Ending ExplainedRising Feather Ending Explained

Rising Feather Ending Explained

Dear readers, this is the Ending Explained post for the short length series drama, Rising Feather. However, are you curious to know how Qing Que got free from Lord Mu’s clutches? Let’s find out. Have fun!

Rising Feather Ending Explained

What Happened to Qing Que?

Qing Que helped Yun Huan escape Lord Mu’s rage over the private army. She gave Yun Huan the genuine jade pendant, which he could use to command the Huai Army. Yang Xun Chang had been gathering the dispersed Huai army, but Yun Huan pointed out that it was not a simple task. The tally that could control the army had been split in two. The first half was in Que’s possession, and the other half was in the emperor’s.

Rising Feather Ending Explained - What Happened to Qing Que?
Rising Feather Ending Explained – What Happened to Qing Que?

Yun Huan informed Qing Que that Lord Mu had been controlling the court for years. He had secretly transferred silver from the treasury and been hiding it. Yun Huan investigated the matter, but could not find the secret location. Yun Huan kept Lord Mu alive as a backup plan.

When Lord Mu discovered her true identity, he threatened her. Qing Que was frightened and ran into a wall, knocking herself unconscious. She suffered injuries and lost her memory. Upon examining her, Yang Xun Chang discovered that Qing Que was pregnant. Lord Mu was enraged because the baby was not his and gave her an abortifacient. Mu Qing Cheng tried to stop Qing Que from taking the drug, but Qing Que insisted on proving her loyalty to Lord Mu. Her actions pleased Lord Mu, so he went ahead with the wedding.

On the day before the wedding, Qing Que visited Lord Mu’s room, and they conversed while playing Go. When Qing Que looked at the position of the stones, she realized that the places marked on the map in Yun Huan’s hand were similar to the Go stones.

When night fell, Yun Huan went to Qing Que’s room. Qing Que could not marry Lord Mu, according to him. Qing Que was nervous when she saw him because Lord Mu had set a trap for him. However, she was also happy to see him. Qing Que revealed that her pregnancy was fake, and it was Yang Xun Chang’s idea to keep Lord Mu away from her. As they planned to leave, Lord Mu appeared at her door with a sword in his hand. He was angry when he discovered that Qing Que had been faking her amnesia.

Yun Huan had no choice but to give away the jade pendant because Lord Mu threatened him with Qing Que’s life. He threw the jade pendant. But before they left, someone drugged them with a sedative.

When Qing Que woke up, she found herself in a closed room. She caught a glimpse of a woman leaving the room, whom she did not recognize. However, when she saw a food box with pastries inside, she immediately knew that the woman was Mu Qing Cheng. Qing Que checked her surroundings and found many chests full of silver. Apparently, the room was where Lord Mu kept the silver from the treasury.

Qing Que had thought that no one would find her in the secret room, so she was happy when the door opened and Yun Huan appeared. However, the happiness did not last for a long time because Lord Mu and Zhao Li Shi appeared. Because Lord Mu took Yun Huan as a hostage, Qing Que had to go out to look for the jade pendant, but she did not find it because Yun Huan had already given it to the emperor.

Yun Huan had anticipated this and arranged for his assistant to take Qing Que to safety. However, QIn Que refused to participate and returned to Lord Huai’s mansion. Upon arrival, she joined the wine roulette but managed to dodge the poisoned wine. Unfortunately, Yun Huan drank a cup of poison and died. Qing Que was devastated. But the entire thing was an act staged by Yun Huan. He just pretended to be dead. In the end, it was Zhao Li Shi and Lord Mu who died.

After everything was settled, Qing Que was exonerated and her reputation restored. She married Yun Huan and became pregnant a year later. However, their peaceful life came to an end when a war broke out on the border. Yun Huan had to leave the heavily pregnant Qing Que.

On the day of her labor, Qing Que experienced difficulties, but she was able to give birth to her child. Unfortunately, she received the bad news that Yun Huan was missing and presumed dead. Qing Que was devastated once again. However, her mood lifted when she saw a man clad in armor walking through the corridor. She got up from her chair and ran to him. Yun Huan had returned. The two of them embraced each other, and a smile bloomed on their faces.

What Happened to Yun Huan?

Years ago, Yun Huan discovered that Lord Mu had tried to use the death of Yun Huan’s father to create a conflict between him and Qing Que. To avoid this, Yun Huan pretended to kill Qing Que but made sure not to harm her fatally. He then instructed his assistant to take Qing Que away, but she had already disappeared. Yun Huan lost track of her for a long time until they met again at the Flower House.

Rising Feather Ending Explained - What Happened to Yun Huan?
Rising Feather Ending Explained – What Happened to Yun Huan?

Meanwhile, Lord Mu discovered that Yun Huan had built his own private army and punished him. Qing Que had already come up with an excuse for Yun Huan to escape the severe punishment. The next day, Yun Huan left the mansion with the jade pendant and did not return for several days. Lord Mu ordered Zhao Li Shi to find him, but he only received news that Yun Huan was wounded and his whereabouts were unknown.

When Yun Huan heard about the wedding, he insisted on rescuing Qing Que and fell into Lord Mu’s trap. To keep Qing Que alive, Yun Huan gave away the jade pendant.

After Yang Xun Chang drugged them and took Qing Que away, Yun Huan was imprisoned. Lord Mu repeatedly asked him about Qing Que’s whereabouts, but Yun Huan had no clue. Yang Xun Chang later freed Yun Huan and gave him a key to enter the secret room inside Lord Huai’s mansion.

Upon arriving at Lord Huai’s mansion, Yun Huan was unaware that he was being followed by one of Lord Mu’s associates. He quickly made his way to the secret room. Yun Huan and Qing Que shared a sweet reunion. He felt relieved when Qing Que revealed that her pregnancy was fake. However, the moment of happiness was cut short when Lord Mu and his subordinates arrived. He forced Qing Que to find the jade pendant within 30 minutes.

Yun Huan believed that his subordinates could prevent Qing Que from returning, but he was shocked when she returned to Lord Mu because she wanted to protect him.

Yun Huan made a plan beforehand. he already gave the jade pendant to the Emperor and summoned the Huai Army to attack Lord Mu. he also made a plan with Yang Xun Chang to make Lord Mu agree to play the wine roulette. He pretended to be dead to make Lord Mu lose his guard. The strategy worked well and they managed to kill Zhao Li Shi.

Unfortunately, some disruption prevented Lord Mu from taking the wine. When he saw Zhao Li Shi die, he immediately took QIng Que as a hostage. Yun Huan, who was pretending to be dead, opened his eyes and charged at Lord Mu with a knife. He stabbed him in a vital area, causing Lord Mu’s death shortly afterward.

Yun Huan was also injured because of Zhao Li Shi. Before he died, Zhao Li Shi threw a dart at Qing Que. Yun Huan saw it and shielded her, resulting in serious injury, but his life was saved.

The Emperor issued a decree stating that Yun Huan was a hero. He was given an inherited title, Wan Hu, and was also permitted to separate from Mu Qing Cheng. After the situation ended, he married Qing Que.

However, the border was in turmoil, and Yun Huan had to go to the battlefield and could not accompany Qing Que during her labor. Although Yun Huan felt hesitant to leave the house, Qing Que reassured him, and he finally left for the battlefield. Later, he fell off his horse and went missing.

After days without any news, Yun Huan managed to return home. Qing Que saw him walking through the corridor and ran to welcome him. Yun Huan told her that they would stay together from that day onwards.

What Happened to Yang Xun Chang?

Yang Xun Chang found out about the secret room in Lord Huai’s mansion from Mu Qing Cheng. She revealed that her father and Lord Huai have a secret room in Lord Huai’s mansion that even Qing Que did not know about.

Rising Feather Ending Explained - What Happened to Yang Xun Chang?
Rising Feather Ending Explained – What Happened to Yang Xun Chang?

Yang Xun Chang used the secret room to help Qing Que avoid her marriage to Lord Mu. He drugged Qing Que, Yun Huan, and Lord Mu while they were having a dispute in Qing Que’s room.

Yang Xun Chang and Mu Qing Cheng took Qing Que into the secret room in Lord Huai’s mansion and freed Yun Huan who was imprisoned in Lord Mu’s mansion. He gave Yun Huan a piece of paper contained a message from Qing Que. In this paper, Qing Que wrote down Lord Mu’s Go Board illustration, which was the key to a secret room in Lord Huai’s mansion.

Yang Xun Chang sought Mu Qing Cheng’s help to come up with an idea for a wine roulette game when Yun Huan and Qing Que were captured. However, after Zhao Li Shi died from poison and Lord Mu was stabbed to death, Mu Qing Cheng became angry when she realized that Yang Xun Chang had intended to kill her father. This incident strained their relationship for a year until Qing Que helped Mu Qing Cheng realize that Yang Xun Chang truly loved her.

Yang Xun Chang felt guilty because of the Love Compulsion Poison. He did everything he could to prolong Yun Huan and Qing Que’s lives. His guilt vanished only after Yun Huan returned from the battlefield alive and Qing Que gave birth safely. It seemed that the baby and their never-ending hope had become the antidote.

What Happened to Lord Mu?

Lord Mu became more cautious of Yun Huan. He summoned his godson, Zhao Li Shi, to assist him in investigating Qing Que and Yun Huan. Through this, he discovered Yun Huan’s private army. Although Yun Huan provided a justifiable reason for its existence, Lord Mu remained distrustful of him.

Rising Feather Ending Explained - What Happened to Lord Mu?
Rising Feather Ending Explained – What Happened to Lord Mu?

When he found out Qing Que’s real identity, Lord Mu came to threaten her. Qing Que was so scared of Lord Mu that she chose to knock her head against the wall and commit suicide. Fortunately, she survived the attempt, but she lost her memory. When Yang Xun Chang examined her, he discovered that Qing Que was pregnant.

Lord Mu was furious because the baby was not his. Despite this, Lord Mu still planned to marry Qing Que and announced to the world that Lord Huai had entrusted his only daughter to him. He wanted many people to know about the wedding news. He believed Yun Huan would show up and exchange the jade pendant with Qing Que.

Lord Mu caught Yan Huan and Qing Que in her room. He threatened Yun Huan with Qing Que’s life in exchange for the jade pendant. However, before he could secure the pendant, the three of them lost consciousness.

Lord Mu woke up to find out that the jade pendant from Yun Huan was fake and Qing Que was missing. Yun Huan was interrogated, but he did not know where Qing Que’s whereabouts.

Lord Mu suspected that someone would release Yun Huan. He ordered Zhao Li Shi to follow him and found out that Yun Huan had gone to Lord Huai Mansion.

Lord Mu discovered Yun Huan and Qing Que inside the secret room. He had a smug expression on his face as he recounted what had happened to Yun Huan’s father years ago. At that time, Lord Mu had pursued Qing Que’s mother and coerced her into becoming his wife. However, she refused and chose to commit suicide. When someone arrived, Lord Mu hid behind the door.

The person who arrived was Yun Cheng Ying, Yun Huan’s father. He saw Qing Que’s mother lying on the floor and noticed the jade pendant in her hand. He immediately realized that the room was where Lord Mu hid the silver from the treasury. Lord Mu listened to his mumble and killed him. In front of Qing Que and Yun Huan, Lord Mu admitted that he hated Lord Huai because he relied on his royal bloodline while he worked hard to pave his own way.

To free Yun Huan, Qing Que agreed to be Lord Mu’s wife and retrieved the jade pendant. Upon her return, Yang Xun Chang and Mu Qing Cheng invited them to play roulette drink. Yun Huan and Qing Que each had three cups of wine, but one of Yun Huan’s cups was poisoned. During the second cup, Yun Huan suddenly fell and blood trickled from his mouth.

Mu Qing Cheng and Yan Xu Chang suggested celebrating Yun Huan’s death by drinking the remaining wine. Zhao Li Shi took a cup and shortly after drinking it, he fell down. Seeing the situation, Lord Mu took Qing Que hostage, but Yun Huan, who should have died, woke up and stabbed Lord Mu in the back resulting in his death.

The Emperor issued a decree stating that Lord Mu had betrayed the Emperor, embezzled silver, plotted rebellion, and caused harm to the people. He was stripped of his position, and all his possessions were confiscated.

What happenede to Mu Qing Cheng?

Mu Qing Cheng was suspicious of Que’s identity when she saw her playing with the bluebird. She eventually confirmed it when Mu Qing Cheng saw Que cut off a lock of her hair and put it into Yang Xun Chang’s body. This was the same gesture Qing Que made when she buried Mu Qing Cheng’s broken doll years ago.

Rising Feather Ending Explained - What happenede to Mu Qing Cheng?
Rising Feather Ending Explained – What happenede to Mu Qing Cheng?

Mu Qing Cheng realized that she actually liked Yang Xun Chang instead of Yun Huan, and decided to assist him.

Mu Qing Cheng was not doing well after her father passed away. She blamed Yang Xun Chang for lying about the poisoned wine. She couldn’t accept that her father died and left her alone. Qing Que arrived with her old doll. Mu Qing Cheng then remembered that Lord Mu had never treated her kindly. It was futile for her to keep the memory of her toxic father.

Mu Qing Cheng and Qing Que rekindled their childhood friendship and became good friends once again. Additionally, her relationship with Yang Xun Chang improved, and they became a couple.

My Musings

After the drama ended, I wondered why Lord Mu’s robe was not stained with blood, considering that Yun Huan had stabbed him. Did you notice, dear readers?

The Rising Feather drama has finally ended. Have you enjoyed it and are you satisfied with the ending? Remember to write your thoughts about Rising Feather in the comments box below. I’ll see you in another post about a different drama. Thank you for reading!

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