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"Guess Who I Am drama is a good choice for romance junkies who need daily entertainment."

Guess Who I Am Drama Review

  • Drama Title: Guess Who I Am
  • Also Known As: 猜猜我是谁, Please! Please Don’t Be Friend with Me , Cai Cai Wo Shi Shei , Bai Tuo! Qing Bie He Wo Zuo Peng You, Guess Love
  • Director: Zhong Qing
  • Cast: Zhang Yu Xi, Wang Zi Qi
  • Screenwriter: Xu Meng
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy
  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Date of Release: March 22, 2024
  • Original Network: Youku
  • Where to Watch: Youku, Viki

Dear readers, I’m sorry for the long delay. We had a long holiday to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. This is the most joyous celebration for all Muslims after we fast during Ramadan. Food was all over the table, and we ate it all with relish. Eid Mubarak to you, dear readers. May God bless you with happiness and prosperity.

And after the long holiday, it is time to return to the reality of endless to-do lists. We have Guess Who I Am drama review for you, it is one of the Chinese dramas released in March 2024. Let’s go!

Guess Who I Am Synopsis

Song Yao has never failed to attract men with fat bank accounts. As long as they stared at her sparkling eyes, those rich men were willing to do whatever she asked. And Song Yao used her ability to punish those with crooked minds and jackass manners.

This young lady didn’t work alone. She teamed up with Shen Shuang Shuang and Gu Zi Jun. Together, they form the Justice Committee, a paid service for those who want to punish some rich scumbags.

Song Yao and her team ran into Ji Cheng Chuan and his friends, Jiang Nan Xuan and Song Ling Ren, when they were conducting a mission. It wasn’t a pleasant meeting since the two parties almost ruined each other’s plan. Ji Cheng Chuan and his friends were also on a mission to deceive Ji Cheng’an, Ji Cheng Chuan’s stepbrother and the heir of the Ji family. Meanwhile, Song Yao was dealing with Li Chen.

Guess Who I Am Drama Review - poster 4

Ji Cheng Chuan had been hiding abroad for years after a fire broke out and killed his mother, a childhood friend, and his friend’s father. However, his sudden presence threatens some people in the Ji family and Chengtian company. The Justice Committee was hired to prevent Ji Cheng Chuan from becoming the CEO of Chengtian.

Song Yao was happy when she found out that the man she hated had become her target. But much to her surprise, Ji Cheng Chuan was immune to her power.

Unbeknown to Song Yao, the Ji Cheng Chuan whom she tried to bewitch is an impostor named Qin Hao. He pretended to be Ji Cheng Chuan to enter Ji’s family and its company, Chengtian, to investigate the person behind the fire that killed his father, the real Ji Cheng Chuan, and his mother, Lin Shu.

Their mission turned complicated when Qin Hao and Song Yao were involved in a love scenario and ended up in a marriage. However, the fake relationship incites real feelings in their heart, and gradually they find themselves falling in love with each other.

Guess Who I Am Drama Review

Con artists united!

These are the words that came into my mind after I watched the first episode. This drama is about two con artists and their teams. The first team is Song Yao and her friends. The second is Qin Hao and his colleagues. They schemed against each other because they were not on good terms.

This drama is packed with hilarious scenes, and I have a good laugh while watching it. We started with Song Yao’s sparkling eyes effect that could make others see her as their dream woman. Song Yao’s target, Li Chen, saw her as Marilyn Monroe. Zhang Yu Xi looked like she was going to attend a Halloween costume party with the iconic white dress, red lipstick, and cheap blonde wig.

Mostly the laughter came from Song Yao’s team and Sheng Shi Lin’s scenes. Song Yao and her friends are clumsy and reckless. Sheng Shi Lin is the second male lead because he is Qin Yao’s love rival. However, you would not have a second male syndrome with him because his character is comical, created mainly for entertainment purposes only 😂.

Guess Who I Am Drama Review - poster 2

Qin Yao and his team are the opposite of Song Yao’s team. They had a good relationship, but it was more like a boss and his assistants. I like Song Yao’s team better than Qin Hao’s. Their friendship brought warmth to everyone who saw them. While I saw only Jiang Nan Xuan and Song Ling Ren’s loyalty to Qin Hao.

This drama also has some funny remarks in its dialogue. For instance, the dialogue between Song Yao and Qin Hao about cooking a meal.

Song Yao: “Initially, I was going to cook for you.”
Qin Hao: “I prefer to stay alive a little longer”

Or when Song Yao caught Gu Zi Jun and Shen Shuang Shuang taking bribes from Sheng Shi Lin. Gu Zi Jun saw Song Yao’s livid expression and muttered, “Winter is coming.” Anyone who watched Game of Thrones knew how grim this remark was. 😫

The sets of this drama are arranged to match the characters’ personalities. Gu Zi Jun’s house is occupied by him, Song Yao, and Shen Shuang Shuang. The house was messy but warm. Meanwhile, Qin Hao’s mansion was cold and lifeless like him.

The wedding venue was dark and gloomy. I saw a jellyfish decoration hanging on the ceiling. There were also whale glass sculptures and clamshell decorations, making it look like a winter under the sea. But if you look closely at the wall, you’ll see constellation posters. It’s unusual to see constellations at a sea-themed wedding venue like this.

But Song Yao and Qin Hao have been interested in space since they were a child. And also their first date was at the planetarium. And everything could be traced back to their childhood time when they were talking about the stars and asteroid B-612 which were taken from the classic novel The Little Prince.

When you watch this drama, you might not be aware that every episode has a different length. Several were 30 minutes long, but some were over 50 minutes. However, as a result, every episode was cut at the right time. No abrupt end or painful cliffhanger. It feels satisfying for me.

As always, there is no perfect drama. Even the famous The Legend of Shen Li also has its flaws. And so, with this Guess Who I Am drama. The first episode was already making me frown. It said that Song Yao’s eyes became magical because a spark of embers from a shooting star entered her eyes.

Is it possible thing to happen? Also, when Qin Hao sneakily took Ji Chen An’s blood. He took blood from Ji Chen An’s wound on his palm. But the blood drawn was half a vacutainer tube. You cannot draw that much blood unless you use a syringe. And the nurse who took Qin Hao’s blood at Ji Hong Lin’s office had long nails.

As far as I know, people in the health industry are banned from having long nails. Since long nails could be a playground for germs. It’s small, but noticeable if you look closely. Distracting? yes. Annoying? definitely.

This drama pace is quite slow because of its complicated story. Guess Who I Am has a cliché story and was made solely for entertainment. You don’t have to think too much during your drama-watching session. Just let it go with the flow and forget about small details that annoyed you.

The ending of this drama is satisfying. Even though there were some surprises, I still loved to see the happy ending. I have wrote the ending in a separate post, you can read it here Guess Who I Am ending explained. Don’t forget to stop by.

The Story

Guess Who I Am is a story within a story. Song Yao, a writer, tried to get her novel published. However, Song Yao’s novel was rejected because it lacked complexity. The company wanted a story about human nature, relationships, and the dark side of things. It had to have power struggles, suspense, action, and comedy.

Guess Who I Am Drama Review - poster 3

To fulfill these demands, Song Yao wrote a new novel titled Guess Who I Am. This is the beginning of the story of Song Yao and Qin Hao. Song Yao did a good job of creating a story. It has all the elements the company wanted. For example, there’s a power struggle. Ji Cheng Chuan had to fight his father and uncle to become CEO of Chengtian.

There’s suspense when Qin Hao investigates the fire and the killer. There’s action when Qin Hao’s car falls off a cliff. And comedy? They prepare many scenes, especially with Sheng Shi Lin on it.

A story within a story concept has been used in many dramas. For instance, Story of Kunning Palace or Different Princess drama. This way of telling stories could help pass China’s censorship and give the story some fantasy effect. In this case, Song Yao’s magical eyes. It could be considered fantasy because the way Song Yao gained this ability is too far-fetched.

Thankfully, this magical eye gives a good reason for me to laugh. I felt a little sad when Song Yao lost her ability to bewitch rich scumbags.

I felt like I was watching a familiar show when I watched this drama. It seemed like a mixture of many tropes. However, this is understandable when we recall that Guess Who I Am is a novel written by Song Yao, the novel writer. So, in this drama, you would see many tropes.

For example, the cold male lead who is actually kind; the hard-working female lead, who paid for her mother’s hospital fee; jealous third parties; and contractual marriage. You would also feel the story about trauma and PTSD is quite familiar like Zhang Yu Xi’s drama South Wind Knows.

That is some of the tropes that you’ll find in this drama. I am sure you will find other tropes while watching this drama. I was sooo used to these kinds of trope. Near the end of the drama, there would be a shocking plot. However, I could guess it almost instantly. 🙄

There were significant differences between Song Yao’s team and Qin Hao’s team. They were the opposite of each other. Qin Hao’s team looked very businesslike. Song Yao’s team looked casual. Qin Hao’s team used a business approach. Song Yao’s team, due to their poor condition, was more creative in solving cases.

I like Song Yao’s team better than Qin Hao’s team. Gu Zi Jun might look like a nerd and Shen Shuang Shuang looked like a rude girl. but their friendship moved me. The way they care so much about Song Yao’s mother’s condition is enough to prove how deep their friendship is.

I had a small rant for the mystery section. Lin Shu, Ji Cheng Chuan’s mother, is the reason why the fire happened. Song Qiu Xia, Song Yao’s mother, was involved in the case. However, their stories seemed unimportant. This also applied to Qin Ming, Qin Hao’s father, whose death was connected to the fire.

In the end, it was Song Yao and Qin Hao who cracked the mystery with a one-man show action. I cannot help but feel disappointed in this part.

The romance was fast. Qin Hao fell in love with Song Yao early after he was bewitched by her eyes. They also got married early. However, they really became a couple and consummated the marriage nearly the 20th episode.

Well… I do have a love-hate relationship with this long and arduous flirting phase before the real relationship started. Yet, this is the charm of every Chinese drama. You just have to learn to accept it…😎

The Wardrobes

Zhang Yu Xi is one of China’s most beautiful actresses. I don’t particularly like her in traditional hanfu clothes, but she is stunning in cheongsam. in this drama, she wears casual clothes as well as formal ones. I really like her style. It was very fashionable that she seemed like she was walking out of a fashion magazine.

Wang Zi Qi is very tall with a very good build. I always found him handsome in suits, turtlenecks, and long coats. Guess Who I Am is a feast for my eyes. He looked good in anything he wore. 😍

The other character also dresses according to their personality. The serious Song Ling Ren always appeared in a working pantsuit and long trench coat. Meanwhile, Shen Shuang Shuang always dressed casually with braided hair.

Guess Who I Am Drama Review - poster

Gu Zi Jun is so ordinary that I could not find the uniqueness of his fashion. The snobbish Jiang Nan Xuan collects colorful suits with different fabrics. His taste in fashion is inspired by movies, but it seemed he picked an old classic movie since his clothes looked outdated. 😅

All the wardrobe in this drama was arranged by Huang Wei, a stylist who used to work in Vogue China. Her track record was long. Huang Wei was the costume designer for many famous dramas such as Zhao Li Ying’s Princess Agents, A Dream of Splendor, Till the End of the Moon, Back From the Brink, My Journey To You, The Last Immortal, and Everyone Loves Me.

The Casts and Crews

Guess Who I Am is directed by Zhong Qing. He is a Chinese director who started his career directing a drama called Accidentally in Love. He also directed Zhao Lu Si and Liu Te’s drama, Please Feel At Ease, Mr. Ling. His recent drama In Blossom is also a hit this year. Starring Liu Yue Xi and Ju Jing Yi, this mystery drama has caught my attention since the beginning.

Zhang Yu Xi is the star of this drama. She is a good actress with expressive eyes. I like how fast Song Yao’s expression changes when she’s near Qin Hao. One second she’s sweet and seductive, but in another second she’s fierce. Zhang Yu Xi is a good fit for Song Yao.

Wang Zi Qi plays the cold Qin Hao/Ji Cheng Chuan. He doesn’t show much emotion, except when he’s stunned by Song Yao’s beauty or jealous of other guys who stare at her. Qin Hao/Ji Cheng Chuan is cold, cunning, and arrogant. He’s the type of cruel CEO in dramas.

I used to think Wang Zi Qi was only good at playing warm characters. But after seeing him as Lou Ming Ye in Bright Eyes in the Dark, I changed my mind. Wang Zi Qi can also act well as a bitter person, including as Qin Hao/Ji Cheng Chuan.

One thing I like about Wang Zi Qi and Zhang Yu Xi in this drama is their chemistry. Qin Hao looked too rigid, but when they stared at each other, you could feel their love. I hope I can see them in another drama together.

The Cinematography

In Guess Who I Am, Zhong Qing did a good job with the visuals. There is nothing new from the cinematography aspects, but it did not lack anything. Modern drama somehow looked ordinary to me.

Unlike historical drama which often has many interesting things going on. But Zhong Qing managed to give us good angles to see all the expressions of the actors. He also gives us a very clear view especially when Son Yao and Qin Hao started to get close or intimate. The kissing scenes were sweet. Even the steamy one could not be called steamy (check it out on the 18th episode).

I love seeing Zhang Yu Xi and Wang Zi Qi up close. They have a good chemistry as lovers and who could resist watching Zhang Yu Xi and Wang Zi Qi’s beauty from up close? Certainly not me…😁

The Characters

Song Yao (played by Zhang Yu Xi)

Song Yao’s ability to enchant (more like bewitching) rich guys started fifteen years ago. Back then, she was watching a meteor shower and a shooting star blazed into the sky. It’s leaving a spark of embers that entered her eyes.

Guess Who I Am Drama Review - Song Yao (played by Zhang Yu Xi)
Guess Who I Am Drama Review – Song Yao (played by Zhang Yu Xi)

Since then, Song Yao’s eyes become special. Whenever it works on its magical power, you will see some kind of purple flame inside it. However, eleven years later, those flames could make every rich man who sees her see Song Yao differently. The effect could stop when those rich guys go bankrupt or if Song Yao uses sunglasses to block their view.

Although she works as a con artist, Song Yao is a kind person who is filial to her mother. She needed a hefty amount of money for her mother’s hospital bills and didn’t have a diploma because her special ability also ruined her life. Song Yao didn’t have a father. After her mother was in a coma, a friend of Song Qiu Xia took care of Song Yao. This friend is Gu Zi Jun’s mother.

Song Yao had a hard life and dreamed of a warm life. She gradually falls in love with Qin Hao after living together with him. Because her feelings were deep, when her eyes lost their magical power, she was worried that the effect on Qin Hao would also gone, and he would no longer care about her.

Qin Hao / Ji Cheng Chuan (played by Wang Zi Qi)

Fifteen years ago, Qin Hao went to the Lins’s house when a fire broke out and killed Lin Shu, Ji Cheng Chuan, and Qing Min. Qin Hao was saved because he hid inside a closet. The only thing that left from the incident is a custom-made cufflink of Chengtian Group on him. Now, Qin Hao is determined to unveil the real killer who killed his father, Ji Cheng Chuan, and Lin Shu.

Guess Who I Am Drama Review - Qin Hao:Ji Cheng Chuan (played by Wang Zi Qi)
Guess Who I Am Drama Review – Qin Hao:Ji Cheng Chuan (played by Wang Zi Qi)

Qin Hao is a serious, cunning, and calculating person. He holds grudges and is determined to bring down the killer together with the Ji family. His determination also saved him from Song Yao’s enchantment (and the fact that he was not rich at that time). However, it seemed that Qin Hao fell in love with Song Yao at first sight when they met at the club. Otherwise, why would he help her escape from Li Chen’s men?

Qin Hao also thought about how to make Song Yao comfortable in her room when they decided to move in together. He made everything ready for her to feel welcome the next day. He was very careful about details. He also paid attention to details in his plan. But his enemy was good at hiding things, so it often made him frustrated.

Shen Shuang Shuang (played by Wang Jia Yin)

Behind her reckless and rebellious appearance, Shen Shuang Shuang is a very efficient manager. Even the snobbish Jiang Nan Xuan was impressed by her work. Shen Shuang Shuang is a straightforward person. She is strong and good at disguising.

Guess Who I Am Drama Review - Shen Shuang Shuang (played by Wang Jia Yin)
Guess Who I Am Drama Review – Shen Shuang Shuang (played by Wang Jia Yin)

Beneath her formidable appearance, Shen Shuang Shuang is a devoted fan of an idol who loves to collect merchandise. After the Justice Committee worked with Qin Hao’s team, she was gradually drawn into the snobbish Jiang Nan Xuan.

Gu Zi Jun (played by Liu Zhe Hui)

Gu Zi Jun had a long story with Song Yao. When she lost her mother, it was Gu Zi Jun’s mother who took care of Song Yao. He could be considered Song Yao’s childhood friend.

Guess Who I Am Drama Review - Gu Zi Jun (played by Liu Zhe Hui)
Guess Who I Am Drama Review – Gu Zi Jun (played by Liu Zhe Hui)

Gu Zi Jun is a timid person, a total geek, who is very good at using computers and utilizing technology. He was never involved in a relationship or falling in love with a girl. Gu Zi Jun fell in love with Song Ling Ren because she looked valiant and strong. A total opposite of his personality. Gu Zi Jun is a very good and loyal friend. Except when you bribe him with the latest technology.

Jiang Nan Xuan (Han Dong Lin) Jiang Nan Xuan only used his brain for business. All his ideas unrelated to business were unlikely to succeed. Jiang Nan Xuan also regarded himself as a love expert. It was too bad that Qin Hao had nobody around him besides Jiang Nan Xuan when he needed love advice.

All of Jiang Nan Xuan’s ideas often made things worse. Jiang Nan Xuan is a snob who has bad taste, especially in fashion. He’s also a stingy and calculating person.

Song Ling Ren (played by Ke Nai Yu)

Song Ling Ren used to have feelings for Qin Hao. I was hoping Song Ling Ren would become a villain. She seemed like one with her quiet and icy attitude.

Guess Who I Am Drama Review - Song Ling Ren (played by Ke Nai Yu)
Guess Who I Am Drama Review – Song Ling Ren (played by Ke Nai Yu)

But as the story goes on, Song Ling Ren stays as a good person who genuinely cares about Qin Hao even though he already married Song Yao. Later, her bleak life gets more colors when the silly Gu Zi Jun enters.

Sheng Shi Lin (played by He Peng)

He was supposed to be the second male lead who fell in love with Song Yao after seeing her eyes. Although he dresses and acts like a playboy, Shen Shi Lin is foolish.

Guess Who I Am Drama Review - Sheng Shi Lin (played by He Peng)
Guess Who I Am Drama Review – Sheng Shi Lin (played by He Peng)

However, love conquers everything. Because of his desire to defeat Ji Cheng Chuan and save Song Yao, Shen Shi Lin starts to change. He asked his brother for a job and started using his brain.

Chen Jing Hui (played by Yang Chao Ran)

Chen Jing Hui is Chen Ya Qin’s brother. Chen Ya Qin is Ji Hong Lin’s second wife and the mother to Ji Cheng’an. Chen Jing Hui is greedy and cunning. He wanted the CEO position at Chengtian for a long time.

Guess Who I Am Drama Review - Chen Jing Hui (played by Yang Chao Ran)
Guess Who I Am Drama Review – Chen Jing Hui (played by Yang Chao Ran)

When Ji Cheng Chuan appeared, he became the biggest obstacle. Chen Jing Hui didn’t think Ji Cheng’an was a threat because he was weak and easily controlled.

The Conclusion

I don’t recommend binge-watching. Watch it bit by bit to avoid boredom.

Well, dear readers, I hope this review about Guess Who I Am drama would help you to choose whether you are going to watch it or ditch it. Thank you for stopping by, I’ll see you in another post of drama reviews. Ciao!

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"Guess Who I Am drama is a good choice for romance junkies who need daily entertainment."Guess Who I Am Drama Review
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