Ending ExplainedDestined Ending Explained

Destined Ending Explained

Destined is a high quality and captivating Chinese Costume Drama that does not come along very often. Even though the ending seems more fast paced, probably to fit into the 40 episodes, I still find it enjoyable and immersive. The performances of the actors and actresses were superb that viewers could not help but be drawn in to the emotion.

Destined Ending Explained

The Ending Arc

The ending of Destined brings the Gu couple to the Eastern Capital. Commissioner Fan Xuan claimed the dragon throne and as the new Emperor, he had a long and difficult road ahead to undo all the harm and mess the previous dynasty has left behind.

To help him in this arduous journey, he recruited young, promising talents from Youzhou to assist him in court. For the meritorious deeds carried out by the Gu family, Gu Jiu Si was appointed Deputy Minister of Revenue. Meanwhile the talented scholar, Ye Shi An, was appointed a 7th rank official, Shen Ming who was talented in martial arts was appointed as 6th rank official and Zhou Ye became Commandant of Cavalry.

At the same time Luo Zishang also snaked his way into the Eastern Capital and landed himself a position as the Grand Tutor for Fan Yu, the Crown Prince. Unfortunately those who were harmed by him did not have evidence to prove his crimes in Yangzhou, hence they were not able to expose him for the devil he really was.

Luo Zishang schemed and plotted to eliminate Gu Jiu Si. First, he incited the fear of the Empress Dowager towards Gu Jiu Si so she was also against him and worked together with Luo Zishang to bring him down. But the result of this intrigue was the death of Liu Yu Ru.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Emperor Fan Xuan has grown suspicious of the sinister plot surrounding the Gu couple and so he came up with a way to fake Liu Yu Ru’s death. He did this to protect the Gu couple while at the same time protect the interest of the nation. Meanwhile, Luo Zishang who did not expect that his plan caused the demise of Liu Yu Ru instead, was devastated. He even let go of Gu Jiu Si in the hopes that he will live a life of misery without Liu Yu Ru, just like him.

The Emperor’s plan was only known to few people who assisted him in this plan, one of them was Jiang He who was Gu Jiu Si’s uncle. As per the Emperor’s instruction, Jiang He helped Liu Yu Ru to establish herself in Lingnan. He also gave the token of his intelligence network, Baiyujing, to her. The Emperor’s wish was for her to establish and refine herself, be the shining jade he sees in her.

Emperor Fan Xuan also sent Jiang He to get closer to Luo Zishang and pretend to be his confidant. In reality, Jiang He always made sure Luo Zishang hit a wall in all his plans and schemes. Without Luo Zishang creating trouble, the Emperor sent his trusted aides to manage the problems all over the country; Gu Jiu Si was sent to build the dam in the yellow river to stop the flooding in Yongzhou, Zhou Ye and Shen Ming were sent to the borders to clamp down the rebels’ forces, while Ye Shi An was to remain in the Eastern Capital to solve the corruption case plaguing the country’s Treasury.

3 years passed before the missions entrusted to the young talents were finally accomplished. At this time, Gu Jiu Si was finally able to be reunited with Liu Yu Ru. Gu Jiu Si was met with obstacles in his mission to build the dam; he had no manpower and no funding. Liu Yu Ru disguised herself as Miss Shi Yu to help him throughout the years until he was finally able to complete the dam.

Destined Ending Explained - Reunited
Destined Ending Explained – Reunited

The unrest at the borders were also successfully quelled, while Ye Shi An finally collected enough evidence to solve the corruption case and apprehend the individuals involved. Things seemed to be going smoothly according to the Emperor’s plan, but Luo Zishang grew suspicious of Jiang He at this time. He finally realized that Jiang He was not a confidant but a spy placed by his side by Gu Jiu Si.

Luo Zishang also realized the truth about Liu Yu Ru’s death and how she has been secretly helping Gu Jiu Si all this time. His deep hatred was reignited. He finally made his last effort for revenge to the Gu family.

After the Emperor’s death, Luo Zishang used the Crown Prince to usurp the throne. The Emperor’s real decree to dethrone the Crown Prince, who was deemed weak and incapable, and appoint Zhou Gaolang as the new Emperor was hidden behind a plaque in his room. His sudden death did not give him time to reveal this decree.

This was Luo Zishang’s chance to fake the decree and made Fan Yu the Emperor. In turn, Luo Zishang used the weak minded Fan Yu to carry out his own personal plan. He massacred the Zhou family and tried to assassinate the 300,000 army under Zhou Gaolang. This was to ensure that the throne is safe in his hands.

Gu Jiu Si and Liu Yu Ru managed to put a stop to his plan and saved the 300,000 men. He even managed to save the now muddleheaded Fan Yu from Luo Zishang’s control. This made Luo Zishang desperate and he staged a coup to claim the throne. He threatened Gu Jiu Si with Liu Yu Ru’s life, but at the critical moment Gu Jiu Si was able to distract him and Jiang He made a move to fatally stab Luo Zishang. Thus Luo Zishang’s entire plan for revenge ended tragically.

It was also revealed by Jiang He that Luo Zishang’s hatred towards the Gu family was baseless and it was all due to his misunderstanding.

Now that Luo Zishang’s plan for a coup was foiled, the throne was properly passed on to Zhou Gaolang. Zhou Gaolang passed his days remembering the previous Emperor, Fan Xuan, his sworn brother. He recognized himself not being able to be the ideal ruler and instead the position was more suited for his son Zhou Ye. Zhou Ye has a benevolent heart, able to recognize talent and has compassion for the people. While he himself was more suited to be on the battlefield.

So Zhou Gaolang made Zhou Ye the Crown Prince. After he passed, the throne went to his son, Zhou Ye. His benevolence and wisdom brought prosperity and peace to the people of Da Xia.

What Happened to Gu Jiu Si and Liu Yu Ru?

After going through many ups and downs together in life, and even death, Gu Jiu Si and Liu Yu Ru finally got their happy ending. Liu Yu Ru expanded the family business even more and became one of the richest merchant in the country. The Gu couple then built charity halls to ensure the tragedy that was Luo Zishang did not happen again.

Meanwhile, Gu Jiu Si served as a high official in court and lived his dream to bring betterment for the people through his role in the government.

Destined Ending Explained - Gu couple
Destined Ending Explained – Gu couple

The Gu couple was blessed with a son who was cared for by his parents and spoiled by his two grandmothers. The family lived in harmony.

What Happened to Zhou Ye and Qin Wanzhi?

When Zhou Ye left with his father and brothers to fight the battle in Nanzhou, he had made up his mind to marry Qin Wanzhi. She was the girl of his dreams. He was ready to strongly resist in the event his father did not agree. But Zhou Gaolang seemed to think that they would make a perfect match.

Unfortunately, when they were risking their lives on the front line, Luo Zishang faked a decree and sent the imperial guards to massacre the Zhou family. Qin Wanzhi defended the Zhou household but she was outnumbered and died trying to save the lives of the Zhou womenfolk. Only the youngest Zhou brother who was hiding in a well, Zhou Dan, managed to survive.

Destined Ending Explained - Zhou Ye Qin Wanzhi
Destined Ending Explained – Zhou Ye Qin Wanzhi

Zhou Ye was brokenhearted. He did not take an Empress when he ascended the throne. It seemed no one could ever fill the void left by Qin Wanzhi. Zhou Ye took the throne after Emperor Zhou Gaolang passed and ruled the country fair and wise.

What Happened to Ye Shi An, Ye Yun and Shen Ming?

After his failed engagement to Liu Yu Ru, Ye Shi An was never involved with any girl. He dedicated his life to serving the country as a high official in court. The Ye family now only has himself and Ye Yun, so he was persuaded often to take a wife. He seemed to be contemplating about this.

Destined Ending Explained - Ye Shi An
Destined Ending Explained – Ye Shi An

Meanwhile, Shen Ming married Ye Yun after being in a one sided love all this time. It seems spending all their time together at the battlefront, helping each other through life and death situations kindle a strong bond between them. The couple pester Ye Shi An constantly to get married every chance they get.

Destined Ending Explained - Ye Yun Shen Ming
Destined Ending Explained – Ye Yun Shen Ming

What Happened to Luo Zishang and Jiang He?

Luo Zishang’s deep hatred towards the Gu family was because he had thought he was the illegitimate son of Gu Lang Hua, who was Gu Jiu Si’s father. Luo Zishang thought his mother, Luo Yishui, was involved with Gu Lang Hua and her innocence was tarnished but Gu Lang Hua refused to marry her.

Thus, Luo Yishui had Luo Zishang but her father, Lord Luo forbade her to make Luo Zishang’s existence known to anyone to save the family’s face. Hence Luo Zishang lived a hard, secretive life in the Luo household.

When the Luo house was burnt down and Luo Zishang became the sole survivor, nobody knew of his existence or cared about his life and death. He lived on the streets and became a beggar. It was Liu Yu Ru who often accompanied him, gave him food and shared him some of her treasures. Liu Yu Ru became his source of comfort and he never forget her even after all these years.

Luo Zishang hated the Gu family and was jealous of Gu Jiu Si who was able to enjoy a loving family, a carefree life and never had to worry about money. He thought Gu Lang Hua had abandoned him and Gu Jiu Si enjoyed the life he could have had.

But the reality was, it was Jiang He who was involved in a relationship with Luo Yishui. He was going to marry her, but Lord Luo who was Luo Yishui’s father killed his brother. His family would never allow him to marry the daughter of their enemy. He also did not insist in saving their relationship and so he left her without knowing she was with child.

After the chaos in Yangzhou, Jiang He finally learned of Luo Zishang’s existence. He regretted his decision to leave Luo Yishui, and he was too ashamed to reveal himself in front of Luo Zishang. He had abandoned his child to fend for himself and now that child has turned into a monster.

Jiang He vowed to kill Luo Zishang himself should he commit another crime.

When he finally stabbed Luo Zishang to stop him from causing catastrophe to the country, he finally revealed the secret in his heart. Luo Zishang was shocked and felt that his life was a joke. He had been wrong all this time.

Destined Ending Explained - Luo Zishang
Destined Ending Explained – Luo Zishang

Jiang He felt remorse and to compensate his son, he stabbed himself to accompany Luo Zishang to the underworld. Luo Zishang could not bear the tragedy of his life. At the last moment, he finally revealed the truth about the fire in the Luo household that killed everyone.

Contrary to what he claimed that he purposely started the fire, he finally confessed to his father that it was an accident; he knocked over a candle as he was playing when he was little.

The father and son finally reunited and died together.
Luo Zishang’s confession about the fire gutted me. It was the only time he showed a child like innocence, and that was to his dad. He was telling him how he was willing to give his life just so that his mother could live.

Destined Ending Explained - Jiang He
Destined Ending Explained – Jiang He

After Jiang He’s death, Gu Jiu Si received a letter which he wrote before he died. He confessed everything including about Luo Yishui and Luo Zishang. Had he known of Luo Zishang’s existence, he was to be named Jiang Zhiren which would mean a man of virtue.

Had Jiang He not cower in front of his family and married Luo Yishui, Jiang Zhiren would have grown to be a kind man just like Gu Jiu Si.

As Luo Zishang or Jiang Zhiren was now known to be Gu Jiu Si’s cousin, his name plaque was kept in the Jiang ancestral hall.

So was the big reveal on Destined ending shocking to you? What do you think of Luo Zishang’s sad life? He was an outstanding young man, but his hatred made him blind and led him astray. In the end, his life seemed meaningless. His hatred and vengeance was also baseless. He is the saddest antagonist I have ever come across. I hope this Destined ending explained helps. You can find my review on this drama in Destined drama review post. Thanks!

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