Ending ExplainedBlossoms in Adversity Ending Explained

Blossoms in Adversity Ending Explained

Dear readers, I’m sorry for the long wait. I almost forgot to write this post because I was busy with the dramas Will Love in Spring and Queen of Tears. You can read more about them here, Will Love in Spring drama review and Queen of Tears drama review. So, without further ado, this is the end of the story of Gu Yan Xi and Hua Zhi in Blossoms in Adversitry drama. Enjoy the post!

Blossoms in Adversity Ending Explained

What Happened to Hua Zhi and Gu Yan Xi?

After they broke up, Hua Zhi met again with Gu Yan Xi in Jinyang City. Although they tried to hide it, Hua Zhi and Gu Yan Xi could not hide the fact that they still thought of each other.

Blossoms in Adversity Ending Explained - What Happened to Hua Zhi and Gu Yan Xi
Blossoms in Adversity Ending Explained – What Happened to Hua Zhi and Gu Yan Xi?

Because Hua Zhi offended Wealth Master Haoyue, her business deals that were originally smooth suddenly become troubled. But it did not stop her from trying to expose Haoyue’s frauds.

For years, Haoyue had been deceiving the people, especially the wealthy family. Haoyue tried every possible means to eliminate Hua Zhi. However, Hua Zhi and Gu Yan Zhi are tough opponents. Haoyue ended up arrested by Gu Yan Xi.

Mr. Zeng entrusted a locked box to Hua Zhi. He told her to keep it safe for one day and night. He said that he would take it back later. But the news that followed was Mr. Zeng’s death. Hua Zhi broke the lock and saw a ledger inside the box. it contained proof of Haoyue and the Jiang family’s crime.

The Jiang panicked when they could not find the ledger. Jiang Zeng Zhi’s father used Hua Rong to kill Gu Yan Xi. Jiang Zheng Zhi could not stand to see his beloved wife die, so he sacrificed himself. He took the bomb to the wharf and blew it in front of Gu Yan Xi. Jiang Zhang Zhi died in the explosion, but Gu Yan Xi was saved.

Hua Zhi arrived at the wharf just seconds before the explosion happened. She was shocked to see the fire burned the wharf and several people died because of the bomb. She could not find Gu Yan Xi and only found his pouch. In a panic, Hua Zhi jumped into the sea to find him. She drowned and was saved by Gu Yan Xi. He took her to a hut to hide and they reconciled as a couple.

Hua Rong could not stand the sadness of losing her husband. She resorted to suicide. Hua Zhi took her body back to the capital.

Later, the Hua family received another blow when the Emperor issued a decree that said Hua Zhi had to gather an excessive amount of funds to dredge a canal. She has to collect the money in ten days. If she refused to do this, Hua Zhi would face the death penalty.

The Hua family had to use all the money they saved to redeem their kin. But it was far from enough. Thankfully, Hua Zhi’s business partners, the employees, and the farmers were willing to donate their money and help the Hua family. Gu Yan Xi and the Empress Dowager also donate their money. Hua Qin was the last one who donate money to the Hua family.

Hua Zhi started the renovation project with the help of many people. Gu Yan Xi also participated despite the Emperor’s objection. He told Hua Zhi that after the canal was finished, he would ask the Empress Dowager to arrange their marriage. Gu Yan Xi also put the jade bangle back onto her wrist. Hua Zhi pretty much agreed to his proposal.😁😁

Hua Zhi saw that many of the children in the project area were illiterate. She started to teach them to read. In the end, the adults also joined the children and enthusiastically learned to recognize Chinese characters. When she saw the enthusiastic students, Hua Zhi promised that she would build more academies for the people of Daqing Kingdom.

The restoration project lasted for a year. On the celebration day, the Eunuch from the palace came to announce a decree for Hua Zhi to enter the Astronomy Institute as a lady astronomer. Her job is to predict the weather and the future. She also must stay at the palace until she grows old.

Gu Yan Xi heard about it and decided to protest. He stormed into the palace and fought the royal guards. The Emperor got angry and punished him. Gu Yan Xi was locked up in the Shen Palace and was forbidden to leave without the Emperor’s permission. Although the palace walls were high, Hua Zhi found a way to communicate with Gu Yan Xi through a kite. She conveyed her love and yearning by writing a poem on the kite.

Gu Yan Xi noticed that the servants of the Astronomy Institute were loading many foreign goods from a carriage. He became suspicious and started to investigate. Gu Yan Xi found out that Haoyue bought many things. And among them, a suspicious red powder. Gu Yan Xi asked Shao Yao to identified the powder.

Meanwhile, Hua Zhi now works as a transcriber for the institute. Haoyue finds that Hua Zhi is unsuitable to become a maid. She could not do anything and even her tea was too bitter. 😂😂

Hua Zhi finds mistakes in Haoyue’s observation report. She corrected it and Haoyue learned that Hua Zhi knew astronomy as well. From their conversation, Hua Zhi finds out that Haoyue came from the northern land.

When Haoyue prepared the fireworks, Hua Zhi was suspicious. She took a peek and saw people making fireworks while Haoyue scaled green powder and mixed it into the firework’s chemical component. She signaled Gu Yan Xi who then sent Li Hou to the Institute. Hua Zhi took him to investigate the fireworks made by Haoyue.

When Shao Yao was caught in the fire, the Longevity Festival started. The Emperor looked unhappy because Gu Yan Xi was not there.

Gu Yan Xi appeared when the rebels attacked. The Emperor had known all along that Haoyue was a spy from the Zhao Empire. Haoyue said that she wanted to avenge her whole family who was killed by the soldiers of the Daqing Kingdom. When Haoyue almost blurted Prince Hui’s name, he stabbed her to death.

Prince Hui had been colluding with Haoyue to kill the Emperor. He poisoned the Emperor’s wine. However, the prince did not know that Haoyue also set him up. The antidote she gave him was fake and he was poisoned as well. Prince Hui died after he tried to take the Emperor as a hostage. It was Gu Yan Xi who killed him with a secret arrow.

The Emperor passed away not long after the banquet. The poison was so severe that his body could not handle it. He was relieved after Gu Yan Xi said that he never hated his uncle and swore that he would always be a sharp sword that protected him and the kingdom.

The new Emperor pardoned the Hua family member. Hua Zhi and all the womenfolk excitedly wait at the city gate. Everyone sheds happy tears, knowing that this reunion last for good. Hua Zhi brought Gu Yan Xi to meet Hua Yi Zheng. The old man smiled when he saw them. Hua Yi Zheng believed that Hua Zhi would choose a good man.

Hua Zhi and Gu Yan Xi’s marriage held in Hua Mansion. She wanted a folk wedding instead of a royal one. The Emperor came to deliver a regent seal and a set of Grand Prospector’s robe for Gu Yan Xi and Hua Zhi. However, both of t hem choose a free lifestyle and went to sail the world.

What Happened to Shen Qi, Shen Huan and Shao Yao?

After the fall of the Shen family, Shen Qi became a teacher in the Hua family while Shen Hua worked at the restaurant as a waiter.

Blossoms in Adversity Ending Explained - What Happened to Shen Qi, Shen Huan and Shao Yaohe shens
Blossoms in Adversity Ending Explained – What Happened to Shen Qi, Shen Huan and Shao Yaohe shens?

During the absence of Gu Yan Xi and Hua Zhi, Shao Yao seemed dispirited. Only after Chen Qing came and asked her to look for the red powder, did she become enthusiastic again. Shao Yao believed that if she could identify the red powder, Gu Yan Xi and Hua Zhi would return.

However, Haoyue’s subordinate found out that Shao Yao was investigating the red powder. They tried to kill her by burning her room. Shao Yao who was traumatized by the fire, could only quiver in the room.

Shen Huan broke into the burning room to help Shao Yao. But when they tried to escape, a beam fell. Shen Huan pushed Shao Yao to save her. Shao Yao saw Shen Huan in danger. The fear of losing him conquers the trauma. She helped Shen Huan and both of them leave the room with minor injuries.

Chen Qing brought them back to Hua Mansion. Inside the carriage, Shao Yao told Shen Huan that she liked him and she was afraid of losing him.

Blossoms in Adversity Ending Explained - Gu Shao Yao
Blossoms in Adversity Ending Explained – Gu Shao Yao

Shao Yao told Chen Qing about the red stone which turns out highly toxic if it is mixed with realgar (another name for arsenic sulfide mineral). However, Chen Qing could not report it to the Emperor because his position was too low to meet the Emperor. A Jian stepped in and said he would report it to the Empress Dowager. Shao Yao also came with him.

The Empress Dowager was elated to see her grandson Gu Yan Zhao or A Jian still alive. She also recognized Shao Yao because she looked like her mother. The Empress Dowager listened to Shao Yao’s story and returned to the Palace. She also took Gu Yan Zhao and Shao Yao with her. But she arrived right after the Emperor passed away.

The new Emperor appointed Shen Qi to be the grand tutor. Shen Huan started to study so he could become a scholar. He was shocked when Shao Yao asked him to marry her. 😆

What Happened to Hua Family?

The Hua family was terrified when the Emperor issued a decree that the Hua family must use their accumulated wealth to dredge a canal. If they refuse to donate, Hua Zhi will face the death penalty. This meant the male members of the Hua family could never be redeemed.

Blossoms in Adversity Ending Explained - What Happened to Hua Family
Blossoms in Adversity Ending Explained – What Happened to Hua Family?

When an arrogant eunuch came to announce the decree, he was shocked to see Gu Yan Xi and addressed him as the young lord. The revelation shocked the Hua family once again. The simple Mr. Yan turned out to be not so simple. 😉

Hua Zhi planned to sacrifice herself and sent all the Hua family to the north. But the whole family disagrees with her decision. they were willing to donate the money rather than losing Hua Zhi. The Hua family once again lived in poverty. However, they lived happily. The happiness doubled for Hua Ling because Zheng Zhi proposed to her.

After the new Emperor ascended to the throne, he issued a decree to pardon the Hua Family. Hua Yi Zheng and his descendants could finally return to the capital and reunite with their wives.

Upon his return, Hua Yi Zhen was reinstated as the head of the family. Madam Xia Jin E took over the business after Hua Zhi went to sail the world. She showed her true talent in managing business. Hua Qin also started to run her business after she became the head of the Sun family.

Madam Qi Hui Lan became a teacher at Huilan Academy. She let Qin Er Gui supervise Hua Boli’s study. Yun Niang and Hua Ping Yan took their daughter to see the world. They wanted her to grow up like Hua Zhi. Hua Ping Yu no longer belittled his wife, Zhu Ying Zhen. Now they become a harmonious couple.

Hua Zhi’s maid also lived a good life. Especially Bao Xia who now lived an idle life since her master went on a long honeymoon with her husband.

What Happened to the Emperor?

The Emperor appointed Haoyue as Dubhe Envoy and kept her in the Astronomy Institute. The Emperor told Gu Yan Xi that the reason why he kept Haoyue was because of the long drought that hit the world. There was no harvest and the people were in panic.

Blossoms in Adversity Ending Explained - What Happened to the Emperor
Blossoms in Adversity Ending Explained – What Happened to the Emperor?

To prevent rebellion, the Emperor must find a way to appease the people. He appointed Haoyue to be the Dubhe Envoy so she could pray for the rain every day. If she was lucky enough, people would believe her as some kind of immortal. But if it did not work, the Emperor had a scapegoat for the long drought and a way to extinguish the resentment and anger of the people.

The Emperor is surely a cunning person…🤨
The people believed in Haoyue’s power to control the weather. When Hua Zhi disrupts her rain ritual. Haoyue reported Hua Zhi to the Emperor. Angered by the Emperor, Hua Zhi accused him of being a coward who dared not face the suffering of his people.

Hua Zhi’s outspoken attitude offended the Emperor. He issued a decree that said the male members of the Hua family shall never be pardoned. Therefore, Hua Zhi could never redeem their freedom. The Emperor’s hatred did not stop there. He forces Hua Zhi to hand over the Hua family wealth. The money that Hua Zhi painstakingly earned was supposed to be used to redeem her family who were exiled to the North.

After the canal restoration project ended, the Emperor issued another decree for Hua Zhi to enter the Astronomy Institute and become a lady astronomer. The moment she stepped into the Palace, Hua Zhi became the Emperor’s hostage. His objection is clear. The Emperor wanted Gu Yan Xi to return as his most obedient nephew and loyal subject.

To celebrate the change of season, the Emperor held a Longevity Festival. Haoyue volunteered to partake in the festivity by doing a rain ritual and launching fireworks. The Emperor was happy and allowed her to do it. However, during the banquet, the Emperor was unhappy because Gu Yan Xi was not present. Prince Hui saw his unhappiness and proposed a toast. The Emperor drank the wine in one gulp.

That night, Haoyue danced while Hua Zhi beat the drum. Tensions rise when the fireworks blasted the sky. The chemical inside the fireworks was supposed to kill the Emperor and the guests. But nothing happened.

Haoyue was confused because her plan had failed. It turned out the Emperor was already wary about Haoyue’s identity as the spy of the Zhao Empire. He also knew everything that happened in the Daqing Kingdom. Including the fact that the Security Bureau has replaced all the fireworks.

Realizing her plan failed, Haoyue ordered her men to attack the Emperor. But Gu Yan Xi and the Security Bureau Guards came to fight them. Haoyue and her men were outnumbered and lost the battle. The Emperor praised Gu Yan Xi and the Security Bureau.

Yet, he did not claim the credits instead he revealed that Hua Zhi was the one who found out that there was something wrong with the fireworks.

As the Emperor thought that everything was over, he vomited a mouthful of blood. The Emperor was poisoned by his own son, Prince Hui. Haoyue enticed the prince to conspire with her and kill the Emperor.

The wine that Prince Hui gave to the Emperor was poisoned. Just when Prince Hui intended to shift the blame to Gu Yan Xi, he also vomited blood. The prince realized that Haoyue also plotted against him and gave him a fake antidote. Prince Hui then took the Emperor as hostage but Gu Yan Xi managed to kill him with a secret weapon.

The poison was too severe. The Emperor could not hold any longer. Gu Yan Xi told the Emperor that he never hated him and always regarded him as his father. The Emperor was relieved and died shortly after that.

When the ministers were clueless about the successor of the throne, the Empress Dowager came with A Jian. She told them that the Gu family still had a descendant, Gu Yan Zhao. The new Emperor issued a decree to pardoned the Hua family. Although he was still young, Gu Yan Zhao showed wisdom and talent in governing.

My Musing

Well… I was disappointed by the Emperor’s ending. He still dislikes Hua Zhi, probably because she saw the real him behind the grandeur of an emperor’s title. I guess some characters never change, no matter what happens to them.

It was kinda perplexing that the whole problem ended with the help of the villains. If Haoyue had not incited Prince Hui to conspire with her, the Emperor surely still alive. Because the Emperor still hates Hua Zhi, she might still live a hard life, the Hua family would never be reunited, and Gu Yan Xi would never be able to marry Hua Zhi.

However because the Emperor died, the problems were solved. The paranoid emperor was replaced by Gu Yan Zhuo, who was young, but broad-minded and wise. And on top of that, the whole villains are dead. Everything feels like a fateful coincidence.

I am not sure about what I feel right now…😆
Anyway, did you like this drama? I hope you did. But now the show is over and it’s time to move on to another drama (you can read about this drama review on Blossoms in Adversity drama review post). Don’t forget to check out our May list in the article New Chinese dramas premiering in May 2024. I’ll see you in another post of Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained post. Bye!

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  1. Very well explained. The emperor had to die at the end. Just not through any machinations of Hua Zhi or Gu Yan Xi. Despite his hatred for Hua Zhi, both lovers remained true to themselves. It was not their fault that the emperor let his guard down with Prince Hui. He raised his two oldest sons to rebel against him, to be ruthless, and to be like him. He raised Yan Xi to be the shield between himself and his sons which is sad and twisted. I feel that the tears Yan Xi shed when the emperor died were ones of relief as well as grief. Now he didn’t have to fear what his uncle would do to Zhi out of spite. Now they could get approval to be married.

    Truthfully, I even feared what the emperor would do to break Zhi which was his goal since they went round one for Yan Xi and Zhi lost but was able to save the Shen brothers. I honestly believe he would have pushed her to commit suicide like he said he would. The emperor knew if he ordered her death, he might as well order the execution of both Yan Xi and Zhi because he would have lost Yan Xi. He’s playing a game of ‘clipping the eagle’s wings’ by holding Yan Xi’s love hostage, but he’s also twisted that he wants to prove to Yan Xi that Zhi would not be strong enough to withstand being by the side of a Gu.

    When Zhi reconciled with Yan Xi after the wharf incident, she realized she would rather face death with him than be without him. During round two between the emperor and Zhi, he pushed her to find out she and Yan Xi were back together. Was she trying to remain silent in front of him for the sake of her family or Yan Xi? His punishment for her going back to Yan Xi was the loss of her wealth and the inability to redeem the Hua men. Then he decided to punish them both and clip Yan Xi’s wings by holding her hostage and not allowing them to ever see each other, let alone ever dream of marriage. Haoyue did everyone a favor with her Plan B because the emperor was bound and determined to destroy Zhi. He could easily execute her, but he didn’t want to just execute her and lose Yan Xi, he wanted to destroy everything Yan Xi loved in her, and prove that she was just like the emperor’s first wife. He wanted Yan Xi to stop loving her and only be his shield and sword. Her total annihilation was his goal.

    The ending was just a relief for us all. Love won but only because the emperor died. I’m glad Yan Xi let his uncle die in peace. There were probably a lot of mixed emotions within Yan Xi, but it was best to just echo what the emperor needed to hear on his deathbed, not to mention with his young cousin named as the next emperor, Yan Xi did need to nip that faction in the bud fast. This drama is up there in my favorite list now. I wish the book had an English translation. I would love to read it.


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