Ending ExplainedBest Choice Ever Ending Explained

Best Choice Ever Ending Explained

Dear readers, have you started watching Best Choice Ever drama? It’s still on the top of WeTV’s hot list in my region. The story ended sweetly and I cried a bucket of tears. I also like the ending song. It was sung by Yang Zi and He Sai Fei. It’s a touching song about a mother and daughter. Before I start talking about this song, let’s get to the best parts. This is the ending explained for Best Choice Ever. Enjoy!

Best Choice Ever Drama Ending Explained

What Happened to Mai Cheng Huan and Yao Zhi Ming?

Yao Zhi Ming’s father came to visit the house. Everyone was shocked, especially Mai Cheng Huan, who knew the story about him. Yao Zhi Ming tried to drive Yao Ren Fu away, but he refused. So, he went to Xing’anli. Mai Cheng Huan gave Yao Ren Fu a room to stay and treated him with respect.

Best Choice Ever Ending Explained - What Happened to Mai Cheng Huan and Yao Zhi Ming
Best Choice Ever Ending Explained – What Happened to Mai Cheng Huan and Yao Zhi Ming?

Zhang Pei Sheng went to see Yao Ren Fu and offered him money. In return, Yao Ren Fu agreed to help her take over the hotel from Mai Cheng Huan. The first thing he did was to provoke Liu Wan Yu by telling her about Yao Zhi Ming and Mai Cheng Huan’s relationship.

Liu Wan Yu got angry and went to Botticelli to confront Yao Zhi Ming. Instead of driving them apart, Liu Wan Yu suddenly realized that Yao Zhi Ming was a good choice to be Mai Cheng Huan’s husband. Yao Zhi Ming was willing to live with Mai Cheng Huan’s family after they got married. He also has long regarded Liu Wan Yu as his family.

As he spent more time with Mai Cheng Huan, Yao Ren Fu realized that she was a good girl. When Yao Ren Fu wanted to show Yao Zhi Ming that he had changed, Mai Cheng Huan came up with a clever idea. She arranged a wine and tobacco-tasting event at Xing’anli and asked Yao Ren Fu to be the host.

Yao Ren Fu was happy because he finally had something useful to do. But the happiness did not last for long for Yao Ren Fu. Zhang Pei Sheng’s assistant came to ask for a favor. He asked Yao Ren Fu to steal a Xing’anli worker card for a Tourism Festival event. They planned to sabotage the event. Yao Ren Fu hesitated, but Zhang Pei Sheng’s assistant threatened him.

Yao Ren Fu had no other choice but to steal the card. However, Yao Ren Fu changed the lanyard color before he gave the card to Zhang Pei Sheng’s assistant.

On the day of the event, there was a short circuit at the hotel. Xing’anli was in chaos. Yao Ren Fu told Mai Cheng Huan that someone was sabotaging her hotel. He said she could find the person who wore a different color lanyard.

To delay the guests, Mai Cheng Huan asked Yao Ren Fu to host the tasting event to entertain the guests. Everything went smoothly, and Yao Ren Fu was glad he could help. Mai Cheng Huan reported Zhang Pei Sheng to the police, and she was arrested.

However, Yao Zhi Ming learned about the sabotage and went to Yao Ren Fu’s room in anger. He said many hurtful words to his father. Yao Ren Fu was sad and decided to leave the hotel. Mai Cheng Huan calmed Yao Zhi Ming down. She told Yao Zhi Ming that Yao Ren Fu has changed. He had paid for everything he did in the past. Mai Cheng Huan’s words about his father moved Yao Zhi Ming’s heart. He no longer felt angry at him.

But when they went to his room, Yao Ren Fu was gone.
Yao Zhi Ming called Yao Ren Fu, but he did not answer. Only after Mai Cheng Huan called him, Yao Ren Fu answered the call. When Yao Zhi Ming told him to come back, Yao Ren Fu was finally relieved. But when he crossed the road, Yao Ren Fu was hit by a car and died.

Yao Zhi Ming never thought Yao Ren Fu’s death would affect him. He shut himself in Yao Ren Fu’s room and refused to meet anyone. After Liu Wan Yu and Mai Lai Tian came, Yao Zhi Ming agreed to leave the room and returned home. Liu Wan Yu cooked him a bowl of noodles because it was his birthday. Yao Zhi Ming ate the noodles with tears streaming down his face.

Mai Cheng Huan got good news after all the sad things. Xing’anli was rated as one of the top ten featured hotels. Yao Zhi Ming also got a promotion to be the president of the East China region for the Yueda Group.

When Liu Wan Yu left, Mai Cheng Huan was worried sick. She chases her mother to Anhui and finds Liu Wan Yu in the old house in Shang Village. Mai Cheng Huan banged at her door and screamed at Liu Wan Yu, telling her to stop being a capricious and selfish person.

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Because everyone back home is very worried about her. However, Liu Wan Yu told Mai Cheng Huan to return to Shanghai because she wanted to have a space for herself. Unwilling to back down, Mai Cheng Huan decided to stay in the village with her mother.

During their stay, Mai Cheng Huan and Yao Zhi Ming explored the area around Anhui and asked Liu Wan Yu to show them the surroundings. They met Liu Wan Yu’s childhood friends and Mai Cheng Huan learned how to make her mother’s favorite dish, Feng’s Mandarin Fish. This improved Liu Wan Yu’s mood.

From her mother’s friend, Mai Cheng Huan learned that her mother wanted to be an opera singer. When an opera school was recruiting students, Liu Wan Yu was admitted, but she didn’t have the money for tuition. Because of this, Liu Wan Yu decided to go to Shanghai.

Before they returned to Shanghai, Yao Zhi Ming told Mai Cheng Huan about his idea to open a hotel in the village. The last night in the village, Mai Cheng Huan slept on her mother’s bed. She told Liu Wan Yu that she always protected her when she was a child. Now, after she had grown up, it was Mai Cheng Huan’s turn to protect Liu Wan Yu.

What Happened to Liu Wan Yu?

Liu Wan Yu’s life is getting better. Now she lives in a big house and has money. And her daughter, Mai Cheng Huan, finally has a boyfriend. In the midst of the happiness, Liu Wan Yu’s medical check-up result came. The doctor found a shadow in her lungs. It was a tumor and it needed further examination.

Best Choice Ever Ending Explained - What Happened to Liu Wan Yu
Best Choice Ever Ending Explained – What Happened to Liu Wan Yu?

But Liu Wan Yu was already downhearted. She was afraid her family knew about her sickness. So, she pretended everything was okay. Liu Wan Yu still went on holiday with Mai Lai Tian but stopped midway. When she returned home, she caught Mai Cheng Huan and Mao Yong Xin holding hands. They tried to explain to her, but Liu Wan Yu already felt numb. She just wished them good luck for the trial before she went to her room.

After some thought, Liu Wan Yu decided to leave the house. She didn’t want to be a burden to her family, especially when she was sick. She cooked a sumptuous dinner for them, but she wasn’t there. The Mais were frantically looking for her, but they couldn’t find her anywhere. Yao Zhi Ming found out that Liu Wan Yu left her keys and had taken their family picture with her.

The family was confused until they received Liu Wan Yu’s letter. She wrote that she was sick and in her final moments, Liu Wan Yu wanted peace and a quiet time. Mai Lai Tian was the most shocked. He blamed himself for not knowing about Liu Wan Yu’s condition.

With He Dong’s help, Yao Zhi Ming found out that Liu Wan Yu returned to her mother’s house in Shang Village, Anhui. Yao Zhi Ming and Mai Cheng Huan drove all night to go after her. While Mai Lai Tian, Mai Cheng Zao, and Mao Yong Xin stayed in Shanghai to find out about Liu Wan Yu’s health.

Mai Cheng Huan and Yao Zhi Ming arrived early in the morning. Liu Wan Yu was surprised to see them and told her daughter to go back to Shanghai. Mai Cheng Huan refused and stayed.

Later, Mai Lai Tian and Mai Cheng Zao also arrived at the village. The usually calm and wise Mai Lai Tian was furious and yelled at Liu Wan Yu. He even threatened to divorce Liu Wan Yu if she refused to go back to Shanghai. They went into a deadlock because Liu Wan Yu chose to divorce, even though she was reluctant.

However, with Mai Lai Tian beside her, Liu Wan Yu could release her emotions. She told Mai Lai Tian that if she could get better, she would change her fiery temper. But she also worried that she would not make it. Because of the sickness, Liu Wan Yu has lost all her will to live. She no longer wears makeup and her clothes were plain.

Mai Lai Tian and Mai Cheng Huan decided that they had a week to persuade Liu Wan Yu to return. And if it was not working, they would take her back, no matter what. Mai Cheng Huan and Yao Zhi Ming spent a week in the village. They tried to cheer Liu Wan Yu up.

Mai Cheng Huan asked Liu Wan Yu to show her the surroundings. When they arrived at an empty village stage, Liu Wan Yu cried. this is the place where she used to perform as an opera singer. being an opera singer is another unfulfilled dream of Liu Wan Yu.

With Yao Zhi Ming’s money and power to find an opera troupe, Liu Wan Yu got to sing on stage once again. Many villagers watched, including old friends who remembered her golden voice. The chance to perform again improved her mood and Liu Wan Yu was no longer downhearted.

On the last night in the village, Liu Wan Yu shares a bed with her daughter, Mai Cheng Huan. Liu Wan Yu’s heart moved when Mai Cheng Huan told her that she would protect her mother just like Liu Wan Yu used to do when Mai Cheng Huan was young.

What Happened to Mai Cheng Zao and Mao Yong Xin?

Mao Yong Xin’s ex-husband Song Huai Min restricted her from contacting Ding Ding. So, Mao Yong Xin decided that she would file a lawsuit to fight for Ding Ding’s custody. However, this might be an arduous road for her. Mao Yong Xin told Mai Cheng Zao that she gave him another choice for their relationship. If it was too hard for him, Mao Yong Xin was willing to let him go.

Best Choice Ever Ending Explained - What Happened to Mai Cheng Zao and Mao Yong Xin
Best Choice Ever Ending Explained – What Happened to Mai Cheng Zao and Mao Yong Xin?

However, Mai Cheng Zao’s heart is already fixated on her. He decided that he would be Mao Yong Xin’s lawyer. They will face everything together. Mao Yong Xin’s heart was moved after she heard his words. Although Mao Yong Xin gave Mao Cheng Zao a chance to choose, she was afraid that Mai Cheng Zao would leave her.

Song Huai Ming lost the first trial, so he set a trap for Mao Yong Xin. He beat Ding Ding to angered Mao Yong Xin. He wanted to make Mao Yong Xin lose her temper and beat him. And for that, Song Huai Ming already prepared a surveillance camera in his house to record it. However, with the Mai siblings’ help, Mao Yong Xin managed to dodge it.

The night before the trial, Liu Wan Yu caught Mai Cheng Zao and Mao Yong Xin holding hands. Mai Cheng Zao tried to explain everything to her mother in the smoothest way possible. However, Liu Wan Yu’s reaction is not like they expected it to be. Calmly she wished good luck for the trial and also said that it would be reassuring to have the child near them. After that, Liu Wan Yu went to her room. The calm reception confused the whole family.

Mao Yong Xin won Ding Ding’s custody. Now the three of them could stay together. Song Huai Ming watched them with a sour face. He told Mao Yong Xin that she better come alone when visiting.

Did I smell jealousy? Serves you right, Mister!

When they were in the village, Mai Cheng Zao could not stay for long because he had work to do. Liu Wan Yu used the chance to talk to him personally. She told Mai Cheng Zao that he was a blessing to their family.

However, back then, Liu Wan Yu and Mai Lai Tian could not afford to take care of two children so he was sent to their grandmother. All these years, Liu Wan Yu had been ridden with guilt about the past. She sincerely apologized to Mai Cheng Zao. With teary eyes, Mai Cheng Zao answered that he no longer cared about the past. He just wants his parents to be healthy and happy.


A year later, Mai Cheng Huan, Yao Zhi Ming, Mai Cheng Hao, and Mao Yong Xin were waiting anxiously outside the doctor’s room. Later, Liu Wan Yu and Mai Lai Tian walked out of the room bringing the happy news that she was free from the tumour.

Mai Cheng Zao and Mao Yong Xin were married and Liu Wan Yu had been urging them to have a baby.

On the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mai family returned to Shang Village. They attending a launching ceremony of the new hotel. This is the hotel that Yao Zhi Ming mentioned before they left the village. It’s a joint hotel project between Yueda Group and Xing’anli.

Best Choice Ever Ending Explained - Epilogue 2

Meanwhile, Liu Wan Yu now enjoying her life as a lead singer in the senior theatre troupe. And she still urging Mai Cheng Huan to get married to Yao Zhi Ming.

My Two Cents

Dear readers, I thought I would be disappointed because the ending of this Best Choice Ever drama is about Liu Wan Yu instead of Yao Zhi Ming and Mai Cheng Huan. However, as I watched it, I felt like this was the best ending for this drama (you can read this drama review at Best Choice Ever drama review post). We get to see the different side of Liu Wan Yu that even her husband and children didn’t know.

The last conversation between Mai Cheng Huan and Liu Wan Yu touch my soul. Mai Cheng Huan told her mother that she wanted her to tear off the label of a mom and be herself. As a mother myself, stopping being a mother seemed impossible. Even when you were at work, you would think about your children.

It is hard to be a mother and harder to be yourself after you become a mother. It was such a delight to see Liu Wan Yu finally become something she always dreamt of.

So, for all mothers in the world. Don’t forget yourself and your dream. Because one day it might come true. And just like Michelle Yeoh used to say in her Oscar speech, “Ladies, don’t let anybody tell you, you are ever past your prime. Never give up.” Jiayou, ladies!!

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