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"Our Interpreter is a well-written business romance drama. The story is simple yet engaging."

Our Interpreter Drama Review

  • Drama Title: Our Interpreter
  • Also Known As: 我们的翻译官, The Interpreter, Wo Men De Fan Yi Guan
  • Director: Zhang Tong
  • Cast: Victoria Song, Chen Xing Xu
  • Genres: Romance, Business, Life, Drama
  • Episodes: 36
  • Date of Release: January 8, 2024
  • Original Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV
  • Where to Watch: MGTV, iQiyi, Viki

Dear readers, the cloud hung right outside my window. Living in a tropical country, you should be prepared for a sunny morning, a cloudy afternoon, and a rainy night. However, it was not the weather that was bothering me, but the humidity. I hope the weather was better in your place, so you can enjoy your day to the fullest. Today, I am writing a review of the drama Our Interpreter, which I finished watching last night.

This Chinese romance drama consists of 36 episodes and is full of office romance and great costumes. If you are wondering whether this drama should be on your watch list or not, I hope this post will help you decide. Now let’s get started!

Our Interpreter Synopsis

Lin Xi and Xiao Yi Cheng were lovers for three years during their college days. They were happy and supportive of each other, hoping for a bright future together. However, after they graduated, Lin Xi broke things off with Xiao Yi Cheng because he did not enter a certain postgraduate institution that she wanted him to join. Xiao Yi Cheng was devastated and fled to the United States.

Eight years later, Xiao Yi Cheng became the CTO of Yuyi Technology Limited, a new technology start-up that produces an AI-based translation device. Meanwhile, Lin Xi’s career excelled at Huasheng, the number one company in the translation industry, and she became one of the top interpreters in the country. After a long separation, they met again, this time in a professional relationship.

The first meeting was awkward, yet they managed to conceal their buried feelings. Xiao Yi Cheng was curious to know if Lin Xi regretted her decision eight years ago. On the other hand, Lin Xi kept her feelings under the radar because her career is more important than anything else.

Our Interpreter Drama Review - Xiao Yi Cheng and Lin Xi
Our Interpreter Drama Review – Xiao Yi Cheng and Lin Xi

However, as Xiao Yi Cheng continued to make things difficult for her, they were forced to work together on the same team. Lin Xi, the director of Huasheng’s Priority Client Management Department, must lead her team in helping Xiao Yi Cheng take Yuyi to the next level through the IPO.

Xiao Yi Cheng wanted to make things difficult for Lin Xi, but he couldn’t ignore his feelings for her. Although he wanted to be cruel to her, in the end, Xiao Yi Cheng would do anything to help and protect Lin Xi. Xiao Yi Cheng’s affection eventually stirred Lin Xi’s heart. After eight years, Lin Xi was still torn between love and career. Would she rekindle her love with Xiao Yi Cheng or would they go their separate ways once again?

Our Interpreter Drama Review

Our Interpreter is a remake of Yang Mi’s 2016 drama, Les Interpretes. Yang Mi also starred in a 2018 drama titled Negotiator. Both Les Interpretes and Negotiator, (and now Our Interpreter) were adapted from the novel “Les Interpretes” by Miao Juan. I watched the current drama out of curiosity, would Our Interpreter surpass its predecessor?

The answer is YES. Personally, I like this version better than Les Interpretes and Negotiator. I don’t really remember Negotiator’s story, but I remember Les Interpretes, for a trivial reason: I love Yang Mi’s costumes.

Anyway, back to Our Interpreter. In my opinion, Our Interpreter has a more mature storyline with fewer schemes, less angst, and no critical illnesses. The story focuses on the relationship and careers of Lin Xi and Xiao Yi Cheng. There are some side stories, such as Wei Tian and Tan Sha Sha or Tong Xin and Cheng Yao’s relationship, but they do not steer away from the main focus.

Our Interpreter drama may seem ordinary for a Chinese drama known for its angst and tension. However, Our Interpreter gave me more positive vibes. I did not feel tired watching all 36 episodes, unlike when I watched Les Intrepretes. By the 12th episode of Les Intrepretes, I felt like fast-forwarding to the 42nd episode due to too many negative characters and heartache.

If you love the angst genre or need to vent your anger, Les Interpretes from 2016 may be what you’re looking for. You will have plenty of reasons to curse while you are at it.

The story of Our Interpreter was simpler. It was about a couple who had been separated for years and now wanted to rekindle their love. However, their circumstances have changed from when they were young. Now they have ambitions and goals to be fulfilled. Their careers and love collided, creating a conflict of interest.

The story in Our Interpreter was quite different from that of Les Interpretes. But the theme is the same: workplace romance. Les Interpretes tortured me with endless misunderstandings between the main characters. Yet, I could breathe more easily when watching Our Interpreter. Although our main leads were too proud to admit their feelings, they were good at taking action and communicating if they were willing to do so.

Our Interpreter Drama Review - poster

There was a scene that made me laugh uncontrollably. Xiao Yi Cheng wanted to impress Lin Xi by cooking a delicious meal for her. He thought he was showing affection for her, but Xiao Yi Cheng did not know that Lin Xi had developed a sensitivity to spicy food due to her weak stomach.

As a result, she suffered from gastroenteritis after eating the meal. Wei Tian told Xiao Yi Cheng about her suffering. Thus, Xiao Yi Cheng bought many gastroenteritis medications (including the hemorrhoid ointment that was given to him for free) and sent her anonymously.

Xiao Yi Cheng, however, refused to admit it when Wei Tian asked. But when Wei Tian forbade Lin Xi to take the medicine because they were suspicious about the sender, Xiao Yi Cheng finally confessed that he was the sender and the medicine was safe to take.

The same thing also happened to Lin Xi. Although she repeatedly labeled Xiao Yi Cheng as petty-minded, she still helped him by introducing Sun You Wei and Jinge Funds to Xiao Yi Cheng when Yuyi faced financial problems. She did it secretly and told Sun You Wei not to mention her name to Xiao Yi Cheng.

Speaking of Xiao Yi Cheng, I remembered that I used to hate him at the beginning of this drama. He behaved like a petty person who wanted to torture his ex-girlfriend just to hear her regrets. He made things hard for her by submitting complaints and treating her rudely. He pretended to have an important meeting and left her waiting for hours.

When she was about to leave, he forced her to stay. I dislike the way he forced and threatened Lin Xi. It was childish and immature. Tong Xin understood why he did that, but Xiao Yi Cheng was adamant in his denial. If I were there, I would smack him on the head with a radish.

There were several conflicts in Lin Xi’s life. She lived a more difficult life than Xiao Yi Cheng. And it was caused by Lin Xi’s grandfather, Professor Gao. As one of the most important figures in the translation industry, Professor Gao had high hopes for his daughters, especially the eldest, Gao Wenli.

However, Gao Wenli’s choice of love over career left him disappointed. The dissatisfaction was doubled when Gao Wenli chose to marry Lin Da Yong, an ordinary person with an ordinary background. Even though Lin Da Yong had shown his ability over the years and had become a successful businessman, Professor Gao still looked down on him. However, Lin Da Yong had been a filial son-in-law. He always treated his father-in-law well.

In my opinion, Professor Gao is the most stubborn person in the entire show. He is an elder, but he does not have the wise mind of one. He showed favoritism and refused to admit his mistakes. It’s no wonder that Lin Xi seems to dislike him so much.

Yet, his presence creates an inner conflict for Lin Xi. She wants to show Professor Gao that her family is much better than Gao Ling’s family and that she is better than her cousin, Tan Sha Sha. The relationship between the Gao sisters is also in a bad state. Gao Wenli chose to distance herself from her maiden family, while Gao Ling was consumed by jealousy of her sister.

Gao Ling believed that their father only cared about Gao Wenli because she was more talented and hardworking. Meanwhile, Gao Wenli resented her father for looking down on her husband. The unspoken resentment in the family led to the biggest misunderstanding that separated the family for thirty years.

The family conflict ended after Professor Gao’s 80th birthday. It was not a pleasant show, but it fixed the relationship between Gao Wenli and her father. Her bad terms with Gao Ling were also resolved afterward. When her mother finally decided to forget the grievances and reunite with her father and sister, Lin Xi no longer had an excuse to hold a grudge against her grandfather and aunt.

The drama ended happily, despite the major clash between work and love that needed to be resolved. Lin Xi had to prove herself to Professor Gao, while Xiao Yi Cheng worked hard to get her to accept his proposal. You can read the ending explained of this drama here, Our Interpreter ending explained.

Martin Luther King, Jr. believed that strength and growth only come through continuous effort and struggle. In order to grow, our character must face many difficulties. Lin Xi excelled in her profession because she was determined to prove herself to Professor Gao.

The sense of being disparaged by others made her work harder than anyone else in Huasheng. She strived to be the best, even though it often led to disappointment because Professor Gao seemed more partial to Tan Sha Sha.

Xiao Yi Cheng needed some motivation so that he would not waste his talent and future. Lin Xi broke up with Xiao Yi Cheng because she didn’t want him to waste his talents for her. Xiao Yi Cheng always lived a good life. He had supportive parents and a wealthy family.

The only setback he faced was scoring poorly at the beginning of his college years. Lin Xi was correct in her judgment, that Xiao Yi Cheng was wasting his life and talent because he was too lazy to work hard. If Lin Xi had not broken up with him, Xiao Yi Cheng would not have become ambitious, determined, and brilliant.

Cheng Yao’s life would not be the same without his rivalry with Xiao Yi Cheng. If he did not resent Xiao Yi Cheng and Yuyi translator, he would not be working in Huasheng. He might still be hanging out at the skateboard park, spending his time chatting and playing games.

If Lin Xi had not sent Tan Sha Sha on a business trip with Wei Tian, she would still be a sheltered young woman. Tan Sha Sha also would not have learned how to adapt to others if her relationship with Wei Tian had been frictionless.

And what about Wei Tian? He had already had his hardships when he joined the military. Those experiences shaped him into the righteous, kind, and hardworking Wei Tian. However, his breakup with Tan Sha Sha made him a better boyfriend. This man did not need any more hardships in his life. He needed a book titled ‘Dating for Dummies’.

What I like about ‘Our Interpreter’ is the mature story and witty dialogue. Except for Tan Sha Sha, all the characters were wise enough to admit their mistakes and communicate their feelings with each other. Be it love or work. And when communication was stuck, they sought help from the outside.

For instance, Wei Tian helped Xiao Yi Cheng and Lin Xi fix their bad relationship. He invited Xiao Yi Cheng and Lin Xi to a meal to discuss the conflict between Huasheng and Yuyi. He also helped the couple communicate by creating a WeChat group for them titled ‘Refuse to Be a Puppet’ because he was tired of being their messenger on the medicine matter. Wei Tian must have thought it was difficult being the third wheel between two stubborn people.

I love Our Interpreter because the actors did a great job with their acting. However, I did not think that Victoria Song was suited to play the young Lin Xi during her college days, as her facial features were too sharp and serious for a playful and cheerful character.

Similarly, Chen Xing Xiu seemed too mature to play the young Xiao Yi Cheng. However, if we can overlook this aspect, Victoria Song and Chen Xing Xiu portrayed their characters well. They also had good on-screen chemistry, although I was a bit disappointed with the lack of passion in the kissing scenes. I did not ask for a steamy scene. However, the kiss had to look real.

My favorite support role goes to Wu Yan Shu as Granny Li Qiu Yi, Cheng Yao’s grandaunt, and Lin Xi’s landlady is the one that played Granny Xie in my favorite drama Meet Yourself. Her character still emitted kindness and sincerity, just like in Meet Yourself. I was happy to watch Li Qiu Yi’s scenes because Wu Yan Shu’s presence warmed my heart.

I was generally satisfied with this drama, despite some areas that require improvement, such as the abrupt cuts at the end of each episode. However, I appreciate how each episode begins with quotes from famous people.

The Cinematography

Like its predecessor, Les Interpretes, Our Interpreter drama can be used as your office outfit inspiration. Lin Xi always wears sleek and clean-cutting clothes. Her favorites are blazers and suits. She often pairs them with t-shirts and jeans for a more casual look.

Our Interpreter Drama Review - poster 2

Lin Xi’s shoe choices are either heels or sneakers, both maintaining a professional appearance. To copy her look, add statement jewelry such as a brooch or earrings to brighten up the outfit. Lin Xi’s style is too simple, so adding some accessories can enhance the overall look.

In my opinion, the best-dressed character is Tong Xin. Her fashion choices are quirky yet sophisticated, often wearing asymmetric skirts or blouses and different pairs of earrings. She always keeps her appearance neat and tidy. To balance her appearance, she opted for a simple hairstyle: a ponytail. Tong Xin truly represents her modern self and the company.

There were some things that made me rewatch several episodes of Les Interpretes just to confirm. I feel like this drama still maintains some similarity with Les Interpretes in terms of fashion and hairstyle. Victoria Song’s haircut is almost the same sleek bob that Yang Mi had in Les Interpretes. Chen Xing Xiu and Huan Xuan dress in casual suits almost every day. I appreciate their use of bright colors instead of solely dark ones. Victoria Song’s boss at Huasheng and Yang Mi’s boss at the Institute both dress in identical three-piece suits and glasses.

While the costume department did a great job, I also enjoyed the detailed and well-lit sets. Each set had its own unique presentation of the characters. Yuyi’s company is located in a modern building with modern interiors, which is suitable for its identity as a technology company.

On the other hand, Huasheng is arranged like a typical office, which is understandable as it needs to blend well with its clients’ demands. The translations should be neutral, and Huasheng should live up to its reputation.

The director of this drama, Zhang Tong, meticulously cared for every detail, including the set, costumes, lighting, and shooting angles. Mr. Zhang, an experienced director, was also the director of the successful dramas You Are My Hero and Light Chaser Rescue.

The Characters

Lin Xi (played by Victoria Song)

Lin Xi, also known as the She-Devil of Huasheng, rose from an ordinary interpreter to become the director of the Priority Client Management Department. She comes from a prestigious family in the industry. Her grandfather, Professor Gao, is a renowned figure throughout the country. Lin Xi’s mother, Gao Wenli, was originally pursuing a career in the same field.

However, she chose to leave everything behind to marry Lin Da Yong, Lin Xi’s father. This event occurred 30 years ago, and since then, the relationship between Lin Xi’s family and Professor Gao has been estranged.

Lin Xi is a serious, straightforward person, unlike her younger self, who is affectionate and carefree. At work, Lin Xi praises those who deserve it and scolds those who need it. She puts on a stern face during projects, but after a hard day, she generously invites all her team members to a sumptuous meal.

Our Interpreter Drama Review - Victoria Song as Lin Xi
Our Interpreter Drama Review – Victoria Song as Lin Xi

Wei Tian was the only person in Huasheng who was very close to Lin Xi. He was her college friend, as well as Xiao Yi Cheng’s friend. Lin Xi also had a good relationship with her boss, Zhao Jia Kang, who recommended her when she first entered Huasheng.

Lin Xi fulfilled her ambition to work and excel in Huasheng, and now she aims to become an interpreter for the UN to prove herself in front of her grandfather.

Xiao Yi Cheng (played by Chen Xing Xu)

Lin Xi sees Xiao Yi Cheng as lazy, depressed, fragile, sensitive, and pretentious. However, she believes in his talent. If he is willing to put in the effort, no one can do better than him. He is also a clean freak and a spoiled boy who cannot bear hardship. His feelings for Lin Xi are so strong that he is willing to abandon anything to be with her.

Eight years later, Xiao Yi Cheng has become determined, stubborn, affectionate, straightforward, and ambitious. He also holds grudges well.

Our Interpreter Drama Review - Chen Xing Xu as Xiao Yi Cheng
Our Interpreter Drama Review – Chen Xing Xu as Xiao Yi Cheng

After a difficult life in the United States, Xiao Yi Cheng returned in glory as the CTO of Yuyi Technology. The success of Yuyi Translator paved the way for the company to become the best AI company in China. His partner, Tong Xin, has become more than just a business partner. They became close as siblings, as Tong Xin’s son called him godfather.

Although Xiao Yi Cheng was once heartbroken by Lin Xi, he cannot deny that he still has lingering feelings for her. He tried to hide his emotions from others, but those close to him, such as Tong Xin and Wei Tian, could still see how much he cared for her.

Cheng Yao (played by Fei Qi Ming)

Cheng Yao is young, proud, and talented. He is a polyglot who could speak minor languages such as Arabic and Icelandic. Cheng Yao spent his time playing games or skateboarding. He also creates videos to help people learn languages as well as the video which sets Xiao Yi Cheng and Yuyi on fire.

Being a talented person, Cheng Yao lacked a challenge to improve his knowledge. Lin Xi offered Cheng Yao a job at Huasheng, which he accepted. Unlike when Xiao Yi Cheng offered him the same job, Cheng Yao felt that Lin Xi was better at reading people and knew how to approach him.

Our Interpreter Drama Review - Fei Qi Ming as Cheng Yao
Our Interpreter Drama Review – Fei Qi Ming as Cheng Yao

However, Cheng Yao’s admiration for Lin Xi was misinterpreted as romantic feelings. Despite this, it made Cheng Yao views Xiao Yi Cheng as a rival. This rivalry motivated him to become a better person.

Cheng Yao had an estranged relationship with his mother because she married his father’s best friend just three months after his father passed away. He has lived alone ever since. He still maintains a close relationship with his grandaunt, Granny Li.

Tong Xin (played by Yu Sha Sha)

If Xiao Yi Cheng is the tech brain of Yuyi, then Tong Xin is the business machine for the company. She met Xiao Yi Cheng in the United States and Tong Xin learned how to be a successful businesswoman from her mentor while she was living there.

Although Tong Xin did not have any leadership aura like Xiao Yi Cheng, she was not someone to be trifled with. Tong Xin was strong and sharp in her analysis. She was also good at reading people, much better than Xiao Yi Cheng.

Our Interpreter Drama Review - Yu Sha Sha as Tong Xin
Our Interpreter Drama Review – Yu Sha Sha as Tong Xin

She had a son named Peter and raised him on her own since she divorced when Peter was still an infant. Tong Xin has never been involved in a romantic relationship since then and has dedicated her life to her job and her son. Her only close companion is Xiao Yi Cheng, with whom she shares an apartment and lives as a housemate.

Tong Xin is a friendly boss to her employees. Her personality is kind and gentle. Yet, she could raise her voice and have a fierce argument with Xiao Yi Cheng if necessary. Tong Xin appeared to be strong and independent on the outside, but she had a fragile heart.

Tan Sha Sha (played by Lin Zi Lu)

Tan Sha Sha is Lin Xi’s cousin. Her mother, Gao Ling, is the younger sister of Gao Wenli. Tan Sha Sha grew up abroad, and many of her habits are different from those of Chinese people. She is the dearest granddaughter of Professor Gao and has lived under his care. Tan Sha Sha is a talented interpreter who recently joined Huasheng.

Our Interpreter Drama Review - Lin Zi Lu as Tan Sha Sha
Our Interpreter Drama Review – Lin Zi Lu as Tan Sha Sha

Tan Sha Sha is a sheltered young woman, unlike Lin Xi who is strong and independent. She is naive, innocent, and proud, but lacks confidence. This is because she has always lived under someone else’s care, like her mother and the nanny. Tan Sha Sha had never experienced hardships before and her body was more fragile because she was allergic to sunlight and alcohol.

She has been in love with Wei Tian for years. However, Tan Sha Sha did not know him before. They only had a brief interaction when he saved her on the mountain. At that time, Tan Sha Sha and her friends were hiking but got lost midway. When they met again, Tan Sha Shan could not take her eyes off him. She gets flustered whenever they interact.

Wei Tian (played by Wang Sen)

Wei Tian is a good friend of Lin Xi and Xiao Yi Cheng. Wei Tian is a righteous, hardworking, kind, and friendly person. He is sensitive to others’ feelings but he is oblivious when it comes to love. And that is because he never seemed to have any romantic feelings for the opposite sex.

Our Interpreter Drama Review - Wang Sen as Wei Tian
Our Interpreter Drama Review – Wang Sen as Wei Tian

As someone who served in the military, Wei Tian enjoys being active. He enjoys playing basketball, boxing, or working out in the gym during his spare time. Wei Tian’s robust body and tanned skin reveal his love for physical and outdoor activities, a complete contrast to Tan Sha Sha’s daily routine.

Wei Tian was an easy person to read. He is an open book, displaying his emotions on his face. Due to his righteousness, some people tend to look down on him, but Wei Tian never takes offense as he has a big heart and cares about more important matters.

The Conclusion

Our Interpreter is a well-written business romance drama. The story is simple yet engaging. The flow and pace are also good, and you won’t even realize you’ve been watching for 10 episodes in a row. Although the characters have flaws, their growth is satisfying.

This drama was suitable for those romance junkies who enjoy a romantic yet mature story. This drama’s lack of angst makes it a great choice for light entertainment after a long day of work. Be sure to set an alarm to avoid binge-watching Our Interpreter and showing up to work or school with bags under your eyes.

Well, I hoped this post would help you, dear readers. I’ll see you in another drama review. Ciao!

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"Our Interpreter is a well-written business romance drama. The story is simple yet engaging."Our Interpreter Drama Review
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