Ending ExplainedLost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained

Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained

Dear readers… Lost You Forever was one of my favorite dramas recently. Its beautiful visual and complicated story caught my attention and now I could not get the story out of my head. And if you needed some enlightenment of the first season’s ending, here comes the Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained post. Happy reading!

What Happened to Xiao Yao / Wen Xiao Liu?

After being in a coma for 37 years, Xiao Yao woke up. She was waiting for Xiang Liu to come, but he never showed up. Instead, his mount came to pick her up. Xiao Yao was sad and shed tears on the bed. Never realized that Xiang Liu was staring at her quietly.

Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained - What Happened to Xiao Yao / Wen Xiao Liu
Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained – What Happened to Xiao Yao / Wen Xiao Liu?

Xiao Yao returned to Chenrong’s mansion to take care of Tushan Jing. She told everybody that she had a way to cure him. Chishui Feng Long and Chenrong Xinyue believed her because they knew she had a medical ability. By daytime Xiao Yao would stay at his side and when the night came, she would snuck into this bedroom.

Tushan Jing’s servants pretended that they did not know her actions and tried to hide as best as they could. With Xiao Yao’s blood, Tushan Jing’s condition improved and he woke up on a bright and sunny day.

After Tushan Jing asked for Cang Xuan’s permission to be with Xiao Yao, Cang Xuan reminded her that the Grand Madame of the Tushan family was hard to deal with. It would not be easy for Xiao Yao’s future. She responded that the future would depend on Tushan Jing’s news.

Cang Xuan said that Tushan Jing might not be the most suitable person for her. But Xiao Yao said that Tushan Jing would be the only one who would not abandon her. Cang Xuan’s heart ached.

After Xiao Yao’s visit to the underground arena, Tushan Jing asked whether she would leave him. Xiao Yao told him that she had planned it that way. But after he saw the young man that she saved from the arena, she changed her mind.

There was always hope for both of them and she did not want to give up easily. Their relationship went smoothly since all of their friends knew about them, including Chishui Feng Long who finally let go of his feelings for Xiao Yao after a fight with Tushan Jing.

Xiao Yao decided to return to Haoling to meet his father and find a remedy for Tushan Jing’s grandmother. Xiao Yao brought a bow that needed to be tamed by the blood of Xiang Liu. She did not know that the bow was made especially for her. It was not a hard task to ask for Xiang Liu’s blood. He gave it to her after she managed to shoot the bird created by him.

Xiao Yao went to Qingqiu Hall to cure Grand Madam of the Tushan family. But she returned to Zijin Palace brokenhearted after she found out that Fangfeng Yiying was pregnant with Tushan Jing’s child. They broke up that day. Xiao Yao collapsed after she vomited blood. Once again she was abandoned by someone she loved.

Xiao Yao met Tushan Jing at Cang Xuan’s wedding. Suddenly she felt the poisonous bug activated. Tushan Jing helped her to alleviate the pain. Xiao Yao maintained a cold expression and left him. She went out after she met Xiang Liu who dressed as Fangfeng Bei. They went into the sea. Because Xiang Liu saved her by performing a blood curse, she had his blood in her body. It made Xiao Yao able to breathe and speak under the water.

When the King of Xiyan summoned Cang Xuan, Xiao Yao followed suit and they managed to dodge the accusation and murder trap from Xiyan Deyan. After that, she and Cang Xuan joined Tushan Jing and Chishui Feng Long in a short meeting outside Zezhou. She treats Tushan Jing indifferently.

But after the return home, Xiao Yao told Cang Xuan that she felt happy because Tushan Jing seemed upset. If he treated her indifferently, Xiao Yao would be sad.

A few days later, Chenrong Xinyue invited Xiao Yao to Chenrong Mansion. But when she got there, it was Chishui Feng Long who was waiting for her. He proposed to her. Chishui Feng Long told her that he already asked Tushan Jing about it and he did not object.

Xiao Yao felt upset when she heard that. She asked why he wanted to marry her. Chishui Feng Long explained that he wanted to help Cang Xuan. But he had to be the leader of his clan if he wanted to mobilize it. Marrying Xiao Yao was the fastest way due to her prestige as the Grand Princess of Haoling. Chishui also promised that if she married him, he would never have another woman in his life.

Xiao Yao told Cang Xuan that she would marry Chishui Feng Long. He stiffened and asked whether she wanted to marry him. Xiao Yao answered that she was willing. There weren’t many good men like him in Central Plains.

On the King of Xiyan’s ceremony day, Xiao Yao had prepared to shoot Xiyan Deyan if the King announced him as the next king. But everybody was surprised when the King announced that he had abdicated the throne and decided on Cang Xuan as the new king.

Xiao Yao rushed to accompany her grandfather left the palace. They spoke on the way down. Her grandfather already knew about Cang Xuan’s secret troop. If Cang Xuan decided to launch a coup, he believed that Cang Xuan would be like him, a good and decisive king. But Cang Xuan did not do it and it showed that Cang Xuan was kinder than him and he hoped the county would be peaceful under his reign. The grandfather and granddaughter left the palace laughed and chatted in harmony.

What Happened to Cang Xuan?

Cang Xuan was disappointed because Xiao Yao chose to return to Chenrong Mansion first after she woke up. When he went there, he saw her sleeping by the side of Tushan Jing’s bed. He stared at her intently, but when she opened her eyes, Cang Xuan pretended to be angry.

Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained - What Happened to Cang Xuan
Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained – What Happened to Cang Xuan?

Xiao Yao told Cang Xuan that Xiang Liu went to such a great length to save her. He responded by saying Xiang Liu save her but he asked him for a peak of Chenrong Mountain. Xiao Yao was taken aback. Then she slowly realized that Xiang Liu never did anything without any purpose.

Cang Xuan finally could relax after Tushan Jing woke up. He desperately needed money for his private troops. Between him, Chishui Feng Long, and Tushan Jing. The one with extraordinary talent for earning money was Tushan Jing. He and Chishui Feng Long were the spenders.

Cang Xuan felt emotion well up in his chest after Tushan Jing asked his permission to be with Xiao Yao. And when Cang Xuan saw how gently she was to Tushan Jing, he felt his heart ached and his hand unconsciously curled up into a fist.

Cang Xuan’s uncles planned to destroy the Daming Hall that Cang Xuan built. They wanted it to become a problem that Cang Xuan could not shake and would lead to his doom. Meanwhile, Cang Xuan gained another supporter from the Lirong clan thanks to Tushan Jing.

Just like what his uncles planned, The Daming Hall collapsed on the ceremony day. The uncles reported to the King of Xiyan about the rumor that Cang Xuan embezzled the money. They wanted to send a commissar to look into the matter. The King agreed.

Meanwhile, the King of Haoling decided not to help Cang Xuan. The problem with Daming Hall was something that he needed to resolve by himself. The King of Haoling would help him boost his momentum when the time was right. And again, Cang Xuan must experienced his residence getting raided. They looking for embezzlement evidence from him.

Cang Xuan sent his trusted subordinates to find the truth behind Chi Chen’s daughter’s rumor. Xiao Xiao went to Baili and found out Chi Chen really had a wife, but the locals were highly alert and refused to tell. There was no picture of his wife but she went to the Xiling witch. Lao Sang was tasked to deliver a secret letter to General Yinlong in Xiyan Town.

When the reply arrived Cang Xuan was shocked by the content of the letter. It said that Xiao Yao’s mother had admitted in front of the soldiers that she had affection for Chi Chen. Cang Xuan toughened up his mind and determined to stay at Central Plains for the sake of Xiao Yao.

Cang Xuan refused to attend Tushan Jing’s wedding for Xiao Yao’s sake after they broke up. Meanwhile, Yue Liang went to check on the tomb of the King of Chenrong, because he got news that Cang Xuan hid his secret troop there. But when they entered the cave, they did not find the troop. Instead, they saw Chishui Feng Long’s secret altar for his grandfather, King Chenrong Yanzhuan. The clan leaders demanded an explanation from Yue Liang and the King of Xiyan.

Xiao Yao planned to go to Xiyan Kingdom to plead for Cang Xuan, But he already planned to marry the daughter of Shen clan as his way out. Ah Nian stared at Cang Xuan in disbelief and left in a huff.

In front of the clan leaders, the King of Xiyan sent an edict for Cang Xuan. He was ordered to build Damian Hall and would be severely punished if it failed again. Cang Xuan was also granted a wedding with Shen Shuhui. Meanwhile, Yue Liang was told to apologize to the clan leaders and return to Xiyan. But it was not over because the King of Haoliang also granted Cang Xuan with gifts and money to express his gratitude.

Cang Yuan did not feel happy about the wedding. He asked Xiao Yao to not congratulate him on the wedding. He felt his heart was broken when he looked at Xiao Yao. The next day, Xiao Yao went to his room to apologize because she left his wedding. The siblings drink until they get drunk. They also talked about the past and the future.

Xiao Yao asked Cang Xuan to find her a man who could promise not to marry another woman except her. Cang Xuan could not hide his sad expression, but Xiao Yao was too occupied to see it.

The King of Xiyan decided to visit Central Plains and met the clan leaders, accompanied by Xiyan Deyan. However, he refused to meet Cang Xuan and did not invite him to his banquet. The King of Xiyan sensed that something might happened and asked Ru Shou to pick Xiao Yao and Ah Nian back to Haoling.

Somebody tried to assassinate The King of Xiyan and all of the evidence pointed at Cang Xuan. The King summoned Cang Xuan to Zhezhou. Secretly Xiyan Deyan hired Fangfeng Bei to kill Cang Xuan and prepared a group of soldiers to kill Cang Xuan.

Xiao Yao insisted on following Cang Xuan to Zhezhou. They were ready to face their uncle. in front of the ministers, The King asked Xiyan Deyan and Cang Xuan about how they would treat the Central Plains clans. Xiyan Deyan said that they should be wary of the clans and rely on the old clans of Xiyan.

While Cang Xuan said that he would treat the Central Plains clans as Xiyan’s citizens. The King also asked Cang Xuan whether he only built a palace on Chenrong Mountain. Cang Xuan answered that he only did what a prince should do. The King stared at him intently and told him to go back.

At the same time, Chishui Feng Long and Tushan Jing decided to go to Zezhou as well after they heard that Xiao Yao left with Cang Xuan. They overheard the conversation inside the King’s hall and were surprised to hear Cang Xuan and Xiao Yao’s boldness.

On the way back, Cang Xuan and Xiao Yao must deal with Xiyan Deyan’s soldiers. Xiao Yao took out her bow and arrows. She only killed a few soldiers because her spirit power was limited. But she managed to make Fangfeng Bei cease his intention to kill Cang Xuan.

Fangfeng Bei smiled at her and said that she had outperformed the master. Cang Xuan and Xiao Yao managed to leave the palace and at the same time set a trap for Xiyan Deyan.

The King of Xiyan ordered Xiyan Deyan to arrange a worshiping ceremony. In front of the clan leaders, the King said that he would announce something important on that day. Everybody thought the King would choose Xiyan Deyan as his crown prince after he ordered Xiyan Deyan to arrange the ceremony.

For that reason, Xiyan Deyan kicked Cang Xuan out of Zijin Peak. Cang Xuan followed the arrangement and moved to a simple house on a mountain. Shen Sutong visited him and told him that the clans in Central Plains had sided with Xiyan Deyan, except for his Shen family.

Cang Xuan was brokenhearted when he heard that Xiao Yao had decided to marry Chishui Feng Long. He was not the only one. Tushan Jing and Xiang Liu also felt the same.

Cang Xuan decided that he would not take action against Xiyan Deyan before the ceremony. However, he drugged Xiao Yao to sleep so she would not take part in his coup. He said that his Ruoshui clan would be under her command and would protect her.

But Cang Xuan did not realize that Xiao Yao had already taken action against his plan. She pretended to sleep but secretly joined the ceremony disguised as a soldier. She had prepared to kill Xiyan Deyan if the King announced him as the crown prince.

But nobody could guess the King’s mind. In front of the important people who came to the ceremony, he announced Cang Xuan as the King while he abdicated the throne. Xiyan Deyan could only watch his father take off his crown and put it on Cang Xuan’s head.

What Happened to Tushan Jing / Ye Shiqi?

Following Xiao Yao’s death, Tushan Jing tried to commit suicide but failed. He was in a coma for years. after 37 years, his condition worsened. Tushan Jing’s servants believed that only if Xiao Yao woke up, their master would be saved.

Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained - What Happened to Tushan Jing / Ye Shiqi
Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained – What Happened to Tushan Jing / Ye Shiqi?

When Xiao Yao came, she was taken aback when she saw his condition. She put a few drops of her blood into the medicine and fed him mouth-to-mouth. Tushan Jing seemed to sense that she was back. He no longer refused to drink the medicine and his will for life grew stronger.

On a sunny day, Xiao Yao took Tushan Jing to a pavilion. She brushed his hair gently, while the little fox teased her. Jing Ye came to deliver Tushan Jing’s medicine, but she dropped it with a loud clang. Xiao Yao stared at her in confusion.

But when she followed Jing Ye’s line of sight, the brush on her hand fell down. She stared blankly at Tushan Jing who stared at her back with his eyes wide open. He said that he was afraid that it was just a dream and that she would run away if he told her that he was awake. Tushan Jing woke up and hugged the girl. He said he always wanted to be her husband. To be with her openly and honorably.

But she was the Princess of Haoling and only the identity of Tushan Jing was worthy of her. So he has reluctantly given up his identity. However, after everything that happened, he only wants to be by her side and protect her. For him, her life was more important than his.

Tushan Jing asked Cang Xuan’s permission to be with Xiao Yao. Cang Xuan reminded him that as Tushan Jing, he was engaged to Fangfeng Yiying and his grandmother would not let her go easily. Tushan Jing stared at him and said he had experienced loss. So nothing else matters to him. He could give up his identity as Tushan Jing and live as Ye Shiqi who had nothing.

Cang Xuan stared at him and responded that it would depend on Xiao Yao herself. But then Xiao Yao entered the room and said when she saved him, Tushan Jing had nothing and it didn’t matter if he back to nothing.

Grand Madam of the Tushan family was furious when she heard that Tushan Jing wanted to cancel the engagement again. She decided to hold a grand ceremony to announce that Tushan Jing would be head of the Tushan clan. Tushan Hou was shocked and refused. Tushan Jing also refused the idea. But their grandmother insisted.

Three days later, the ceremony was held. Many important people came, including Xiao Yao and Fangfeng Bei. An auspicious sign in the form of a fox head and its nine tails appeared in the sky. Everybody was elated except for Tushan Hou and Fangfeng Yiying.

Tushan Jing returned to Qingqiu Hall because his grandmother was ill. Fangfeng Yiying pretended to commit suicide and made the Grand Madam angry with Tushan Jing. Because of this incident, he had to stay in her room and take care of her.

This Tushan Jing really made me speechless… Can I stop writing about him? I want to smack his head with a log.

Just like I predicted, Tushan Jing falls into his Grandmother and Fangfeng Yiying’s (and Tushan Hou’s) scheme. He woke up dazed in Fangfeng Yiying’s bed after his grandmother drugged him. Tushan Jing who was frustrated hid himself in Lirong Chen’s gambling house, getting drunk like a drunkard.

when Xiao Yao returned, Tushan Jing was torn because he could not bring himself to tell the truth. Especially when she looked excited when they met.

Xiao Yao even kissed him on the lips and hugged him affectionately. Xiao Yao also had prepared medicine for Grand Madam. It worked well and the Grand Madam was happy. But then Fangfeng Yiying pretended to be dizzy and nauseated. Xiao Yao took her pulse and found out Fangfeng Yiying was pregnant.

Everybody was happy except Tushan Jing and Xiao Yao. Tushan Jing explained everything to Xiao Yao but in the end, she gave him the fish core necklace and broke off their relationship. Tushan Jing put on Ye Shiqi’s clothes and waited for Xiao Yao at the cliff, but she never came.

Time passed by and Fangfeng Yiying gave birth to a son. Grand Madam was so happy and named him Tushan Tian. Weirdly, Tushan Hou also looked happy. The ones who stood with a bitter face were Lan Mei, Tushan Hou’s wife, and Tushan Jing.

Lan Mei said that the baby looked more like the late Lord Tushan. Not long after she held the baby, the Grand Madam passed away. During the funeral ceremony, Lan Mei whispered that she had something to tell Tushan Jing. But before she could meet him, Tushan Hou stopped her.

Tushan Jing and Chishui Feng Long went to Zezhou when the King of Xiyan summoned Cang Xuan. They went there after they heard that Xiao Yao had followed Cang Xuan. After the critical moment passed, Tushan Jing, Chishui Feng Long, Cang Xuan, and Xiao Yao sat to celebrate their success.

Tushan Jing was distracted by Xiao Yao’s indifferent manner to him. Before they left, Chishui Feng Long asked him about Xiao Yao. Tushan Jing understood his intention and said that if Xiao Yao married a nice person, he would be happy as well.

What Happened to Xiang Liu / Fangfeng Bei?

Xiang Liu taking care of Xiao Yao for years. He took her to see the moon and listened to Merpeople songs. Xiang Liu was oblivious that Xiao Yao could see and hear him. When she woke up, Xiang Liu refused to see her off. He sent his mount to take her home. Xiang Liu quietly saw her leave. Then went to her bed and saw two drops of tears that she shed earlier. Sadness was shown in his face.

Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained - What Happened to Xiang Liu / Fangfeng Bei
Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained – What Happened to Xiang Liu / Fangfeng Bei?

They met again at the Qingqiu Hall at Tushan Jing’s ceremony. Xiang Liu dressed as Fangfei Bei. He took the gloomy-looking Xiao Yao to the underground death arena. They watch the young man whom they saw in Xiyan Town 4 decades ago.

Xiang Liu said that the young man had signed a contract that if he could win consecutively for 40 years, he might free himself. And that night was his last fight. The young man was battered and tattered. Xiao Yao stared at him worriedly, when he lay on the ground motionless. She screamed at the young man and told him to get on his feet. In the end, the young man won.

Xiang Liu stared at the young man. He feels an indescribable happiness seeing him walk toward his freedom. But then Xiao Yao said that she wished that she was the one who saved Xiang Liu from the death arena instead of General Hong Jing. She would let him live a burden-free life, owning no favor or gratitude.

A truly free Fangfeng Bei. He stared at her intently, his right hand moving to the side of her face. But before it touched her, he took it back. And then he got angry. Xiang Liu said that she was not worthy. Suddenly Tushan Jing appeared and Xiao Yao took him away from there. Xiang Liu looked at them with teary eyes. There’s a hint of sadness and loneliness in his face.

Xiang Liu had prepared a bow for Xiao Yao. He pretended to refuse to buy it from the Jintian family. The master offered the bow to Xiao Yao who accepted it happily even though she would need Xiang Liu’s blood to tame the bow. She went to visit him and asked for his blood.

Xiang Liu gave his blood and congratulated Xiao Yao for mastering archery. However, it means she no longer needed him to teach her how to shoot. They parted ways at the cliff. Xiang Liu stared at her back when she left.

This Xiang Liu broke my heart. He was sincere, but he did not allow himself to get close to Xiao Yao.

Xiang Liu came to Xiao Yao as Fangfeng Bei at Cang Xuan’s wedding. He could feel her ached heart after she saw Tushan Jing. So he took her on a ride on a trip to the sea so she could forget her sorrow. they did not meet for a long time until Xiang Liu heard from Tushan Jing about Xiao Yao’s engagement to Chishui Feng Long.

What Happened to Chishui Feng Long?

After Tushan Jing woke up, Chishui Feng Long was happy. He no longer had to rack his brain to find a money source for Cang Xuan. But when they gathered, Tushan Jing told them that he planned to stay by Xiao Yao’s side forever because he loved her.

Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained - What Happened to Chishui Feng Long
Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained – What Happened to Chishui Feng Long?

Chishui Feng Long was shocked and angry. He said that Tushan Jing knew that he wanted to marry Xiao Yao but he still dared to covet her. He started to yell so Cang Xuan asked the servants to take him out. Outside, he saw Xiao Yao and Chenrong Xinyue but he just huffed and left.

Chishui Feng Long and Tushan Jing resolve their dispute over Xiao Yaou with a one-on-one duel. They trashed the hall while Xiao Yao and Chenrong Xinyue waited outside the door. However, blood is thicker than water. Chishui Feng Long and Tushan Jing were cousins who had been friends since they were a child. So after a few heart-to-heart talks, they solve everything. Xiao Yao came and treated their wounds.

Chishui Feng Long decided to try again with Xiao Yao after Tushan Jing married Fangfeng Yiying and had a child. He decided after he witnessed the boldness of Xiao Yao when she spoke for Cang Xuan in front of the King of Xiyan. He asked her to marry him a few days later.

Chishui Feng Long told Xiao Yao that his Chishui clan was the number one clan in Central Plains. Its decision would determine the decision of the other clans. However, to control the Chishui clan, he needed to be the leader, and marrying Xiao Yao was the fastest way. Xiao Yao agreed to his proposal because she would do anything to help Cang Xuan.

After they engaged, Chishui rose to be the clan leader. In front of the other clans, he vowed to be loyal and support Cang Xuan. The rest of the clan leaders followed suit.

What Happened to Ah Nian?

Ah Nian was worried when Xiao Yao was in a coma. After she woke up, she sent her a 10,000-year water chalcedony that would help Xiao Yao nourish her health. However, she pretended it was just a plaything for her pet. Ah Nian did not want to admit that she was worried about her sister. Later when Xiao Yao returned to Haoling, she rushed to the hall to see her but pretended to be aloof.

Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained - What Happened to Ah Nian
Lost You Forever (Season 1) Ending Explained – What Happened to Ah Nian?

Ah Nian followed Xiao Yao to Chenrong Mountain to avoid an arranged marriage. Xiao Yao advised her to forget Cang Xuan because he was not the right man for her. Cang Xuan did not hesitate to marry a girl out of love as long as the marriage could bring benefits. Therefore he would not be affectionate towards his wife.

Ah Nian was brokenhearted when Cang Xuan married Shen Shuhui. Xiao Yao advised her to control her temper. Cang Xuan has been indulging her for years and he would not stop indulging her in the future even if he was married to another girl. After she heard Xiao Yao’s words, Ah Nian finally opened her eyes and decided to move on. She returned to Haoling after Ru Shuo picked her up under the order of the King of Haoling.

My Two Cents

I was very curious about the ending. I hoped Xiang Liu would be the one whom Xiao Yao chose. This demon lived a lonely life and he deserved some happiness. I was tempted to read the novel but it would not make the 2nd season a surprise anymore. Dear readers, what do you think, should I read the novel?

Anyhow, I hoped this Lost You Forever (Season 1) ending explained post would be a help for you. If you want to read about this Season 1 review, you can read it on Lost You Forever (Season 1) drama review. I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained. Ciao!

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  1. The drama was very good but very sad all through to the end of season 1 I hope season2 isn’t as sad and has a happy ending can’t figure out why Jing is so kind that everyone walks all over him hope he gets a lot tougher next season and has the lovers finally have a good life I’m not into cliff hangers or sad ending I really liked this drama it was damn good so far

  2. I also ship the Xian Liu And Xiayao tandem 😁
    Tushan Jing is so stiff. He is more suitable as her bodyguard.
    as for Cang Xuan and Chishui Fen Long, there’s no spark at all. haha

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  5. Looking at Tushan Jing’s ending evaluation, it seems as of Tushan Hou is the real father of fangfeng yiyin’s baby and Lan Mei knows it which is why she was sad and wanted to tell Tushan Jing but Tushan Hou stopped her from doing so


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