Ending ExplainedThe Long Season Ending Explained

The Long Season Ending Explained

Hola dear readers, have you decided to watch The Long Season drama? Did you enjoy the drama? You can read the review here The Long Season drama review. Or are you in the middle of it and suddenly become curious about the ending? Worry not, I am here to the rescue with this The Long Season ending explained post! this drama ending could be considered a happy ending, since Wang Xiang finally found the answer to the death of his beloved son, Wang Yang.

And what was the answer? Did someone really kill him? Who was the victim of the dismembered case? And who was the murderer? Let’s find it out. Happy reading!

The Long Season Ending Explained

What happened to Wang Yang?

Wang Yang heard that Shen Mo has slept with Lu Wen Zhong. He got angry and tried to beat him up, but failed. He went to the theatre to find her, but instead, he saw the theatre was in a mess. Fu Wen Jun and Sui Dong were badly beaten. Shen Mo wanted to get revenge. She made a plan to lure Lu Wen Zhong and had prepared a sedative and needle beforehand. Lu Wen Zhong was happy and followed her to the theatre.

The Long Season Ending Explained - What happened to Wang Yang
The Long Season Ending Explained – What happened to Wang Yang?

He got impatient and tried to force himself on her. Wang Yang saw this and hit him with an iron bar. However, Lu Wen Zhong managed to run before Fu Wen Jun stopped him. It took three people to stop Lu Wen Zhong.

When he woke up, Lu Wen Zhong said that everything was a misunderstanding. It was Ying Hong who lied to him. He offered 800.000 yuan as compensation and the cheque was in his car. Shen Mo took the cheque and then Wang Yang and Fu Wei Jun went to the bank to cash it out.

Yet, they did not know that the check could not be cashed before the fixed date. Wang Yang was almost arrested by the bank security. When he returned to the theatre, Wang Yang charged into the bathroom where Lu Wen Zhong was locked up. He found him dead with a pool of blood underneath his head.

Wang Yang was shocked. That night, Shen Mo told him that she killed Lu Wen Zhong. Wang Yang and Fu Wei Jun went to the steel factory to dispose of the body. It was Wang Yang who was in charge to drag the body and throw it into the furnace. To avoid getting recognized by others, he wore a worker uniform.

The next day, Shen Mo told Wang Yang that she and Fu Wei Jun would hide in a new place for a while. After they got the money, they would find him. Shen Mo told Wang Yang to return home and sleep.

The whole residential area was in an uproar when Sun Guilan found a bag of human remains in a dumpster. Wang Yang was restless and keep asking his father about the victim’s identity. He was afraid that the victim was Shen Mo.

Wang Yang still remembered that Fu Wei Jun planned to meet him on the 17th. So he went to the bridge and waited. Wang Yang was surprised when Shen Mo turned up. He was so happy to see her alive. Wang Yang told Shen Mo that they should be back and take responsibility for what they did. He would confess that he was the one who killed Lu Wen Zhong and turned himself in.

Shen Mo could still play piano and study to become a doctor. Wang Yang was shocked when Shen Mo showed his amputated finger. Shen Mo confessed that she was the murderer. She begged Wang Yang to leave the town with her. They had a plan and he was the only person she have left. But everything she said did not budge Wang Yang. The next day, after the worker’s congress, Wang Yang’s body was found in the river.

Twenty years later, Wang Xiang found out that Wang Yang was dead not because of suicide or murder. Wang Yang drowned after he save Shen Mo who jumped into the river.

What Happened to Shen Mo?

Shen Mo was angry because of everything that happened to her and her friends. She made a plan for revenge. Because she studied at Hualin Health Vocational College, she had access to drugs including sedatives and needles.

The Long Season Ending Explained - What Happened to Shen Mo
The Long Season Ending Explained – What Happened to Shen Mo?

Shen Mo lures Lu Wen Zhong to the theatre but failed to stab him with the needle. Lu Wen Zhong only could be tied and drugged after Fu Wei Jun and Wang Yang caught him. Shen Mo use the chance to kill Lu Wen Zhong when Fu Wei Jun and Wang Yang went to the bank.

After Lu Wen Zhong’s body was disposed of and Wang Yang returned to his home, Shen Mo started to pack her luggage. Suddenly Yin Hong came to the theatre. She asked her how much money Lu Wen Zhong gave her. Shen Mo saw a chance for revenge. She told Yin Hong that Lu Wen Zhong gave her 800.000 yuan. The number made Yin Hong burnt with jealousy and greed.

Shen Mo offered the cheque to her. But after Yin Hong took the cheque, Shen Mo beat her to death with a shovel. When Fu Wei Jun returned, he asked whether Yin Hong had dropped by. Shen Mo did not say anything. But Fu Wei Jun understand what happened when he saw several bloodied bags. Shen Mo told him that since that day, she was Yin Hong and they should not find Wang Yang anymore because he deserves a good life.

Before Fu Wei Jun disposed of the bags, she cut her little finger (the one with 4 creases) so if the bag was found, the police would think that the body was Shen Mo. With a broken heart, Fu Wei Jun threw the bags into the factory sewer. He purposely left a bag inside a dumpster near Wang Yang’s house to make him give up on Shen Mo.

On the 17th, Fu Wei Jun and Shen Mo went out to eat wontons. Fu Wei Jun left her and went to the bank to cash out the cheque only to be arrested by the police. Shen Mo heard the police siren and was anxious. She took Fu Wei Jun’s stuff on the table and found a message from him. Fu Wei Jun wrote that Shen Mo should leave with Wang Yang while he would shoulder all the blame.

That night, Shen Mo secretly went to the train station when Wang Xiang found her. She threatened him with a stun gun. Wang Xiang told her to spare Wang Yang because he was their only son. Shen Mo’s heart wavered so she only knocked him unconscious. Shen Mo went to the bridge and saw Wang Yang.

Her hope to leave the town was shattered when Wang Yang told her that they should return. Shen Mo told him to leave because his father was still on the track. Wang Yang anxiously left the bridge when he heard a splash.

Twenty years later, Fu Wei Jun was dead in prison. Shen Dong Liang who knew that Shen Mo was still alive took his belongings and urns. He found out the address where Shen Mo lived. Shen Mo went to Shen Dong Liang’s house to take the urns. Shen Dong Liang tried to kill her. He hit her with a taxi, (the one with a fake license plate) but failed.

Shen Mo had Shen Dong Liang in a gruesome way. His wife almost died too, but because Wang Xiang and his friends come to their house, she was saved and taken to the hospital. Shen Mo learned that Zhao Jing was still alive and went to the hospital to kill her. After she made sure that Zhong Jing had died, Shen Mo leave the hospital in a green taxi, and the driver was Wang Xiang.

What Happened with Wang Xiang?

Wang Xiang went to the theatre to investigate the murder. The building was locked from the outside, but he could enter after he smash the window with a brick. He checked every cabinet inside and found several plastic bags that were identical to the bags that the murderer used. Wang Xiang paled on his discoveries.

The Long Season Ending Explained - What Happened with Wang Xiang
The Long Season Ending Explained – What Happened with Wang Xiang?

He took the plastic bags and went to the police station to find Ma De Sheng. Unfortunately, Ma De Sheng went to Songhe to investigate Shen Dong Liang. When Wang Xiang returned home, Wang Yang was already gone. He asked Gong Biao to the train station to find Wang Yang but he never showed up. Wang Xiang saw a suspicious person walking on the tracks. That person was Shen Mo.

The next day, Wang Xiang went to the workers’ congress. He saw when Gong Biao attacked Song Yukun and was beaten by Xing Jia Chun and his men. He pleaded with Xing Jia Chun to let Gong Biao off. However, Wang Xiang got angry when Song Yukun deliberately add Gong Biao’s name to the layoff list. He attacked Song Yukun and other workers joined him.

After the congress, several people from Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection came to arrest Song Yukun. They said that somebody had accused him of embezzling state funds and lay-offing the workers as revenge.

Wang Xiang sat alone in an empty hall when Ma De Sheng came and told him that they found Wang Yang. He was stunned and followed Ma Des Sheng to the river bank. Wang Xiang’s cries and pleas could be heard when he saw Wang Yang’s stiff body. Wang Yang’s sadness was not stopped there. His wife was so sad that she decided to hang herself after Wang Yang’s funeral.

Wang Xiang was brokenhearted and decide to kill himself on the rail tracks. But before the train passed by, he heard a baby cry. Wang Xiang found an abandoned baby and held him. He had lost his wife and son, but heaven gave him another son, Wang Bei.

Twenty years later, after he heard Ma De Sheng’s conclusion of the case. Wang Xiang followed the police to the People Hospital. He found Shen Mo and took her in his cab. Inside the car, Wang Xiang told her that in this life, he could let go of everything, except his son’s death. Wang Xiang wanted to know the answer to the questions that had haunted him for years.

Did Wang Yang kill anybody? And why Shen Mo killed him? Shen Mo answered that she killed Lu Wen Zhong and Yin Hong. Wang Yang never killed anybody and he was dead because he saved her. Wang Xiang was shocked at the answer. Before he could respond, the car was toppled.

Wang Xiang managed to leave the car and dragged Shen Mo with him. When the car exploded, Shen Mo instinctively protected Wang Xiang. That day, after Shen Mo confessed everything, the police finally close the unsolved case from twenty years ago.

Wang Xiang finally admitted his feelings to Li Qiaoyun. Together with Wang Bei, he finally had a complete family and find his peace of mind. On the way to the train station, he stopped at the cornfield to relieve himself. From afar he saw a train coming. The train driver was himself from twenty years ago. The present Wang Xiang chase the train and told the past him to look ahead and don’t look back.

What Happened to Gong Biao?

Twenty years ago, Gong Biao promised Wang Xiang that he would accompany him to the train station to look for Wang Yang. He never make it because Huang Li Ru came to his room and they spent some time on the bed.

The Long Season Ending Explained - What Happened to Gong Biao
The Long Season Ending Explained – What Happened to Gong Biao?

The next day, Gong Biao went to the workers’ congress. He was in a good mood because he was going to get married and his promotion was on the way. Gong Biao did not know that some of his colleagues mocked him for being a spare tire. Early in the morning, Song Yukun’s wife made a scene in the hospital. She accused Huang Li Ru seduced her husband. And they have been in a relationship for quite some time.

Gong Biao saw Huang Liru went to hall. He was curious and followed her. Behind the curtain, Gong Biao heard the conversation between Huang Liru and Song Yukun. Huang Liru was pregnant with his child, but she did not want to keep the baby and broke up with him. When the congress begin, Gong Biao questioned Song Yukun about his relationship with Huang Liru in front of the audience. He also attacked Song Yukun with a water bottle. Xing Jian Chung took Gong Biao and beat him. He only stopped after Wang Xiang plead with him.

But then Wang Xiang attacked Song Yukun after he heard Gong Biao’s name on the layoff list. At the same time, Huang Liru runs into the hall. She was accidentally pushed by some workers and her lower abdomen hit the chair. A pain spread in her body and blood started to pool under her skirt. Huang Liru was brought to the hospital. The doctor said she had a miscarriage and could not have any babies in the future. Gong Biao came to her ward and asked her to marry him. Huang Liru cried profusely under the blanket.

In the present, Gong Biao wanted to reconcile with Huang Liru. He sold his taxi so he could build her a beauty salon. But he found her with a man who was willing to be her partner. Gong Biao and Huang Liru fought again. Huang Liru said she did not want to live with him again. Gong Biao got angry and wanted to make a scene. However, he didn’t do it after he saw how happy Huang Liru was. He told her to return home and talked about it.

Gong Biao told Huang Liru that he had decided to divorce her and leave all his possessions to her. He also wished her happiness. Gong Biao, Wang Xiang, and Ma De Sheng spent the entire night in karaoke. They sang, danced, and drank. Early in the morning, Gong Biao drove his taxi while listening to the radio DJ announce the winner of a lottery.

Gong Biao was stunned when he learned that he was the winner. He was too immersed in checking the number on his ticked and did not see a truck coming from the side. His taxi car flew onto the river. In the last minute of his life, before his car drowned, Gong Biao was smiling happily.

What Happened to Ma De Sheng?

When Wang Xiang looked for him with a plastic bag hidden under his vest, Ma De Sheng went to Songhe. He wanted to investigate Shen Dong Liang because his intuition told him that Shen Dong Liang hide something. At Shen Dong Liang’s house, Ma De Shen saw a water bottle that was captured in one of Shen Mo’s nude photos.

The Long Season Ending Explained - What Happened to Ma De Sheng
The Long Season Ending Explained – What Happened to Ma De Sheng?

Ma De Sheng concluded that it was Shen Dong Liang who take the photos and post them on the college. He took Shen Dong Liang on a car ride and questioned him about the photo. Shen Dong Liang finally admitted that he took the photos. And he did it more than that. He had raped and manipulated Shen Mo many times. Ma De Sheng was disgusted by what Shen Dong Liang did and beat him.

On the funeral day, Ma De Sheng told Wang Xiang that Wang Yang died because of suicide. Wang Xiang refuse to believe the report and scolded him. Ma De Sheng was frustrated. His superior scolded him for what he did to Shen Dong Liang and he had messed up his duty. Ma De Sheng was suspended from his job but then he realized that he better quit the corps.

Twenty years later, Ma De Sheng passed out in the karaoke room. Wang Xiang took him to the hospital and the doctor found a suffusion of blood in his head. Ma De Sheng become muddle-headed, but he remembered everything from the unsolved case twenty years ago. He was determined to go to the Bureau to report his ideas. Luckily, his former colleague was willing to compromise and pretended to be his subordinate once again.

Ma De Sheng said that Shen Mo was alive and she was the victim of a hit and run. Shen Mo was the one who killed Shen Dong Liang and his wife. She did it because Shen Mo hated her foster parents. Shen Dong Liang raped and manipulated her while Zhong Jing pretended not to know anything.

Director Li was shocked because Ma De Sheng has solved the case. He praised Ma De Sheng to be the cleverest policeman. Suddenly Ma De Sheng cried when he realized that the case was solved. He said that he could not forget the case and it haunted him for years. Wang Xiang was stunned to see his friend. It turned out, that Ma De Shen was similar to him. They could not let go of the past.

My Two Cents

The way the director told the story was brilliant yet tricky. If you finished this drama, do not forget to re-watch it. Then you would see everything in a different perspective. Hope you find this The Long Season ending explained helpful. Happy watching!

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  1. Thank you for this summary! I speak some Chinese but not enough to entirely follow some of what happened — the English subtitles for the last half of the season were terrible! I hope this is addressed, because I think this show could find a wider audience. It’s really well-done. The acting was superb.

    I was curious about several thing. What happened to the young woman who worked in the pharmacy who suffered the electrocution injury following the suspect? And who was the person she was following? Was it Shen Dongliang? That felt like a plot thread that was forgotten about.

    Also, was it ever explained how Shen Dongliang knew that Shen Mo was still alive and knew where she lived so he could inform her about Fu Weijun’s ashes?


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