Ending ExplainedGuess Who I Am Ending Explained

Guess Who I Am Ending Explained

Hola dear readers! Guess Who I Am drama starred the beautiful Zhang Yu Xi and the handsome Wang Zi Qi. The story is light and the ending is happy. You’ll not regret it if you choose this drama for your binge-watching session.

However, since you were here, I am sure you were curious about the Guess Who I Am ending. Fret not dear readers, I am here for the rescue. This is the ending explained for the Guess Who I Am drama. Enjoy the post!

Guess Who I Am Ending Explained

What Happened to Qin Hao/Ji Cheng Chuan and Song Yao?

Qin Hao and Song Yao consummated their marriage on Christmas Eve. Their relationship improved a lot and they had become a harmonious couple. Things got better and worse at the same time after Song Qiu Xia woke up from comatose. It was good news for Song Yao because her mother’s condition no longer became a burden in her mind.

At the same time, Song Qiu Xia also confirmed that before the house was on fire, Ji Hong Lin visited Lin Shu. It is a confirmation of Qin Hao’s suspicion regarding Ji Hong Lin’s involvement in the fire.

Song Yao and her mother had become the target of Fifteen, the killer. He started a fire in Song Qiu Xia’s ward. Qin Hao saved them, even though he was afraid of fire. After he woke up, Qin Hao regained his lost memories. He remembered that he was the real Ji Cheng Chuan. It was Qin Hao who died in the fire. he also remembered that he got the cufflink from Ji Hong Lin’s suit when he tried to stop Ji Hong Lin from leaving.

Guess Who I Am Ending Explained - What Happened to Qin Hao : Ji Cheng Chuan and Song Yao
Guess Who I Am Ending Explained – What Happened to Qin Hao : Ji Cheng Chuan and Song Yao?

Fifteen years ago, Ji Cheng Chuan and Qin Hao were playing hide-and-seek. Ji Cheng Chuan hid in a closet and saw a man hit Lin Shu with a metal stick. He also saw Qin Hao lying motionless on the floor. Shortly after that, the house exploded and the fire started burning everything.

Ji Cheng Chuan woke up in the hospital with PTSD and no memory before the fire. He also had split personality syndrome and believed he was Qin Hao. Prof. Li handled his case and later Qin Hao’s uncle, Qin Tian, took care of him. Qin Tian adopted him and took Ji Cheng Chuan abroad. Ji Cheng Chuan told his friends, Jiang Nan Xuan and Song Ling Ren, about the truth but kept it from Song Yao.

Meanwhile, because of the murder attempt in the hospital, Song Yao’s eyes were injured and she lost her magical power. Song Yao no longer could use the beauty trap against the riches. These changes made her feel scared that Ji Cheng Chuan would lose his affection. But it did not happen because Ji Cheng Chuan genuinely loves Song Yao.

To help Ji Cheng Chuan investigate the fire, Song Yao returned to the island. She found a damaged watch in the cabinet where Qin Hao hid. Song Yao recognized it as Ji Cheng Chuan’s watch. Only then did she realize that Qin Hao was actually the real Ji Cheng Chuan. He didn’t remember his identity because of the trauma. When Song Yao was unsure whether to tell Qin Hao, she received news that Ji Cheng Chuan had died in a car accident. She was devastated.

After she calmed down, Song Yao decided to investigate Ji Cheng Chuan’s death. Song Yao and her friends thought that Fifteen was the killer and that Chen Jing Hui was behind it. To get evidence, they decided to approach Ji Cheng’an. Song Yao showed Ji Cheng’an that somebody had planted a bug in Ji Hong Lin’s car.

The tool was planted in a decoration which was given by Chen Jing Hui. Song Yao managed to convince him that Chen Jing Hui was the one who spied on his father. He was also involved in Ji Hong Lin’s accident and Ji Cheng Chuan’s death. Ji Cheng’an agrees to cooperate with her.

However, Chen Jing Hui is already suspicious of Ji Cheng’an. and when they try to spy on him, it was Song Yao and her team who fall into a trap. Song Yao almost died in an elevator crash if Sheng Shi Lin did not stop her from entering the tampered elevator.

Song Yao started to suspect Sheng Shi Lin because he suddenly appeared to save her and knew about Chen Jing Hui’s matters. Before she confronted Sheng Shi Lin, Song Yao suddenly realized that Ji Cheng’an’s life was in danger.

Indeed, Ji Cheng’an was in danger. He was almost stabbed by Fifteen in a mall if a mysterious man hadn’t helped him. Song Yao saw the mysterious man and chased him because he looked like Ji Cheng Chuang.

Yes, that man is Ji Cheng Chuan. I knew it! Guess Who I Am drama plot is a bit too easy to read…🙂

Before he pretended to be dead, Ji Cheng Chuan learned that his father wasn’t the real mastermind behind his mother’s death. It was Chen Jing Hui. He also threatened Ji Cheng Chuan with Song Yao’s life. Later, Ji Cheng Chuan teamed up with Sheng Shi Lin and the police to capture Chen Jing Hui. The police asked him to fake his death to hide himself and find the chance to gather evidence.

Ji Cheng Chuan also did it to save Song Yao. He was afraid of losing her the way he lost his mother and injured his father. Song Yao found him and listened to his explanation. She comforted him and reassured him that she was not a weak woman.

Ji Cheng Chuan and Sheng Shi Lin found another witness who was present during the fire 15 years ago. It was thanks to Ji Hong Lin who secretly investigated the incident and found Mr. Wan, a repairman. He was working at Lin Shu’s house when Fifteen and Chen Jing Hui came to kill Lin Shu and Ji Cheng Chuan. Mr. Wan also secretly recorded what happened that day.

However, before he could give the evidence to Ji Cheng Chuan, Fifteen caught him. Ji Cheng Chuan and Song Yao caught up with him and cornered Fifteen on a cliff. Knowing he had no chance to run, Fifteen jumped and took Mr. Wan with him. Both were dead. Song Yao and Ji Cheng Chuan hit another dead end.

Sheng Shi Lin found a clue in the surveillance video. When he was dragged by Fifteen, Mr. Wan slipped a flash drive into a guest’s pocket. The guest is Li Chen. Song Yao’s target when she met Ji Cheng Chuan for the first time and also the one who held a grudge against Song Yao. Li Chen wanted to use the opportunity to get revenge on Song Yao. They promised to meet on Chen Jing Hui’s inauguration day as Chengtian’s chairman.

On the day of the event, Song Yao drugged Ji Cheng Chuan to keep him home. Song Yao’s friends stopped Li Chen before he entered the building and took him to a meeting room. While Song Yao dealt with Li Chen, the drug in Ji Cheng Chuan’s body wore off. He woke up and rushed to Chengtian. Ji Cheng Chuan’s presence shocked Chen Jing Hui and the guests.

Ji Cheng Chuan barged to the podium and took Chen Jing Hui hostage with a knife to his neck. He threatened to push Chen Jing Hui off the roof. Chen Jing Hui laughed and said that Li Chen couldn’t help Ji Cheng Chuan because they’d already made a deal. Ji Cheng Chuan was calm and said he trusted Song Yao.

While Ji Cheng Chuan was with Chen Jing Hui, Song Yao tried to get evidence from Li Chen. Li Chen refused because he wanted revenge on Song Yao for making him lose everything. Li Chen changed his mind when Song Yao told him she regretted helping him get visitation rights for his daughter.

When the police arrived, Chen Jing Hui didn’t think he’d be arrested. Ji Cheng Chuan saw Song Yao run towards him and hugged him. Their friend (including Sheng Shi Lin) followed them to the rooftop to celebrate.

Ji Cheng Chuan is arrested for threatening others with a knife. but because nobody was hurt, he was only detained for 15 days. Song Yao and her friends were also criticized by the police for their inappropriate behavior.

They apologized and settled with the parties involved (I had no idea who the party was, but probably Li Chen). Ji Hong Lin regains his consciousness and is recovering. Ji Cheng Chuan is now the chairman of Chengtian Group. His relationship with Ji Cheng’an is improving as well.

What Happened to Chen Jing Hui?

Chen Jing Hui is the mastermind behind everything that happened 15 years ago. He killed Lin Shu and Qin Hao and ordered Fifteen to deal with Song Qiu Xia. Chen Jing Hui also threatened Ji Cheng Chuan with Song Yao’s life. If he wanted to keep her safe, Ji Cheng Chuan had to resign from Chengtian, give up the Ji family inheritance, and leave the country.

Guess Who I Am Ending Explained - What Happened to Chen Jing Hui
Guess Who I Am Ending Explained – What Happened to Chen Jing Hui?

To protect Song Yao, Ji Cheng Chuan agreed to sign the agreement. However, Chen Jing Hui killed him in a car accident. Chen Jing Hui started to be wary of Ji Cheng’an. So when he tried to plant a GPS tracker on him, Chen Jing Hui easily found it. Using the tracker, Chen Jing Hui lured Song Yao to a small building. She almost got into a tampered elevator if Sheng Shi Lin hadn’t stopped her. Chen Jing Hui saw the elevator fall and believed that Song Yao had died.

Because of Ji Cheng’an’s stabbing incident, Fifteen was hunted by the police. Cheng Jing Hui gave him money and told him to leave. But Fifteen didn’t leave right away. He went back to deal with another witness of the fire incident 15 years ago.

After Fifteen died, Chen Jing Hui decided to end everything. He was about to become the new chairman of Chengtian Group. But Ji Cheng Chuan showed up on the day of the ceremony. Ji Cheng Chuan took him hostage and threatened to kill him. So Chen Jing Hui had to do what Ji Cheng Chuan said.

Chen Jing Hui thought Ji Cheng Chuan’s plan wouldn’t work. He’d already made a deal with Li Chen and thought Li Chen wouldn’t help Ji Cheng Chua. But oh boy, he was wrong. Chen Jing Hui underestimated Song Yao’s ability to persuade people. He thought he was winning and the police had come to arrest Ji Cheng Chuan. Much to his surprise, it was Chen Jing Hui who was arrested.

What Happened to Song Ling Ren and Gu Zi Jun?

Gu Zi Jun and Song Ling Ren are still together. One day, Song Ling Ren drove to the place near the police station and the civil affairs bureau. Gu Zi Jun was nervous because he thought she wanted to marry him.

Guess Who I Am Ending Explained - What Happened to Song Ling Ren and Gu Zi Jun
Guess Who I Am Ending Explained – What Happened to Song Ling Ren and Gu Zi Jun?

After an embarrassing moment of panicking, it turned out that Song Ling Ren only wanted to try the new bubble tea shop…

What Happened to Shen Shuang Shuang and Jiang Nan Xuan?

Shen Shuang Shuang still fangirling his idol. Later, Jiang Nan Xuan asked her to be his girlfriend and gave her a surprise by filling his car trunk with balloons, flowers, and lots of idol merch.

Guess Who I Am Ending Explained - What Happened to Shen Shuang Shuang and Jiang Nan Xuan
Guess Who I Am Ending Explained – What Happened to Shen Shuang Shuang and Jiang Nan Xuan?

Jiang Nan Xuan said he’d spend as much money as she wanted to make her happy. Shen Shuang Shuang thought for a while and said yes. They’ve been together ever since.

What Happened to Sheng Shi Lin?

Shen Shi Lin changed a lot after saving Song Yao and Qin Hao from Kang Li Ping. He became a managing director in his family’s company. He also started hanging out with Song Yao, Ji Cheng Chuan, and their friends. But he was the only one who was single. Nevertheless, he still enjoyed the fun. Shen Shi Lin felt like these people were good friends.

Sheng Shi Lin was surprised when Ji Cheng Chuan called him and asked him for a favor. He helped Ji Cheng Chuan fake his death and hide him. Sheng Shi Lin teamed up with Ji Cheng Chuan to protect Song Yao and cooperate with the police. However, Song Yao managed to fish out the information about Ji Cheng Chuan’s whereabout from him.

Guess Who I Am Ending Explained - What Happened to Sheng Shi Lin
Guess Who I Am Ending Explained – What Happened to Sheng Shi Lin?

Sheng Shi Lin helped Song Yao and Ji Cheng Chuan catch Chen Jing Hui. After Chen Jing Hui was arrested, the two teams merged and Sheng Shi Lin became the seventh member. He now took the role of the leader of the Justice Committee.


Song Yao finished her novel. She is waiting for the publisher to call. Mr. Lu called her and they met to talk about her novel, “Guess Who I Am.” However, the feedback from the readers was not like she imagined before. They scolded her and criticized her novel. Song Yao read them with a dejected expression while Mr. Lu tried to console her.

However, suddenly the feedback turned into good ones. This time, a smile bloomed in her eyes. Song Yao was elated when Mr. Lu told her that the company decided to publish Song Yao’s novels and he had come up with a contract for her. Yet, Song Yao still was not confident that she could make her novel better.

Mr. Lu reassured her that later she would get help from an editor. A few minutes later, the said editor entered the room. Song Yao was surprised to see a familiar face and a familiar name. Another smile blooms on her face.

My Musing

How come Song Yao’s mother was so calm after she woke up? Isn’t she supposed to be disoriented and anxious after sleeping for 15 years? At least she should be surprised to see her daughter had been a fully grown adult. And the inauguration ceremony really lacked grandeur. There was only a podium, backdrop, and a little bit of flower. It was too shabby for an important event of a giant company.

Oh well, but at least the ending was good. I feel like Shen Shi Lin has become like Charlie from Charlie’s Angels. Only lack of sense of fashion… 😂😂😂

I hope this post helps to satisfy your curiosity. Let me know your opinion about this drama, dear readers. Please write it in the comment box below. I will always be happy to read your thoughts about the post. Thank you for stopping by. I’ll see you in another post of review and ending explained drama. See You!

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