Ending ExplainedSouth Wind Knows Ending Explained

South Wind Knows Ending Explained

Dear readers, this is the ending explained of South Wind Knows drama. There was a part that broke my heart, but Fu Yun Shen and Zhu Jiu finally got the happy ending they deserved. But what about Fu Xi Zhou and Gu Ruan Ruan? Were they able to save their marriage? Let’s find out. Happy reading!

South Wind Knows Ending Explained

What Happened to Fu Yun Shen?

After Fu Yun Shen learned about her mother’s involvement in Zhu Jiu’s lawsuit and how she threatened Zhu Jiu with Grandma’s liver donor, Fu Yun Shen’s heart turned cold. He could not let Grandma die, so he compromised with his mother. If she was able to find a liver donor, he promised to break up with Zhu Jiu.

South Wind Knows Ending Explained - What Happened to Fu Yun Shen?
South Wind Knows Ending Explained – What Happened to Fu Yun Shen?

Fu Yun Shen used his physical condition as the reason for the breakup. When Grandma died, he regretted not being able to comfort Zhu Jiu. But Fu Yun Shen parked near Zhu Jiu’s house to stay close to her.

Fu Yun Shen punched Fu Xi Zhou in the face when he learned that his grandfather had fallen into a coma. He met Zhu Jiu at the hospital and offered to take her home. Before Zhu Jiu entered the house, she begged him not to cook noodles for another woman. Fu Yun Shen nodded in agreement.

It was the last time they met before she left Shanghai. Fu Yun Shen could not hold back his tears after reading her farewell letter. When he had nowhere to go and no one to talk to, he would go to Fu Ling Tian’s station and talk to him. He urged his grandfather to wake up because he was so sad and needed his support.

Even though he was not 100% recovered, Fu Yun Shen still worked hard to free Jiang Shu Ning. He hunted down Jiang Jun and showed him a CCTV recorder of Jiang Jun when he snuck into Jiang Shu Ning’s office.

The police took Jiang Jun away, and Jing Shu Ning was released. The truth is that the surveillance video was made up by Fu Yun Shen. He knew that if someone was guilty, he would confess right away. However, when Jiang Shu Ning was released, he preferred not to pick her up.

Fu Yun Shen was determined to save Ling Tian from Fu Xi Zhou’s acquisition plan before his grandfather woke up. If Fu Ling Tian awoke and heard that the company had fallen, no one could imagine how hard the blow was for him. At first, the board members agreed to Fu Xi Zhou’s plan.

However, after Fu Yun Shen sent them private messages containing his grandfather writing about how he valued friendship and how Ling Tian was built on their dreams, the board members agreed to save Ling Tian Pharmaceutical.

When he visited his grandfather, Fu Yun Shen saw Ji Si Lang bid farewell to his colleagues. He was going to Country M, following Zhu Jiu’s footsteps. Fu Yun Shen asked him for a drink. In his stupor, Ji Si Lang said that he would not miss the chance to steal Zhu Jiu away from him.

Fu Ling Tian finally woke up from his coma after Fu Xi Zhou’s visit. When Fu Ling Tian saw Fu Yun Shen, he told him not to blame Fu Xi Zhou. He was the one to blame. Fu Yun Shen called Fu Xi Zhou to tell him about their grandfather’s condition. He also said that Fu Ling Tian did not blame him.

Fu Yun Shen only asked Fu Xi Zhou to visit her grandfather. Fu Xi Zhou replied with a bunch of hurtful words and also said that he really hated Fu Ling Tian. But after he ended the call, he cried and refused to answer any calls from Fu Yun Shen.

Fu Ling Tian and Fu Yun Shen went to visit Lin Zhi’s grave. He told Fu Yun Shen that he should not blame himself for Lin Zhi’s death and Fu Xi Zhou should not blame him either. Fu Ling Tian took all the blame for everything that happened in their family. He died after their visit to the grave.

Fu Ling Tian wrote a will stating that all his jewelry and properties would be given to Jiang Shu Ning. His shares would be divided into three equal parts Fu Yun Shen, Fu Xi Zhou, and Jiang Shu Ning. His voting right would be given to Fu Yun Shen, while his veto right would be given to Fu Xi Zhou. His savings would be used to establish the Lin Zhi Gallery, and all the artworks in his possession would be given to the Lin Zhi Gallery. He handed over the entire management of Ling Tian to Fu Xi Zhou.

Fu Yun Shen decided to leave Shanghai and go to Country M. He would continue his research to develop a cure for Danmin Disease. But this time he would not take Chen Le with him. Fu Yun Shen would feel reassured if Chen Le still stayed at the company and continued his research.

When Fu Yun Shen arrived, Leo had made arrangements for him. He wanted to surprise Zhu Jiu with Fu Yun Shen’s presence. But before he could meet her, Zhu Jiu and Ji Si Lang were kidnapped by the rebels. Fu Yun Shen was both worried and helpless. He decided to call Fu Xi Zhou to ask for help.

But before he reached him, Fu Xi Zhou was already standing behind him. When his brother approached him, Fu Yun Shen could not say anything, he just looked at his brother with sad eyes. Fu Xi Zhou also seemed to understand and just gave Fu Yun Shen a fist bump on the chest and smiled.

With this small gesture, the brothers reconciled. While waiting for the report, Fu Yun Shen went to see the traumatized girl. He told her about his situation and how Zhu Jiu had helped him. Fu Yun Shen also said that Zhu Jiu was worried about her and asked the girl to be strong and wait for Zhu Jiu.

When he was carrying Zhu Jiu from the car accident, a rebel shot Fu Yun Shen. When he woke up, he saw his mother by the bed. He begged her not to blame Zhu Jiu. Jiang Shu Ning reassures him that she will never do that. Fu Yun Shen went to see Zhu Jiu.

However, she was unresponsive due to PTSD. Fu Yun Shen let go of all his suppressed emotions. He told her about his fear of losing her and how he regretted that they never cherished their time together. Fu Yun Shen promised never to leave her again. But Zhu Jiu remained silent. Jiang Shu Ning watched them from the outside and could not hold back her tears.

Five years later, Fu Yun Shen was still a researcher. He succeeded in finding a cure for Danmin Disease and wrote a journal about it. He also bought Grandma’s old house. When he met Zhu Jiu at the old house, Fu Yun Shen proposed to her with the watch he always carried in his pocket and kissed her under the snow.

What Happened to Zhu Jiu?

After her grandmother died and Fu Yun Shen broke up with her, Zhu Jiu’s heart was full of sadness and grief. She decided to resign from the hospital and returned to work as a volunteer in Country M. She gave her grandmother’s account book and the deed to the house to her aunt.

South Wind Knows Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhu Jiu?
South Wind Knows Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhu Jiu?

It was hard for her to let go of the house because it held so many memories of her happy life. She wrote a farewell letter to Fu Yun Shen, telling him that she would never stop loving him. But she also realized that she should not force him again, because true love should be joyful and respect each other’s choice.

Zhu Jiu was busy at the clinic in Naotao Village. There were so many injured patients that she had to perform operations several times a day. In her free time, Zhu Jiu taught the children to read Chinese characters. She often wrote a letter to Fu Yun Shen but kept the letters in her diary.

One quiet night, Zhu Jiu and her friends were shocked when a man covered in blood appeared outside their clinic. Without questioning the man, they took him into the clinic. When he woke up, the man asked for Zhu Jiu’s name.

The little girl whom Gu Ruan Ruan had saved was not in good condition. She was traumatized and refused help from others. Leo said she might need a change of environment and suggested Zhu Jiu to take the girl to his clinic. When Fu Yun Shen received the patient, he did not see Zhu Jiu.

The nurse said that Zhu Jiu and Ji Si Lang had gone to send some supplies and would join them later. But in the middle of the road, they were stopped by the rebel soldiers. They killed the driver and took Zhu Jiu and the wounded Ji Si Lang to Naotao Village, which had been occupied by the rebels. The leader of the rebel soldiers was the man Zhu Jiu had saved. He threatened Ji Si Lang with Zhu JIu’s life to make Ji Si Lang work for him.

The rebel leader had kidnapped her to treat his captive. Ji Si Lang was shocked to see the dying patient on the bed. The leader ordered Ji Si Lang to save the man’s life because he still wanted to extort information from him.

The man begged Ji Si Lang to kill him because he could not let them get the information. So Ji Si Lang injected him with morphine and the man would die in his sleep. However, this infuriated the leader. His subordinates reminded the leader that he could use Zhu Jiu and Ji Si Lang to negotiate with the government.

Ji Si Lang had planned to escape with Zhu Jiu. He already had a scalpel as a weapon. However, when he fought a rebel, it cut Zhu Jiu’s hand. They managed to steal a car and flee at high speed. Now both were wounded and the rebels were chasing them. Anson reported that Zhu Jiu had escaped to Fu Yun Shen and Fu Xi Zhou. Fu Yun Shen immediately took a car and chased after them as well.

Ji Si Lang lost his strength and their car crashed into ruins. Ji Si Lang knew he was dying and told Zhu Jiu that he had killed Peter Raphael, the dying man. Before Ji Si Lang died, he told Zhu Jiu to be brave and brought him some alcohol when she visited his grave later. Soon after, Zhu Jiu lost consciousness. She opened her eyes when Fu Yun Shen banged on her window, but then she passed out.

Fu Yun Shen smashes the window to get her out. However, the rebels are already there and shoot him in the shoulder. Zhu Jiu and Fu Yun Shen were saved because Fu Xi Zhou and the government soldiers arrived in time.

After the accident, Zhu Jiu suffered from PTSD. She was unresponsive all the time, but Fu Yun Shen never left her. The wound on her left hand was so severe that she would never be able to work as a surgeon again. Zhu Jiu often had nightmares, but after dreaming of her parents, Dr. Addy and Ji Si Lang, she could respond to Fu Yun Shen’s hug.

Five years later, Zhu Jiu worked as a college professor. Her aunt called and said that the old house of her grandmother had been sold. When Zhu Jiu went there, she met Fu Yun Shen. He asked her to marry him, and she said yes. They shared a kiss under the snow.

What Happened to Fu Xi Zhou?

Fu Xi Zhou’s efforts to get Gu Ruan Ruan to forgive him were successful when she finally relented. Even though they had reconciled, Fu Xi Zhou did not stop his efforts to make her love him again. But everything went down the drain when Jiang Shu Ning revealed to Gu Ruan Ruan that Fu Xi Zhou was secretly using her name to invest in a venture company.

South Wind Knows Ending Explained - What Happened to Fu Xi Zhou?
South Wind Knows Ending Explained – What Happened to Fu Xi Zhou?

Fu Ling Tian called Fu Xi Zhou to scold him. Since he could not hide it anymore, Fu Xi Zhou revealed all his plans to destroy Ling Tian’s company. He wanted to avenge his mother whose marriage was ruined by Fu Ling Tian’s selfishness. Fu Ling Tian admitted his wrongdoing, but the shock was too much for him, and he collapsed.

Fu Xi Zhou gloated and left. But when he realized that something was wrong, he rushed over to his grandfather who was unconscious on the chair. At the hospital, Fu Xi Zhou put on an indifferent expression, while deep in his heart, he felt guilty.

When most of the board members agreed to his acquisition plan, Fu Xi Zhou was in a good mood. However, one morning, his secretary rushed into his office and reported that the board members who agreed with his plan had backed out. The news shocked him. When Fu Xi Zhou asked Fu Yun Shen how he did it, Fu Yun Shen refused to answer.

To overcome the disappointment, Fu Xi Zhou drank at his office while staring at the picture of himself, Fu Yun Shen, and their grandfather. Suddenly, the picture dropped and he saw another photo behind it. It was his family photo. On the frame were his father, his mother, and himself when he was a baby.

The image shook his heart. At the same time, his partner called him and urged Fu Xi Zhou to continue with the plan. But Fu Xi Zhou’s heart was torn and he did not know what was right and what was wrong. He went to his grandfather and told him his feelings. He said he would not be fooled again. But when Fu Ling Tian’s hand moved, he immediately called the doctor and nurse. He left as soon as they arrived.

When Fu Yun Shen told him that their grandfather did not blame him, Fu Xi Zhou’s emotional barrier collapsed and he cried. Fu Xi Zhou spent his time drinking and refused to see his grandfather. However, he stopped his acquisition plan. After Fu Ling Tian died and his will was being read by the lawyer, Fu Xi Zhou was stunned. He finally had everything he wanted to take from Fu Yun Shen and Jiang Shu Ning. But he felt empty inside.

Fu Xi Zhou was unable to contact Gu Ruan Ruan because she had been avoiding him. All he could do was inquire about her condition through Zhou Zhi Zhi. When he heard that the situation in Country M was becoming dangerous, he became worried and decided to follow her to that country. When he arrived, Fu Xi Zhou learned about the situation, and when Fu Yun Shen called him, he knew that his brother needed his help.

Fu Xi Zhou did everything he could to help Zhu Jiu while trying to find Gu Ruan Ruan. When Fu Xi Zhou saw that his brother had been shot, he panicked. In the hospital, he kept calling his name, but Fu Yun Shen never opened his eyes. When everything was over, they returned to Shanghai. He went to pick up Gu Ruan Ruan at the airport, but she still refused him.

Gu Ruan Ruan told him that she was not ready yet. Later, when he finished his fencing training, she came over and they kissed. Fu Xi Zhou was finally able to soften her heart and they reconciled.

Five years later, Fu Xi Zhou became a father. His first child was a daughter named Fu Qiang Wei, and now they were expecting their second child, a boy.

What Happened to Gu Ruan Ruan?

Gu Ruang Ruan went to visit Fu Xi Zhou at the company and tossed the Hong Shi report to him. She was furious because Fu Xi Zhou had used her for his plot. Gu Ruan Ruan felt that she was being taken advantage of and stormed out of the office. But Fu Xi Zhou did not chase after her, he just stood there with a troubled expression.

South Wind Knows Ending Explained - What Happened to Gu Ruan Ruan?
South Wind Knows Ending Explained – What Happened to Gu Ruan Ruan?

To get back at Jiang Shu Ning, he handed over the evidence of Jiang Jun’s embezzlement to the prosecutors. It would prove his crime and undoubtedly drag Jiang Shu Ning down with him.

The next time she went to his office, Gu Ruan Ruan scolded Fu Xi Zhou again, saying that his dealings with Hong Shi would cause her father to be labeled a traitor. She also brought up the fact that he had sent Fu Ling Tian to the hospital and Jiang Shu Ning to jail. She was stunned when Fu Xi Zhou fiercely said that they brought it on themselves.

Gu Ruan Ruan finally saw his true face and turned to leave. But then he grasped her wrist and said that he truly did not want to lose her. So Gu Ruan Ruan begged him to let her go. After that, she treated him coldly.

Gu Ruan Ruan had made a plan for herself. She was going to leave China and fly to Country M. She wanted to follow in Daniel’s footsteps to make a documentary. She might put herself in danger because Country M was not a safe place, but she had already made up her mind.

But before she left, she went to visit Fu Ling Tian. She met Fu Yun Shen and apologized to him for the Hong Shi case. Fu Yun Shen comforted her and said that it was not her fault.

In Country M, Gu Ruan Ruan met Zhu Jiu when she brought a wounded girl to her field hospital. The new experience of being in a warzone opened her eyes. There were many people in this world who suffered because of ambition. From the Internet, Gu Ruan Ruan learned that Fu XI Zhou had sponsored her exhibition at the gallery.

Gu Ruan Ruan was worried when she heard that Fu Xi Zhou had gone to Country M. Her heart yielded and she was willing to answer Fu Xi Zhou’s call. But she kept silent because she could not stop crying. After she returned to Shanghai, Fu Xi Zhou still pursued her. Gu Ruan Ruan’s heart softened because she still loved him.

Five years later, Gu Ruan Ruan was pregnant with her second child. Her first child was a daughter, and she always pleads for her father, who is often scolded by her mother.

What Happened to Zhou Zhi Zhi?

After what happened in Meng Meng’s case, Mrs. Zhou has completely given up on Fu Yun Shen. Zhou Zhi Zhi’s sacrifices to help Zhu Jiu were not small either. In order to get her mother to drop the lawsuit, she agreed to follow her mother’s arrangement for her relationship. She went on blind dates arranged by Mrs. Zhou. Even though she was not happy, Zhou Zhi Zhi tried to show her filial piety.

South Wind Knows Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhou Zhi Zhi?
South Wind Knows Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhou Zhi Zhi?

However, Mrs. Zhou’s hatred for Fu Yun Shen was evident. She refused to help him and prevented her husband and daughter from helping Fu Yun Shen save the company. Zhou Zhi Zhi finally let go of her feelings when she sent Fu Yun Shen to Country M.

Five years later, she was still working as a doctor. Zhou Zhi Zhi was not yet married, but she never lacked men to pursue her. This time it was Cheng Le, who seemed to have a good chance of success.

What Happened to Jiang Shu Ning?

Jiang Shu Ning was happy because Fu Yun Shen promised to break up with Zhu Jiu if she found a liver donor for her grandmother. However, her relationship with Fu Yun Shen turned cold. However, she still went to Zhu Jiu and warned her to stay away from Fu Yun Shen.

South Wind Knows Ending Explained - What Happened to Jiang Shu Ning?
South Wind Knows Ending Explained – What Happened to Jiang Shu Ning?

Jiang Shu Ning investigated a venture company, Hong Shi, and found Gu Ruan Ruan’s name on the list of investors. She reported it to Fu Ling Tian and also revealed it to Gu Ruan Ruan. Fu Ling Tian was furious, while Gu Ruan Ruan was shocked. However, she was not prepared for Fu Xi Zhou’s retaliation.

Her foolish nephew, Jiang Jun, was caught embezzling money from the company, and Fu Xi Zhou reported him to the police. Jiang Jun managed to evade the police, but the people from the procuratorate took her into their custody.

With the help of Fu Yun Shen, Jiang Shu Ning managed to leave the procuratorate. She was disappointed because Fu Yun Shen did not come instead of sending her assistant to pick up his mother.

When Fu Ling Tian returned home, Jiang Shu Ning was still complaining about what Fu Xi Zhou had done to the company. She also tried to use Fu Yun Shen’s marriage as a defense against Fu Xi Zhou. Fu Ling Tian stopped her and said that he did not want her to make the same mistake he had made. Fu Ling Tian apologized to her for making her life miserable. However, Jiang Shu Ning refused to admit it. So Fu Ling Tian could only sigh in front of her.

After Fu Ling Tian died and the management control of Ling Tian was handed over to Fu Xi Zhou, Jiang Shu Ning knew that there was nothing she could do. However, she only realized that her obsession had caused her to lose her most precious treasure, her son, when Fu Yun Shen decided to leave her.

My Musing

Dear readers… What do you think about the South Wind Knows ending? Was it satisfying for you? Well, not for me. I wanted to see Jiang Shu Ning regret everything she did to Fu Yun Shen and Zhu Jiu. And I was disappointed because the reconciliation between Fu Yun Shen and Fu Xi Zhou was too casual.

But it was just my opinion. What about you, readers? Don’t forget to write your opinion in the comment box below. I’ll see you with another drama review and ending explained posts. Ciao!

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