Ending ExplainedFighting For Love Ending Explained

Fighting For Love Ending Explained

Dear readers… how have you been? In this Ending Explained post, I will tell you the ending of the drama Fighting For Love. The outcome may not be what everyone expected. At the very least, those who wanted A Mai to end up with Chang Yu Qing (like me) were bound to be disappointed. However, as this is an open ending, I will leave the rest to your imagination. So, let’s get started. Happy reading!

Fighting For Love Ending Explained

What Happened to A Mai?

A Mai was disheartened to hear the news of Shang Yi Zhi and Lin Ze Rou’s wedding. She tried to forget her sorrow by drinking alcohol. Chang Yu Qing noticed her from a distance and invited her to come with him to Beimo. A Mai refused the offer.

Later, Shang Yi Zhi appointed her as the Imperial Honored Consort. But A Mai always refused to meet him. Whenever Shang Yi Zhi visited the harem, she would close her door.

A Mai was persistent in protecting Qi Yu for two reasons. First, she regarded him as her only disciple. Second, the late Emperor Qu Jing entrusted Qi Yu to her. Qu Jing also told A Mai that Qi Yu was not the biological son of the late Crown Prince.

Qi Yu was abducted by Prime Minister Lin, and A Mai did everything she could to save him. She found him at Prime Minister Lin’s villa. Shang Yi Zhi and Lin Ze Rou also tried to find Qi Yu. When Lin Ze Rou finds him, Qi Yu refuses to follow her because the little boy only trusts A Mai. When Shang Yi Zhi’s subordinate came to pick up Qi Yu, A Mai refused to hand over Qi Yu.

A Mai made it clear to Shang Yi Zhi that she would protect Qi Yu. Shang Yi Zhi was stunned by her determination. She took such a drastic measure because she found out that it was Mu Bai who wanted to kill Qi Yu, and she believed that the only person who could order Mu Bai around was Shang Yi Zhi.

A Mai thought that the palace was too dangerous for Qi Yu, and she no longer trusted Shang Yi Zhi, so she took Qi Yu away.

A Mai returned to the battlefield when Chen Qi attacked Nanxia. However, she was tricked by Shang Yi Zhi, and the Zhenbei army suffered many casualties, including Tang Shao Yi. A Mai was heartbroken and sad, as she regarded Tang Shao Yi as her own brother.

Fighting For Love Ending Explained - What Happened to A Mai?
Fighting For Love Ending Explained – What Happened to A Mai?

At that time, Chang Yu Qing made her realize that Prime Minister Lin’s words about Shang Yi Zhi colluding with Chen Qi were true. He gave up the Zhenbei Army and Jingyang City in exchange for 10 years of peace. The same way Emperor Qu Jing sacrificed Han Huai Cheng for 10 years of peace.

A Mai was angry because she believed that she and her brothers could die on the battlefield, but should not died because of betrayed by their country.

Feeling disappointed by him, A Mai made a decision. She would not hand over military power. From then on, the Zhenbei Army would only follow Shang Yi Zhi’s orders and never respond to his summons. The Wangjing River would serve as the border, and he should never cross it. A Mai promised that she would never return to Shangdu, and they should never meet again in this life.

Beimo sent Chen Qi and his army to conquer Jingyang City and take down Shengdu. A Mai and the Zhenbei Army fought against them, but to prevent further bloodshed and protect A Mai, Chen Qi allowed her to kill him. Before he died, Chen Qi revealed to A Mai the reasons why he killed her parents, only to protect her. When Chen Qi died, A Mai could feel the sadness gripping her.

Three years later, A Mai was living happily in Jingyang City. She no longer hides her identity as a female, and no one objects to her. She also brings Qi Yu with her, and he is always accompanied by Wang Qi and Zhang Erdan.

Shang Yi Zhi still tries to meet her, but he has never succeeded. Even when he sent Xu Jing, A Mai still refused to let Xu Jing bring another person to meet her. During A Mai and Xu Jing’s conversation, Zhang Erdan reported that the Beimo army was in front of their city. A Mai rode a horse to find Chang Yu Qing. He was not there to announce a battle, but to meet her.

When he saw her, Chang Yu Qing asked her to be his wife and he seemed not to mind her rejection. He also brought news that the young emperor was fighting for the throne against his uncle. So Beimo would be busy with their internal strife for at least three years. Chang Yu Qing remarked that since Nanxia would be in peace for some time, A Mai could leave the city temporarily.

Mai seemed to have sensed that Shang Yi Zhi was in the carriage when she sent them off from the city wall. Shang Yi Zhi lifted the window and saw her figure in the distance.

A few days later, A Mai left the city in a white robe after entrusting Qi Yu to her most trusted subordinate, Wang Qi. A Mai stood at the cliff to watch the sunrise. It had been a long time since she had felt the taste of freedom.

What Happened to Shang Yi Zhi?

After Emperor Qu Jing died, Shang Yi Zhi ascended the throne as the Emperor had already chosen him as his successor. On the day of his accession, Shang Yi Zhi married Lin Ze Rou, Prime Minister Lin’s only daughter. This marriage caused tension in his relationship with A Mai.

Shang Yi Zhi became anxious when A Mai planned to leave Nanxia and follow Chang Yu Qing to Beimo. To prevent this, Shang Yi Zhi took her into his harem and made her an Imperial Honoured Consort. He also gave her position as Marshal of the Zhenbei Army General to Tang Shao Yi. However, A Mai never accepted his visits and always kept her Changle Palace door closed.

Fighting For Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Shang Yi Zhi?
Fighting For Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Shang Yi Zhi?

After the Prime Minister was executed, Shang Yi Zhi offered A Mai the position of Empress, but she refused. Her refusal made him jealous and he accused her of refusing because of Tang Shao Yi and Chang Yu Qing. Shang Yi Zhi expressed his desire to kill both men, which sent chills down A Mai’s spine. Then he sent A Mai to Changle Palace under house arrest.

When Beimo attacked Nanxia again, Shang Yi Zhi sent A Mai back to battle with the tiger tally. They parted ways as emperor and subject. Unbeknownst to A Mai, Shang Yi Zhi had set a trap for her army by planning to kill Chang Yu Qing with an explosion in the city to divert her attention. After the explosion, A Mai rushed to Jingyang City to rescue the people, while Tang Shao Yi battled Chen Qi’s army.

A Mai and Tang Shao Yi believed they would be joined by the reinforcements promised by Shang Yi Zhi. However, the reinforcements never came. As a result, Tang Shao Yi died on the battlefield, and the Zhenbei army suffered heavy losses.

Shang Yi Zhi still loved A Mai, but Xu Jing reminded him to be wary of her military power. After what he did to Tang Shao Yi and the Zhenbei Army, Shang Yi Zhi’s fear and guilt escalated. He knew that their relationship could not be mended at some points.

When Shang Yi Zhi heard that A Mai took Qi Yu away with her and led her army towards Shengdu, he couldn’t stop worrying that A Mai would revolt.
Days later, during the court session, Mai stormed into the hall. Mu Bai was unable to stop her because she threatened to involve the Zhenbei Army if she was not allowed to speak to Shang Yi Zhi that day. Therefore, Mu Bai had no choice but to let her enter the hall.

Shang Yi Zhi then revealed to A Mai that during his last meeting with Emperor Qu Jing, he had disclosed the true reason behind the killing of Han Huai Cheng and his family to Shang Yi Zhi. Hang Huai Cheng’s life was the price for a 10-year peace treaty between Nanxia and Beimo. And now he was following in Emperor Qu Jing’s footsteps.

In exchange for 10 years of peace, Shang Yi Zhi promised to give Jingyang City to Beimo. However, his scheme resulted in a significant loss for the Zhenbei Army and the death of Tang Shao Yi.

A Mai was greatly disappointed and accused him of betraying and deceiving his own people. Shang Yi Zhi also got angry and yelled at her. He stated that a general’s victory is built upon the countless bodies of soldiers.

However, when A Mai told him that she could die on the battlefield but not due to betrayal by their own people, and the deaths of the Zhenbei Army could be avoided, he was left speechless. Shang Yi Zhi had never seen A Mai so broken-hearted before. When she said that they should never meet again in this lifetime, Shang Yi Zhi was stunned.

A Mai left him alone in the hall. As she walked past him, Shang Yi Zhi could only watch her. A cold loneliness crept into his heart as he remembered every sweet moment they shared, and tears slowly fell.

Three years later, Shang Yi Zhi never saw A Mai again, but he sent her many rewards, including money, fabrics, books, papers, and inks. Every time he gave it, A Mai would distribute the money to the soldiers. She would give fabrics to Xiu’er and books, papers, and inks to Qi Yu. She never took anything for herself. A Mai also set a strict rule that only one person could visit her mansion.

When Shang Yi Zhi tried to send Xu Jing, hoping to sneak into the mansion, he failed miserably. Shang Yi Zhi could only see her silhouette from afar when his carriage left Jingyang City. But it was enough for him to have A Mai send him off. With a slight smile on his face, Shang Yi Zhi left the city.

What Happened to Chang Yu Qing?

Chang Yu Qing had strong feelings for A Mai. When A Mai became sad over Shang Yi Zhi’s marriage, he offered her to go to Beimo with him. Although A Mai refused, Chang Yu Qing assured her that he would find her when she was ready.

Fighting For Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Chang Yu Qing?
Fighting For Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Chang Yu Qing?

Chang Yu Qing encountered A Mai again after falling into Chen Qi’s trap. He was nearly killed in an explosion. Fortunately, he survived. Since Chang Yu Qing did not believe that A Mai would kill him with a shady trick, he went to see her. He was right. Chen Qi colluded with Shang Yi Zhi to kill him and take over Jingyang City for a peace treaty.

After Chen Qi’s death, Jingyang City came under the protection of A Mai and the Zhenbei Army. Chang Yu Qing arrived at Jingyang City with his army in order for A Mai to come and see him. He declared to A Mai that he was there to remind the Emperor of Nanxia that A Mai was a war god admired by the people of the Four States.

So Shang Yi Zhi should have some self-knowledge. Chang Yu Qing also mentioned that the Emperor of Beimo was busy with internal strife, so they would not have time to invade Nanxia for some time. Additionally, he repeatedly asked A Mai to marry him and advised her not to make him go back and forth with so many men because it was tiring.

What Happened to Tang Shao Yi?

Tang Shao Yi remains loyal to A Mai without wavering. When A Mai was falsely accused of colluding with Chang Yu Qing, Tang Shao Yi and his brothers were prepared to avenge him and oppose Shang Yi Zhi, regardless of his current position as Emperor.

Fighting For Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Tang Shao Yi?
Fighting For Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Tang Shao Yi?

However, A Mai stopped them and said that they were Nanxia’s soldiers and they should not oppose the emperor. Despite their reluctance, Tang Shao Yi and his brothers followed A Mai’s instructions.

Tang Shao Yi died in battle against Chen Qi’s army. He fell into a trap set by Shang Yi Zhi and Chen Qi. A Mai was deeply saddened by his death. Tang Shao Yi was her only family since they had clasped hands and pledged to be each other’s sworn brothers.

What Happened to Chen Qi?

Prime Minister Lin told A Mai that Shang Yi Zhi colluded with Chen Qi. Although A Mai did not believe it, Chang Yu Qing’s murder attempts proved otherwise. Meanwhile, the Emperor of Beimo forced Chen Qi to attack Jingyang City and conquer Shengdu within three days. Chen Qi hesitated.

Fighting For Love Ending Explained - What Happened to Chen Qi?
Fighting For Love Ending Explained – What Happened to Chen Qi?

On the day of the battle, Chen Qi once again had to face A Mai. He knew that A Mai’s chances in the battle were small since the Beimo army was stronger and had more manpower. Therefore, he stalled for time to talk to A Mai. Although A Mai’s subordinate advised her not to go, she had no choice.

Chen Qi and A Mai fought, with Chen Qi initially having the upper hand. However, A Mai was not one to back down. In the final blow, A Mai attacked him head-on, and in the dire moment, Chen Qi dropped his sword, allowing A Mai’s sword to pierce him.

A Mai was shocked when she saw the sword stuck in Chen Qi’s body. Gradually, Chen Qi became weak. He took out the feather necklace from his sleeve and told A Mai the truth about the death of Duke Shangguo and his wife.

Many years ago, Prime Minister Lin approached Chen Qi and told him that Duke Shangguo had killed his parents and that his enemy was the Chang family in Beimo. The Prime Minister offered to help him return to Beimo on the condition that he kill the Duke and his family. However, Chen Qi refused, as the Duke and his wife had been taking care of him for 8 years.

But then Prime Minister Lin said that if Chen Qi refused, someone else would come and do it. No one in the Duke family, including him, would be spared when the time came. The Prime Minister reminded him that Chen Qi had a sister whom he loved deeply.

Chen Qi had no choice but to kill the Duke and his wife to save A Mai’s life. This time he chooses to sacrifice his life to save A Mai’s life from the coming war. Chen Qi has been living with guilt all these years and still loves A Mai as his real sister. When A Mai saw him die, she could not contain her sadness and screamed it all away.

What Happened to the Emperor?

To protect his beloved grandson, Qi Yu, the Emperor had to make a final decision. Qi Yu was too young to become an emperor, and the Second Prince was unfit to rule. However, Shang Yi Zhi was reluctant to take the throne. Therefore, the Emperor plotted to kill the Second Prince and asked Princess Shenghua for a favor: to sacrifice herself. This would harden Shang Yi Zhi’s mind to take the throne.

The Emperor summoned A Mai and Shang Yi Zhi to his bed chamber. He told Shang Yi Zhi the truth behind Han Huai Cheng’s murder. He also asked Shang Yi Zhi to take the throne, since it was rightfully his. In front of A Mai, the old man begged her to take care of and protect Qi Yu.

To end the enmity between them, the Emperor killed himself with a pot of poisoned wine. Although her enemy died in front of her, A Mai did not feel the slightest happiness at all.

What Happened to Prime Minister Lin?

Prime Minister Lin has always been ambitious about bringing glory to the Lin family. His plan dates back to the time when he became suspicious that Shang Yi Zhi, the son of Marquis Dingnan, was Qu Huan. To protect Shang Yi Zhi from the Emperor’s killing order, he sent his only son, Lin Ming Shen (known as Mu Bai), to stay beside Shang Yi Zhi.

When the matter of the heir to the throne arose, the Prime Minister married his daughter to Shang Yi Zhi to secure the Empress position. Prime Minister Lin had his agenda in doing so, as he believed he could control Shang Yi Zhi once he became Emperor, seeing him as an ignorant young master.

Prime Minister Lin believed that A Mai’s presence would jeopardize his daughter’s chance to become empress. Therefore, he accused A Mai of colluding with the enemy’s general, Chang Yu Qing, and had her imprisoned.

However, Shang Yi Zhi proved to be difficult to control. Despite dealing with the ministers who played tricks on him, Shang Yi Zhi’s decisiveness made the entire court tremble. As a result, Prime Minister Lin took a different approach to defeat Shang Yi Zhi by kidnapping Qi Yu.

Lin Ze Rou sensed that something was wrong and investigated Qi Yu’s disappearance. She discovered that her father had taken Qi Yu away. Lin Ze Rou pleaded with her father to reconsider his decision to rebel, but Prime Minister Lin believed his daughter to be too soft-hearted.

During the sacrifice ceremony, Prime Minister Lin colluded with Li Yu, the leader of Shang Yi Zhi’s imperial guard, to stage a coup. Mu Bai refused to help his father and stood in front of Shang Yi Zhi to protect him.

However, Tang Shao Yi rushed in to protect Shang Yi Zhi on A Mai’s orders. On that day, not only Lin Min Shen but also Lin Ze Rou went against Prime Minister Lin. Lin Ze Rou even went so far as to abort her unborn child to stop his ambitions.

The Prime Minister Lin was thrown into prison and executed. Before his death, he confessed to A Mai about Shang Yi Zhi’s collusion with Chen Qi.

My Two Cents

I was disappointed by the small role played by Chang Yu Qing in the drama’s ending. I wished he could have appeared more, as it was enjoyable to see Shang Yi Zhi’s jealousy. However, it is unlikely that A Mai and Chang Yu Qing could be together, as both are devoted to their country.

If they were to get married, they would be branded as traitors. I can only imagine that they have a secret rendezvous when the Emperor of Beimo is busy with his internal struggle. Well, I take A Mai’s white robe as a hint that her heart was inclined toward him.

It’s hard to decide who is more cunning, Emperor Qu Jing or Prime Minister Lin. Emperor Qu Jing appears to be quite intimidating, and the prime minister seems to be somewhat afraid of him since he did not take any action during his reign. Neither of them was a good person, and they got what they deserved.

As for Shang Yi Zhi, he deserved to be left alone since he was so annoying. But why did he do that to Tang Shao Yi? I still feel sad when I remember how A Mai hugged his lifeless body.

Well… My rant was quite long this time, so I won’t say much. Dear readers, if you have a different opinion about this ending or the review of the Fighting For Love drama, feel free to share it. I would love to read your comments in the comment box below. This is all for today, I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained post. Goodbye!

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