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"This Oh No! Here Comes Trouble drama is a gem. It is worth your time."

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Drama Review

  • Title: Oh No! Here Comes Trouble
  • Also Known As: 不良執念清除師 (不良执念清除师) / Bu Liang Zhi Nian Qing Chu Shi
  • Director: Lin Kuan Hui
  • Casts: Tseng Jing Hua, Vivian Sung, Peng Cian You
  • Screenwriter: Lin Kuan Hui
  • Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Episodes: 12
  • Year: April 2023
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Where to Watch: iQiyi, GTV

Not gonna lie, my heart still feels sore after the ending to Till The End of The Moon. I need something to jolt it back to life! Thank goodness along came Oh No! Here Comes Trouble.

This drama came up to top 3 on iQiyi, an amazing feat for an unpopular genre. Hence it looked like the perfect choice to me. Who would’ve thought I came upon a rare gem. This is my take on Oh No! Here Comes Trouble.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Synopsis

Pu Yi Yong is an underperforming High School Student. His grades are so low that he brought the entire average of the class to the bottom. With a hooligan style haircut, courtesy of his mom, he has the perfect image of the class trouble maker.

The only outstanding talent Pu Yi Yong has is his talent in calligraphy. He takes it after his grandfather who is a well known calligraphy artist in the city. People appreciates Grandfather Pu’s work especially his beautifully hand written couplets.

However, he disdains Pu Yi Yong’s writing because it lacks soul and at best, it can only mimics the work of other great artists. Nevertheless, Pu Yi Yong wins many awards for calligraphy competition.

Meanwhile, Cao Guang Yan is the top student in Pu Yi Yong’s class. His grades perfect, his manners exemplary, his looks elegant, his reputation squeaky clean, he is the sweetheart of the entire school.

But Cao Guang Yan and Pu Yi Yong are famed arc nemesis for mysterious reasons. What is obvious to the teachers is that Cao Guang Yan often suffers injuries because of Pu Yi Yong.

One day, Pu Yi Yong experienced a life changing accident. His father lost his life, while he and his grandfather fell into a coma for years. When Pu Yi Yong wakes up, 2 years have passed. He now has to pick up the pieces and continue on with his life. Except this time, he suddenly has this ability to see spirits.

Where will this newfound ability bring Pu Yi Yong?

Oh No! Her Comes Trouble Review

After the heart wrenching conclusion to Till The End of The Moon, I thought I would soothe my aching heart with a healthy dose of a horror/thriller drama. I have always been a fan of the horror genre. Being scared senseless weirdly brings a calming and relaxing sensation to me, though I would still find trouble sleeping alone afterwards haha.

Needless to say Oh No! Here Comes Trouble, a mystery drama, seemed like the perfect option. However, I also failed to see that the other tag for this drama is that of a comedy drama, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Already in the first episode I was holding my stomach laughing, dragging tissue papers to cry, and also pulling the covers closer to me because of the suspense. What a ride! This made me immediately looked up the director’s name because I felt like I was turning into a fan.

Oh No Here Comes Trouble Drama Review - group

Of everyone in the ensemble, I cannot say that I have seen anyone’s work except for Vivian Sung in Our Times, opposite Darren Wang. She was memorable to me due to her perfect comedic timing. So when I also saw her in Oh No! Here Comes Trouble, I had the reassurance I need that I was going to have a good time.

The performances of all the other actors and actresses were also top notch. But there were favorite performances and mine was Pu Yi Yong’s mother, Ye Bao Sheng, played by Cheryl Yang. Mother Ye’s character was a very interesting combination; a rambunctious beauty. I can see who Pu Yi Yong took after.

Ye Bao Sheng was portrayed as someone who was a rebel when she was young, who grew into a strong, hard headed woman with a kind but straight forward personality. Both her husband and son feared her.

Many of my favorite scenes were of her performance; when she pretended not to see the old woman next door making Pu Yi Yong believed he has seen a ghost, when she dangerously stared at Pu Yi Yong when he refused to have his hair cut by her, and when she had to break the news to Pu Yi Yong to tell him his dad was gone. All scenes were delivered very very well, nothing over the top, but the intended emotion carried through.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Drama Review - Ye Bao Sheng
Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Drama Review – Ye Bao Sheng

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble is a story about friendship, about the courage to live and about being brave enough to chase after the passion in your heart. All in all, good, uplifting message which I appreciate.

The plot revolves around Pu Yi Yong’s discovery of his supernatural powers and the adventures it brought to him. The storyline was put together quite well, and it was written very smartly with loads of funny lines and scenes. But a script like this can only shine when it is paired with a powerful performance. I can confidently say there was no one who was subpar, everyone had their own moment to shine.

There were multiple story lines with different spirits which Pu Yi Yong and his friends must deal with. All of them were interconnected to guide Pu Yi Yong to the big conclusion at the end. Let me tell you, I have never cried so much for a comedy drama (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀).

I felt like I was taken on a journey and I let myself be immersed in the story. Comedy is my number one favorite genre. So for sure, I will revisit this drama again from time to time, but this time I will have the tissue box ready. 12 episodes felt way too short…I need more. Can I take the scene at the end as a I sign that they will come up with the 2nd season?

The Cinematography

From my personal experience of watching horror/mystery dramas or movies, angles from how a scene is shot plays a very important role. I personally prefer an eerie horror scene instead of a jump scare, although I also appreciate that from time to time. So the key is probably to have a good mix of both.

For Oh No! Here Comes Trouble, I have to say the scenes were not overly scary because I suppose the main theme is in the mysterious plot, but they were better compared to some horror movies or dramas I have seen.

Is it also because this drama has some comedy elements in it? I am not sure about that but I can safely say that Lin Kuan Hui does not specialize in the horror genre. But nevertheless, as a mystery or thriller drama, the scare factor was acceptable.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Drama Review - group Zheng Li Song

If there is any long lasting impression that I have of the director’s work, is that she delivers the intended emotion through the scenes well. Sometimes when you watch a drama or movie, you could understand the general idea of how the plot was supposed to go, and could tell how it should look like as it was translated on screen, but somehow the end product did not translate well.

This drama did not suffer from that, in fact it was very good in this point that I made a mental note. The angles, the way the story was unfold, the memory flashbacks editing and the chosen soundtrack, they all meshed very very well.

If there was anything that could be said that I am a bit unsatisfied of was that I really thought there was something supernatural going on with all of Cao Guang Yan’s mishaps at school and I was waiting for it to be revealed at the end. But either this was a loose end that was not concluded or I have missed it entirely.

The Casts and Characters

Tseng Jing Hua as Pu Yi Yong

Despite his young age, Tseng Jing Hua is an award winning actor with quite a few dramas and movies under his belt. Although Pu Yi Yong cannot be considered as a complicated, multi-layered character, and he seemed to be one of those characters that cannot communicate his emotion well, there were some important yet heartbreaking scenes that showed Tseng Jing Hua’s capability.

If such scenes were performed poorly, I would feel like I was having a toothache and that it would be a complete waste of time. So I have to applaud Tseng Jing Hua for having successfully delivered the scenes and caused me to have red, swollen eyes the following day.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Drama Review - Pu Yi Yong
Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Drama Review – Pu Yi Yong

Pu Yi Yong was an underachieving student who was often misunderstood due to his questionable hairstyle. The sometimes colored mullet styled by his mom made him look like a punk. It felt like he had no choice but to live up to everyone’s expectation of his rebellious attitude.

Although he faired poorly in his academics, Pu Yi Yong was surprisingly very good in his Chinese calligraphy, a stark contrast to his persona. People with such beautiful hand writing is known for their impeccable temperament and depth of thoughts. But the Pu Yi Yong in person was nothing of the sort. I find his inconsistent character hilarious.

Pu Yi Yong aspired to be a comic author. He had tried to publish some of his work online, but it seemed his work was an acquired taste. Most people will dismiss it as trash and only a select few would find it beautiful and speaks to the heart. But this did not dampen his spirit until the accident happened.

After the accident, Pu Yi Yong discovered he was able to see supernatural beings. They came to him to ask for help to resolve their obsession. Pu Yi Yong utilized his talent in calligraphy to write couplets for them as a method to send the spirits off and free them from the worldly obsession that tied them down. At first, he did not know what to write, the inspiration did not come to him as he needed to write it from the heart. But as the story went on, Pu Yi Yong learnt how to truly look into people’s hearts and his own.

Vivian Sung as Chen Chu Ying

Chen Chu Ying was a police officer who became one of the first responders in the fatal accident involving Pu Yi Yong and his family. Pu Yi Yong owed his life to her. After their first meeting, they went on their separate ways. But reunited years later when she suspected Pu Yi Yong’s involvement in a traffic accident.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Drama Review - Chen Chu Ying
Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Drama Review – Chen Chu Ying

Pu Yi Yong had always wondered about his dad’s final moments during the accident. His worst fear was that if he had suffered during the fatal impact, hence he was curious how his dad’s body had looked like. He gathered his courage to ask Chen Chu Ying about it. Being thoughtful to Pu Yi Yong, Chen Chu Ying refused to let him know at first but changed her mind after she realized this might bring closure to Pu Yi Yong.

Chen Chu Ying has always wanted to be a Crime Investigation Officer. Unfortunately, her grade did not make the cut and she was assigned to deal with minor crimes such as traffic violations, citizen complaints and roadside drunk testing. She felt her current position was too small for her ambition.

She began to see a positive change in her career after she met Pu Yi Yong and helped him solve his supernatural problems. Due to this, she was able to solve old cases and received commendation from the police force. Although in the beginning she was helping Pu Yi Yong for her own personal gains, she later on realized she was passionate about helping people.

Chen Chu Ying and Pu Yi Yong’s dynamics was like that of an older sister and a younger brother. It developed over time where they finally had genuine care for each other.

Peng Cian You as Cao Guang Yan

Cao Guang Yan was everybody’s sweetheart. He was smart with perfect grades, gentle temperament, handsome appearance and model behavior. He was the perfect example of ‘other people’s child’ and truly embodied the term ‘pure like snow and jade’ in the modern world. Not only were girls and boys enamored by him, but animals also seemed to adore him, not unlike a Disney princess in this aspect.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Drama Review - Cao Guang Yan
Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Drama Review – Cao Guang Yan

He seemed to always get hurt every time he was around Pu Yi Yong and so teachers and fellow students all concluded that Pu Yi Yong must have bullied him. Unable to defend himself and shake off this label as someone who bullied the school’s flower, Pu Yi Yong decided to give Cao Guang Yan a hard time every time he had the chance. Since then, they earned the reputation of being arc nemesis of each other.

Ever since Pu Yi Yong got into the accident and had to miss school, Cao Guang Yan unexpectedly felt something was missing. They went on with their separate lives but was reunited when Cao Guang Yan and his family moved to the house next to Pu Yi Yong’s.

In the beginning, they avoided each other like the plague. But one day, Cao Guang Yan was being followed by a supernatural being and he realized that Pu Yi Yong was the only one who could help him. Thus they began their unlikely bond to form a strong brotherhood.

Cao Guang Yan began to experience a colorful life once he became involved with Pu Yi Yong. He also learnt to fully realize the weight and responsibility of his chosen profession which was to become a doctor. Before, being a doctor was just something he wanted to do, not necessarily because he wanted to save people. But seeing how Pu Yi Yong tried so hard to help and save the spirits made him changed his mind.

The Story (spoilers)

Pu Yi Yong was a normal high school student who performed poorly in his academics. His most remarkable talent was in calligraphy, following that of his grandfather’s. Nevertheless, what he wanted to do was to write comic books. He realized there was not much money to be made in this line of profession so he hesitated in letting his family knew of his passion.

After the accident, Pu Yi Yong woke up from his 2 year coma and found out that his dad has passed away. He was devastated as he was closest to his dad. Having his life on hold for 2 years, he did not even finish high school. Now he had to restart his life and figure out what he wanted to do. At this time, he decided to quit making comic books because he believed it was the reason why he and his family was involved in the accident in the first place.

The night before the accident, Pu Yi Yong had stayed up all night making his comic book. As a result, he woke up late the morning after and him and his family had to take that fateful bus and the tragic accident happened. He always thought if he hadn’t woken up late, they could have taken a different bus and avoided the accident. The guilt he carried ever since he woke up from the coma, made it hard for him to move forward.

Not long after, Pu Yi Yong discovered he had supernatural ability where he was able to see spirits. At first, he was desperately looking for his dad incase he also turned into a wandering spirit. But as the story progressed he realized all these spirits had more to do with his grandfather.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Drama Review - couplet

Pu Yi Yong then went on a journey to discover his grandfather’s special ability to also communicate with spirits. Along the way, he learnt how to follow his grandfather’s advice of writing from the heart. This helped him in writing couplets to send off the spirits to freedom.

His meeting with Chen Chu Ying started with the fatal accident that took Zheng Li Song’s life. A guardian spirit in the river took over his body and traveled to find Pu Yi Yong. Chen Chu Ying who was the first responder to the incident, suspected Pu Yi Yong to temper with the dead body, or worst, be involved in the accident itself.

The misunderstanding was resolved after Pu Yi Yong took Chen Chu Ying to meet with the zombie Zheng Li Song. The spirit revealed that Zheng Li Song did not want his body to be found whereas the river spirit itself wanted to leave the river. This was where he needed Pu Yi Yong’s help.

After the many hilarious adventures, Pu Yi Yong was finally able to fulfil the spirit’s wishes and Zheng Li Song’s body was returned. Further investigation revealed why Zheng Li Song did not want his body to be found. This was the first case which Chen Chu Ying was able to successfully crack.

After finishing a report for working on a cadaver, Cao Guang Yan found that there was always dried flower petals wherever he went. He quickly realized he was the only one who could see the flower petals. That was until he found Pu Yi Yong was also staring at the supposedly non existent flower petals.

The flower petals belonged to a beautiful lady dressed in an ancient costume. She was asking for Pu Yi Yong to help her find the name of a person she had never seen before. Further investigation revealed that the man she was trying to find has passed away 7 years ago.

The man was living alone and had no relatives. His body was found on the staircase of a building, his last words were spoken to the tattoo on his back which was the beautiful lady in the ancient costume.

After they found out the name of the man, who turned out to be the cadaver Cao Guang Yan was working on, they were able to give him a proper burial. The people who used to know him when he was alive were invited and they gave him a proper send off with the help of Pu Yi Yong and the couplet he wrote.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Drama Review - tattoo

Now the team is complete. Together with Chen Chu Ying and Cao Guang Yan, Pu Yi Yong met with many different spirits and learnt of their stories. Little by little, he also learnt to resolve the knot in his heart.

By the ending in the last episode, Pu Yi Yong was finally able to let go of his own obsession and embrace the courage to live his life with passion. I have shared with you the happy ending to this drama in Oh No! Here Comes Trouble ending explained post.

Final Comments

Once, I saw this Hong Kong horror movie that’s called The Eye 10 in 2005 which is the third installment of The Eye trilogy, not sure why they called it ’10’ when it was actually the 3rd installment. Anyway, they may not purposely made the movie to be a comedy, since I don’t see it as part of the genre mentioned, but there were some scenes that were comedy gold.

18 years on, I still remember them and compare them to any funny scenes in a thriller/horror movie. I just want to say that Oh No! Here Comes Trouble drama made me laughed more (ᗒ ᗨᗕ).

This Oh No! Here Comes Trouble drama is a gem, I wish more people would give it a try and discover its high entertainment value. It is worth your time. Hope you enjoy this Oh No! Here Comes Trouble drama. Thank you!

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"This Oh No! Here Comes Trouble drama is a gem. It is worth your time."Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Drama Review
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