Ending ExplainedDifferent Princess Drama Ending Explained

Different Princess Drama Ending Explained

This post is about Different Princess drama ending explained. Hua Qing Ge was stranded in a fictional world of her own novel. She had to change the ending to get back to her world. To do that, she had to keep Ji Yun and Lin Xi Yao alive. However, Ji Chu and Ji Yun were bound to fight each other for the throne. What happened next? Did Hua Qing Ge manage to change the ending and return to her world?

Dear readers, you might be curious to know the Different Princess drama ending. But fret not, this post is the answer to your questions because this is the Ending Explained of Different Princess drama. So without further ado, let’s get down to business. Happy reading!

Different Princess Ending Explained

What Happened to Hua Qing Ge and Ji Chu at Different Princess drama ending?

Hua Qing Ge knew that her time in the fictional world would soon be over. She attempted to distance herself from Ji Chu by behaving badly, and at the same time, she encouraged Wei Nan Yi to continue to pursue Ji Chu. Even though it pained her, Hua Qing Ge wanted Ji Chu to have a good life after she left. She believed that a separation would be the best for both of them.

Hua Qing Ge’s change of heart left Ji Chu feeling depressed. However, he did not understand why she acted that way. Ji Chu promised Hua Qing Ge that he would not seek revenge from the Empress. Nevertheless, she still wanted to leave him.

Seeing him like that, Wei Nan Yi was sad and heartbroken, because it meant that Ji Chu had his heart set on Hua Qing Ge. Yet, she still has a kind heart to tell him that Hua Qing Ge did not mean what she said to him. Wei Nan Yi’s words brought hope to Ji Chu, who rushed to see Hua Qing Ge.

Different Princess Drama Ending Explained - What Happened to Hua Qing Ge and Ji Chu at Different Princess drama ending?
Different Princess Drama Ending Explained – What Happened to Hua Qing Ge and Ji Chu at Different Princess drama ending?

When he arrived at her room, Hua Qing Ge was already leaving. Ji Chu searched the whole town to find Hua Qing Ge. When he found Hua Qing Ge, Ji Chu noticed that Hua Qing Ge’s hand was disappearing. Hua Qing Ge revealed to Ji Chu that she had come from another world and would be leaving soon. At first, Ji Chu refused to believe her. When she listened to all of his begging, Hua Qing Ge broke down in tears in his arms.

Ji Chu and Hua Qing Ge decided to spend their remaining time together. Ji Chu asked Hua Qing Ge to give him a baby and called him “husband”. Afterward, Ji Chu decided to leave Liang and live a secluded life with Hua Qing Ge. He did not know how much time they had left together.

However, their happiness was short-lived when Xiao Yan reported that the Empress had harmed the Emperor. Ji Chu was forced to execute his long-time plan to kill the Empress. He sent Hua Qing Ge to leave Liang Kingdom because he knew this step would be dangerous.

Hua Qing Ge was knocked out and when she woke up, she was already in a carriage with Mo Yu. She was stunned and soon became angry when Mo Yu showed her a divorce letter written by Ji Chu. Mo Yu noticed that Hua Qing Ge’s hand was disappearing. Hua Qing Ge then told her the truth and begged Mo Yu to take her back to Ji Chu. Although she was initially reluctant, Mo Yu eventually gave in and agreed to Hua Qing Ge’s request.

With Ji Yun determined to protect his mother, Ji Chu had to fight Ji Yun in the Grand Hall. During the intense battle, Ji Chu and Ji Yun had to stop when they saw Gong Ye Qi carrying Ji Wan’er’s dead body. The sight of their dead sister shocked them.

Hua Qing Ge arrived at the same time and saw Ji Wan’er. The Empress took advantage of Hua Qing Ge’s shock and took her hostage. She then told Ji Chu that she would release Hua Qing Ge if he committed suicide. Ji Chu was prepared to die, but Hua Qing Ge reassured him that she would be okay because she would be leaving the world soon. After saying this, Hua Qing Ge moved towards the knife and it cut her throat.

Ji Chu panicked when he saw Hua Qing Ge covered in blood and took her into his arms. Hua Qing Ge said with her last breath that she was happy to be with him. She also told Ji Chu to be a good person. After that, Hua Qing Ge’s body vanished.

Ji Chu became the next emperor after Ji Yun took poison to atone for his mother’s sin. After Hua Qing Ge’s death, he never remarried. He always told Xiao Yan that he couldn’t wait for his time to end because he wanted to visit Hua Qing Ge’s world.

Meanwhile, Hua Qing Ge returned to her messy room in modern times. The story’s ending changed, and the readers were satisfied. Later she received an offer to make The Story of Yun and Xi into a movie. When she came to talk about the contract, she met with the company owner who looked like Ji Chu (with short hair and wearing a suit). Hua Qing Ge was shocked when Ji Chu recognized her and asked whether she was going to abandon him.

What Happened to Ji Yun and Lin Xi Yao at Different Princess drama ending?

Ji Yun is a filial son. After their mother was punished by the Emperor, he begged the Emperor to forgive his mother on account of their long relationship. However, the Emperor was obstinate, so he was left kneeling in front of the palace in the pouring rain. Lin Xi Yao accompanied him while kneeling. Ji Yun’s heart was warm because of her kindness. Although Ji Yun’s actions disappointed the Emperor, he still promised to visit the Empress.

Different Princess Drama Ending Explained - What Happened to Ji Yun and Lin Xi Yao at Different Princess drama ending?
Different Princess Drama Ending Explained – What Happened to Ji Yun and Lin Xi Yao at Different Princess drama ending?

Ji Yun did not realize that his heart had started to open up to Lin Xi Yao. The couple often spent time together. Upon hearing the recent news of Ji Wan’er, Ji Yun was very happy.

However, the happy moments were short-lived for Ji Yun and Lin Xi Yao when they discovered that the Empress had harmed the Emperor. Ji Yun felt desperate, thinking that his mother had stopped being a villain, but it turned out that she never did. All this time, the Empress had plotted to make Ji Yun the next emperor.

To stop his mother, Ji Yun made a plan with Ji Chu. On his enthronement day, Ji Yun wrote a secret edict appointing Ji Chu as his successor. He gave the edict to Lin Xi Yao and instructed her to hide it. Afterward, Ji Yun had a celebratory dinner with his mother. During the dinner, he poured a glass of wine for her, but the Empress did not drink it. Ji Yun realized that his mother no longer trusted anyone, including him. Ji Yun drank three cups of wine to express his gratitude to the Empress.

Before the meal ended, Ji Chu barged into the Grand Hall. The Empress discovered that Ji Chu had conspired with Ji Yun to kill her, and she became angry. She stated that she did it for Ji Yun’s sake and therefore Ji Chu had to die. When Ji Chu pointed his sword at the Empress, Ji Yun fought him because he could not let his mother die. They had a fierce fight and only stopped when they saw Gong Ye Qi carrying Ji Wan’er’s lifeless body.

Suddenly, Ji Yun collapsed. It turned out he had poisoned himself during the dinner. Ji Yun was ready to die because he wanted to atone for his mother’s sins. The Empress was hysterical when she saw her only son on the brink of death.

After everything was over, Gong Ye Qi managed to save Ji Yun. All this time, Ji Yun was never interested in being the emperor. He always knew that Ji Chu was more suitable to rule the country than him.

Unfortunately, the Emperor and Empress never realized it. And just like Ji Wan’er, Ji Yun only wanted freedom. Later, Ji Yun spent his day with Lin Xi Yao in a secluded house in the forest blissfully.

What Happened to Gong Ye Qi and Ji Wan’er at Different Princess drama ending?

Ji Wan’er took Gong Ye Qi to meet Empress Hua Yun Ni, her mother, hoping for her approval of their relationship. However, the Empress deemed Gong Ye Qi unsuitable as a husband for Ji Wan’er and arranged for her to marry the prime minister of Nan Jing Kingdom for political reasons.

Different Princess Drama Ending Explained - What Happened to Gong Ye Qi and Ji Wan’er at Different Princess drama ending?
Different Princess Drama Ending Explained – What Happened to Gong Ye Qi and Ji Wan’er at Different Princess drama ending?

Ji Wan’er planned to elope with Gong Ye Qi, but he abandoned her after discovering that the Empress was responsible for his family’s extermination. It was all because of the special drug called Demon Poison, which could turn whoever drank it into a monster. Gong Ye Qi’s father developed the drug, and the Empress used it to kill Ji Chu’s mother. To protect herself, the Empress ordered the Su Family to be killed.

Ji Wan’er, who was unaware of this, was heartbroken. She begged Gong Ye Qi, but it was to no avail. Eventually, she accepted the arranged marriage. On her wedding day, Hua Qing Ge and Ji Chu chased her to see her off. Ji Wan’er had hoped that Gong Ye Qi would come, but he did not show up. She gave a letter addressed to Gong Ye Qi to Ji Chu.

Under the moonlight, Gong Ye Qi read the letter and cried. A few days later, bandits attacked Ji Wan’er’s entourage. Ru Jiao managed to escape and reported to the Monarchs that Ji Wan’er had died. Upon hearing the news, Gong Ye Qi became emotional and vented his anger to Ji Chu, but he lost to him.

When he returned home, Ji Wan’er was already there. She told him that Ji Chu had arranged her escape. Gong Ye Qi told Ji Wan’er that he missed her and did not want to lose her ever again. They got married in a small ceremony, and soon after that, Ji Wan’er became pregnant.

From Lin Xi Yao, Ji Wan’er learned about her mother’s involvement in the extermination of the Su family. Ji Wan’er decided to leave their house. Gong Ye Qi claimed to have forgotten the past, but she knew his temper well and doubted that he could let go of the grudge.

When the Empress started the coup, Gong Ye Qi entered the palace disguised as a palace guard. Ji Wan’er promised to wait for him at the Jingzhi Library. Gong Ye Qi sneaked into the Emperor’s bedroom to save his life because he did not want his wife to be without her father.

After treating the Emperor with acupuncture, Gong Ye Qi went to the Grand Hall. He caught the Empress sneaking out while Ji Chu and Ji Yun fought. Gong Ye Qi aimed his sword at the Empress, and just as he was about to kill her, Ji Wan’er suddenly appeared and blocked the sword. It pierced through her abdomen, and blood spilled out.

Gong Ye Qi and the Empress were shocked when they saw Ji Wan’er. Unfortunately, even though Gong Ye Qi is a divine doctor, he could not save her. Ji Wan’er died. Before she died, she apologized for not being able to leave her mother alone. She also expressed happiness for being with Gong Ye Qi. Her death made Gong Ye Qi regret everything.

What Happened to the Empress Hua at the Different Princess drama ending?

For years, the Empress pretended to be a virtuous wife, but she could not hide her jealousy towards the concubines, especially Imperial Consort Xian, who was the Emperor’s most beloved woman. She then planned to kill her. Years later, the Empress plotted against Ji Chu, after she had learned that the Emperor still held Imperial Consort Xian in his heart.

Different Princess Drama Ending Explained - What Happened to the Empress Hua at the Different Princess drama ending?
Different Princess Drama Ending Explained – What Happened to the Empress Hua at the Different Princess drama ending?

However, Ji Chu managed to avoid the attack, and it was Ji Yun who turned into a monster. Her sins were exposed, and the Empress was punished with a lifetime of house arrest and deposed from her position.

The Emperor promised to visit her, but he came with the intention to end their marriage. He was disappointed because the Emperor realized that the Empress had meticulously planned the murder. The Emperor has never left the Empress’s palace because he was poisoned by the Empress. The poison did not kill him immediately, but his life was in peril.

The Empress conspired with the Duke to appoint Ji Yun as the next emperor. At this stage, the Empress already did not trust anyone, including Ji Yun. The Empress had been blinded by her own thirst for power.

When Ji Chu appeared in the Grand Hall, the Empress became furious. She realized that Ji Yun had conspired with Ji Chu against her. But it was Ji Yun who fought Ji Chu on her behalf. While the others were distracted, the Empress sneaked into the side hall, but she was caught by Gong Ye Qi.

When he pointed his sword at her, Ji Wan’er blocked the sword. The empress was terrified when she saw the sword pierce Ji Wan’er’s body. She hurried to Ji Wan’er’s side, but Gong Ye Qi threw her aside. All she could do was watch as her only daughter died for her.

However, the Empress was not stopped by Ji Wan’er’s death. Upon returning to the Grand Hall, she noticed that Hua Qing was not protected. The Empress took her hostage right away. She told Ji Chu that if he wanted to keep Hua Qing Ge alive, he must kill himself. Ji Chu almost had done so when Hua Qing Ge decided to kill herself first.

Empress Hua noticed that her son, Ji Yun, vomited blood. She rushed to his side, and he gave her an edict appointing Ji Chu as his successor. Empress Hua became hysterical when she realized that Ji Yun had chosen to end his own life to prevent her from fulfilling her ambitions.

Empress Hua was imprisoned in her Fengyi Palace. Devastated by the death of her children, Empress Hua decided to hang herself. She lamented that she had spent her entire life scheming, only to lose everything in the end.

My Musing

Well, dear readers… did you finally get your hot and steamy first night scene? It would have been better if Hua Qing Ge had not made a fool of herself in front of Ji Chu. The scene looked like it was supposed to be funny at first, but I kept my straight face during the scene. Because it wasn’t funny enough to make me laugh.

Although the Different Princess drama ending was satisfying, I felt sorry for Ji Wan’er and Gong Ye Qi. They were an ill-fated couple.

What did you think of the ending, dear readers? Please feel free to share your opinion with me in the comments section below. I would love to read what you have to say about this drama. Many thanks for being here, I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained. Bye!

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