Ending ExplainedDominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained

Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained

Dear readers, this is the Ending Explained post of Dominator of Martial Gods drama. Please take note that this drama was not finished yet. The Dominator of Martial Gods was only the Part I, therefore the story was still far from from the finale. Happy reading!

Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained

What Happened to Qin Chen?

Qin Chen, Zhao Ling Shan, Qin Feng, Li Qing Feng, Wei Qiming, Princess Zi Xun, Prince Wei, and Lin Tian were listed to join the Competition of Five Kingdoms. They went to the Mount of Demonic Ancestor for Bloodmist Holy Land baptism. The other kingdoms, Zhao, Huang, Wu, and You also sent their most talented youngsters to join the competition.

Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained - What Happened to Qin Chen?
Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained – What Happened to Qin Chen?

It has been a long time inside the Holy Land. Many youngsters who joined the competition had transported back because they lost in a fight and got injured. The majority of those who were transported back were because they were defeated by the people from Zhao Country and the Ghost Immortal Sect.

Inside the Holy Land, You Qian Xue still holds a grudge against Qin Chen because of the misunderstanding incident between them. The hot-tempered You Qian Xue tried to attack Qin Chen but her attacks were easily defeated. She also could not track Qin Chen’s whereabouts and it make her angry.

Qin Chen met Zhou Ling Shan, Princess Zi Xun, and Lin Tian. They grouped even though the princess was against it. They met Cao Heng and Nian Wuji’s group and engaged in a fight. Cao Heng fought Zhao Ling Shang while Nian Wuji fought Qin Chen, Zhou Ling Shan, and Lin Tian.

Nian Wuji was surprised because Qin Chen’s ability was fathomless and he could steal his Tangible Treasures. He got furious because he, a mid-stage-heaven-level expert was defeated by Qin Chen’s earth-level. Qin Chen breaks Nian Wuji’s Confinement Array. Thus he send Lin Tian out of the Holy Land, while Princess Zi Xun went to find help from her brother, Prince Wei.

Qin Chen and Zhao Ling Shan had to fight Cao Heng and Nian Wuji alone. It was a tough fight for Zhao Ling Shan but not for Qin Chen. Unfortunately, Cao Heng was not a person who played by the rules. He used poison to make Zhao Ling Shan weak. Now Qin Chen had to face Cao Heng and Nian Wuji alone. Both villains were surprised that instead of getting weaker, Qin Chen appeared to become stronger.

Cao Heng fainted after a fight with Qin Chen and Zhao Ling Shan. When Nian Wuji was alone, he use his secret technique, The Blood Demon Method. This technique was forbidden across 5 kingdoms because of its cruelty. And anyone who violates the rules shall be executed.

Nian Wuji also released a deadly poison for them and it could enter their body through pores. It was an ancient poison that Nian Wuji’s father obtained from the relics in the Mountain of Demonic Ancestor.

Qin Chen looked weak, but he could still counter Nian Wuji’s attack. After many attempts, Nian Wuji still could not defeat Qin Chen. As his last resort, Nian Wuji used his remaining power to generate a powerful explosion called Heavenly Demon’s Explosion. The explosion was so strong it killed Cao Heng, who just woke up from unconsciousness. But Qin Chen’s power managed to kill Nian Wuji instead.

After he deal with Qin Feng, Qin Chen took Zhao Ling Shang to a nearby cave to heal her. After he go, three disciples from You kingdom saw Nian Wuji and Cao Heng’s bodies on the ground. They assumed that they were killed by either Qin Feng or You Qian Xue.

A while later, Princess Zi Xun returned to the fighting ground with Prince Wei, Wei Qiming, and some disciple from Xuan Kingdom. They followed them to the cave. Prince Wei and the group was shocked when they learned that Nian Wuji and Cao Heng died. To protect Xuan Kingdom from the Ghost Immortal Sect and Zhao Kingdom’s wrath, all of them vowed to keep the death of Cao Heng and Nian Wuji a secret.

Qin Feng tried to kill Qin Chen by borrowing Ling Zhong and Yuchi Cheng’s hand but failed. Now the Ghost Immortal Sect and the Zhou Kingdom thought that Qin Feng was the one who killed Nian Wuji and Ling Zhong.

Qin Feng was granted the title of Marquis of Qianhu by the Emperor. When he was home, his mother mentioned his father. Qin Chen asked about him, but Qin Yuechi said that his father did not know about Qin Feng’s existence. While Qin Chen helped Lin Tian and Wei Qiming with their cultivation, The Emperor of Xuan Kingdom was in a heated argument with his ministers.

At the moment, Zhao Kingdom was ready to attack them with a million soldiers. Yet, even though the border was in danger, Qin Batian did not send any messages about the situation.

Qin Chen went to the King of Linwu’s residence to talk about his suspicion regarding Li Qinfeng’s death. Qin Chen also invites Zhao Ling Shan, Prince Wei, Princess Zi Xun, and all the masters from Dan Pavillion, the Palace of Instrument, and the Bloodline Holy Land, to go with him.

Nian Shuo, Nian Wuji’s father, and his Ghost Immortal Sect member came to Xuan Kingdom to avenge the death of his son. Ling Zhong went to see Qin Chen’s residence to kill Qin Chen. However, Lin Tian and Wei Qiming had already waiting for him there. The three of them fought inside an array. But he was too powerful for them. In the last minutes, Qin Yuechi helped them. Ling Zhong fainted but he pretended to die.

When Nian Wuji attacked the palace, Qin Chen, King of Linwu, and their group appeared at a crucial time to protect the Emperor and the kingdom. The Emperor mentioned Zhao Zhen’s sins, including when he coveted the Qin family’s power by marrying his sister to Qin Yuan Hong. Qin Batian and the Emperor saw his schemes so Qin Batian decided to stay at the border. Zhao Zhen admitted that he did not just collude with the Ghost Immortal Sect but also with the Zhao Kingdom.

To kill Zhao Zhen and Nian Shuo, the Emperor used his power to create an array. Inside the array, Nian Shuo fought with King of Linwu. But Nian Shuo was too powerful even when all of them use all their power at the same time. When the situation was critical, Qin Yuechi, Lin Tian, and Wei Qiming joined the force. Everybody was shocked, including Qi Chen, that Qin Yuechi was able to create a powerful shield to protect everyone.

In the end, only after Qin Chen used his godly power to attack Nian Shuo, he could defeat him. However, Nian Shuo did not die. He just lost his memory. Qin Chen sealed it and told him that his name was Nian Shuo and he was a good man. Qin Chen also said that Nian Shuo could stay with him.

Qin Chen’s power shocked everybody present. Qin Yuan Hong told the mother and son duo to return to Qin’s residence. Yet, Qin Yuechi said that her home was wherever Qin Chen was.

A month later, a woman in white was seen walking into the Xuan Kingdom to look for Qin Chen. The woman were You Qian Xue.

What Happened to Zhao Lin Shang?

Zhao Ling Zhan used all her power to fight alongside Qin Chen Because she could not bear to leave him alone. When Cao Heng almost kill her, Qin Chen went to shield her and froze the poison on her body, so Zhao Ling Shan could have time to detoxify it. But when Nian Wuji released his poison, Zhao Ling Shan could not stand against it and passed out immediately. Qin Chen took her away to a cave nearby so he could heal her.

Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhao Lin Shang?
Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhao Lin Shang?

The poison on her body was not an easy one, Qin Chen must try several attempts before he could heal her. As she opened her eyes, Zhao Ling Shan was shocked to see Qin Chen very close to her and his hand was holding her hand. Qin Chen immediately took his hand from her and explained that he just helped her detoxify the poison and did not touch her at all.

Zhao Ling Shan felt a slight disappointment in her heart. But then Qin Chen covered her with a robe so she would not be cold and the disappointment vanished. They joined Prince Wei’s group and return to the meeting point.

Zhao Ling Shan meet Qin Chen again when they went to the palace to blow Zhao Zhen’s cover. Inside the Emperor’s array, when things get dangerous, Qin Chen moved his body to protect Zhao Ling Shan.

After the fight, Zhao Ling Shan said to Qin Chen that she would not lose to him at the Competition of Five Kingdoms. Her father saw her feelings towards Qin Chen and told her that she should fight for her happiness.

What Happened to Zhao Feng?

Zhao Feng was furious when she saw her favorite son Qing Feng return as a cripple. His promising future had been ruined by Qin Chen. She wanted to avenge his son but her husband Qin Yuan Hong slapped her. He told Zhao Feng that she should stop messing around and ruining her sons. Yet, Zhao Feng would never accept defeat towards Qin Yuechi and her son.

Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhao Feng?
Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhao Feng?

Zhao Feng asked her brother Zhao Zhen to help Qin Feng. He wanted them to see the Emperor before the Ghost Immortal sect could come to the capital. But Zhao Feng felt unsettled about the idea. She thought the Emperor was protecting Qin Feng.

Only after Zhao Zhen told him the reason why the Emperor wanted to protect Qin Chen, she agreed. Zhao Zhen said that the only reason why the Emperor sided with Qin Chen was because the Emperor wanted to see Qin Chen and Qin Feng fight each other. The head of the Qin family was the powerful Qin Batian.

And if there were two talented youngsters under him as powerful as Qin Chen and Qin Feng, the Emperor felt unsettled. So whatever happened after Qin Chen and Qin Feng fought each other, the Emperor would reap the benefit.

In front of the Emperor, Qin Yuan Hong insisted that Qin Feng was not the murderer of Nian Wuji and Cao Heng. But the King of Linwu said that Qin Feng and Qin Chen were heroes of the Xuan Kingdom and they should not be punished. Before the Emperor could decide on the matter, Nian Shuo already come to the palace and blew Zhao Zhen’s cover. It turned out that Zhao Zhen colluded with Nian Shuo to seize the throne from Zhao Gao.

Zhao Feng cried and wailed when Nian Shuo killed Qin Feng. She never thought that her brother was so conniving and used her for so many years. In the end, she stabbed Zhuo Zhen to death as an act of revenge for Qin Feng.

What Happened to Qin Feng?

Qin Feng saw Nian Wuji poisoned Qin Chen and Zhao Ling Shan. He had been hiding there for some time to observe the fight. He wanted to reap the benefit after their fight was over.

Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained - What Happened to Qin Feng?
Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained – What Happened to Qin Feng?

Qin Feng appeared from his hiding place after Nian Wuji died. He sneered at Qin Chen’s sorry state. And when Qin Chen tried to smash his medallion, Qin Feng snatched it. He told Qin Chen that he wanted to kill him because he had injured Qin Fen and ruined the reputation of his parents. Qin Feng also planned to kill Qin Yuechi because, in his eyes, she was a sinner that tarnished the Qin family’s reputation.

However, Qin Feng was shocked when Qin Chen managed to attack him with strong power and crippled his right arm. It turned out that Qin Chen was not poisoned by Nian Wuji. He also knew that Qin Feng was hiding near the fighting ground, waiting for Qin Chen to be in his weakest state before killing him.

Qin Chen managed to poison Qin Feng through the jade medallion. He put Nian Wuji’s poison as well as his own poison and lure Qin Feng to snatch the medallion. Qin Feng knew that he could not defeat Qin Chen so he run away, leaving a piece of fabric from his clothes on the fighting ground.

Qin Feng was the last one who was transported back from the Holy Land. The first thing he mentioned was about Qin Chen killing Cao Heng and Nian Wuji. His plan was obvious, to instigate anger in Ling Zhong and Yuchi Cheng so they would kill Qin Chen. And it work because Ling Zhong and Yuchi Cheng immediately launched attacks on Qin Chen, but the King of Linwu and his friends protect him.

Yet, Qin Chen managed to make everybody believe that he did not have enough power to defeat Nian Wuji and Cao Heng. He added that the whole Xuan Kingdom knew that Qin Feng held a grudge against him, so his words could be trusted.

The You Kingdom’s disciples who saw Nian Wuji and Cao Heng’s bodies testified that they saw a piece of fabric in the fighting ground, and it exactly looked like Qin Feng’s robe. If Wei Tianming did not step in, Ling Zhong and Yuchi Cheng would have attacked Qin Feng.

Qin Feng returned to the Xuan Kingdom with the others and gained nothing from the Emperor, while Qin Chen was granted a marquis title. He tells everything to his parent and made Zhao Feng’s hate for Qin Yuechi and her son got deeper.

Qin Feng died at the hand of Nian Shuo, Nian Wuji’s father when he and his parents went for an audience with the Emperor.

What Happened to Li Qinfeng?

Li Qinfeng’s plan to kill Prince Wei was ruined when Wei Qiming appeared. Yet he was too eager to kill the prince. Li Qinfeng was defeated by Wei Qiming. After the competition time ended, Li Qinfeng was transported out of the Holy Land and tried to flee.

But then Prince Wei and his group including Qin Chen and Zhao Ling Shan appeared. Prince Wei stopped Li Qinfeng. After the King of Linwu heard that Li Qinfeng tried to kill Prince Wei, he immediately ordered his guard to arrest him.

Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained - What Happened to Li Qinfeng?
Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained – What Happened to Li Qinfeng?

When Li Qinfeng was interrogated by the King of Linwu, Prince Wei, and Qin Chen, he still tried to shift the blame to Qin Chen but failed. Qin Chen offered to get rid of the poison inside him and Li Qinfeng agreed. But when he tried to confess, his poison acted up and in the end, Li Qinfeng died. Qin Chen suspected someone had triggered the poison inside Li Qinfeng’s body. It could be the King of Linwu, General Yan, or Prince Wei.

What Happened to Lin Tian and Wei Qiming?

Because of their contribution and bravery in the competition, they were granted the title of Marquis of Baihu. They come to Qin Chen’s residence to train together. Qin Chen told them that the Xuan Kingdom would face a crisis, so they have to seize the opportunity and improve their strength. So Qin Chen took them to the Dan Pavillion. Lin Tian and Wei Qiming were surprised at how polite Xiao Ya and Dan Pavilion’s master treated Qin Chen.

Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained - What Happened to Lin Tian and Wei Qiming?
Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained – What Happened to Lin Tian and Wei Qiming?

Lin Tian and Wei Qiming were tasked to protect Qin Yuechi by Qin Chen. They fought Ling Zhong but failed. In the end, it was Qin Yuechi herself who save Lin Tian and Wei Qiming from Ling Zhong. Then they went to the palace to join the fight against Nian Shuo.

Who Was the Real Villain in Dominator of Martial Gods?

The villain was the King of Linwu. He was the leader of Shadow-Slay House, which the Emperor had been trying to eliminate for years. It was revealed when Qin Chen went to the King of Linwu’s residence to talk about Li Qinfeng’s death. A moment before he arrived, the King of Linwu was holding the black mask which was used by the Shadow-Slay House’s leader when he approached Li Qinfeng.

Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained - Who was the real villain in this drama?
Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained – Who was the real villain in this drama?

And when the King of Linwu learned that Qin Chen came, the mask disappeared from his hand. Qin Chen was there to tell him about his suspicion about Li Qinfeng’s death. King of Linwu immediately shifts the blame to General Yan Huai. In reality, he was the one who triggered the reaction of the incantation inside Li Qinfeng’s body.

My Two Cents

I had to admit I was curious about how the story of Dominator of Martial Gods would end. Will Qin Chen be able to avenge his own death and made Shangguan Xi’er and Feng Shuyao pay for their betrayal? Yet, it seemed that it would be a long wait for the next season. So, dear readers did any of you have the same feelings as me? 😉

I hope this Dominator of Martial Gods Ending Explained helps. If you want to read this drama review, you can read it on Dominator of Martial Gods drama review. I’ll see you in another ending explained post. Don’t forget to live a comment below. Thank you!

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