Ending ExplainedBright Eyes in the Dark Ending Explained

Bright Eyes in the Dark Ending Explained

This is the ending explained of Bright Eyes in the Dark drama. Dear readers, prepare yourself for a sad ending. Did you have a pack of tissues nearby? If you don’t, I suggest you take it before you start reading this post. One more suggestion if you have decided to watch the drama ending, dear readers, one pack of tissues won’t be enough. 🙂

Bright Eyes in the Dark Ending Explained

What Happened to Lin Lu Xiao?

Yu Qi Lei’s death affected everyone, especially Lei Da Gang. He felt guilty because Yu Qi Lei sacrificed himself for someone as evil as Chen Yi Long. After he beat up Chen Yi Long, Lei Da Gang was punished and dismissed from the team. However, Lin Lu Xiao and his team still treated Lei Da Gang as their comrade. Before he left, Lin Lu Xiao tore up his firefighter badge and gave it to Lei Da Gang, who accepted it with teary eyes.

Bright Eyes in the Dark Ending Explained - What Happened to Lin Lu Xiao?
Bright Eyes in the Dark Ending Explained – What Happened to Lin Lu Xiao?

Yu Qi Lei’s death and Lei Da Gang’s dismissal were not the only things that affected Lin Lu Xiao. The night after Nan Chu made a clarification video, they broke up. Lin Lu Xiao made a decision. He asked to be transferred to the Lushan Forest Fire Brigade. His request was approved, and before he left, Mr. Lin Senior gave him a diary that belonged to his former comrade Li Xue Jun, who worked as a forest firefighter in Lushan.

Lin Lu Xiao’s life in Lushan was not easy. He was determined to do his best to learn. Although he was an instructor, his colleagues did not trust his ability. They believed that Lin Lu Xiao would return to Beixun as soon as possible. This kind of passive rejection did not make him falter. With the help of Li Xue Jun’s diary, Lin Lu Xiao started to learn everything on his own. He familiarized himself with the mountain routes and plants.

Li Xue Jun was a city firefighter who was also transferred to Lushan. He was clumsy and often got lost in the mountains. Sometimes he would stay there for days before he could find his way back. When Lin Lu Xiao found Yueru’s name in the book, he realized that he had been reading Nan Chu’s father’s diary. He wanted to tell her, but he hesitated.

Just like Lin Lu Xiao, Li Xue Jun also found that his colleague did not recognize him. So he decided to do something about it. Li Xue Jun designed a modified shovel that could help his colleagues in their work.

Lin Lu Xiao finally got the recognition he deserved when he managed to help two tourists who got lost on the mountain. Wang Ben, one of the firefighters who used to mock Lin Lu Xiao, gave him his treasure. it was a book titled “The Ways of Recognizing 1,000 Common Plants in the Wild”.

Later, the team began to train him in all the methods that forest firefighters need to learn. Lin Lu Xiao also gets along very well with his colleagues, especially Captain Zhong. Lin Lu Xiao still misses Nan Chu, but aside from checking up on each other Moments on Weibo, they have never had any interaction.

One day, Lin Lu Xiao had a pleasant surprise when he went to pick up two newcomers to the team. They were Shao Yi Jiu and Qin Shi Quan, who had gone to Lushan. He was surprised and proud at the same time. Qin Shi Quan told Lin Lu Xiao that Lei Da Gang had been working as a deliveryman and living a good life. Lin Lu Xiao finally felt reassured to hear that his friend was doing well.

Lin Lu Xiao was still reading Li Xue Jun’s diary. However, there was no more writing after Li Xue Jun wrote about Nan Yuero’s pregnancy. The writing stopped abruptly because Li Xue Jun had to rush to a mission. The rest of the paper in the diary was empty. Lin Lu Xiao did not give any thought to it. But there was only one reason for this. Li Xue Jun never returned from the mission.

At that time, Li Xue Jun replaced his master, Captain Zhao, who was injured, to join the mission. But the situation was unfavorable for them. And soon the fire got bigger and bigger. The firefighters had to use fire shelters because they were trapped in the fire. The fire lasted 7 days and nights. The whole crew who were trapped in the fire, including Li Xue Jun, were burnt to ashes.

Lin Lu Xiao found Li Xue Jun’s plate in the Room of Honor. He then asked Captain Zhao for Li Xue Jun’s shovel. Lin Lu Xiao wanted to use the shovel. He asked Lou Ming Ye’s help to mass produce the shovel. When the shovels were ready, Liu Ru Yi personally went to Lushan to visit Lin LU Xiao and deliver the shovels.

On a snowy day, Lin Lu Xiao received a phone call from Yang Zhen Gang. He delivered the sad news of Lei Da Gang’s death. As a deliveryman, Lei Da Gang lived a good life. But one day, he came across a fire and his firefighter instinct kicked in. He rushed into the fire and saved people trapped in the fire.

But Lei Da Gang lost his life. Liu Ru Yi, who helped him, saw that Lei Da Gang still had the firefighter badge sewn on the inner side of his jacket. Until his death, Lei Da Gang never forgot his duty as a firefighter.

On the day of the Kongming Festival, Captain Zhou told Lin Lu Xiao that he was retiring. On the day of his departure, the fire alarm rang. The captain, who was ready to leave, returned to the office and prepared for a mission. Although the fire had already been put out, Lin Lu Xiao still felt uneasy. Soon, Captain Zhong found out that the fire had reignited and was threatening the nearby village.

The fire was spreading rapidly, and the situation was getting dire. While worrying about Nan Chu’s safety, Lin Lu Xiao also had to save a family who was trapped in the mountain. Since they had nowhere to go, Lin Lu Xiao, Shao Yi Jiu, and Qin Shi Quan had to hide under the fire shelter and wait for the rescue team.

They managed to get out safely and Lin Lu Xiao finally met Nan Chu. They stared at each other, exchanged smiles, and shared a kiss. But the meeting did not last long because he had to return to the front. The battle against the fire was not over yet.

The next scene was at a New Year’s festival. Lin Lu Xiao, Yu Qi Lei, Lei Da Gang, and Yang Zhen Gang, with his feet still intact, were seen celebrating the New Year. Lin Lu Xiao asked where the others were. Lei Da Gang did not answer his question, but he told Lin Lu Xiao that they were waiting for him. They also made dumplings and hung the decorations. The four of them did not forget to take a photo before enjoying the food and drinks.

What Happened to Nan Chu?

The death of Yu Qi Lei has affected everyone, including the relationship between Nan Chu and Lin Lu Xiao. When she came to comfort Lin Lu Xiao, the reporters came and ruined the memorial ceremony. Things got worse when Ran Dong Yang released a video that smeared Nan Chu and Lin Lu Xiao’s reputations using Yu Qi Lei’s memorial ceremony as a background.

Bright Eyes in the Dark Ending Explained - What Happened to Nan Chu
Bright Eyes in the Dark Ending Explained – What Happened to Nan Chu

It did not take long for Director Han to take action. He fired Xu Zhi Yi and banned Ran Dong Yang from the entertainment industry. But the fans already had their opinions about Nan Chu.

Nan Yueru finally made an appearance. She went back to China to bring Nan Chu to the USA and let her stay there until everything cooled down. Nan Yueru also revealed a secret that she had kept for years. Nan Chu’s father was also a firefighter, and he died on a mission. Nan Yueru had to hide her daughter and live cautiously for the sake of her career. Nan Yueru did not want the same thing to happen to Nan Chu.

After making a clarification video to clear the Special Division Unit’s reputation, Nan Chu decided to go to the US. Before she left, she met Lin Lu Xiao. They had a tacit understanding that their relationship had to end. Even though they were unwilling, they could not let go of their dream and had to move forward.

Before she left, Han Bei You came and told Nan Chu that she was braver than her mother. She did not need anyone’s protection and should continue to be herself. He also assured Nan Chu that her contract with Beiyou would be waiting for her return. Han Bei You also said that he would arrange some performances for the Dream Dance.

Nan Chu began attending a dance school in Los Angeles. She spent her day at school and went home to find a diary placed on her bed. It was her mother’s diary. Nan Yueru wrote about her wedding to Li Xue Jun. Nan Chu also found a photo of her father, whom she had never seen before.

Through the writing of her mother, she learned that her parents were also separated. They had to wait a year before they could meet again. Nan Yueru wrote about her loneliness and how much she missed him.

After getting a new movie contract with Director He, Nan Chu planned to return to China. She decided to reconcile with her mother. Nan Chu told Nan Yueru that they did not fall in love with the wrong man. She told her mother that she was a strong woman who had gone through many things in her life.

Nan Chu began shooting the film after arriving in China. The filming took place in Lushan. Nan Chu knew that she was close to Lin Lu Xiao, but she hesitated to contact him. She told Lin Qi that they would meet again when the time was right.

I have no idea why she hesitated…she obviously misses him…🤨

Nan Chu had just finished filming when she noticed that there was a mountain fire nearby. She rushed the film crew to leave the location. Nan Chu, Shen Guang Zong, and Xi Gu were almost trapped in the mountain. Lin Lu Xiao could not go to save them, so he could only give directions by phone.

Nan Chu and her friends were rescued by volunteers. She met Lin Lu Xiao at the home base. In a brief meeting, they share a desperate kiss and vows. But then Lin Lu Xiao has to return to the front line.

In the next scene, Nan Chu has a dance performance about forest fires. She was the lead dancer on stage. The Special Division unit could be seen in the audience seat. But their faces were grave, and there was an empty seat in the middle of the row. Later, Lin Qi appeared and played a song on his violin. It sounded so sad and heartbreaking.

Suddenly, the door was opened, and Lin Lu Xiao arrived late. He sat on the empty row and watched Nan Chu dance. His face was stained with tears. When the performance was over, Nan Chu stared at the closed door and the empty chair. The owner of the chair would never come again.

What Happened to the Special Division Unit?

Lou Ming Ye’s relationship with the special department has improved. Now they have a good bond, just like Lin Lu Xiao and Yang Zheng Gang used to have before. Lou Ming Ye invited Lin Lu Xiao to a meal before Lin Lu Xiao left for Lushan. Lin Lu Xiao said that he was reassured that Heping Road Station has Lou Ming Ye as its director.

Bright Eyes in the Dark Ending Explained - What Happened to the Special Division Unit?
Bright Eyes in the Dark Ending Explained – What Happened to the Special Division Unit?

Shao Yi Jiu and Qin Shi Quan were worried that their master would leave them. They tried to contact Nan Chu and asked her to persuade Lin Lu Xiao to stay in Beixun City. When everything failed, they also asked to be transferred to Lushan, but their requests were rejected. They were only able to leave after they joined a forest fire and rescue project.

Shao Yi Jiu and Qin Shi Quan told Lin Lu Xiao that they had set a goal to become a better firefighter and surpass their Master. Shao Yi Jiu and Qin Shi Quan play an important role in the forest prevention plan in Lushan. They used drones to help the firefighters. They also joined the team on the forest fire mission.

Meanwhile, Liu Ru Yi is still trying to overcome the lonely feeling after Yu Qi Lei’s death and Lei Da Gang’s dismissal. Fortunately, he has Xia Wan to comfort him. She told him that people may come and go. They have to face death and separation.

After a short and gloomy date, at the time when Liu Ru Yi least expected it, Xia Wan told him that she liked him. Liu Ru Yi and Xia Wan later got married. Liu Ru Yi told Lin Lu Xiao the happy news when he visited him in Lushan. They celebrate the festival together with the Lushan Forest Fire and Rescue Brigade.

What Happened to Jiang Ge and Ling Qi?

Jiang Ge and Lin Qi’s platform has gained success. They have 50,000 fans in a short time. When Nan Chu and Lin Lu Xiao broke up, Lin Qi firmly believed that it was not a breakup, just a temporary break. Their love would continue even though they were separated by time and place. Meanwhile, Jiang Ge believed that they had completely broken up.

Bright Eyes in the Dark Ending Explained - What Happened to Jiang Ge and Ling Qi?
Bright Eyes in the Dark Ending Explained – What Happened to Jiang Ge and Ling Qi?

Lin Lu Xiao’s relationship with his father had eased a lot, and Lin Qi was the happiest person to see it.

Jiang Ge decided to give Lin Qi the platform while he pursued his passion as a firefighter. Lin Qi panicked, but after listening to Jiang Ge’s explanation about his passion, he understood his intentions.

When the fire in Lushan was reported on the news, Lin Qi urged his father to call Lin Lu Xiao. But Mr. Lin Sr. refused to do so. He still holds on to a rule from his old days. When someone is on a mission, don’t ask about it, don’t talk about it, and don’t think about it. Even though he was worried, Mr. Lin did not want to show it. He kept repeating that they would call Lin Lu Xiao as soon as the fire was extinguished.

My Two Cents

Boohooo… I cried and cried as I watched the ending. How could Lin Lu Xiao die like that? He deserved a better ending. Now I know that when people say that good people don’t live long, it’s also applicable to Cdramaland.

This Bright Eyes in the Dark drama touches my heart deeply. Dear readers, let’s take off our hats and pray for all the firefighters in the world who died as heroes.

Hope this Bright Eyes in the Dark Ending Explained helps. I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained. Goodbye!

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