Ending ExplainedOur Interpreter Ending Explained

Our Interpreter Ending Explained

Our Interpreter drama ended a while ago. Victoria Song and Chen Xing Xu did a good job of playing the straightforward and cool Lin Xi and the tech-savvy but love-struck Xiao Yi Cheng. The drama’s ending was a happy one. However, you may be wondering whether Xiao Yi Cheng and Lin Xi get married in the end or what happens to Tan Sha Sha and Wei Tian. Without further ado, this is the ending explained of Our Interpreter drama. Happy reading!

Our Interpreter Ending Explained

What Happened to Lin Xi and Xiao Yi Cheng at Interpreter Ending Drama Ending?

The Consumer Product Expo is an international event that invites product and trading companies from around the world. Many translation companies in China competed for the project. Huasheng and Yuyi were among them.

However, at a crucial time, Cheng Yao, an expert in minority languages, resigned from Huasheng to join Yuyi. Zhang Jia Kang informed Lin Xi that some of the higher officials in Huasheng thought that Lin Xi was secretly helping Yuyi because of her relationship with Xiao Yi Cheng.

To avoid further suspicion, Zhang Jia Kang told Lin Xi that she should be aware of her current identity as the project manager of The Consumer Product Expo. However, they could not hold the wedding at the moment. During dinner, Xiao Yi Cheng couldn’t hide his disappointment when Lin Xi told their parents about that.

Our Interpreter Ending Explained - What Happened to Lin Xi and Xiao Yi Cheng
Our Interpreter Ending Explained – What Happened to Lin Xi and Xiao Yi Cheng?

Xiao Yi Cheng asked Lin Xi why she wanted to postpone the wedding. Lin Xi said that I thought that she knew him well, but when Cheng Yao submitted his resignation letter, she started to think that she did not know him very well. Especially after Yuyi’s move to poach Cheng Yao. Xiao Yi Cheng said that he did not have a choice because he had to get the project of the Consumer Product Expo.

Lin Xi said that she did not have a choice either since she was the project manager for Huasheng. So to avoid further conflict of interest, she told him that they should stop seeing each other until the bidding was over. Her words made Xiao Yi Cheng panicked, but Lin Xi had made her decision.

Xiao Yi Cheng and Lin Xi did stay away from each other until the bidding was over. The outcome was that the Foreign Trade Bureau chose Yuyi’s translation device to play a major role, while Huasheng was assigned to assist them. It was a winning moment for Yuyi and a loss for Huasheng.

However, despite Yuyi’s victory in the bidding, Mr. Ying still wanted to prevent Xiao Yi Cheng from taking over the CEO position. But Xiao Yi Cheng exposed that Mr. Ying had colluded with Chen Xiao to publicly reveal Yuyi’s weakness in the minority language. Xiao Yi Cheng then reported Mr. Ying and Chen Xiao to the police. In the end, Mr. Ying was fired from the company.

Meanwhile, because she failed to get the project, Lin Xi was demoted to be the director of the Archive Office after the expo was finished. Zhang Jia Kang attempted to persuade the headquarters, but he was unsuccessful.

Lin Xi told Zhang Jia Kang that she had rejected the project in the first place because of the conflict of interest and that she had even postponed her wedding because of it. Zhang Jia Kang was shocked to hear this, but he was unable to take any action because he was also under pressure, as Yuyi had lost many clients who chose to cooperate with Yuyi.

Xiao Yi Cheng finally understood Lin Xi’s situation after hearing from Wei Tian. He was disappointed that Lin Xi didn’t tell him anything about her situation, which led to misunderstandings about her being angry with him over Cheng Yao’s matter.

Xiao Yi Cheng suggested that Lin Xi resign from the company. However, Lin Xi refused, mainly because Zhang Jia Kang held an important place in her heart. For Lin Xi, Huasheng represents some people who were important in the past eight years of her life.

Despite their difficult situation, Xiao Yi Cheng and Lin Xi were able to maintain a strong relationship.

During the expo, Lin Xi and Xiao Yi Cheng met Mr. Indriðason from Iceland, who was one of the participants. Mr. Indriðason arrived with his autistic son, who was anxious and upset due to the crowd and noises. Lin Xi offered to take care of the boy while Mr. Indriðason did a presentation on stage.

During the Q&A session, Mr. Indriðason was unable to hear the translation from his hearing device because it had been knocked off the floor earlier and broken, making it impossible for him to hear the translation. There is no translator or new device available for him.

Xiao Yi Cheng suggested using Yuyi’s sign language translation system. This solved the problem and allowed the Q&A session to continue. After witnessing the whole incident, Lin Xi admitted that Xiao Yi Cheng won because machine translation is better than human translation. Before Xiao Yi Cheng could respond, Mr. Indriðason’s son had another panic attack.

Xiao Yi Cheng took out his Yuyi translation machine and turned on The Little Prince audiobook. It instantly translated the audiobook into Icelandic, but it only calmed down the boy briefly. Seeing that the machine was no longer working, Lin Xi took the initiative to read the book in Chinese in a comforting tone. The boy’s panic subsided and he listened to her attentively.

After the presentation, Mr. Indriðason spoke to them and said that if his son was interested in Chinese, he would let him learn the language later. Lin Xi explained that it wasn’t about the language, but about the emotions conveyed when she read the book. She informed Mr. Indriðason that she had been in the same situation as the boy.

Lin Xi used to panic before her most important job interview. A poem was read to her, and her panic subsided significantly. Xiao Yi Cheng is the person referred to. Mr. Indriðason and his son left the expo in a good mood.

Xiao Yi Cheng later admitted that no matter how powerful AI was, it could not replace human translation. However, according to Lin Xi, both human and machine translation are indispensable.

Before they went home, Xiao Yi Cheng showed Lin Xi his Household Registration, which he always carries with him because he is eager to marry her at any time. He asked her to marry him the next day. While Lin Xi was checking the calendar, she received a message from Zhang Jia Kang. He informed her that Mr. Indriðason was pleased with her work and had praised her in front of Mr. Ding, the Chairman of Huasheng.

Mr. Ding was so delighted that he immediately submitted Lin Xi’s application to the UN. Coincidentally, there was a vacancy for a resident interpreter, and she had to be ready to go within a few days. Lin Xi and Xiao Yi Cheng were stunned, but Xiao Yi Cheng reassured her that everything would be okay because it was her dream.

Under Xiao Yi Cheng’s leadership, Yuyi attracted worldwide attention and released the new Yuyi Translator 4.0 a year later. Tong Xin spoke at the conference because Xiao Yi Cheng was abroad visiting his wife, Lin Xi. Xiao Yi Cheng and Lin Xi have been married for a year.

When they sat on the beach, Xiao Yi Cheng told Lin Xi that the first time he saw her he was feeling down and went to the beach to brood. He saw a young girl shouting to the sea. She encouraged herself after failing to enter Huajing University.

While experiencing setbacks abroad, Xiao Yi Cheng always remembered Lin Xi’s words on that day. They gave him the courage to face hardships and made him what he is today. Lin Xi told him that hard work would eventually lead to success, regardless of one’s position.

She also mentioned that Mr. Zhang called her earlier and informed her that Huasheng and Yuyi would have deeper cooperation to promote the machine translation industry. They would open a subsidiary company, and she was offered to be the leader. After traveling the world for a year, Lin Xi decided to accept the offer and return to China to live with Xiao Yi Cheng.

What Happened to Cheng Yao and Tong Xin at Interpreter Ending Drama Ending?

Cheng Yao decided to join Yuyi and resigned from his position at Huasheng. He agreed because Yuyi promised that they would form a team and build a laboratory for him. Granny Liu also supported him. However, Cheng Yao was worried about leaving Huasheng, mainly because of Lin Xi and going against his original aspirations. It was Granny Liu who helped him make up his mind.

Our Interpreter Ending Explained - What Happened to Cheng Yao and Tong Xin
Our Interpreter Ending Explained – What Happened to Cheng Yao and Tong Xin?

Lin Xi was disappointed when Cheng Yao left, especially because she knew he was going to Yuyi during a crucial time for Huasheng. She tried to persuade him to stay, but Cheng Yao had already made up his mind.

His first day in Yuyi went smoothly, with his team and the lab that was promised to him. Tong Xin took good care of him, and their relationship improved. When the bidding was over, Cheng Yao’s heavy heart towards Lin Xi was finally at ease because she was still kind to him and genuinely happy for him.

A year later, after the expo, Tong Xin was busy handling the release of Yuyi Translator 4.0. After a hard life abroad, Tong Xin finally felt a sense of security and accomplishment upon returning to China. She is now a successful career woman, and her relationship with Cheng Yao is great.

One day, as they were riding in the car, Cheng Yao told her that if Tong Xin did not want to get married, he was fine with it. He believed that they would live a great life together for the next 10, 20, or 50 years. Tong Xin pretended not to hear it, but in her heart, she knew that her sense of security did not solely come from Yuyi but also from the young man who sat beside her.

What Happened to Tan Sha Sha and Wei Tian at Interpreter Ending Drama Ending?

After being repeatedly disappointed by Wei Tian, Tan Sha Sha started to consider her mother’s words. Gao Ling had said that Tan Sha Sha and Wei Tian were from different worlds and were not compatible with each other. Tan Sha Sha remembered the times when she had suffered for Wei Tian, such as when she had to stand under the sunlight on the basketball court and got rashes all over her body due to her allergy to sunlight.

Our Interpreter Ending Explained - What Happened to Tan Sha Sha and Wei Tian
Our Interpreter Ending Explained – What Happened to Tan Sha Sha and Wei Tian?

Other times, she had severe diarrhea because she followed Wei Tian to the food stalls to eat skewers. Tan Sha Sha felt very tired because Wei Tian did not understand her and did not try to understand her. This led to their separation.

Wei Tian wanted to save their relationship. He realized he had been inconsiderate towards Tan Sha Sha, especially since she had made an effort to adjust her lifestyle for him. However, his efforts were futile.

When a virus broke out in Africa, Zhang Jia Kang asked his employees if anyone could volunteer to go there. Tan Sha Sha was startled when Wei Tian volunteered immediately. She began to feel anxious because the virus had a high fatality rate.

Tan Sha Sha tried to stop Wei Tian from volunteering because she thought he only wanted to avoid her. However, when Wei Tian asked what identity she was using to stop him, Tan Sha Sha could not answer.

Wei Tian explained that no matter what identity she used to stop him, he would still go. Tan Sha Sha told him that when she saw Wei Tian sign his name on the application form, she realized that she no longer wanted him to be a hero. She just wanted Wei Tian to be safe and healthy. Wei Tian told Tan Sha Sha that people knew that they should help each other since ancient times. He asked Tan Sha Sha to understand his intention of helping people is his dream.

Tan Sha Sha pondered for a long time and decided to follow Wei Tian and join the volunteer team, even though her mother refused to give her permission. However, on the day of her departure, Gao Ling rushed to Huasheng to see her off. She also carried a small bag of medicine for her daughter, a symbol that she was finally ready to let Tan Sha Sha go.

Professor Gao and Gao Ling entrusted Tan Sha Sha to Wei Tian. As Wei Tian promised to take care of her, Gao Ling’s heart was at ease. As the cars left the parking lot, she waved goodbye.

A year later, Wei Tian and Tan Sha Sha got married. During the ceremony, her father gave her away and reminded Wei Tian to love, protect, respect, and make Tan Sha Sha happy for the rest of her life.

My Musing

Well, dear readers, did you find the ending of The Interpreter drama satisfying? I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see Lin Xi and Xiao Yi Cheng’s wedding. I was curious about the concept they would use for the wedding. It should have been a sleek and high-tech wedding, right?

I was also confused when Mr. Indriðason couldn’t use his translation device. Why didn’t Yuyi have a spare device? Also, why did they have to use the sign language translation system when they have Cheng Yao, who can speak many languages, including Icelandic? He could sit behind the desk, listen to the questions, and translate them for Mr. Indriðason.

So, how about you, dear readers? Did you feel the same as I did or probably you have a different opinion about this drama? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. You can also read this drama review at The Interpreter drama review post. I’ll see you in another post of the drama review and ending explained. Ciao!

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