Ending ExplainedRay of Light Ending Explained

Ray of Light Ending Explained

Ray Of Light was a very good drama that you should not miss. Everything about this drama was perfect and I am sure the story would shake your emotions. This is the post of Ray Of Light Ending Explained. I hope it would give you a more thorough explanation of the story. Happy reading!

Ray of Light Ending Explained

What Happened to Hao Nan?

Hao Nan had decided to resign from Qingyun High School after Chen Ming barged into the School Ceremony. He thought that if he left, Chen Ming would not come to the school anymore and the students would not be disturbed anymore. But the students of Class 14 did not resign. They wanted Hao Nan to stay and keep on being their teacher. They believed in him and cared for him.

Ray of Light Ending Explained - What Happened to Hao Nan
Ray of Light Ending Explained – What Happened to Hao Nan

On the day of the school board meeting, the students barged into the meeting to voice their opinion. They begged and urged Hao Nan to stay. Hao Nan did not budge until Bai Jie entered the meeting room with a young girl in a wheelchair. The young girl was Liu Nian. A few years ago, she was the reason why Hao Nan was ridden with guilt.

Liu Nian explained the whole truth. Her parents put too much pressure on her. They forced her to do problem sets until late at night. If her mother was unsatisfied with her score, she was forbidden from eating. Liu Nian was exhausted physically and mentally. She tried so hard to keep her position in Class 1, but her grades were dropping and in the end, she failed.

Liu Nian begged Hao Nan to give her one more chance, but Hao Nan, who was young, inexperienced, and proud, refused her request. So after her mother scolded her harshly on the phone, Liu Nian could not hold on anymore and jumped from the balcony. She wanted to die but ended up crippled.

Liu Nian told Hao Nan that she had been running away from the truth. She used him as a scapegoat because she could not face the truth. Chen Ming, Liu Nan’s secret admirer, believed that Hao Nan had ruined Liu Nan’s future and did many things to avenge him.

However, after years has passed, Liu Nan could see things from different angles and finally could make peace with her inner self. Liu Nian asked Hao Nan to move on. He was an exceptional teacher and he should be there for his students. After the meeting, Liu Nian went to talk to Chen Ming. And as a result, Chen Ming left the city and Hao Nan stay at Class 14.

On the NCEE exam day, Hao Nan came with his mother to encourage the students. On the day when the exam result was announced, he waited nervously accompanied by his friends. Hao Nan grinned from ear to ear when he learned that most of the students were able to get high scores on the exam. The Principal, Wang Zhiguo, called him and asked him to stay at Qingyun. But Hao Nan had decided otherwise.

When his students celebrate their success, Hao Nan chooses not to come. He asked Bai Jie to see his students because he could not bear to see them go. He had prepared farewell gifts for them. Each of the students receives a piece of his watch. The watch itself was special for Hao Nan. It was the last gift that his late father gave him. And now Hao Nan wanted his students to have a piece of it to accompany them on their journey.

Ten years later, the students of Class 14 received the postcards they wrote for themselves while they were in the 12th Grade. Ren Zhen and several of her friends had a small reunion. Hao Nan asked Bai Jie again to relay a message to them. He said that he was fine and still doing his job passionately.

Currently, Hao Nan worked as an elementary teacher at Qingshuihou Elementary School. He was happy and enjoyed his job. Hao Nan wrote a message for his students, “Brave the storm, and light will await you”.

What Happened to Ren Zhen?

After Gao Yuan’s mother came and talked to her, Ren Zhen realized that being a doctor and enrolling in Huaqing Medical University was her only option for her future. So she decided to stay away from Gao Yuan. It was hard for her, especially when she learned that Gao Yuan secretly liked her. But Ren Zhen had made up her mind.

Ray of Light Ending Explained - What Happened to Ren Zhen
Ray of Light Ending Explained – What Happened to Ren Zhen

On the last day of the school year, grade 12 students had a surprise from their junior. They stood in the school garden, enjoying the light while their junior sing a song for them. Ren Zhen stood side by side with Gao Yuan. Their hands almost touched, but none of them made a move toward each other.

On the night before the exam, Mr. Ren comes to her house with a cake to celebrate Ren Zhen’s birthday. Ren Zhen told her mother to let him in. At the dining room table, she held their hands and told them that it made her feel like they were still together. Ren Zhen asked her father to drive her to the exam venue the next day. Her mother tags along with them. They were as nervous as Ren Zhen.

Ren Zhen’s hard work paid off when her score was high enough to enter Huaqing Medical University. She learned all the way until she finished her doctoral degree. Ren Zhen later joined the Department of Respiratory Medicine. Aside from her daily job as a doctor, Ren Zhen frequently attended domestic and international academic seminars. She gradually made her name in the research field.

After the reunion, Ren Zhen went back to Beijing on a plane. She was surprised when she heard the familiar voice of Gao Yuan when the pilot greeted his passenger.

What Happened with Gao Yuan?

Gao Yuan was confused when Ren Zhen suddenly avoided him at school. But gradually, the relationship between them eased. Both of them focused on their dream. Although they still stole some glances at each other, now they realized their own priorities.

When Class 14 had a photo session, Ren Zhen stood near Gao Yuan. He was happy and smiled widely. But then Zhou Xiao Xiao called her and Ren Zhen had to move a bit further than him, Gao Yuan could not hide his disappointment.

Ray of Light Ending Explained - What Happened with Gao Yuan
Ray of Light Ending Explained – What Happened with Gao Yuan

On the night before the NCEE exam, Gao Yuan was nervous and went to Ren Zhen’s house. He stood under her windows and whispered Happy Birthday and wished her luck on the exam. After the exam result was announced, Class 14 had a small barbecue party. Hao Nan did not attend the party, but Bai Jie accompanied the students.

Gao Yuan was happy to spend some time with Ren Zhen because the day after tomorrow he would go to Guangshan. The Civil Aviation Academy started earlier than Huaqing Medical University. They parted ways after several rounds of rock, paper, and scissors game. Gao Yuan and Ren Zhen were sad and they left with teary eyes. Gao Yuan stared at her back and whispered that he liked him. Unbeknownst to him, Ren Zhen also thought about him in her heart.

What Happened to Zhao Xiao Xiao?

A few days before the NCEE exam, Zhou Xiao Xiao’s Nana had to be admitted to the hospital after she found her unresponsive in the bedroom. Apparently, Nana had a brain hemorrhage and needed a craniotomy. She called for Hao Nan because she had nobody to call. Hao Nan rushed to the hospital to console her. He told Zhou Xiao Xiao to focus on her exam, but she wanted to quit and take care of her Nana.

Ray of Light Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhao Xiao Xiao
Ray of Light Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhao Xiao Xiao

Hao Nan had an idea to help her. He asked his mother to be Nana’s caregiver, so Zhao Xiao Xiao could focus on the exam. Zhou Xiao Xiao was anxious about the surgery because it would be costly and she did not have the money. When Wang Fang called to ask about a math problem, she could take it anymore and cried profusely.

Later, Wang Fang was rushed to the hospital. He was wet because he run through the rain. Wang Fang gave Zhou Xiao Xiao a thick bundle of money that he borrow from his father. Zhou Xiao Xiao could not stop her tears from falling and it made Wang Fang cry too.

On the NCEE exam day, Zhou Xiao Xiao stood under her balcony and recalled every word her Nana said when she see her off before Zhou Xiao Xiao went to school. Zhao Xiao Xiao’s exam result was high and she was able to enter a top-tier university. But Zhou Xiao Xiao decided to stay in the city and took care of her Nana. She was admitted to Hong’an Normal College.

For years she juggled part-time jobs to sustain herself and Nana. After accomplishing a master’s degree, Zhou Xiao Xiao return to Qingyun and served as a teacher. She actively volunteers to provide free tuition for migrant children in her spare time.

What happened to Wang Fang?

Wang Fang had a good relationship with his parents. Before the exam, Mr. Wang gave him Kobe Bryant’s jersey and Wang Fang was elated. He used the jersey on the exam day as a good luck charm. However, on the exam day, his father’s car broke down. He run to the exam venue and meet Hao Nan, who was looking for him, midway. Hao Nan took him on his motorcycle. Wang Fang managed to enter the exam on time.

Ray of Light Ending Explained - What happened to Wang Fang
Ray of Light Ending Explained – What happened to Wang Fang

After the exam, Wang Fang was the first one to leave the venue. His face was happy because he said the exam was easy. He hugged Hao Nan tightly before he went to look for his father. When Mr. Wang came, he found his son sitting on the roadside with a dejected face. He thought Wang Fang could not do the test and comforted him.

Mr. Wang said that he would accompany him the next year. But Wang Fang said he could only do that four years later when he applied for a postgraduate program. Mr. Wang was shocked and later laughed after he realized that Wang Fang pranked him. The father-son walked home happily.

Wang Fang had a high score that could pass a second-tier university. He was admitted to a Computer Science major at Hong’an College. Afterward, he started his own business. Currently, Wang Fang operating an online pet supplies company and has successfully obtained two rounds of funding. Wang Fang was still shy to admit his feelings for Zhou Xiao Xiao, but she seemed to already know about it.

What Happened to Wu Kai?

Wu Kai was taken to the hospital after he fell off the bridge. He wanted to help a student who was bullied by two gangsters but failed. Someone called an ambulance and the doctor found that Wu Kai’s lungs were injured and he need surgery.

Ray of Light Ending Explained - What Happened to Wu Kai
Ray of Light Ending Explained – What Happened to Wu Kai

The ICU called Xia Fan and asked her to relay the message to Wu Kai’s parents. Xia Fan called Hao Nan before she and her friends rushed to the hospital. They saw Wu Kai was taken to the operation room. Hao Nan told his students to return to the school.

Xia Fan and her friends waiting for Wu Kai’s news anxiously. They only left home after Hao Nan called to tell them that Wu Kai’s operation was successful and that he would wake up soon. When he was in the operation room, Wu Kai’s mother regretted her decision. She should not stop him from drawing in the first place because it was his passion.

Before the exam, Xia Fan frequently came to Wu Kai’s ward. She brought many problem sets and helped him study. On the exam day, Wu Kai was accompanied by the doctor and nurse in the special room. He was pale, but he managed to finish the exam.

Wu Kai got a high score as a result. He was admitted to the School of Design at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Currently, he worked as a Graphic Designer and lived in Beijing with his partner. Wu Kai never stops painting despite his tight schedule.

What Happened to Xia Fan?

Xia Fan could focus on her study after Wu Kai told her that if her boyfriend really like her, he would not try to control her. After Wu Kai was admitted to the hospital, she often come to bring him problem sets and helped him to study. After the exam, she still come to his ward accompanied by Ren Zhen. The three of them had a good laugh that the nurse had to scold them.

Ray of Light Ending Explained - What Happened to Xia Fan
Ray of Light Ending Explained – What Happened to Xia Fan

Xia Fan’s score result was high. She gained admission to an English Major at Sichuan International Studies University. Currently, she stays in Chengdu and worked as an interpreter. In her spare time, she enjoys food and boxing.

What Happened to Jia Kun?

Jia Kun’s exam score was not high enough to enter a university. He thought that he only could redo his 12th Grade, yet Jia Kun thought that he had done his best.

Ray of Light Ending Explained - What Happened to Jia Kun
Ray of Light Ending Explained – What Happened to Jia Kun

Ai Lin gave him the option to enter a vocational college. Jia Kun decided to take the advice and enrolled in a vocational college in Shanghai. After completing his studies, he stayed in Shanghai with Ai Lin. Jia Kun started as a hairdresser. By now, he has established his own hairstyling studio.

What Happened to Liu Qiang Qiang?

Just like Jia Kun, Liu Qiang Qiang’s exam score was not high enough to enter a university. He was admitted into a vocational-technical school in Guangdong. He participated in the WorldSkills Competition and won the top prize in the electronic category.

Ray of Light Ending Explained - What Happened to Liu Qiang Qiang
Ray of Light Ending Explained – What Happened to Liu Qiang Qiang

My Two Cents

The ending of this Ray of Light Ending Explained was satisfying. Although I was sad that Hao Nan quit his job at Qingyun High School, he found happiness as an elementary school teacher. I was hoping he could rekindle his relationship with Bai Jie, but I guess it was just my wishful thinking. I hope Ren Zhen and Gao Yuan could become a couple after the flight. I was wondering why the director did not show Gao Yuan ten years later. I wanted to see him in a pilot uniform…😔

Last but not least, this is the most memorable scene for me from Ray Of Light. This was when the students of the 12th Grade had their photo session. Other classes would shout something about the NCEE exam. Hao Nan also told his students to shout “Ace for the NCEE exam”. But before the camera clicked, the students of Class 14 shouted “Thank You, Hao Nan” in unison. This is how the students expressed their gratitude and my tears could not stop flowing down because of them.

Well, readers, I hope you had some fun reading this Ray of Light Ending Explained while enjoying this drama. If you want to read about this drama review, you can read it on Ray of Light drama review post. I’ll see you on another post of Ending Explained. Ciao!

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