Ending ExplainedDivine Destiny Ending Explained

Divine Destiny Ending Explained

Hola readers. Even though Divine Destiny was a bit frustrating to me, I had to admit that this drama was full of surprises. The story was full of ups and down and I found it quite enjoyable. Don’t worry Devine Destiny has a happy ending. And for those who needed some major spoiler in the story, here I presented Devine Destiny ending explained. Enjoy!

Divine Destiny Ending Explained

What Happened to Ji Ruo Chen?

Ji Ruo Chen learned that he was the descendant of the Demon King who was born ten million years ago. And the only person who could destroy the Demon Tower and suppress the spiritual energy. With the help of his father’s spirit, Ji Ruo Chen managed to master the Blue Fire. Before he destroy the tower, a spirit appeared. It said that if he destroy the tower, Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin would not be able to get out of it.

Divine Destiny Ending Explained - What Happened to Ji Ruo Chen
Divine Destiny Ending Explained – What Happened to Ji Ruo Chen

Ji Ruo Chen had no choice but to follow the tower’s words. His heart shivers in cold. All this time, he had always been a pawn for others. He promised that since that day, Ji Ruo Chen would not listen to anyone else.

Zhang Yin Yin was disappointed because Ji Ruo Chen did not destroy the tower. She thought he had lost his mind since he become a Demon King. He also refuses to let her return to the mortal world since she would not remember him in the mortal world.

But Zhang Yin Yin was adamant and Ji Ruo Chen had to concede. They met Ji Tianxia outside the Nine Hells’ gate. He was disappointed when he learned that the Demon Tower was still exist.

When Sun Guo and his cronies attacked Xixuan Sect, Ji Ruo Chen stopped the Demon army. He persuaded the Demon Emperor to withdraw from the battle. Well, it was not a persuasion. Ji Ruo Chen showed his power to Demon Emperor. He also told him that if the Demon Emperor joined hands with Sun Guo, he would bear huge losses. The Demon Emperor thought it through and decided to retreat.

Ji Ruo Chen helped Master Ziyang to chase Sun Guo away and severed their relationship afterward. Ji Ruo Chen also expressed his dissatisfaction with the masters. He said that for his goal, Master Ziyang was willing to sacrifice his disciples including Zhang Yin Yin.

After Xixuan Sect’s matter was settled, Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin visited Master Iceberg. He was willing to do anything to have the memories returned. He discovered that the Endless Sea had to be dried up if he wanted to remove Nuwa’s tear. Zhang Yin Yin tried to stop him but failed.

In front of Master Ji, Ji Ruo Chen unravels the secret of the Endless Sea. The water was made from the tears of many lovers. It was the purest thought in the world and it could suppress the Demon Tower. Although the Endless Sea was important, Ji Ruo Chen still wanted to destroy it. He also resented Mister Ji of Endless Sea because he was involved in planning his life.

Mister Ji admitted that he was the one who arrange everything. Yet, it was out of his expectation that Ji Ruo Chen did not destroy the Demon Tower. After the conversation, Ji Ruo Chen attacked him. The Endless Sea lost to Ji Ruo Chen, but they persisted in not retreating.

Zhang Yin Yin arrived late. In front of her, Ling and the Honghuang guards vanished because the sea lost its power. Zhang Yin Yin was devastated and blamed Ji Ruo Chen. She severed her relationship with him, made Ji Ruo Chen lose his mind, and almost killed her. Ji Ruo Chen was shocked by his action. When the realization hit him, Zhang Yin Yin had long gone.

Ji Ruo Chen came to Xixuan Mountain to take Zhang Yin Yin away. He confined her in the hut. They met Mister Ji, Su He, and Qingyi. Mister Ji informed Ji Ruo Chen that there was another tower in the wild fields of the Gods Realm. If the Demon Tower entered the Gods Realm and integrated with the Spirit Mirror Tower, the person who built the tower would possess all the spiritual power in the world.

Ji Ruo Chen, Zhang Yin Yin, and their friend watched as the Tower emerged and entered the Gods Realm. But then it was destroyed into ashes because Ji Ruo Chen had planted his Blue fire inside the Demon Tower. Ji Ruo Chen’s refusal to destroy the tower was to lure the mastermind behind Sun Guo. Master Ziwei understand his plan and realized that they were only safe for a while because the mastermind would get revenge on Ji Ruo Chen.

Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin went to destroy the mastermind. They met Yin Feng who was badly beaten by the immortals. Sun Guo panicked when he saw the Heavenly generals and their soldiers destroyed by Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin.

High Immortal Taiyi comes to the Endless Sea for revenge. He imprisoned Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin on a special pagoda. When he prepared his attack, Sun Guo persuade Taiyi to let him kill Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin with his own hand. But before he could launch the attack, Master Ziwei arrived and killed Sun Guo. The masters of the Xixuan Sect and Ji Shan of Yun Zhong Ju followed him.

They set up a formation and attacked Taiyi. However, Taiyi was much stronger than them. As a last attempt, they sacrifice their life to kill Taiyi. Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin saw their masters vanish. The despair welled up inside Ji Ruo Chen and turned into a powerful Blue Fire.

Zhang Yin Yin tried to stop him from being possessed by channeling her power into Ji Ruo Chen’s body. Their teamwork worked and the pagoda was destroyed. But Taiyi survived their attacks and kill Zhang Yin Yin. Before she close her eyes, Zhang Yin Yin gave her demon core to Ji Ruo Chen.

With teary eyes, Ji Ruo Chen stood up and faced Taiyi. His power doubled and he got a fox demon tail. Ji Ruo Chen attacked Taiyi and let him push his body. Taiyi feel that he had won. Little did he know that the masters had opened a small opening in his palm. And when the immortal made contact with Ji Ruo Chen, he secretly injected Blue Fire into Taiyi’s body. The Blue Fire ignited and burned Taiyi to ashes.

Ji Ruo Chen holds the lifeless body of Zhang Yin Yin. To save her, he took out the demon core and infused it with Blue Fire to bring her back to life. He decided to give all his life to her. Because if one of them had to die, it should be him. When Zhang Yin Yin opened her eyes, she cried when she saw Ji Ruo Chen’s body beside her. Zhang Yin Yin hit Ji Ruo Chen’s chest several times and miraculously he opened his eyes.

It seemed that Zhang Yin Yin has found the method of heart resuscitation…😅

The Three realms now finally were at peace. Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin returned to Xixuan Sect. They held a wedding and went to the desert to open an inn. Mister Ji often came to drink wine accompanied by Lao Zhang and Huaniang. While Qingyi transforms into a snake and cultivates Tao. Now Ji Ruo Chen had become a father to a cute son.

What Happened to Zhang Yin Yin?

After Zhang Yin Yin and Ji Ruo Chen left the Nine Hell, she lost her memories again and regarded Ji Ruo Chen as her junior. They return just in time when Sun Guo and his cronies prepared to attack Xixuan Sect. Zhang Yin Yin tried to stop the Demon army by herself. But she met Qinyi, Ling, and the priest. The Demon Emperor sent his general and a group of soldiers. Ling managed to kill them all in one swoop.

Divine Destiny Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhang Yin Yi
Divine Destiny Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhang Yin Yi

Zhang Yin Yin, Qingyi, and the priest arrived on time to help Master Ziyang, but she did not manage to do anything because Ji Ruo Chen had already taken care of the enemy. However, Master Ziyang saw that Sun Guo was equipped with divine power, and he wondered who was the one behind Sun Guo. During the battle, Ji Ruo Chen addressed her as his wife. Zhang Yin Yin was furious, while the others were surprised.

Zhang Yin Yin left to chase Xuxuan to the Qingxu sect to avenge her father. She fought hard in the main hall. In the last minutes, to kill Xuxuan, Zhang Yin Yin grows another tail and becomes a Six-Tailed Fox Demon. But it was her last energy before she passed out. Ji Ruo Chen showed up to kill all the disciples in the main hall.

When she was unconscious, Gu Qing and Yin Feng arrived at the main hall. Zhang Yin Yin managed to stop Ji Ruo Chen from killing Gu Qing and Yin Feng. She reminded him that he was not a heartless person. Gu Qing saved his life and Yun Zhong Ju saved his father. Ji Ruo Chen took her to the hut where they used to hide together with Yun Feng. Zhang in Yin remembers it, but she could not recall Ji Ruo Chen at all. There were many things that she forgot, so Ji Ruo Chen told her everything.

Zhang Yin Yin did not understand why Ji Ruo Chen was so persistent to have her memories return. Zhang Yin Yin is unable to refute when he answered that without her, ruling the Three Realms would be meaningless.

When they came to the Monster Forbidden Zone to see Mister Iceberg. Ji Ruo Chen found out that the Monster Forbidden Zone was supported by the Endless Sea. And only if he drained Endless Sea, the Nuwa’s tears could be removed. Zhang Yin Yin opposed his intention and Ji Ruo Chen had to make her fainted.

When she woke up later, the Endless Sea had started to dry. She saw with her own eyes when Ling and the Honghuang guards vanished. Zhang Yin Yin returned to Xixuan Mountain after she severed her relationship with Ji Ruo Chen.

The Hierearcs of the Xixuan Sect were shocked to hear that Ji Ruo Chen has changed and they had to think of a solution to prevent the chaos in the Three Realms. Meanwhile, Zhang Yin Yin went to see her master and she learned that there might be another reason behind Ji Ruo Chen’s action that she did not know.

When they heard that Ji Ruo Chen had arrived at Xixuan Mountain, Su He passed all her cultivation to Zhang Yin Yin. In front of his Xixuan masters, Ji Ruo Chen took Zhang Yin Yin away.

Meanwhile, Su He went to the Endless Sea to find Mister Ji. She was shocked when she learned that Mister Ji of the Endless Sea was the real identity of Ji Tianxia, the wonderer. Su He and Ji Tianxia promised always to be together. Qingyi decided to tag along wherever they go.

They all reunited in the hut and watched the Demon Tower emerge and then destroyed it. Zhang Yin Yin was confused, but Su He explained that Ji Ruo Chen had set a trap before he tricked them. But there was only one person who realized the plan, Mister Ji of Endless Sea.

Zhang Yin Yin and Ji Ruo Chen fought a fierce battle against High Immortal Taiyi before they return to Xixuan Sect. When Qiushui asked whether Ji Ruo Chen would be the next hierarch, he refused. Ji Ruo Chen said Master Ziwei had left a secret scroll to Ji Bing Xian. When they opened the scroll, it was written that the next hierarch was her. Before they left the sect, Zhang Yin Yin and Ji Ruo Chen held a wedding. Zhang Yin Yin was moved because her parents had prepared an ample dowry for her. A few years later, Zhang Yin Yin lived a normal life and gave birth to a cute baby boy.

What Happened to Yin Feng?

Yin Feng knew very well that Gu Qing could not let Ji Ruo Chen go. Yet, he also could not let her go. So he got angry with her. Amid push and pull, Gu Qing accidentally knocked the bluestone necklace off of him.

Divine Destiny Ending Explained - What Happened to Yin Feng
Divine Destiny Ending Explained – What Happened to Yin Feng

It fell to the ground and Gu Qing slashed the bluestone into two. She said that instead of torturing each other and making each other suffer, they should just end the relationship and be completely free. Yin Feng was dumbfounded to see the broken bluestone. He stood alone in despair, not realizing that Gu Qing had long gone.

Yin Feng went to the Qinxu Sect only to see the leaders in a sorry state. They thought he was there to laugh at them. So the master told him that he knew all along about his agreement with Sun Guo and that Yin Feng was used by him. Before the conversation continue, a small disciple came to report that Xixuan Sect won the battle.

It was because Ji Ruo Chen came back from the death and become Demon King. Yin Feng refused to believe it until he saw Luo Xi Chen’s ashes. His anger ignited and he went back to master the seven secret volumes of the Book of Heavens. Gu Qing stopped him, but she was late.

Yin Feng told her that anyone who was bewitched by the Blue Fire of Nine Hells was the enemy of the Three Realms. And according to the rules of the God Realm, Ji Ruo Chen had to die. Gu Qing called him crazy so Yin Feng drive her away.

Yet after she left, Yin Feng stared at her back with teary eyes. He did not tell her that he master the seven secret volume book because he intended to give his dharma-laksana so Gu Qing could ascend to Heaven. Yin Feng had let go of his dream to return to God’s realms together with Gu Qing.

However, although he had given his dharma-laksana to Gu Qing, she still refused to return to Heaven. Gu Qing told him that she did not want to return to Heaven at all. Yin Feng did not understand why she was so stubborn. If she lived as a human, Gu Qing could not pursue a divine life and lived eternally.

Gu Qing returned his dharma-laksana to Yin Feng and turned herself back into a bluestone. Yin Feng felt a vast emptiness in her heart.

Yin Feng saw the Demon Tower emerge from the Nine Hells when he met Sun Guo at the Endless Sea. Finally, Yin Feng learned the truth when Sun Guo told him that the Birth Demon Tower was designed by Sun Guo and his master. But the moment was short because suddenly the Demon Tower was destroyed into ashes.

When he met General Hao Ming and General Yu Yun, Yin Feng said that he did not plan to return to God’s Realm nor be involved in worldly matters. However, the immortals choose to believe Sun Gao’s words and attacked him.

Yin Feng finally realized that immortals and demons were only a title. The only that mattered was the heart. During the fight, Yin Feng met Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin. He told them to leave because the immortals were looking for Ji Ruo Chen. But of course, Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin would not heed his words.

Later Yin Feng appeared to help Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin to stop Taiyi. When Zhang Yin Yin died and Ji Ruo Chen sacrificed his Blue Fire to keep her alive, Yin Feng saw it all.

After everything ended, Yin Feng saw the Great Heavenly Demon that once was released by Gu Qing. Surprisingly, the Demon was Mister Ji. He apologized to Ji Ruo Chen for making them involved in his plan. Back then, High Immortal Taiyi destroyed the Demon clan, built the Spirit Mirror Tower, and trapped him in a deity prison.

To destroy Taiyi, Mister Ji has to find the Blue Fire in Nine Hells. And to break the chain that bind him, Mister Ji needed help from the Bluestone God. But it made Yin Feng and Gu Qing fall into calamity.

Yin Feng told Mister Ji that he would not return to God’s Realm. It was useless to go there because he would not be able to comprehend the Heavenly path. Mister Ji saw him leave and silently congratulated Yin Feng for getting the Tao.

What Happened to Gu Qing?

After they found out about Sun Guo’s manipulation of them, Gu Qing and Yin Feng decided to separate from them. Gu Qing’s heart still trembled when she heard that Xixuan Sect was in trouble. She still could not let Ji Ruo Chen go and made Yin Feng very disappointed and scolded her. They quarreled and Gu Qing told Yin Feng that he was the one who failed, was distracted, and could not move on.

Divine Destiny Ending Explained - What Happened to Gu Qing
Divine Destiny Ending Explained – What Happened to Gu Qing

Although she did not want to be with Yin Feng, Gu Qing still did not want to see Yin Feng destroy himself. However, Yin Feng was adamant to kill Ji Ruo Chen, even though he had to die too. Gu Qing saw him look obsessed and lost his mind.

When Zhang Yin Yin and Ji Ruo Chen were involved in a fight with Qingxu Sect, Gu Qing went there to stop Ji Ruo Chen. Although she said that she would kill him, Gu Qing did not look convincing. Before they engaged in a battle, Yin Feng appeared. When Ji Ruo Chen attacked Gu Qing, he shielded her from Yin Feng’s Demon Spear.

Immediately Yin Feng shifted his dharma-laksana to Gu Qing. She was shocked by his action. Ji Ruo Chen intended to kill them but Zhang Yin Yin stopped him. Gu Qing finally sees that Ji Ruo Chen and her had walked in a different path. She cried and regretted her feelings for him.

Gu Qing told Yin Feng that she never wanted to return to the Gods Realm. Although she now had the dharma-laksana, Gu Qing still refused to be an immortal with a dead heart. She rather feels the emotions even though it means that she would never have eternal life.

Gu Qing and Yin Feng left the Qingxu Sect. At the riverbank, they reminisced about the past. Gu Qing remembers how Yin Feng always protects her. With teary eyes, Gu Qing returned the dharma-laksana to him. Gu Qing said that the love in the mortal world was too bitter and she has gotten tired of it. Under the panicked eyes of Yin Feng, Gu Qing turned herself into a bluestone again.

What Happened to Sun Guo and High Immortal Taiyi?

Sun Guo wanted to destroy Xixuan Sect. He gathered 36 sects to attack Xixuan Mountain. He told the other sects that Xixuan had destroyed the spiritual caves therefore they deserved to be punished.

Divine Destiny Ending Explained - What Happened to Sun Guo and High Immortal Taiyi
Divine Destiny Ending Explained – What Happened to Sun Guo and High Immortal Taiyi

They marched to the Xixuan Mountain and destroy the barrier. Xixuan sect was in a dire situation because they were outnumbered. Master Ziyang stopped Sun Guo and the other sects’ leaders while the disciples fought at the entrance. Meanwhile, Qingxu Sect attacked the Xixuan sect from the back of the mountain. They were stopped by Qingshui and his friends. Yun Zhong Ju’s Ji Shan and his disciples also lend them a hand.

Master Ziyang offered them his life and begged them to let the disciples live. But the arrogant Sun Guo and Luo Xi Chen only laughed at him. When they were ready to attack, Zhang Yin Yin, Qingyi, and the priest appeared. Sun Guo’s allies started to quiver when Ji Ruo Chen also appeared and told them that The Demon army had retreated.

Luo Xi Chen and Sun Guo did not believe it and commanded their allies to attack. But most of them were killed by the Blue Fire. Knowing that his life was in danger, Sun Guo immediately flew. Luo Xin Chen almost run, but Ji Ruo Chen’s Demon Spear stopped her. To avenge his senior, Yun Feng, Ji Ruo Chen killed her with the Blue Fire.

Sun Guo went to meet his master. But the master said that he should let Ji Ruo Chen alone. Sun Guo was afraid that Ji Ruo Chen would seek revenge on him. So the master gave him the Soul of Immortal Cloud. It was supposed to be given to Gu Qing so she could return to the Gods Realm.

On the Gods Realm, High Immortal Taiyi stopped Hao Ming from reporting the Demon Tower to the Heavenly Emperor. He ordered Hao Ming to investigate it and report it to him. The Demon Tower creates havoc in the Three Realms. The Nine Hell suffered from destruction as well as the Mortal World. When the Demon Tower entered God’s realm, it connected to another tower.

All the spiritual power in the Three realms flowed into the Spirit Mirror tower. Taiyi immediately entered the tower to absorb the power. But he felt something amiss when he saw the Blue Fire between the Spiritual power. High Immortal Taiyi could only lament when he saw his ten thousand years of hard work turned into ashes.

Sun Guo panicked when he realized his master’s plan failed. When Hao Ming and his soldiers appeared on the Endless Sea, he told them that the surge of spiritual power was Ji Ruo Chen’s doing. He also pointed out that Yin Feng was familiar with Ji Ruo Chen.

The generals believed his words and asked Yi Feng to help them kill Ji Ruo Chen. Yin Feng refused and the Generals attacked him. Later Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin arrived at the Endless Sea and kill the generals and soldiers. Sun Gao panicked, again. But it did not last long because Taiyi appeared and imprisoned Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin inside a pagoda.

When Taiyi prepared to kill him, Sun Guo begged Taiyi to let him kill them. However, before he managed to attack the pagoda, Sun Guo was already killed by Master Ziwei who arrived in time. Master Ziwei was followed by all the masters of Xixuan Sect and Ji Shan from Yun Zhong Ju.

After the last fight with Ji Ruo Chen, High Immortal Taiyi thought that he won the war. But then his body was swallowed by the Blue Fire. Before he died, he learned that the masters had sacrificed their life to create an opening in his left palm so Ji Ruo Chen could inject his Blue Fire that killed him.

My Musing

Can you guess the identity of Mister Ji? Because my guess was right. I saw that Mister Ji had stubbles beneath his mask. And the only person in this drama who had stubbles was Ji Tian Xia.

However, I never thought that he was the heavenly demon that Gu Qing released when she was in Heaven. Although I dislike Yin Feng and Gu Qing. I feel that they did not deserve such an ending. So, my heart was a bit sad for them.

So readers, what do you think about this drama? Did you feel it was enjoyable? Don’t forget to write your opinion in the comment box below. Hope you like this Devine Destiny ending explained I wrote. Don’t forget to check this drama review on Devine Destiny drama review post. I’ll see you in another post. Ciao!

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