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"The story of The Tale of Rose drama is well written, engaging, and the acting is great."

The Tale of Rose Drama Review

  • Drama Title: The Tale of Rose
  • Also Known As: 玫瑰的故事, Full Bloom, The Story of Rose, The Rose’s Tale, Mei Gui Gu Shi, Mei Gui De Gu Shi
  • Director: Wang Jun
  • Cast: Liu Yi Fei, Tong Da Wei, Wan Qian
  • Screenwriter: Li Xiao
  • Genres: Romance, Life
  • Number of Episodes: 38
  • Date of Release: June 8, 2024
  • Original Network: CCTV, Tencent Video
  • Where to Watch: WeTV, Tencent Video, Viki
  • Adapted from the novel: “The Story of Rose” by Yi Shu

Dear readers, The Tale of Rose has just ended some time ago. I was writing a review on My Wife’s Double Life drama when the inspiration struck me. So, I postpone the initial review to write this one. As usual, if I was going on and on, it meant this drama was worth it. So let’s get started. Enjoy!

The Tale of Rose Drama Synopsis

The Tale of Rose is a Chinese romance drama, it is one of the Chinese drama release in June 2024 with 38 episode in total. Huang Yi Mei, also known as Rose, lives a good life. She was born into a scholarly family. Her parents are professors at a prestigious university, and her brother is an architect. The Huang family has everything, especially love and support. Rose’s parents and brother pampered her. For them, Rose is like the most valuable flower they had in the greenhouse.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review - poster

Since she was young, Rose has shown her artistic talents. Her beauty, intelligence, and energy capture many people’s hearts, both men and women. After she graduated, Rose started to work in an art gallery where she found her passion.

Rose’s path in life is full of ups and downs. Some relationships were good, but they ended quickly. Some lasted a long time, but they slowly eroded her soul.

All these experiences changed her life. Rose is still young and energetic, but now she is also mature and determined. Regardless of the pain and grief, Rose chooses to move forward and live her life to the fullest.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review

I’ve been waiting to see The Tale of Rose since I heard Liu Yi Fei would be in it. I admire her for her beauty, acting skills, and her soothing voice. Besides that, Liu Yi Fei always picks good scripts. I had to watch this drama.

And The Tale of Rose is worth every single minute that I spend to watch this drama. 🥰

Before we start, I want to remind you to be careful about this drama. I watched the first 20 episodes at a normal pace. After that, it felt like I was going down a slope. Unstoppable. You might think the story is slow at first. No worries. You’ll love every episode. Watching this drama is like peeling an onion. Do it layer by layer. If you rush, you might miss part of the story. Keep the forward button. You don’t need it.

Rose’s story is set two decades ago. In the 2000s, people started using in-line skates. Huang Yi Mei Rose is very good at skating. She was a great freestyle skater. Her energy and enthusiasm made skating the perfect sport for her.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review - poster 2

I felt nostalgic watching the first episode. Back then, I also got into inline skating. unlike Rose, I was the worst line skater ever. Later, I found that I couldn’t balance well, so I stopped. My dream of becoming an inline skater athlete was over before it began.

Romantic relationships are the main theme of The Tale of Rose. I enjoyed Rose’s relationships with Zhuang Guo Dong and Fu Jia Ming. I dislike Rose’s relationship with Fang Xie Wen. I wish her relationship with He Xi had lasted 5 episodes longer.

However, this drama is not only about Rose’s love stories. Huang Zhen Hua’s relationship with Su Geng Sheng is also interesting. Their relationship was not as complicated as Rose’s, but Su Geng Sheng’s past and trauma had a big impact on it.

This drama made me wonder it’s wrong to think that beautiful people have fewer problems than ordinary people. Every human has challenges in their life. How we face them shows our quality.

Rose was lucky to be born with good genes and a good family. It was a privilege that most people wished for. However, it was her strong personality that helped her navigate many obstacles in her life.

There were times when Rose was vulnerable. She got frustrated over her relationship with Zhuang Guo Dong. Rose was helpless under Fang Xie Wen’s oppression. She felt powerless in front of Fu Jia Ming’s doctor’s death verdict. Rose is an ordinary human after all. 😉

And so were the beautiful men around Rose. Except for Fu Jia Ming, they could not shake the shadow of Rose for the rest of their life. So yes, beautiful men are also ordinary people. 😆

During my binge-watching time, I rooted for Huang Zhen Hua and Su Geng Sheng. Their relationship is rocky, but they manage to navigate through the obstacles pretty well.

Usually, I have so many questions floating around my head when I watch a drama. This time, I also got so many questions, but The Tale of Rose has all the answers. For instance, Rose had been cautious after her relationship with Zhuang Guo Dong ended abruptly. And her affection for Fang Xie Wen seemed lukewarm. So, did Rose really love Fang Xie Wen when she decided to marry him? I found the answer in the last episode. 😅

The Tale of Rose has lots of clever dialogue, especially in Rose’s monologue and the email she wrote to Su Geng Sheng during her time in Shanghai.

I like many scenes in this drama, but the riddle in the gallery scenes impressed me the most. When Fu Jia Ming entered the secret door, I was thrilled. This scene reminded me of a children’s story I read years ago. The scene when Rose found out that the music changed her painting is also breathtaking.

Another thing that makes me love this drama is the food. Chinese people often show love through food, especially mothers. Mrs. Mai in Best Choice Ever always cooks delicious food. Rose’s mother, Mrs. Huang, also cooks a lot.

Fang Xie Wen is a good cook, just like his character, Xing Zhi, in The Legend of Shen Li. However, this time, it was the eating scene that ruined my diet. Every time I watch the Huang family dinner scenes, my stomach grumbles. The sight of green vegetables, glossy meat, red shrimp, and everything on the table makes me want to run straight to the nearest Chinese restaurant.

The Tale of Rose Drama Cast and Crew

Our director Wang Jun is an experienced director in Cdramaland. His filmography is long and impressive. He is the man behind my favorite drama, Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (you can read Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace drama review).

No wonder there was a scene where Wallace Huo’s character Fu Jia Ming said that his piano is his wife, the rest of his musical instruments are just concubines. This is a nostalgia for Wallace Huo’s greatest role as Emperor Qianlong in Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review - poster 3

I haven’t seen all of Liu Yi Fei’s dramas. but every time I watch it, I always fall in love with her characters. I like her best in Meet Yourself as Xu Hong Dou. The character is like Rose, warm, gentle, hardworking, and determined. She also played Zhao Pan Er in A Dream of Splendor.

Liu Yi Fei is an ambassador for big names in fashion. Her dramas were full of beautiful clothes. In Meet Yourself, she looks casual but stunning. In Tale of Rose, Liu Yi Fei’s fashion is striking, bold, and dazzling.

But Rose isn’t the only one with great fashion. Su Geng Sheng and Tina also look great. They were stunning every time they appeared on screen. These ladies looked like they stepped out of a fashion magazine and onto my screen. Fascinating.

This was all thanks to costume designer Ai Wen. He created the costumes for Follow Your Heart, Only For Love, South Wind Knows, The Legend of Anle, and Ode to Joy.

This is my first time watching Tong Da Wei’s drama. He did a good job portraying Huang Zhen Hua. He had good chemistry with Liu Yi Fei and Wei Qian. With Liu Yi Fei, they seemed like siblings. With Wu Qian, they looked like a couple who loved to tease each other.

Speaking of chemistry, the one with the best chemistry with his co-stars is Liu Yi Fei. Rose’s lovers were played by famous actors known for their strong acting skills. Liu Yi Fei was able to show natural acting and different kinds of closeness to each of them.

When she was with Peng Guang Ying, I could see the explosive emotions and the raging hormones. Their intimate scene made me blush. When Liu Yi Fei was with Lin Geng Xin, they looked like a loving couple.

Liu Yi Fei successfully showed Rose’s inner struggles. It seemed like I could see Rose’s light dimming by the minute. But when Liu Yi Fei was with Fu Jia Ming, Rose’s light reignited. Their relationship is explosive, but this time everything was done carefully because they cherished each other so much.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review - poster 4

I felt a burst of sweetness in my heart as I watched them dance. Unfortunately, I did not feel too much chemistry between Lin Yi and Liu Yi Fei, probably because the time He Xi and Rose spent together was not much.

Dear director, why did you give them fewer scenes compared to the others? Lin Yi looks very good in his uniform…😥

Dear readers, for the first time in my life as a Cdramaland wanderer, I was disappointed with Ling Geng Xin’s character. Fang Xie Wen’s character has insecurity complex since he first appeared. Outwardly, he looked nice and gentle. But in reality, Fang Xie Wen is a conniving person.

In The Legend of Shen Li, Ling Geng Xin’s character, Xing Zhi, also had a manipulative side. However, as the story progresses, you still fall in love with his characters. But when it comes to Fang Xie Wen, you only see the red flag at first.

As time goes by, it does not fade or disappear. Instead, the flag gets bigger. Fang Xie Wen is not the kind of husband who beats his wife, but the way he oppresses Rose is despicable.

The fact that I hated Fang Xie Wen to the core from when he first appeared until his last scene proved that Ling Geng Xin deserves his throne in Cdramaland. He did a good job as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Amazing! 😍

My love for dimples came back in this drama, thanks to Zhu Zhu who plays Tina, Rose’s boss at the art gallery. Her dimples are mesmerizing. When combined with red lips and excellent fashion, Zhu Zhu is on par with Liu Yi Fei in terms of beauty.

The Tale of Rose Drama Story

The main story of The Tale of Rose is about Rose’s life after college to the present time when she was 40 years old. This is the period when she met many people, fell in love and out of love, found her passion, and returned to her career.

The Huang siblings grew up in a very good family. They have modern and open-minded parents. Mr and Mrs. Huang are university professors. They raise their children to be independent with a broad vision but still humble and kind-hearted. Therefore, the Huang siblings grew up to be warm people. They shine brightly like a star without burning everyone or everything around them.

Chinese dramas rarely feature good parents. Some were good examples, but many were bad. Mr. and Mrs. Huang were different. They were wise, understanding, and open-minded.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review - poster 5

When Rose was struggling, they told her to live her life. Life is short. If she had more happy times than bad, then her life was worth it. Huang Yi Mei might have bad luck in love, but she was surrounded by people who love her.

Huang Zhen Hua and Rose are similar. They were kind. Both were smart. They reminded me of Mai Cheng Huan and Mai Cheng Zao in Best Choice Ever. Siblings’ relationship in Cdrama is always pictured as two polar opposites. Either they were very good or very bad.

I am sure those who love Cdrama would immediately think about how crazy sibling relationships were in historical dramas. 😅e Huangs are close and take care of each other. In Cdrama, siblings are either good or bad. I’m sure those who love drama would think about how crazy sibling relationships were in historical dramas.

On the contrary, Fang Xie Wen grew up in a family that favored sons over daughters. Money had always been an issue for him. This shaped him into what he is now: obsessed with money, patriarchal, possessive, and authoritarian.

Luckily, he is a good father to Fang Tai Chu. This lovely girl grew up under the care of Rose and her parents. She is a small version of Rose with a better financial condition. No, the Huangs aren’t poor, but Fang Xie Wen obviously makes more money than them…😉

Zhuang Guo Dong also came from a divorced family. For years, Zhuang Guo Dong thought his father was a loser in life because he did not do well on his career. And on the contrary, Mother Zhuang is very successful in her life.

But later, Zhuang Guo Dong found that Father Zhuang was a loving and considerate person. He was kind and sincere. Initially, he might be a loser in life, but as time goes by, Father Zhuang grows some wisdom in his mind. Therefore, although she broke up with his son, Rose still respected him and kept in touch.

One of his pearls of wisdom is that a heartbroken woman is like a broken bone. It’s excruciating at first, but once it healed, she will act like nothing happened. Meanwhile, a heartbroken man is like having a rhinitis allergy. It flares up every season. It won’t kill you but torture you for life.

Interesting opinion isn’t it?😁😁

Huang Zhen Hua is a good older brother. He might look a little naïve, but he is warm. He might do something stupid sometimes. Yet, you would always forgive him because there were too many kindnesses in him compared to his foolishness. He is a perfect match for Su Geng Sheng who was engulfed in pain and trauma.

Huang Zhen Hua is a good older brother. He might look a little naïve, but he is warm. He might do something stupid sometimes. Yet, you would always forgive him because there were too many kindnesses in him compared to his foolishness. He is a perfect match for Su Geng Sheng who was engulfed in pain and trauma.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review - poster 6

Just like Rose, Huang Zhen Hua also has a unique way of thinking. There was a scene when he wanted to punish Su Geng Sheng for hiding something from him. He asked her to run a full marathon with him, which meant they would run a full 42 km. Su Geng Sheng thought it was a farewell ceremony, so she agreed. In the end, Su Geng Sheng looked tired, but Huang Zhen Hua looked like he was half dead. 😂

Su Geng Sheng is older than Rose. Whenever I saw them together, I always thought that they were like James Kirk and Spock. One was charming, carefree, and determined. The other was logical, systematic, and always suppressing her emotions. 😂

Although it was only a short time, I feel that the moment when Rose falls in love with Zhuang Guo Dong is the most thrilling. It was bold and exciting. Their relationship looked like fireworks.

When it lit up the sky, we all look at it and admire it. Fireworks are colorful, grand, and beautiful. But it didn’t last long. When it ended, the sky looked empty like a bottomless pit.

On the contrary, Rose’s relationship with Fu Jia Ming is the most impactful romance in her life. And sadly, it also lasts for a short time. I believe that Fu Jia Ming is her true love. Rose said that the best way to remember someone is to live like them. And she did just that. After experiencing the loss and the grief, Rose tried to live her life to the fullest.

Fu Jia Ming is a talented musician. He is a carefree soul who loves life. He has a creative mind and sees things differently. From his presence, Fang Tai Chu learned that everybody was afraid of death. Therefore, we need to live well, be with the people we love, and do things we love. Then, we would not be afraid anymore.

The Tale of Rose ended with an open ending. But personally, I feel that it was a good ending for Rose. I would write the details of the ending in a separate post of The Tale of Rose Ending Explained. Don’t forget to drop by, dear readers!

The Characters

Huang Yi Mei / Rose

Huang Yi Mei’s name represents her father’s hope. Mr. Huang wished that her daughter would be an independent person who did not need anyone or any environment to rely on. And throughout her life, Rose (played by Liu Yi Fei) did not disappoint her father.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review - Huang Yi Mei / Rose (played by Liu Yi Fei)
The Tale of Rose Drama Review – Huang Yi Mei / Rose (played by Liu Yi Fei)

Rose is a very intelligent person. Because she grew up in a scholarly family, studying has been more than a habit. She describes it as her comfort zone. Seeing her enjoying studying so much made me wish to go back to my college years.

Rose is carefree and optimistic. She is a determined person who never gives up on anything, especially for herself. Rose is also a nice and considerate person. She could be described as a person with high intellectual and emotional intelligence.

Since the first time she entered the art gallery, Su Geng Sheng and Tina were already impressed by how smart and sensible Rose was. Her quick thinking has helped her and the people around her many times. Rose loves to work. Not only for the money but she needed work as a way to express herself.

Huang Zhen Hua

Rose’s brother is as stubborn as a donkey. Impulsive but kind-hearted. Open-minded but childish. These are the good and bad side of Huang Zhen Hua (played by Tong Da Wei). As a brother, Huang Zhen Hua is protective of Rose. He wishes that her sister would be with someone as bright as she was. In his opinion, only Zhuang Guo Dong fits the description.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review - Huang Zhen Hua (played by Tong Da Wei)
The Tale of Rose Drama Review – Huang Zhen Hua (played by Tong Da Wei)

Huang Zhen Hua is a filial child. He took care of his parents as much as Rose. Although Huang Zhen Hua’s intelligence level is lower than Rose’s, he is still superior compared to others. The only difference from them is their perseverance and determination. Rose never stops, but Huang Zhen Hua gets lazy when he’s comfortable.

As a man, Huang Zhen Hua loves a quiet and gentle woman. That’s what makes him fall for Bai Xiao He. Unfortunately, they met at the wrong time and his love was rejected. Su Geng Sheng is the opposite of quiet and gentle, therefore Huang Zhen Hua is confused about his feelings for her.

Su Geng Sheng 

Su Geng Sheng (played by Wan Qian) has a painful past. She was born into an improvished family. After her father died, her mother remarried and had a son. Su Geng Sheng’s peaceful days ended abruptly because of her stepfather.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review - Su Geng Sheng (played by Wan Qian)
The Tale of Rose Drama Review – Su Geng Sheng (played by Wan Qian)

Su Geng Sheng felt that her family is a shackle that binds her. She wanted to run away from them but she couldn’t. Her mother always demanded money from her, regardless of her condition. Her stepfather is a useless man who only knows how to spend money but is too lazy to earn it. Meanwhile, her younger brother is a timid and quiet person. Su Geng Sheng’s mother and brother have to put up with her stepfather’s violent behavior.

Growing up in a harsh environment made Su Geng Sheng realize that she could only rely on herself. Su Geng Sheng did not want much for her life. She just wanted a house that provided her with security.

Zhuang Guo Dong / Eric 

Zhuang Guo Dong (played by Peng Guan Ying) also came from a divorced family. His mother lived in France while his father stayed in China. Zhuang Guo Dong’s parents are the polar opposite. His mother is ambitious, while his father enjoys a leisurely life.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review - Zhuang Guo Dong / Eric (played by Peng Guan Ying)
The Tale of Rose Drama Review – Zhuang Guo Dong / Eric (played by Peng Guan Ying)

Zhuang Guo Dong didn’t like his father’s life and looked up to his mother. Therefore, he grew up as an ambitious, self-centered, and selfish person.

For Zhuang Guo Dong, nothing is more important than his career. He was not willing to compromise with others, including Rose. When she asked for a breakup, Zhuang Guo Dong still thought that Rose wanted him to give up his career for her. However, years later, he still thought about her.

Fang Xie Wen

Fang Xie Wen (played by Lin Geng Xin) is a conservative and patriarchal man. He’s manipulative and narrow-minded. His insecurity caused trouble for Huang Yi Mei and himself. He could not stop comparing himself to Zhuang Guo Dong. Even his hatred towards Zhuang Guo Dong also affected his work.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review - Fang Xie Wen (played by Lin Geng Xin)
The Tale of Rose Drama Review – Fang Xie Wen (played by Lin Geng Xin)

Fang Xie Wen refused to hire a potential employee because the man reminded him of Zhuang Guo Dong, he went to a foreign university and spoke English fluently.

Growing up in a small town and in an impoverished household, Fang Xie Wen was determined to live a better life. Fortunately, he was born as a smart person. However, due to his insecurity complex, Fang Xie Wen turned out to be a conniving person. He never showed an angry face or hit Rose. He rarely raises his voice towards her as well. But Fang Xie Wen would do anything to sabotage Rose’s life.

Fang Xie Wen grew up under his mother’s care who believed that a wife should not be too pretty. Otherwise, she will be too proud to stay at home. Mrs. Fang also believed that sons were better than daughters. She hated Rose and her daughter, but Mrs. Fang was willing to stay in Shanghai because Fang Xie Wen paid her with a large amount of money.

Her dislike of Fang Tai Chu could be seen when she said to Fang Xie Wen, “That’s just a daughter. You don’t need to raise her so lavishly.” 🤬🤬🤬

Fu Jia Ming

Fu Jia Ming (played by Wallace Huo) knew his life might be ended anytime, so he tried to live his life to its fullest. However, although he looked like someone who was brave to fight fate, Fu Jia Ming had long resigned to it. He did not want to fall in love because Fu Jia Ming thought that due to his body condition, it would be unfair to the woman.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review - Fu Jia Ming (played by Wallace Huo)
The Tale of Rose Drama Review – Fu Jia Ming (played by Wallace Huo)

However, his curiosity was piqued when he saw Rose’s sketch and her story with Zhou Shi Hui. Fu Jia Ming is a kind and warm person. He is bold and creative. Fu Jia Ming could understand Rose and her sense of art because they could speak the same language. Unlike Zhuang Guo Dong and Fang Xie Wen, Fu Jia Ming called Rose by her real name, Huang Yi Mei.

He Xi

He Xi (played by Lin Yi) works as flight instructor. He still young in the age of 24 years old. Rose and Fang Tai Chu met him at the first time when Fang Tai Chu wanted to try a flying experience like her friend. He Xi is a smart and kind person. He is a hard-working person because he had a dream to be a commercial pilot.

The Tale of Rose Drama Review - He Xi (played by Lin Yi)
The Tale of Rose Drama Review – He Xi (played by Lin Yi)

The Conclusion

Dear readers, if you are a romance junkie like me. Don’t miss this The Tale of Rose drama! The story is well written, engaging, and the acting is great. Although it was heart wrenching, Rose’s life would inspire you in any way possible. For me, it’s her passion for studying. I have never heard anybody said that study is not a challenge because for Rose, study is her comfort zone and it’s a form of freedom.

If you decide to watch this drama, be sure to clear out your schedule. This 38 episode drama is good for your daily dose of entertainment. However, do not blame me when you could not stop even though you had been watching this drama for six episodes in one swoop.

I hope you will enjoy this The Tale of Rose drama as much as I did, dear readers, and this review find you helpful. Don’t forget to share your opinion about this marvellous drama with me on the comment below. I would love to hear it from you. Lastly, thank you for stopping by, I’ll see you in my next drama review. Goodbye!

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"The story of The Tale of Rose drama is well written, engaging, and the acting is great."The Tale of Rose Drama Review
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