Ending ExplainedRegeneration Ending Explained

Regeneration Ending Explained

Dear readers… this is the Ending Explained post of Regeneration drama. After six episodes of revealing Fei Ke’s life as a con artist, the story surprised us with a plot twist at the end. If you are here for the big spoiler, this post is for you. So, take your time and enjoy the post. Happy reading!

Regeneration Ending Explained

What happened to Fei Ke?

He Shan revealed Fei Ke’s past. In 2005, Li Ze Rui (Fei Ke’s real name) was already a high school prodigy. Before he even graduated, Li Ze Rui was already accepted as a mathematics student at Chengjian University. He was close with He Shan and they’d agreed to go to Chengjian University together.

When he was 18, Li Ze Rui was an honest guy who believed a lie was a lie. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad. Li Ze Rui’s dad was unfaithful to his wife. He got married to the mistress and had a child with her, Li Ze Tian, who was only a bit younger than Li Ze Rui. When his mother passed away, Li Ze Rui asked his father for help, but his stepmother forbade Mr. Li to do so out of jealousy.

Regeneration Ending Explained - What happened to Fei Ke
Regeneration Ending Explained – What happened to Fei Ke?

Later on, Li Ze Rui’s stepmother asked him to help his younger brother by being Li Ze Tian’s stand-in in the college entrance exam. Li Ze Rui said no. However, after a second thought, Li Ze Rui agreed to her request. On the exam day, he ran into He Shan by accident. Li Ze Rui panicked, but he told He Shan that he was there to cheer on his brother.

Li Ze Rui did a good job at first. But on the last subject, he purposely erased the name. So when the results came in, Li Ze Tian got a zero for that subject. He didn’t pass the college entrance exam. It was only then that Li Ze Rui’s stepmother and brother realized that Li Ze Rui had deliberately ruined Li Ze Tian’s exam.

Unfortunately, Li Ze Rui’s future was also ruined. He was caught and imprisoned for a year. He was also banned from taking the exam for five years. Once Li Ze Rui was released from prison, his family cut him off. He hadn’t seen them until his stepmother called to tell him that his father was dying.

Li Ze Rui was still determined to enroll at Chengjiang University, and it had become his obsession. He found a rental place near the university and did all kinds of odd jobs for a living. He shares the room with Xiao Qiao, a forger.

Through a student ID card that he found in a theater, Li Ze Rui had a chance to enter his dream school. He met with Xu Ou, the president of Chengjiang University’s Finance Club, who happened to be He Shan’s boyfriend. Li Ze Rui then asked Xiao Qiao to make a fake student ID for him. With a new identity as Fei Ke, Li Ze Rui started his life as a Chengjiang University student.

After He Shan asked him why he was at Chengjiang University, Li Ze Rui told him that he just wanted to learn and graduate from there. He Shan was impressed by his determination. She kept his secret and let Li Ze Rui enjoy his illegal life at the university. But it didn’t take long for his lies to be exposed after a hiking accident. Li Ze Rui had to leave the place he loved the most.

Since then, Fei Ke has been living his life as a con artist. He had no other choice. Fei Ke is a genius who has no degree or career. He schemed on others not because of the money, since he never used the money. Fei Ke wanted validation from others. He fought no one else but himself.

Fei Ke was kidnapped by Chen Shu Fa’s men at the airport. It was the same time when he made an appointment with He Shan. Before the kidnapper took him away, Fei Ke gave her a USB drive.

Fei Ke got He Shan involved in his mess because Liu Mo and Chen Shu Fa found out that Fei Ke often called her. He Shan didn’t know that for Fei Ke, she reminded him of his clean and carefree life when he was still the18 years old Li Ze Rui.

Fei Ke or Li Ze Rui died of drowning after he tried to save He Shan.

What Happened to He Shan?

He Shan met Li Ze Rui at the exam site. She was surprised because Li Ze Rui didn’t have to take the exam. She didn’t know that Li Ze Rui was going to be a stand-in for his brother, Li Ze Tian. He Shan was confused when he saw Li Ze Rui in the Polaroid photo his father took that day.

Regeneration Ending Explained - What Happened to He Shan
Regeneration Ending Explained – What Happened to He Shan?

When the police came to her house to question her, He Shan realized that Li Ze Rui was in trouble. She rushed to his home, only to see Li Ze Rui was escorted by the police. Before he entered the police car, Li Ze Rui saw her face. It was the last time she saw him before they met again at a café a year later.

He Shan managed to enter Chengjiang University. She majored in journalism. When she saw Li Ze Rui, he avoided her and said that she mistakenly recognized him. Li Ze Rui wouldn’t admit who he was and said his name was Fei Ke. He Shan didn’t believe him. She only let him go after he explained his condition and said he wanted to study. In front of Xu Ou, she confirmed Fei Ke’s identity.

After the hiking accident, He Shan had to step in to protect Fei Ke’s identity from the police. Xu Ou exposed Fei Ke’s lies, but he didn’t report him to the police. Xu Ou was expelled from Chengjiang University and flew to the US. He Shan kept going with her studies. She never met Fei Ke until he gave him the USB drive at the airport.

Twelve years ago, He Shan’s honest answer to the police made Li Ze Rui go to prison. But the one thing she regretted the most was confirming to Xu Ou that Fei Ke was a student at Chengjing University. She thought that if she hadn’t done that, Li Ze Rui wouldn’t be in his current position. She felt guilty for everyone on board. Therefore, to make amends, she determined to find the truth.

After everything was over, He Shan went back to being a journalist and wrote an article about Fei Ke.

The Hidden Truth

Chen Jia Jia did not die of suicide. She died in a car accident after a car chase with her father, Chen Shu Fa. It happened after she and her father had a heated argument about her marriage to Fei Ke. Che Jia Jia admitted that her marriage to Fei Ke was a lie. She never let him touch her because Fei Ke wasn’t the one she loved. Before she met Fei Ke, Chen Jia Jia had been in love with her driver, Liu Mo.

The Hidden Truth (Chen Jia Jia)
The Hidden Truth (Chen Jia Jia)

After she died, Chen Shu Fa told Liu Mo that it was Fei Ke who killed her. Chen Shu Fa hired Liu Mo to look into Fei Ke’s background. Liu Mo started looking into Fei Ke and found out about Cheng Hao, Su Qian, Zhang Xuan, and Han Shen.

Liu Mo got in touch with He Shen and they started working together to find out what really happened. From the USB drive that Fei Ke gave her, He Shan learned about everything that happened between Fei Ke and each one of them.

There were different versions of each person’s story.

The Truth of Chen Shu Fa’s Story

Chen Shu Fa said his daughter was the one who met Fei Ke first, but it was actually Chen Shu Fa who met Fei Ke first. Chen Shu Fa thought Fei Ke was the son of a Deputy Director General in the Ministry of Lands and Mines and immediately thought of him as a potential son-in-law. At the same time, one of his mines was facing a problem.

Regeneration Ending Explained - The Truth of Chen Shu Fa’s Story
Regeneration Ending Explained – The Truth of Chen Shu Fa’s Story

Chen Shu Fa asked Chen Jia Jia to get close to Fei Ke. She agreed, but only to stop Chen Shu Fa from urging her to approach Fei Ke. Chen Jia Jia told Fei Ke about her father’s intention, and after some discussion, they agreed to be a fake couple.

When Chen Shu Fa learned that Chen Jia Jia and Fei Ke were together, he rushed the marriage. The couple had to agree and get married later on. It was just a wedding ceremony because Fei Ke and Chen Jia Jia agreed not to complete the legal procedures.

Later on, everything went wrong because Chen Shu Fa was too greedy. At first, there was nothing wrong with his business, but he decided to expand it, so he was careless and fell into Fei Ke’s scheme. Chen Jia Jia had already warned him about the illegal mines, but Chen Shu Fa ignored her.

After Chen Shu Fa and Chen Jia Jia realized that Fei Ke was just a con artist, Chen Jia Jia told him that their marriage was fake. When her father was down, Chen Jia Jia mocked him for being greedy and making use of her as a pawn. The argument led to the car chase and ended with her death.

The Truth of Cheng Hao’s Story

At first, Cheng Hao wanted to use Fei Ke. But he fell for Fei Ke’s scheme instead. Fei Ke moved to his apartment because Cheng Hao invited him, not because Fei Ke asked for help. Fei Ke knows how to take advantage of other people’s insecurities and problems. Cheng Hao was insecure about his background because he came from a humble family in a small town.

Regeneration Ending Explained - The Truth of Cheng Hao’s Story
Regeneration Ending Explained – The Truth of Cheng Hao’s Story

Cheng Hao needed Fei Ke to do rat trading (front running in the Western countries; a form of illegal trading) for him because he wanted to make more money. Cheng Hao didn’t realize that his plan would backfire on him.

The Truth of Su Qian’s Story

Su Qian is lying to Fei Ke. She told him that she was single, but in reality, Su Qian was already married to her boss. She met her husband when she came for an interview in Wylon. His name is Zhao Xiao Yang and he was the CEO of Wylon.

Regeneration Ending Explained - The Truth of Su Qian’s Story
Regeneration Ending Explained – The Truth of Su Qian’s Story

Su Qian told Fei Ke that she did not love her husband. However, she still married him because Zhao Xiao Yang could provide her job and home. Su Qian also said that her husband did not care about her relationship with Fei Ke.

When Fei Ke came to her and told her about his upcoming wedding, Su Qian was jealous. She was hysterical and said that the one she needed was Fei Ke. She begged him not to leave him. later, Su Qian stole millions of yuan from the company for Fei Ke and let Zhao Xiao Yang take the blame. However, Zhao Xiao Yang truly loves Su Qian and is willing to bear her crimes. When Su Qian heard Zhao Xiao Yang’s sincere plea to not involve her in the crimes, she broke down and cried.

The Truth of Zhang Xuan’s Story

Zhang Xuan was not sold by Fei Ke. She was willing to sleep with another man for the position of principal dancer in Swan Lake Ballet.

Regeneration Ending Explained - The Truth of Zhang Xuan’s Story
Regeneration Ending Explained – The Truth of Zhang Xuan’s Story

Through Fei Ke’s networking, Zhang Xuan met Jin Hai, the Bolshoi Ballet’s chief agent in China. She persuaded Fei Ke to take him to meet Jin Hai for drinks at a club. Zhang Xuan pretended to be weak on alcohol. In fact, she is a good drinker.

Zhang Xuan flirted with Jin Hai in front of Fei Ke and ended up sleeping with him. However, she pretended not to remember the night before. The man’s watch left on the table near the bed belonged to Jin Hai. And Fei Ke was suspicious about the watch. Zhang Xuan persuaded Fei Ke and told him that the watch was given to her by Jin Hai. She begged Fei Ke not to be angry with her.

After that night, Zhang Xuan never stayed away from Jin Hai and his friends. Later, Zhang Xuan and Fei Ke’s relationship worsened. They finally broke up after she forced Fei Ke to lend her money for plastic surgery. Zhang Xuan also dropped out of college.

The Truth of Liu Mo’s Story

Liu Mo used to work for Chen Shu Fa for five years before he was transferred to be Chen Jia Jia’s driver. They often spend time together. When Chen Shu Fa asked Chen Jia Jia to go to Singapore for a blind date, she refused and hid in Liu Mo’s house. They lived harmoniously for two weeks before Chen Shu Fa found them.

Regeneration Ending Explained - The Truth of Liu Mo’s Story
Regeneration Ending Explained – The Truth of Liu Mo’s Story

Chen Shu Fa offered him a job and money, but Liu Mo refused and insisted that he genuinely liked Chen Jia Jia. In the end, Liu Mo promised that he would not see her again and left. He did not take the offer on account of his gratitude for Chen Shu Fa. His departure broke Chen Jia Jia’s heart. She hated Chen Shu Fa for separating her from the one she loved.

But Chen Jia Jia could not leave her father because Chen Shu Fa brought her up by himself for years. She might hate him, but she also loves her father. Liu Mo only saw her from afar during her wedding party. He never saw her again until he heard the news of Chen Jia Jia’s death.

The Ending

Liu Mo’s investigation leads him to Cheng Hao, Zhang Xuan, Su Qian, and He Shan. When he meets He Shan, they agree to conduct an investigation together to find the truth. He Shan got the answer to her question from Fei Ke’s USB drive. He gives it to her before Chen Shu Fa’s men abduct him.

Regeneration Ending Explained - poster

It was Chen Shu Fa who invited Cheng Hao, Zhang Xuan, Su Qian, and He Shan to the island. He suspected that one of them might be Fei Ke’s accomplice. After Chen Shu Fa revealed that Fei Ke was tied up and kept under the seat, Cheng Hao and the others realized that Chen Shu Fa must want to kill Fei Ke. They were afraid that Chen Shu Fa would involve them in a murderous crime.

So they thwarted his plans. When Chen Shu Fa tried to stab Fei Ke, Cheng Hao stopped him. Liu Mo appeared and cut the rope binding Fei Ke’s hands and feet. Liu Mo told Chen Shu Fa that he was not there to help Fei Ke but to stop Chen Shu Fa from making mistakes. Liu Mo and He Shan agreed that even though many people were hurt because of Fei Ke, they should turn him over to the police and let the law be the judge.

On the other hand, Chen Shu Fa was determined to kill Fei Ke because he did not have much time left. Chen Shu Fa was terminally ill, and the last thing he wanted to do was take Fei Ke to the underworld with him.
Aware of Chen Shu Fa’s intention, Liu Mo had changed the course of the cruiser to the shore.

Cheng Hao, Zhang Xuan, Su Qian, He Shan, and Fei Ke rushed out onto the deck. They were glad to see the police boat. Chen Shu Fa saw that the situation had changed and rushed to the cockpit to change the course. The cruiser shook violently, and the people standing on the deck fell. He Shan fell into the water.

Fei Ke saw her fall and jumped into the sea to save her. He struggled to hold He Shan’s head above the water. But Fei Ke was badly injured, and soon he ran out of strength and drowned. At the end of his life, Fei Ke remembered the time he was with He Shan, laughing and dreaming about their future at Chengjing University.

In the end, Chen Shu Fa, Cheng Mo, and Su Qian were arrested and imprisoned by the police for their crimes.

My Two Cents

Regeneration is a short drama, but the story isn’t short at all. I ended up having to rewatch several episodes just to write this post, and I’m still not sure what to think. I feel sorry for Li Ze Rui, but at the same time, he’s the person who reaped what he sowed. But the person I dislike the most is Chen Shu Fa. He’s a greedy father who uses his daughter as a chess piece.

I also thought for a while that He Shan didn’t feel as strongly about Li Ze Rui as she did. If she really cared about him, she would have reached out to him first. But she didn’t, for whatever reason. It was understandable, though. If you see a warning sign from a distance, you might think twice about going to that place. The same thing with He Shan.

All in all, Regeneration drama was quite a journey for me. This drama proved that my hypotheses about complicated stories needing to be told in many episodes were wrong. It depends on the storyteller. A good storyteller could pack the whole drama into a small space. I also wrote more detail about what I thought about this drama on Regeneration drama review.

Well, I hope this post helps you, dear readers. I hope you like Regeneration ending explained that I wrote. Thank you for stopping by. I’ll see you in another post of Drama Review and Ending Explained. Goodbye!

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