Ending ExplainedThe Ingenious One Ending Explained

The Ingenious One Ending Explained

Hello, this is the Ending Explained of The Ingenious One. This drama has a very complicated story. Too many manipulators and schemes that made my head throbbed. But fret not dear readers, The Ingenious One drama had a happy ending 😊.

If you want to read this drama review, you can read it on The Ingenious One drama review post. Okay, let’s stop the chit-chat and start the ending explained!😉

The Ingenious One Ending Explained

What Happened to Yun Xiang?

Yun Xiang realized that Shu Ya Nan’s feelings for Yun Xiang were real because she never harmed him. She was just a sharp and decisive person. They parted ways after a last hug. Shu Ya Nan whispered that his real enemy was Nangong Fang.

The Ingenious One Ending Explained - What Happened to Yun Xiang?
The Ingenious One Ending Explained – What Happened to Yun Xiang?

Yun Xiang started to investigate Nangon Fang after the Su family’s business was closed down and Mo Bu Fan’s Guanghui Bank collapsed. He also went to Lingyuan’s base in Yangzhou accompanied by Jin Biao. Yun Xiang asked for Kou Yan Jie’s help but he betrayed them after he got the list of Nangong Fang’s business. Jin Biao died because of it.

Yun Xiang returned to Liansheng House with a broken heart. Jin Biao was the only person who believed that Yun Xiang was a warm-hearted man. His death made him realize what brotherhood means. Yun Xiang made a solemn vow to be a sworn brother to Jin Biao.

From Liu Gong Quan, Yun Xiang finally had the answer about why the Luo family was massacred. His granduncle, Luo Sizhong was one of eight censorate officials who were involved in the east-coast land purchasing. After Luo Sizhong resigned from his post, he returned to his hometown, Luo Village. Not long after, the Luo family was convicted colluded with the pirates and disturbing coastal defenses.

The Nandu Criminal Investigation Service Office sent troops to eliminate them. Yun Xiang was taken aback when he realized that his family’s death was related to the imperial court because all of the officials and their families were killed by Prince Fu.

Yuntai master called Yun Xiang to return to the mountain. He left all the business in Liansheng to Su Ming Yu and Ke Meng Lan. He also told Su Ming Yu that if somebody tried to make things hard for him, Su Ming Yu must say that they were not friends. He did it to keep Su Ming Yu and Ke Ming Lan safe.

Yun Xiang met Mo Bu Fan in Yuntai Mountain. They were suspicious about their master’s intention after announcing his identity. So when the master’s identity was revealed, he was already on guard. Yun Xiang pretended to follow Prince Fu but made a counterattack plan with Shu Ya Nan.

However, Prince Fu tested him by ordering Yun Xiang to deliver a poisoned wine to Mo Bu Fan. He could not conceal his sadness when he watched Mo Bu Fan die.

Yun Xiang and Shu Ya Nan made a plan to fake kill Nangong Fang. When Prince Fu questioned him about Nangong Fang’s death, Yun Xian answered that Nangong Fang’s death was beneficial for the prince.

He said that Nangong Fang planned to blame the Prince for the killing of eight censored officials and the massacre of the Luo village. Yun Xiang’s story completely dispels Prince Fu’s suspicions of him.

The prince ordered Yun Xiang to return to Nandu with Shu Ya Nan. They made another elaborate plan to make Kou Yuan Jie learn about the Nangong Fang’s fake death and chased him. Shu Ya Nan fought with Kou Yuan Jie and execute him.

Yun Xiang teamed up with Liu Gong Quan and Empress Gao to manipulate Nangong Fang, so he would go to Guan and prevent them from attacking. His plans worked, Yun Xiang revealed everything when he visit Prince Fu to tell him that he had already lost to him.

When the Empress asked about his future plan, Yun Xiang volunteered to join Liu Gong Quan and guard the coast. Yet, it was an empty promise because Yun Xiang did not want to be tied to a duty. When he returned to Liansheng House, Yun Xiang vowed to be brothers with Jin Biao and Su Ming Yu. Then he left to find the love of his life, Shu Ya Nan.

What Happened to Shu Ya Nan?

Shu Ya Nan’s real name was Kou Liang Yi. Although Yun Xiang knew her identity as the eldest lady of the Lingyuan Sect, he still wanted them to start over. But Shu Ya Nan could not do it. She had to shoulder the responsibility of Lingyuan’s hundred years of foundation and listen to her mother. And Kou Yan wanted her to be Yun Xiang’s enemy.

The Ingenious One Ending Explained - What Happened to Shu Ya Nan?
The Ingenious One Ending Explained – What Happened to Shu Ya Nan?

Even though she hated it, Shu Ya Nan did not have a choice but to accept. Shu Ya Nan also told him about Nangong Fang and warned him to be careful.

When Shu Ya Nan learned that Nangong Fang had colluded with Prince Fu, Shu Ya Nan went to Jin Biao and pay him with gold to protect Yun Xiang. Nangong Fang ordered Shu Ya Nan to return to Yangzhou and destroy his account book before it fell into Yun Xiang’s hand. Yet, Yun Xiang, Jin Biao, and Kou Yuan Jie were faster than her.

When she returned to the Lingyuan base, Kou Yuan Jie looked at Shu Ya Nan with a victorious smile when he handed Nangong Fang’s business list to Kou Yan. Shuu u Ya Nan felt that something was amiss with the list and was afraid it was Nangong Fang’s trap. However, Kou Yan and Kou Yuan Jie were impatient and still sent 2,000 elite soldiers. Yet all of them were annihilated by Prince Fu’s soldiers. At the same time, a secret letter from Yuntai came. They invited Kou Yan to visit them at Yuntai Mountain.

Shu Ya Nan met again with Yun Xiang at Yuntai Mountain. He asked her opinion about the cooperation between Yuntai and Lingyuan. Shu Ya Nan answered that she was Kou Liang Yi. She wanted what was best for Lingyuan. Yun Xiang told her that Lingyuan had two options for cooperation. First, Lingyuan could cooperate with Prince Fu or Lingyuan could cooperate with Yun Xiang to stop Prince Fu.

Shu Ya Nan and Yun Xiang also talked about their past and settled their misunderstanding. Yun Xiang never blamed Shu Ya Nan and she never forget her feelings for him. They ended up kissing under the moonlight.

Shu Ya Nan told Kou Yan about Yun Xiang’s plan. Kou Yan agreed to her plan. Yet, Shu Ya Nan did not know that Nangong Fang has plotted against the Kou family. He tried to poison her and incited Kou Yuan Jie to kill Kou Yan. Shu Ya Nan made a plan to take Lingyuan’s master seal back from Kou Yuan Jie and avenged Kou Yan’s death. She purposely made Kou Yuan Jie realize that Nangong Fang’s death was fake and chased her.

When they met, Kou Yuan Jie fought her but because his ability was below Shu Ya Nan, he used Yun Xiang as a hostage. But with the help of Liu Gong Quan, she could capture Kou Yuan Jie and eventually executed him in front of their mother’s coffin. Shu Ya Nan and Yun Xiang parted ways after that. Yun Xiang went to Nandu while Shu Ya Nan return to Lingyuan.

Shu Ya Nan dismissed all of Lingyuan’s soldiers to prevent them from the accusation of rebelling. She had braced herself to break up completely from Yun Xiang. But then when she sat by a cliff, a hand tapped on her shoulder. She looked at the person and a smile bloomed on her face.

What Happened to Jin Biao?

Jin Biao told Yun Xiang that he stay at Nandu because of Jishan Hall and the thought of changing his way of life. He regarded Yun Xiang as his friend and was willing to join him on another dangerous trip to Yangzhou (paid by gold taels 😅). Yun Xiang told him all of his secrets before they went. Because they would deal with Lingyuan’s people who were adept with poison, Yun Xiang gave Jin Biao an antidote as prevention.

The Ingenious One Ending Explained - What Happened to Jin Biao?
The Ingenious One Ending Explained – What Happened to Jin Biao?

Without Yun Xiang knowing, Kou Yuan Jie had already given Jin Biao the Heart Devouring Powder. He controlled Jin Biao and ordered him to kill Yun Xiang and then suicide. After Kou Yuan Jie left the room, Yun. Xiang stuffed the antidote to Jin Biao.

Jin Biao tried to keep his mind clear and tell Yun Xiang that he could not control his body. When they tried to leave the building, Kuo Yuan Jie’s guards prevented them. Jin Biao ordered Yun Xiang to find the antidote while he fought hard with half of his consciousness.

Jin Biao’s mind was fuzzy. He almost kill Yun Xiang but managed to control his hand. Because the drug influence was getting stronger, Jin Biao ordered him to leave. Jin Biao used all his power to fight another group of soldiers but he was outnumbered. Yun Xiang sent a reinforcement to help Jin Biao. But they only return with an empty sheath. Jin Biao’s body was gone but the mass of blood showed how gruesome his death was.

It was revealed later that after Yun Xiang left to find reinforcement, Shu Ya Nan appeared and took away the bloodied Jin Biao. She took care of him, gave him an antidote for the poison, and treated his wounds. Jin Biao appeared again when Su Ming Yu and Ke Meng Lan were surrounded by soldiers.

They were surprised because they thought Jin Bio was dead, even Yun Xiang did not know he was alive. After everything has been settled, Ke Meng Lan took Tian Hui to meet Jin Biao. The two of them stare at each other longingly.

What Happened to  Su Ming Yu and Ke Meng Lan?

The Su family business was ruined by Prince Fu. Su Ming Yu had to close the business. Su Ming Yu only realized after Yun Xiang pointed out that somebody was deliberately targeted the Su family.

The Ingenious One Ending Explained - What Happened to Su Ming Yu and Ke Meng Lan?
The Ingenious One Ending Explained – What Happened to Su Ming Yu and Ke Meng Lan?

Before he left, Yun Xiang left all his assets to Su Ming Yu and Ke Meng Lan. When they parted, Su Ming Yu told Yun Xiang, whenever he returned they could still work side by side.

Liu Gong Quan went to see Su Ming Jie. He revealed that he had cooperated with Yun Xiang to stop Prince Fu. Thus Su Ming Yu agreed to help him. Liu Gong Quan wanted him to pretend to be on Prince Fu’s side. Su Ming Yu sold all the assets of the Su family to buy all the military supplies in Nandu, then destroyed it.

Without military supplies, Prince Fu could not use Nandu as his fortress. When Prince Fu’s soldiers chased Su Ming Yu and Ke Meng Lan, suddenly Jin Biao and Qing Rong appeared to help. Su Ming Yu’s heart was at ease when he saw his sister, Su Huai Rou, did not get angry with him for what he did to the Su family.

What Happened to Mo Bu Fan?

Mo Bu Fan realized that over the years, Yuntai has changed a lot. The imperial court used to hate and consider Yuntai as a threat. But Yuntai leaders never hide their movements or identity. However, now it was the other way around. Mo Bu Fan also suspected someone from Yuntai had taught Lingyuan about Yuntai strategies.

The Ingenious One Ending Explained - What Happened to Mo Bu Fan?
The Ingenious One Ending Explained – What Happened to Mo Bu Fan?

After the master identity’s was revealed, he could stop Kang Qiao from following his master, Zhong Beidou. But he could not do anything when he saw Gu Yuenchen betray Zhong Beidou in front of him. Kang Qiao saw it and fought against Kou Yuan Jie. But he had to stop when Kou Yuan Jie despicably use Mo Bu Fan as a hostage to make him surrender. Mo Bu Fan had to see Xu Lang kill Kang Qiao in front of him.

Mo Bu Fan knew that Prince Fu did not believe Yun Xiang, so he pretended to make a commotion and accused Yun Xiang and Nangong Fang of betrayal. Yun Xiang knew he was seeking death.

So when Yun Xiang was ordered to deliver the poisonous wine, he prepared a bottle of poison that could make the person who drank it looked dead for three days. But Mo Bu Fan was brokenhearted because of Kang Qiao and Zhong Beidou’s death. He was also disappointed with Yuntai, so he choose the real death as the end.

What Happened to Prince Fu and Princess Ming Zhu?

Prince Fu plotted a rebellion against the Emperor. Prince Fu used to help the Emperor to govern the country. However, he went too far when drafting a radical policy and attracted too many enemies at the court.

The Ingenious One Ending Explained - What Happened to Prince Fu and Princess Ming Zhu?
The Ingenious One Ending Explained – What Happened to Prince Fu and Princess Ming Zhu?

Eight censors from Censorate led officials of all ranks to submit a joint report to enumerate Prince Fu’s mistakes. And that was the reason why Prince Fu build a fief in Yangzhou and never be on the court again.

However, military power has long been in Prince Fu’s hands. The officials in Yangzhou. And half of the officials in Nandu have colluded with him. And Prince Fu has taken control of two strong cities, Jiangnan and Jiangbei.

When he revealed his identity, the member of Yuntai was shocked because he was a prince. The Yuntai sect was never involved with the court or palace people. Prince Fu harbored suspicions about Yun Xiang, but Mo Bu Fan’s death and Yun Xiang’s story about his identity as Luo Wen Jia completely dispel them. He ordered Yun Xiang to go to Nandu.

However, he was shocked to hear Su Ming Yu has destroyed all of his military supplies. Prince Fu realized he was lost to Yun Xiang. In the end, Prince Fu set up a fire in his own mansion that killed everybody inside it, including him. Ming Zhu was ready to die, but a man saved him from the fire. He was Jin Biao who did it under the order of Yun Xiang.

Ming Zhu left the city on a boat but in the middle of the journey, Liu Gong Quan managed to chase her. Ming Zhu let out a relieved smile to see someone she loved.

What Happened to Nangong Fang?

When Lingyuan’s people came to Yunyai, Nangong Fang revealed his identity as Yuntai’s disciple. Nangong Fang incited Kou Yuan Jie to kill Zhong Beidou because he did not want to follow Prince Fu.

The Ingenious One Ending Explained - What Happened to Nangong Fang?
The Ingenious One Ending Explained – What Happened to Nangong Fang?

He also incited Kou Yuan Jie to kill his mother and tried to poison Shu Ya Nan with Heart Devouring Powder. However, Shu Ya Nan had already drunk an antidote. She stopped Nangong Fang from harassing her, poisoned Nangong Fang to fake his death, and castrated him.

Nangong Fang’s fake death was the only solution for Yun Xiang to prevent Prince Fu from making contact with the pirate. His suspicious nature would convince the pirate leader to pull back their warships. Nangong Fang became the military counselor of Leader Guan.

What Happened to Liu Gong Quan?

After Prince Fu left, Yun Xiang was suspicious of Liu Gong Quan’s intentions when he came to Nandu. Liu Gong Quan told Yun Xiang about the massacre of the Luo village. Yun Xiang could guess the real reason Liu Gong Quan went to Nandu was to investigate Prince Fu because he plotted a rebellion.

The Ingenious One Ending Explained - What Happened to Liu Gong Quan?
The Ingenious One Ending Explained – What Happened to Liu Gong Quan?

With Yun Xiang’s help, Liu Gong Quan managed to prevent the rebellion. The Empress wanted to elevate his status to become a nobleman, yet he refuse because he volunteered to guard the coast. He followed Yun Xiang’s advise to stay away from the palace when he successfully gain meritorious deeds. A bigger merit would attract many enemies. He chased after Ming Zhu when she left in a boat. Liu Gong Quan stood on a deck with a teary eyes when he saw the women her loved so much.

What Happened to The Kou Family?

Kou Yan never thought that Nangong Fang would ally with Prince Fu. When Yuntai invited Lingyuan, Kou Yan knew that cooperating with Yuntai was the only hope to save Lingyuan. They had lost all their money, and she could not afford to support their member.

The Ingenious One Ending Explained - What Happened to The Kou Family?
The Ingenious One Ending Explained – What Happened to The Kou Family?

Kou Yan knew that Lingyuan was lost when she saw Prince Fu. However, she kept delaying her decision about cooperation which resulted in Kou Yuan Jie falling into Nangong Fang’s trap and killing his mother. Kou Yuan Jie was too narrow-minded and did not realize that Prince Fu only wanted to use Lingyuan’s soldiers as his pawn.

My Musing

Yippee!! I was glad that Shu Ya Nan and Yun Xiang could be together. And did you realize that Wang Zi Rui was looking extra hot in this drama? I was happy because finally, I chose to watch a Chinese wuxia drama with happy ending, where nobody was dead. I hope you felt the same way, and also enjoy this The Ingenious One ending explained, dear readers.

See you in the next ending explained post!

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