Ending ExplainedOh No! Here Comes Trouble Ending Explained

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Ending Explained

12 episodes is honestly too few for this Oh No! Here Comes Trouble drama. Even so, this drama had a nice cohesive ending, nothing felt too abrupt. It is just that it was so good, I could not get enough of it! You can read the review I gave to this drama in Oh No! Here Comes Trouble drama review post.

Nearing the end of the Oh No! Here Comes Trouble drama, Pu Yi Yong began to finally piece together the puzzle that was left behind by his grandfather. He came to understand his wishes and the conflict he had with the mysterious old granny.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Ending Explained

The Ending Arc

The last spirit that came to Pu Yi Yong was the obsession of Yang Jing, one of the twin brothers who were abused and killed in his father’s fish factory. Yang Jing had died protecting Yang Ning when he risked himself getting caught by their father by going out of their hiding to ensure their safety.

Unfortunately, his father caught him, beat him up, and locked him out of the factory in the pouring rain. He died not knowing whether Yang Ning was safe or not. So, his obsession lived on and stayed in the factory for all these years. The spirit came to Pu Yi Yong when plans to demolish the old run down factory came to be.

Yang Jing came to visit Pu Yi Yong in the dead of night and wrote messages on his back. This method of communicating was just like how he used to do together with Yang Ning. They would write on each other’s back to communicate as they hid in one of the factory’s lockers to escape their father whenever he was drunk and needed to vent his anger.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble - High School Friends
Oh No! Here Comes Trouble – High School Friends

Realizing what was happening to him, Pu Yi Yong tried to decipher the message, and wrote down the message; it was the name of the fish factory. He then took his 2 friends to investigate. Sure enough, they saw the lingering obsession left by Yang Jing there.

Pu Yi Yong tried to ask him how he could help to set him free, but the spirit’s only way to communicate was to write on his back again like he did the last time. At first, Pu Yi Yong tried to decipher the message but then he found the words to be too complicated. He could not figure out what Yang Jing was trying to say.

So Pu Yi Yong decided to bring in his 2 minions from high school who were good at deciphering messages written on their backs like this. This was actually their method to cheat during exams! Hence they were practically fluent.

With the help of the 2 interpreters, they were able to figure out what Yang Jing was trying to say. He basically still thought that Yang Ning was in danger, so he refused to leave the factory. He thought he still needed to be there to protect his brother.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble - Nonkul as Yang Ning
Oh No! Here Comes Trouble – Nonkul as Yang Ning

Meanwhile, Chen Chu Ying went to meet Yang Ning and tried to convince him to follow her to the factory. But Yang Ning was apprehensive, so he refused to follow her. He said that since the incident all those years ago, he had skepticism for the police.

He told her that he has given all the information he knew on what had transpired that day and how he saw his brother, Yang Jing, had truly died. But the police dismissed his words as hallucination. Chen Chu Ying had to convinced him to believe in her and give the testimony of that fateful day’s occurrence once more.

Chen Chu Ying also asked Pu Yi Yong to speak to Yang Ning on the phone, to give him proofs of his brother’s obsession still lingering in the factory. Yang Ning was shocked and decided to trust the police after he heard Pu Yi Yong say the spirit only wanted to communicate by writing on his back.

Yang Ning remembered this was how he always communicated with Yang Jing all the time when they were young. So he rushed to the factory, where he saw the spiritual projection of Yang Jing’s obsession. Yang Ning broke down and told him he was safe. Yang Jing could feel reassured and leave in peace.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble - Yang Ning
Oh No! Here Comes Trouble – Yang Ning

Witnessing the painful ‘reunion’ between the twin brothers, Pu Yi Yong suddenly understood what he needed to write to send Yang Jing off. With his worries resolved and with the help of Pu Yi Yong, the obsession of Yang Jing was now gone. Yang Ning looked at Pu Yi Yong gratefully.

Pu Yi Yong suddenly remembered he once went together with his grandfather to Yang Jing’s funeral. His grandfather wrote the couplet for Yang Jing’s family. Pu Yi Yong suddenly remembered looking at little Yang Ning’s face. He realized, the adult Yang Ning now finally had closure.

After Yang Jing’s spiritual obsession left, Chen Chu Ying shared with the two friends what Yang Ning told her. He said as Yang Jing was unconscious on the ground, he saw through the gap of the roll down gate of someone wearing white sneakers who was approaching the dying Yang Jing.

Yang Ning prayed in his heart as he was also lying motionless after his own round of beating, that Yang Jing will be saved. But what he saw horrified him to his core. The man in the white sneakers suffocated Yang Jing and killed him.

Chen Chu Ying has promised Yang Ning that she will look into it and investigate who the murderer was. She started to look through the list of employees including part time workers who were working for the fish factory at that time.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble - Baker
Oh No! Here Comes Trouble – Baker

At this time, she went to Zhuang He Zhen, the baker who became friendly with her after they met at a children’s event. As usual, she poured out all her worries and frustration to Zhuang He Zhen. She even told him of Pu Yi Yong’s secret power. Zhuang He Zhen subtly looked surprise but Chen Chu Ying was to distraught to notice it.

She continued on, not realizing Zhuang He Zhen’s growing interest towards Pu Yi Yong. After she was done, she decided to continue her investigation and went back to the police station to look up some information.

Meanwhile, Pu Yi Yong was just finishing his visitation to his grandfather. He placed a piece of paper in to his grandfather’s hand. It was a letter meant for the mysterious granny spirit. Pu Yi Yong explained to her that he was different from his grandfather because he was stronger and that she should grant his grandfather’s wishes, which was to let him die.

Granny Lian Hua smiled as she read the letter. But it seemed she has agreed because when Grandfather Pu’s vital went down the next moment, she did not use her power to forcefully resuscitate him.

Grandfather Pu finally died and his spirit sat down one last time with Granny Lian Hua to chat and say their final goodbyes. The two friends wondered if they would ever meet each other again.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble - Lian Hua
Oh No! Here Comes Trouble – Lian Hua

Pu Yi Yong at this time has completed the puzzle pieces of the character written by his grandfather; it was ‘kindness’. As a reward, Granny Lian Hua told him the location of a thousand year old ancient artifact hidden in his neighborhood. Pu Yi Yong went searching around the garden of his building and found it. It was a 1000 year old Guanyin stone originally belonging to Granny Zeng Jiang’s family who lived next door.

As he was about to go find out how much he could sell it for, when Zhuang He Zhen caught up to him and kidnapped Pu Yi Yong. At the time, Pu Yi Yong was in the middle of a phone call with Cao Guang Yan so Guang Yan had heard the name ‘Zhuang He Zhen’ before Pu Yi Yong’s call was cut off.

Cao Guang Yan became worried after he was unable to call Pu Yi Yong again afterwards. He went to all the places Pu Yi Yong would normally frequent but he could not find him. So he called Chen Chu Ying.

Chen Chu Ying just received a message which made him suspicious of Zhuang He Zhen. It seemed he was connected to many murders involving children, including the death of Yang Jing. She asked his supervisor Cui Zhao Wan to continue the investigation in depth while she go look for Pu Yi Yong together with Cao Guang Yan.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble - Chen Chu Ying
Oh No! Here Comes Trouble – Chen Chu Ying

Time was of the essence, they could not afford to do a normal investigation and waste more time to find Pu Yi Yong. They now realized that Zhuang He Zhen had Pu Yi Yong and he was up to no good.

Chen Chu Ying and Cao Guang Yan decided to go to the spirit, Granny Lian Hua. Cao Guang Yan even brought along the puzzle pieces that Pu Yi Yong has painfully collected, and presented them in front of Granny Lian Hua, begging her to save Pu Yi Yong as a form of granting his wishes for having completed the puzzle pieces.

Soon, the duo were able to figure out the location of Pu Yi Yong which was at an abandoned hospital. Zhuang He Zhen dragged Pu Yi Yong and revealed to him the incident which caused him to have obsession. He wanted Pu Yi Yong to help him see his little brother’s spirit. He has known of Pu Yi Yong’s ability from Chen Chu Ying.

Zhuang He Zhen’s little brother had been sick throughout his young life and had been admitted into that hospital. One day, seeing how sick his little brother was, Zhuang He Zhen gave him a piece of sugar frosting into his mouth and smothered his brother to death. His twisted mind thought he was helping his brother by killing him.

Now he wanted Pu Yi Yong to help him see his brother’s spirit to confirm he had been happy with Zhuang He Zhen killing all these children throughout the years. Pu Yi Yong pretended to agree but he then found an opening to attack Zhuang He Zhen. Pu Yi Yong was injured when he was kidnapped so Zhuang He Zhen soon overtook him and tossed his body over the ledge.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble - Pu Yi Yong hanging
Oh No! Here Comes Trouble – Pu Yi Yong hanging

At this time, Chen Chu Ying finally got to where they were. In a fury, she attacked Zhuang He Zhen, subduing him to the ground and pounding his head to the floor multiple times even after he lost consciousness. She would have continued bashing his head and killed him if it had not been for Pu Yi Yong’s cries for help. He was hanging at the edge, barely holding on.

Chen Chu Ying reached out desperately trying to pull him back but she was too late and Pu Yi Yong plummeted to the ground. Cao Guang Yan who was running up the stairs saw what happened and collapsed to the ground in shock. After a moment, he pulled himself together and ran towards Pu Yi Yong.

Cao Guang Yan tried to do CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) to Pu Yi Yong but his effort seemed futile. Minutes went by and Chen Chu Ying even took turns with him. The two friends were desperate. It seemed Pu Yi Yong was gone.

In that moment between life and death, Pu Yi Yong met his father again. They continued their unfinished conversation from the night before the accident. Pu Yi Yong wondered if his father had any obsession, to which he answered ‘of course’. He then pointed to Pu Yi Yong for his son was his obsession. Pu Yi Yong finally had closure. At the other side, the weeping Chen Chu Ying and Cao Guang Yan were able to detect Pu Yi Yong’s vital signs.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble - Clues
Oh No! Here Comes Trouble – Clues

A little bit of interesting detail, the place where Pu Yi Yong fell, the ground had a cartoon picture and if you pay close attention to it, Pu Yi Yong was surrounded by cartoon images of all the spiritual obsessions whom he had helped.

What Happened to Pu Yi Yong?

After the incident, Pu Yi Yong fell into a deep sleep for some time. His friends came to visit him regularly. His mother also gave a trim from time to time. Everyone was expecting him to wake up soon and make full recovery. Spiritually, Pu Yi Yong met with all the spirits he had helped and all of them encouraged him to wake up and live his life.

Pu Yi Yong felt he was not brave enough at first, he felt the things he had to face in life was hard. Both his father and grandfather were now gone. But the spirits showed him what he had done for them and gave him courage. He finally woke up again and the scene ended with a spirit asking him to help it.

What Happened to Chen Chu Ying?

Chen Chu Ying’s dream came true, she was finally transferred to the Crime Investigation Division. Nevertheless, she felt passionate for helping Pu Yi Yong assisting these spirits to freedom. Therefore, she did not hesitate to offer help even at the risk of her career being jeopardized.

After Pu Yi Yong fell and went into a coma, she went to visit Pu Yi Yong often. She even whispered to him the reason why people in the police force called her ‘one per’. It was because, out of everyone who passed the test to be a Crime Investigation police officer, only 1% did not make through. And that was her.

What Happened to Cao Guang Yan?

Cao Guang Yan continued to be a fan of Pu Yi Yong’s comic book. Now, he even unashamedly admit that he was a fan of Ah Yi, which was Pu Yi Yong’s pseudonym. He placed Pu Yi Yong’s hand drawn comic character as his cell phone cover. Pu Yi Yong’s mother and his 2 minions from high school rolled their eyes and wondered how can someone as smart and elegant as Cao Guang Yan would be a fan of Pu Yi Yong’s odd comic.

Cao Guang Yan continued his study as a doctor and he just started his residency at a hospital. He encouraged Pu Yi Yong to wake up soon so they could talk about their career development. It seemed that now since Cao Guang had unabashedly admitted to be a fan of Pu Yi Yong’s comic, he would be one his supporters to encourage him in pursuing this dream.

Unexpectedly, Oh No! Here Comes Trouble was very entertaining and it had a pleasant and uplifting ending. Most Asian thriller I have watched is not like this haha. A part of me hope for a 2nd season, but I had a feeling this would be unlikely. But I would definitely keep a look out for it.

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