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"I was amazed by the visuals. I enjoyed this My Wife’s Double Life drama. But if you like a good story and a strong plot, try another drama."

My Wife’s Double Life Drama Review

  • Drama Title: My Wife’s Double Life
  • Also Known As: 柳叶摘星辰, Willow Leaf Picking the Stars, My Wife Is a Thief , Liu Ye Chai Xing Chen
  • Director: Zhao Jin Tao
  • Cast: Tang Xiao Tian, Sabrina Zhuang
  • Screenwriter: Gao Xiao Xian
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery,
  • Episodes: 24
  • Date of Release: May 31, 2024
  • Original Network: iQiyi, Tencent Video
  • Where to Watch: Tencent Video, iQiyi
  • Adapted from the novel: “Zei Niang Zi” (贼娘子) by Yan Nong

Dear readers… This drama has been on iQiyi’s popular list for some time. The poster was good, and I also like the cast. So, I thought I would watch this drama in my spare time. The drama was quite good, but some aspects made me want to complain during my binge-watch moments. Everything I wrote in this review, whether positive or negative is based on my opinion. You might agree or disagree with me. So, without further ado, Let’s get started. Happy reading!

My Wife’s Double Life Drama Synopsis

Liu Rong is a professional thief from an organization called Watermill. She stole things from corrupt officials or bad people. Her presence has been a problem for the Zichen Department, especially its leader, Xu Mu Chen. The Zichen Department had been trying to catch Liu Rong many times, but they always failed.

One day, Liu Rong had a new assignment. She must pretend to be the gentle Su Jin Zhen, the only daughter of Duke Su, and marry Xu Mu Chen. Liu Rong cared for Su Jin Zhen like her own sister and she was thankful to Duke Su for saving her during the flood disaster, fifteen years ago.

My Wife's Double Life drama review - poster
My Wife’s Double Life drama review – poster

So, Liu Rong agreed to the arrangement. At the same time, Liu Rong’s master and the head of the Watermill Organization, Yu Luo Sha, also gave her an important assignment. Liu Rong must steal an important jade pendant that belonged to her future husband.

Xu Mu Chen did not want to marry Su Jin Zhen. But he made a mistake, and the marriage could not be cancelled. After the wedding, Liu Rong and Xu Mu Chen started a new life as a nominal couple. They treat each other amicably but secretly investigate each other.

Although Xu Mu Chen is oblivious that his considerate and gentle wife is the most wanted criminal on the list, his instinct tells him otherwise. The couple continues their Tom and Jerry farce in real life. Unaware that the uncanny relationship slowly turns into a romance.

My Wife’s Double Life Drama Review

This drama feels like a slide. It started up high, but as time went by, you slid down and ended up on the ground with a sore butt…

So, while I won’t say I hate this drama, I did feel a bit like I was wasting my time with this 24-episode drama. The story theme was good, and I was very interested in watching it, but the execution was far from my expectations.

When I read the synopsis of My Wife’s Double Life, I was expecting a great experience. A thief married to the police, isn’t that exciting? I immediately thought of Dom Torreto and Elena’s relationship, which ended tragically. Fortunately, the fate of Xu Mu Chen and Liu Rong was different. In this drama, everything ended well.

My Wife's Double Life drama review - poster 2

However, a good ending did not lessen my disappointment. 😕

My Wife’s Double Life is visually appealing. The costumes, makeup, and hairstyles are great. The sets are well-designed. I love the costumes, the makeup, and the hairstyles. Although it was far from the original Chinese dresses and robes, everything looked pleasing to the eyes.

Zhuang Da Fei’s costume was especially good. Her dress is different from any other character, with ruffled cuffs and sheer fabric that make her look like a sweet girl. Tang Xiao Tian’s structured robes were rich with modern touches. For instance, his official hat had a wide brim and his robe’s cuff had three buttons in a row just like a formal suit.

Tang Xiao Tian looked dashing in this drama. The high bun looks good on him, but I loved seeing him with a draped hair style. This is the first time I’ve seen him with draped hair. In The Ingenious One and The Sword and the Brocade, he always wore a high bun.

When we talk about hairstyles, I was wondering about Liu Rong’s hair. Usually, a married woman would have their hair tied up because they no longer needed to parade their hair in front of strangers. If you see the scenes where Mrs. Xu is having a gathering with all the madams, all of them have their hair tied up.

So, why did Liu Rong not do her hair like a married woman would? I racked my brain but i could not find the answer. If you know, please tell me.

My Wife’s Double Life was enjoyable, but I still disappointed. The story was weak, and the acting was so-so. Our main leads, Zhuang Da Fei and Tang Xiao Tian, did better in other dramas. Zhuang Da Fei did well in You Are Desire (Your Are Desire drama review) and Tang Xiao Tian did well in The Ingenious One (The Ingenious One drama review) and Bright Eyes in the Dark. But how come when they appeared in this drama, all I could see was the wooden expression, especially from Tang Xiao Tian? 😕

After watching several episodes, I felt the plot was predictable and there were inconsistencies. The character development could have been better. Binge-watching is no fun if you can guess everything. Sometimes I could handle it, but sometimes it was unbearable. Fortunately, My Wife’s Double Wife could be considered the former.

My Wife's Double Life drama review - poster 3

Next, we’ll start with the characters’ flaws. In the beginning, Liu Rong was like a female Robin Hood. She was strong and unparalleled. Liu Rong easily escaped from several groups of Zichen Department guards by jumping from high buildings, flying, and gliding over water.

But when she fought with Xu Mu Chen, they ended up in a weird position and kissed. Her first reaction was to call him a pervert and slap him. And I was like, “Oh come on!!! Can you do a better reaction?”

Liu Rong’s reaction would be normal for a pampered noble lady, but she’s a powerful thief. The best in her class. The thorn in the Zichen Department’s flesh. How could the writer write such an ordinary reaction for her? 😭😭😭

For me, Liu Rong’s character is too straightforward to be a boudoir girl like Su Jin Zhen. But too demure as a professional criminal.

Another thing that makes me question the story is the state of the Xu family. As we know from the beginning Xu Mu Chen’s father, Xu Cheng Si, was a corrupt official and was sentenced by the emperor. Because of this case, Mrs. Xu who used to be a Princess was demoted to be a commoner.

However, the Xus did not lack anything. Xu Mu Chen was able to sit in an important position in law enforcement and the emperor granted him a marriage with the daughter of a duke. The story did not mention the reason for this anomaly.

I think embezzlement is a big crime. If the emperor punished the head of the family, the rest of the family would have a miserable life. So, I just could wildly guess that the emperor still has some affection for the Xus, probably because of Mrs. Xu.

Liu Rong’s personality also seemed to change. How come a thief who annoyed the Zichen Department became foolish after marrying Xu Mu Chen? For example, there was a scene when she was walking with Xu Mu Chen in the bamboo forest.

There was a suspicious man following them. Xu Mu Chen realized that somebody was following them. He told Liu Rong about it. Liu Rong (who is obviously unaware of the sus man) instantly turns her head to see the suspicious person.

And I was like, “Hello… could you behave more obviously, please?”. 🤣

Liu Rong’s lack of common sense reminded me of a bunch of teenage girls who like to gossip about people at the café. “Do you know the person next to us?” Don’t look at her!

A few days ago, I found a funny quote on Pinterest. It said that our amazing human brain works 24 hours a day, every day since we’re born. But it stops functioning when we take exams or fall in love. Maybe Liu Rong had a similar experience? 😂

There were two more couples in this show. The first is Qin Mu Mu and Gong Yang Mao Cai. The second is Liu Rong’s maid and Xu Mu Chen’s right-hand man. Qin Mu Mu and Gong Yang Mao Cai are repetitions of Liu Rong and Xu Mu Chen’s relationship.

Qin Mu Mu is a thief and Gong Yang Mao Cai is a law enforcement official. However, Qin Mu Mu and Gong Yang Mao Cai had to work harder for their relationship. Unlike Xu Mu Chen and Liu Rong, who were married by the emperor. And if you pay enough attention, there were some connections between them.

Liu Rong and Qin Mu Mu came from the same organization. They were fighting for the position of the best thief. Meanwhile, Xu Mu Chen and Gong Yang Mao Cai were government officials. They came from different departments.

The former is from the Zichen Department, while the latter came from the Ministry of Justice. Both of them have a rivalry. You could find the same pattern in the US’s police/detective series. The local police department and the FBI seem to always have hatred and dislike towards each other.

Xu Mu Chen and Gong Yang Mao Cai’s mothers are at odds. Gong Yang Mao Cai’s mother wanted Su Jin Zhen to marry her son, but the Duke refused. Now, Su Jin Zhen is married to Xu Mu Chen. Mrs. Gong is always angry when she sees Mrs. Xu and Liu Rong. This part is quite funny for me. You should see the scene of the madams playing mahjong. 😁

The last couple are Xu Mu Chen’s right-hand man and Liu Rong’s maidservants. This happens a lot in Cdramas. 😅

Another predictable troupe in this drama is the presence of the second male lead, Su Jin Ning. This time it was kinda different from another drama. Usually, the second male lead also possessed many qualities that were on-par with the male lead. But not this time.

Su Jin Ning is inferior compared to Xu Mu Chen. But his stubbornness and shamelessness are top-notch. I’ve never seen any other male leads like him. Even I feel embarrassed about his tactics. 😆

All in all, even though I was disappointed with the story, but I enjoyed the visuals. Who could resist a drama with gorgeous faces and beautiful costumes? Besides, I think my brain also need some break. 😂

The Story

My Wife’s Double Life drama starts with a dramatic scene of a flood in Taizhou. This is what happened to Xu Mu Chen and Liu Rong fifteen years ago. The story then moves on to show Xu Mu Chen at work at the Zichen Department.

My Wife's Double Life drama review - poster 4

The Zichen Department is like a police department. Xu Mu Chen is the Governor of the Zichen Department. In the modern time, Xu Mu Chen is probably a captain because Lord Gu is the real chief.

The most wanted criminal at the moment is the Willow Leaf Thief Liu. She’s called the Willow Leaf Thief because Liu Rong’s weapon is a leaf-shaped dart.

My Wife’s Double Life’s main theme is the romance between Liu Rong and Xu Mu Chen. The story moves quickly. One minute Liu Rong and Xu Mu Chen were engaged in a fight, and the next minute they were engaged. It felt a bit rushed. But this drama only has 24 episodes, so I can’t complain.

Xu Cheng Si’s case is the main problem in this drama. Fifteen years ago, a dam in Taizhou City collapsed, causing a flood that destroyed farmland and left people homeless. It was later found that Xu Cheng Si embezzled millions in relief funds. He caused the dam to collapse. The emperor punished him for this. However, after Xu Cheng Si died, the relief fund was missing.

Xu Cheng Si is Xu Mu Chen’s father. Xu Mu Chen tried to clear his father’s name. This case started the conflict in My Wife’s Double Life. Xu Mu Chen and Liu Rong were enemies because Liu Rong survived the flood and was in the Watermill Organization. This is an association of the Taizhou flood survivors. They worked secretly to find justice for all survivors.

It was funny that Liu Rong had to marry Xu Mu Chen to find a jade pendant. She is the best thief in the city, so why did she have to use such a roundabout way to find it? This doesn’t make sense to me. 😵

I had lots of questions about this drama. Why did Liu Rong still use her hairpin when she disguised as the Willow Thief? Isn’t that giving away her secret? In episode 2, Xu Mu Chen didn’t even realize that Liu Rong was doing a full-body search. I thought Liu Rong was a pickpocket, so he couldn’t sense anything. But then Xu Mu Chen took her dagger without her knowing. He obviously has more skill than her, but he always fails to catch the Willow Leaf Thief Liu.

Well, I am sure you have your own questions, so feel free to add them…😁

The budding relationship between Liu Rong and Xu Mu Chen was disrupted by the presence of Su Jin Ning, Su Jin Zhen’s older brother. Su Jin Ning had a huge crush on Liu Rong. He went away for a month. When he returned, his favorite girl had become his sister and married some handsome guy. Su Jin Ning did not resign and tried to get Liu Rong back.

Duke Su is Xu Cheng Si’s old friend and now he become Xu Mu Chen’s father-in-law. He looked like a nice old man, but there was something about him that made me suspicious since the first I saw him. Although Duke Su treats Liu Rong like his own daughter, he does not want his son to marry her.

Although Watermill Organization is involved in a shady business. I could instantly feel that the people inside it had a good heart. They just run out of options in life and should choose this path.

My Wife’s Double Life’s story ended with a good ending. Although it was predictable, the end story felt like an add-on secondary story. 😆

The Characters

Liu Rong 

Liu Rong (played by Zhuang Da Fei) is a bold, straightforward, and glib-tongued girl. She pretended to be Su Jin Zhen for a mission. Liu Rong is a courageous person and combined with her impulsiveness and emotional nature, things she did could be considered dangerous. Although she works as a thief, she is like a Robin Hood-type of thief. She only targeted bad people and corrupt officials.

My Wife's Double Life drama review - Liu Rong (played by Zhuang Da Fei)

Liu Rong is an orphan. She was rescued during a flood fifteen years ago. Her master, Yu Luo Sha, is more than just her master. They have a deeper connection. Yu Luo Sha regarded Liu Rong as her daughter, and Liu Rong also looked up to her as her parent.

As a young woman, Liu Rong only focused on her job and had no romantic experience. It could be seen how awkward her interaction with Xu Mu Chen was. And when she really falls in love with him, the awkwardness level increases.

Xu Mu Chen

Xu Mu Chen (played by Tang Xiao Tian) is the governor of the Zichen Department. He is strong and skilled in martial arts. When he was working, Xu Mu Chen was serious and determined. He thinks ahead and is wise. Xu Mu Chen had been suspicious that Willow Thief was his wife, Su Jin Zhen.

My Wife's Double Life drama review - Xu Mu Chen (played by Tang Xiao Tian)
My Wife’s Double Life drama review – Xu Mu Chen (played by Tang Xiao Tian)

Xu Mu Chen is aloof and cold. He wasn’t a leader who made his subordinates afraid. Xu Mu Chen is a loving son and a good boss. His subordinates tease their boss. As an investigator, Xu Mu Chen was logical.

However, he becomes weak when it comes to the girl who saved him fifteen years ago. He’s grateful to Liu, which makes it hard for him to catch her. I think Xu Mu Chen looked aloof because he was detached. But he couldn’t express himself clearly.

After his father died, I thought the Xu family was struggling. Xu Mu Chen’s mother was a princess. She was made a commoner. The family survived the problems. Being accused of a crime by the emperor is a heavy burden. But the mother and son survived with their cautious nature.

Xu Mu Chen had been suppressing his emotions since he was a child. He is careful with his words. Xu Mu Chen looks like a block of ice, but he’s a family man. He treats his mother and wife well.

Xu Mu Chen loves his father and believes he is innocent. He works hard to clear his father’s name. It took a lot of courage and effort, but he was willing to face everything, including dangerous situations. All these years, Xu Mu Chen had been very careful with his actions lest they stain his father’s name.

Su Jin Ning

Su Jin Ning (played by Lin Feng Song) is Duke Su’s son and Su Jin Zhen’s older brother. He’s stubborn and impulsive. Su Jin Ning and Su Jin Zhen grew up with Liu Rong. They were close like siblings. Liu Rong was willing to be a substitute for Su Jin Zhen for this reason too.

My Wife's Double Life drama review - Su Jin Ning (played by Lin Feng Song)
My Wife’s Double Life drama review – Su Jin Ning (played by Lin Feng Song)

Su Jin Ning’s most noticeable trait is his compassion and sympathy. However, he would do anything to remove any obstacle between him and Liu Rong, including Xu Mu Chen. Liu Rong always believed him because Su Jin Ning always looked friendly and honest. She overlooks the fact that she had been Su Jin Ning’s unattainable obsession.

Yes, Su Jin Ning had been in love with Liu Rong for a long time. However, Duke Su doesn’t want Su Jin Ning and Liu Rong to be together because of her low status. But he never said it.

Qin Mu Mu 

Qin Mu Mu (played by Cheng Zi) is a member of the Watermill organization. She is a thief and is proficient in martial arts and needlework. Unlike Liu Rong who often dressed casually, Qin Mu Mu always dressed glamorously. Her beauty and gentleness captured Gong Yang Mao Cai’s heart. Her biggest rival is Liu Rong. Qin Mu Mu was jealous of their master’s love for Liu Rong.

My Wife's Double Life drama review - Qin Mu Mu (played by Cheng Zi)
My Wife’s Double Life drama review – Qin Mu Mu (played by Cheng Zi)

As an orphan, she also longed for affection. But Qin Mu Mu was a cautious person. Therefore, she always tried to be conscientious of Gong Yang Mao Cai’s feelings for her.

Duke Su

Duke Su or Su Hao De (played by Zhang Xi Lin), is an important supporter of the Watermill Organization. He is the father of Su Jin Ning and Su Jin Zhen. Yu Luo Sha, Watermill’s master, always respected him. Duke Su saved Liu Rong from the flood, and he is one of Xu Cheng Si’s close friends and colleagues.

My Wife's Double Life drama review - Duke Su (played by Zhang Xi Lin)
My Wife’s Double Life drama review – Duke Su (played by Zhang Xi Lin)

As a father, Duke Su is known for his love for his children. Su Jin Zhen grew up pampered while Su Jin Ning grew up as a gentle and considerate person. That alone showed how good Duke Su was as a father.

The Conclusion

I said I was disappointed by the story, but I was amazed by the visuals. I enjoyed this My Wife’s Double Life drama. The gorgeous faces, beautiful costumes, great set, and the excellent cinematography. You won’t be disappointed by these aspects.

But if you like a good story and a strong plot, try another drama. This is the weakest part of My Wife’s Double Life. Combined with the so-so acting, you don’t want to waste your time with this one.

But if you are a brave person, let me give you a tip or two. Don’t expect much. Well actually, don’t have any expectations. Just grab some snacks and drinks. You’ll need it. Choose your favorite chair. Turn off your phone. Relax. Enjoy the scenery, costumes, and faces. It’s worth it. 😉

Let me know what you think of this drama. Just write it in the comment box below. I don’t often reply, but I read all my dear reader’s comments. Lastly, I hope this My Wife’s Double Life drama review helps. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you in another drama review. Catch you later!

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"I was amazed by the visuals. I enjoyed this My Wife’s Double Life drama. But if you like a good story and a strong plot, try another drama."My Wife’s Double Life Drama Review
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