Ending ExplainedMy Wife’s Double Life Ending Explained

My Wife’s Double Life Ending Explained

Dear readers, just like I wrote in my drama review, My Wife’s Double Life ended with a happy ending. However, before the ending, the direction of the story seemed to change. Those scenes felt like an add-on to the story. I am sure once you watched all the episodes, you would feel the same way as I did. This post is for those who need a major spoiler on this drama. Read at your own risk! 😉

My Wife’s Double Life Ending Explained

What Happened to Liu Rong?

Liu Rong fell in love with Xu Mu Chen and could not hide it from her master, Yu Luo Sha. Meanwhile, Xu Mu Chen had been suspicious of his wife for a long time. so he trapped Liu Rong and exposed her identity as the Willow Leaf Thief Liu.

Liu Rong was jealous when she thought Xu Mu Chen took Hu Shan Shan home as his concubine. She didn’t know that Hu Shan Shan was targeted by assassins and had nowhere else to go.

My Wife’s Double Life Ending Explained - What Happened to Liu Rong
My Wife’s Double Life Ending Explained – What Happened to Liu Rong?

Liu Rong waited all night, but Xu Mu Chen never came to their bedroom. Her jealousy grew. She went to confront Xu Mu Chen, but he told her they were just a fake couple and the matter of him taking a concubine was not her business. Liu Rong was furious and went to see Qin Mu Mu. But unexpectedly, she met Yu Luo Sha and Mo Yan.

Yu Luo Sha gave Liu Rong poison and a task to kill Xu Mu Chen. Liu Rong couldn’t do it. She threw away the poison. Before she finished sorting out her emotions, Xu Mu Chen came to see her and said he would divorce her.

After their divorce and the death of Yu Luo Sha; Liu Rong, Qin Mu Mu, and Mo Yan went to Taizhou. Qin Mu Mu urged Liu Rong to avenge the death of their master. Accidentally, Liu Rong met Xu Mu Chen at a banquet. He disguised himself as a businessman, while Liu Rong pretended to be a dancer. When all the dancer was drugged and fainted, Xu Mu Chen saved Liu Rong. He took her out and put her under Qin Mu Mu’s windowsill.

Liu Rong learned that Xu Mu Chen and Mo Yan were keeping the fact that Yu Luo Sha was still alive a secret. Afterwards, Liu Rong and Xu Mu Chen’s relationship improved. Xu Mu Chen gave Liu Rong a hairpin and told her to regard it as their love token. But Liu Rong refused it and said he had already given her a love token, which was his father’s jade pendant.

Liu Rong and Xu Mu Chen figured out what the jade pendant meant and found proof that Duke Su was a traitor and a spy for Yue State. Their efforts paid off because now Xu Mu Chen’s father’s name and reputation were cleared.

The emperor sent Xu Mu Chen to lead the troops and fight Yue State. Liu Rong doesn’t want to leave him alone, so she tags along.

Liu Rong and Xu Mu Chen planned to steal the Yue State army’s tiger tally. Liu Rong volunteered to be the thief because she heard that the general in Yue State was Su Jin Ning. It was not hard to get into the camp, but when she was looking through the general’s tent, Su Jin Ning caught her.

Su Jin Ning told Liu Rong that he had no choice but to help Yue State because he could only have a stable life if Yue State won the war. Liu Rong tried to persuade him but to no avail. Only when she was almost killed by one of the Yue soldiers did Su Jin Ning change his mind? He gave her the Tiger Tally and helped Liu Rong escape. Su Jin Ning died to protect Liu Rong. She returned to Xu Mu Chen with the Tiger Tally and a broken heart.

With her help, Yue State was defeated. As a reward, Xu Mu Chen was promoted, Liu Rong’s master and seniors were pardoned by the emperor. She was also rewarded with a golden willow leaf arrow and a message. The emperor asked her to stop stealing from others. Liu Rong replied that as long as there were no corrupt officials in the kingdom, she would not steal from others.

What happened to Xu Mu Chen?

Xu Mu Chen has a trick to prove his wife’s identity as the Willow Leaf Thief Liu. Liu Rong was dejected because she realized that when her identity was revealed, it meant she must leave him. She intended to leave, but Xu Mu Chen stopped her and kissed her.

My Wife’s Double Life Ending Explained - What happened to Xu Mu Chen
My Wife’s Double Life Ending Explained – What happened to Xu Mu Chen?

Xu Mu Chen met Hu Shan Shan, who visited the Zichen Department. She told him that before he died, Lord Hu told Hu Shan Shan to take the ledger he hid on the footstool. Hu Shan Shan gave the ledger to Xu Mu Chen.

Because she was targeted by the assassin, Xu Mu Chen had to take Hu Shan Shan to Xu Manor. This caused misunderstanding. Liu Rong thought Hu Shan Shan would be his concubine. This was especially true after Xu Mu Chen spent the night with Hu Shan Shan at the study. Liu Rong didn’t know that Xu Mu Chen and Hu Shan Shan were trying to open a wooden box left by Lord Hu.

Xu Mu Chen found a ledger in a box. He took it to Liu Wen Chu.They found evidence of Duke Su’s treason in Taizhou. Xu Mu Chen planned to go to Taizhou with Gong Yang Mao Cai. Meanwhile, his subordinate found out that the assassin who targeted Hu Shan Shan also targeted Liu Rong.

Before he went to Taizhou, Xu Mu Chen wrote a divorce letter for Liu Rong. After she heard about the divorce, Yu Luo Shan went to see Xu Mu Chen. They fought and Yu Luo Shan died. Liu Rong was there and was hysterical. Duke Su’s spy saw the whole incident.

Xu Mu Chen has been secretly permitted to investigate Moon Star Herbs in Taizhou. At the same time, he also could investigate the death of his father. Xu Mu Chen went to Taizhou disguised as Liu Cheng Zhi. The Zhao family in Taizhou is his main target. He pretended to work with Mr. Zhao.

But a guard revealed his identity as the leader of the Zichen Department, Xu Mu Chen. When he and Mo Yan were surrounded by enemies, Liu Rong appeared and helped them. But when everything was over, she almost killed Xu Mu Chen. Qin Mu Mu urged her to avenge their master. Liu Rong was stopped by Mo Yan, who said Yu Luo Sha was still alive.

It turned out that the death was fake. Xu Mu Chen, Yu Luo Sha, and Mo Yan cooperated to make an antidote for the Moon Star Herbs pill. Mo Yan then told Mr. Zhao that the pill was an improved version of the Moon Star Herbs pill.

Liu Rong, Xu Mu Chen, and Yu Luo Sha found that the jade pendant was a clue to the missing relief fund. The secret place was inside a hut surrounded by peach blossom trees. Inside the hidden room, Xu Mu Chen and Liu Rong found the missing silver, the evidence of Duke Su’s treason, and a letter addressed to Xu Mu Chen.

In the letter, Xu Cheng Si wrote about what happened fifteen years ago. When he and Duke Su arrived at Taizhou, they found that the relief funds had been embezzled.

Some farmers in Taizhou have stopped farming and started to grow Moon Star Herbs which could harm the human body. Xu Cheng Si also discovered that Duke Su’s real identity is a spy from Yue State, Su Yu. To conceal the truth about the Moon Star Herds, Su Yu destroyed the dam that caused a big flood in Taizhou.

The last time Xu Mu Chen saw his father was when he tried to stop Su Yu from destroying the dam. With the letter and the evidence, Xu Mu Chen could clear his father’s name and reputation.

After Su Yu’s death, the emperor ordered Xu Mu Chen to lead 100,000 soldiers in Taizhou to fight Yue State. Liu Rong decided to tag along. She helped Xu Mu Chen steal the Yue State’s tiger tally from Su Jin Ning. It was hard to convince Su Jin Ning to give up the tiger tally, but Liu Rong managed to do that. The plan was good, but it cost Su Jin Ning’s life. Liu Rong was devastated.

The death of their general and the disappearance of the tiger tally made the Yue State troops easily defeated by Xu Mu Chen and his troops. They won and the emperor was happy. Xu Mu Chen was promoted to a fourth-rank official and rewarded with gold taels.

Liu Rong and Xu Mu Chen held another wedding. This time Liu Rong used her own identity. After the wedding ceremony, Xu Mu Chen discovered that his wife was missing because some “thief” kidnapped her. So he jumped to the roof to catch the “thief” and live happily ever after.

What Happened to Duke Su and Su Jin Ning?

Su Jin Zhen wasn’t running away from marriage. She was a hostage because of Duke Su’s business. Duke Su was upset because Su Jin Ning was too soft and ruined his plan. He told her to send the map out of the city or his sister would die. To avoid being seen at the city gate, Su Jin Ning hid the map inside his body.

My Wife’s Double Life Ending Explained - What Happened to Duke Su and Su Jin Ning
My Wife’s Double Life Ending Explained – What Happened to Duke Su and Su Jin Ning?

You should watch the 20th episode for the technique. I won’t tell you how he did it. 🤐

As the mastermind of the incident in Taizhou fifteen years ago, For years, Duke Su has manipulated the Watermill organization for his own gain. He also controlled the Moon Star Herbs pill production and distribution in Taizhou using the Zhao family as his cover.

Unfortunately, Yu Luo Sha was too late to realize that Duke Su was not a good person.

Duke Su discovered that Xu Mu Chen and Liu Rong found Xu Cheng Si’s secret room that contained ledgers, money, and all the evidence that revealed his secret identity as Su Yu, the spy from Yue State.

Su Yu went to the valley to find Xu Mu Chen and Liu Rong. He set fire to the valley to silence them and destroy the evidence. Later, Su Yu and his guards waited for Xu Mu Chen and Liu Rong outside the valley.

When a fight broke out, Xu Mu Chen and Liu Rong were helped by Qin Mu Mu, Gong Yang Mao Cai, Liu Wen Chu, and the Zichen Department’s guards. But Su Yu and Su Jin Ning escaped. Liu Rong chased them, but Su Jin Ning stopped her. In the end, Liu Rong could not bear to kill Su Jin Ning and let him leave.

Not long after Su Yu was separated from Su Jin Ning, Yu Luo Sha killed him. She did it to avenge the flood survivor and her Watermill brothers.

Because he managed to give the map to Yue State’s king, Su Jin Ning was granted the title of general and had to lead the troops to fight Jin State. However, he was already brokenhearted. His father died and his sister died after the Yue State people vented their anger on her.

When Su Jin Ning found Liu Rong trying to steal the tiger tally, he was shocked. Su Jin Ning got emotional when he learned that Liu Rong did it to help Xu Mu Chen. He felt jealous, sad, and helpless. deep down inside, Su Jin Ning is a simple person who wants a simple life. Yet he was dragged into a huge turbulence thanks to his father.

Although he said that he is a citizen of Yue State and he did not have any feelings left for Jing State. But when he heard that his subordinate questioned his loyalty and planned to kill Liu Rong, he took action.

Su Jin Ning gave the tiger tally to Liu Rong and fought his own men to let Liu Rong escape. Liu Rong left the camp, but Su Jin Ning was killed by Yue State soldiers.

What Happened to Qin Mu Mu and Gong Yang Mao Cai?

Qin Mu Mu and Mo Yan learned that Yu Luo Shan gave a task to kill Xu Mu Chen to Liu Rong because she wanted to save her. Duke Su was adamant about sacrificing Liu Rong, and the only way to save her was by taking Xu Mu Chen’s life.

My Wife’s Double Life Ending Explained - What Happened to Qin Mu Mu and Gong Yang Mao Cai
My Wife’s Double Life Ending Explained – What Happened to Qin Mu Mu and Gong Yang Mao Cai?

After Yu Luo Sha died, Qin Mu Mu, Mo Yan, and Liu Rong went to Taizhou. Gong Yang Mao Cai went to see her and Qin Mu Mu confessed that she was a thief and a member of Watermill. Because she is a thief and Gong Yang Mao Cai is the lord from the Ministry of Justice, they should not be together. Heartbroken, Gong Yang Mao Cai decided to resigned from his job and chase after his love.

Gong Yang Mao Cai chased after Qin Mu Mu to Taizhou. He told her that he resigned from his post in the Ministry of Justice and to live a free life with her. Seeing how deep Gong Yang Mao Cai’s feelings for her disciple, Yu Luo Sha was happy.

After Su Yu died, Gong Yang Mao Cai asked for Qin Mu Mu’s hand in marriage. Although she was shy, Qin Mu Mu said yes.

Qin Mu Mu, Gong Yang Mao Cai, Mo Yan, and Yu Luo Sha helped Lord Chen and Lord Liu to destroy the Moon Star Herbs. Their contribution was recognized by the emperor who pardoned them for their sins.

My Musing

I was disappointed with the character development in this My Wife’s Double Life drama. For example, Gong Yang Mao Cai. Gong Yang Mao Cai is a talented law enforcement officer with a promising future. He didn’t seem to hate his job. But how could an upright person like Gong Yang Mao Cai abandon his principles and go after Qin Mu Mu? 🤨

Who knows the answer?

That’s the end, dear readers. Do you like this drama? And what do you think of this ending? Tell me what you think, readers.Feel free to write your opinion in the comment box below. I’d love to read them. I also wrote My Wife’s Double Life drama review post, you can check itu too anytime. I’ll be back with another ending explained. Bye!

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