuang Jie’s words calm Cui Ge’s heart.

After their business was going well, Wang Xi Xia moved in with Cui Ge before they got married. The couple also planned to have children soon.

What Happened to Grandma Chen?

Grandma Chen was worried about Grandma Lin. They could no longer speak on video calls and Chen Mai Dong had been called by the hospital. Zhuang Jie and Zhuang Yan looked after Grandma Chen while Chen Mai Dong was away. However, she kept her worries to herself.

Will Love in Spring Ending Explained - What Happened to Grandma Chen
Will Love in Spring Ending Explained – What Happened to Grandma Chen?

Zhuang Jie was with Grandma Chen when the hospital called to tell her the sad news. She opened the letter Grandma Lin left her, her hands shaking and eyes filling with tears. Grandma Lin knew Grandma Chen would be sad, so she wrote a letter. In the letter, she told Grandma Chen not to feel sorry for her because she is quite satisfied with her ending.

Grandma Chen stopped meddling with Chen Mai Dong’s matter after Zhang Jie returned to Shanghai. She did it because Chen Mai Dong asked her to. Grandma Chen agreed, but she tried to save their relationship anyway. She told Liao Tao to ask Zhuang Jie to pursue Chen Mai Dong more. After the lovers made up, Grandma Chen went back to her normal life. This time, she was happier.

What Happened to the Zhuang Jie’s family?

Liao Tao stopped interfering in Zhuang Jie’s relationship after Zhuang Yang and He Niao Niao talked to her. Wang Xi Xia also helps the siblings to calm Liao Tao down before the Chinese New Year.

Will Love in Spring Ending Explained - What Happened to the Zhuang Jie’s family
Will Love in Spring Ending Explained – What Happened to the Zhuang Jie’s family?

Well, it was more like lecturing her…😂😂

Zhuang Yan and He Niao Niao were happy when Chen Mai Dong joined their family. Liao Tao was happy too. She said that life had been kind to her. She had lost someone but gained a son.

After her fight with Zhuang Jie and Chen Mai Dong’s arrival to their family, Liao Tao is more relaxed. She no longer controls their children or speaks harshly to them. The He family is peaceful now, and He Niao Niao no longer scolds her because of her studies.

After she learned about Wang Xi Xia’s plan to get married and her daughter’s engagement, Liao Tao suddenly felt sad. Wang Xi Xia told her to change her perspective. She didn’t lose a daughter but gained a new son. Her sadness disappeared when she realized Chen Mai Dong was better than her three children.

Liao Tao, Zhuang Yan, and He Niao Niao were worried about Zhuan Jie’s hesitation. They tried to make her tell the truth to Chen Mai Dong, but it didn’t work. Later, after she left Chen Mai Dong got upset. Zhuang Yan and He Niao Niao tried to help the two of them to reconcile. All this time, Chen Mai Dong still treated Zhuang Jie’s family nicely but he never mentioned her.

When Zhuang Jie returned, Liao Tao and He Niao Niao tried to shake her confidence. They tried to make Zhuang Jie jealous and thought that Chen Mai Dong was falling for someone else. It worked, and Zhuang Jie started to worry that Chen Mai Dong would leave her.

After everything ended and Zhuang Jie’s love relationship did not bother the family anymore, the He family went back to their normal lives. Zhang Yan was doing chores when he saw a goose with a blue ribbon.

Jishan goose finally returned, but he brought another goose home. Although she did not seem to be happy that there were new mouths to feed, Liao Tao had already made a bed for the goose. The drama ends with the sight of the four of them hugging together.

My Two Cents

WeTV released a bonus episode. but it was a collage of scenes that tell their story in a 28-minute time.

I used to think the ending was quite a happy ending. But now I feel that it was slightly an open ending because we did not know how Chen Mai Dong and Zhuang Jie solved their problems. But I assumed that the pilot project is successful and Zhuang Jie would often stay at Nanping while Wang Xi Xia took over the Shanghai business. They still meet on a regular business trip.

But hey, that’s just my guess. It seemed that I had to find the novel because I hoped it could give me a proper explanation of the ending.

So, dear readers… are you feeling the same way as I did? Don’t forget to tell us your opinion about this drama. I’ll see you in another post of drama review and ending explained. Bye!

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