Ending ExplainedThe Love You Give Me Ending Explained

The Love You Give Me Ending Explained

Dear readers… This is the post of The Love You Give Me ending explained. The ending of this sweet drama was a happy ending. Finally, Min Hui, Xin Qi, and Quan Quan could be together forever as a complete family. But what happened to the other characters? Did Cheng Qi Rang got punished for his crime? Let’s find out! Happy reading!

The Love You Give Me Ending Explained

What Happened to Min Hui?

When Cheng Qi Rang blackmailed Min Hui using her teammates, Min Hui only had one choice: she had to stay at Be Agile. She asked for two conditions from Cheng Qi Rang. The first one, Min Hui wanted to be only involved in the AI heart modeling software.

The Love You Give Me Ending Explained - What Happened to Min Hui?
The Love You Give Me Ending Explained – What Happened to Min Hui?

She did not want to be involved in other projects. And second, she wanted only Cao Mu to be her superior. Ding Yifeng should not be involved in her project. Cheng Qi Rang only wanted to keep Min Hui under his palm, so he agreed to her request.

Zhong Mei Mei told Min Hui that Ding Yifeng almost raped her when she worked overtime. Min Hui tried to persuade her to report him to the police, but Zhong Mei Mei hesitated. Min Hui told her that she also went through the same thing when she worked in Guanchao.

When Cheng Qi Rang almost violated her, she reported it to HR. But in the end, Min Hui was fired because they alleged that she failed to seduce her superior. And to date, Min Hui always regretted that she did not report Cheng Qi Rang to the police. The next day, Min Hui beat Ding Yifeng up at the office. At the same time, Zhong Mei Mei reported him for a rape attempt. With a voice recorder as evidence, Ding Yifeng was sent to prison.

An online ID named Disappeared Amy suddenly showed up on the internet. She exposed the sexual harassment culture that happened in Guanchao. Her account also revealed the details of when Cheng Qi Rang harassed Min Hui five years ago.

Cheng Qi Rang was enraged and thought that Disappeared Amy was Min Hui. He threatened her and even ordered someone to hurt her. Min Hui ended up in the hospital with an injured leg after a motorcycle almost hit her.

It was Lin Xiyue who was behind the Dissapeared Amy. Xin Qi took Min Hui to see Lin Xiyue. They talked for a while and Lin Xiyue handed her a flash drive. It was the evidence of Cheng Qi Rang’s crime that she had been looking for. Min Hui and Lin Xiyue went online in a live stream.

They explained the sexual harassment cases in Guanchao, including Cheng Qi Rang’s crime. Lin Xiyue still had the recording of when Cheng Qi Rang asked her to make false testimony against Min Hui’s report. Lin Xiyue and Min Hui decided to report Cheng Qi Rang to the police. Everything involving Cheng Qi Rang ended when the court send him to prison.

Xin Qi wanted to buy Guanchao to preserve Min Hui’s hard work in the AI heart modeling software. He bought out Guanchao’s share when it plummeted after Cheng Qi Rang’s scandal. Xin Qi worked very hard on this project and he succeeded in the end. To celebrate it, he wanted to propose to Min Hui. But during the proposal, he collapsed.

Min Hui was afraid because the relapse was quite severe and Xin Qi had to return to the USA for surgery. Before he left, Min Hui secretly arranged a marriage proposal to Xin Qi. However, Xin Qi refused to put the ring on her finger. He promised that he would return in perfect health and put the ring on her finger. They spent a tranquil night as a family of three. But the next day, Min Hui only found a testament on the table. Xin Qi was long gone to the airport.

Min Hui’s AI heart modeling technology had achieved great success and had been put into use to treat heart disease. Six months later, Xin Qi returned to Bincheng in perfect health and they proceeded with a small and intimate wedding ceremony. Where they vowed to be together forever, witnessed by their loved ones.

What Happened to Xin Qi?

Xin Qi helped Min Hui with Be Agile acquisition. Since he could not get enough money from Blue Jay, he used his own money. Min Hui also did the same. She decided to sell her apartment and Xin Qi secretly bought it. His good deed touched Min Hui’s heart. Especially when Xin Qi said that he did not want her to regret selling the apartment because it was full of their memories.

The Love You Give Me Ending Explained - What Happened to Xin Qi?
The Love You Give Me Ending Explained – What Happened to Xin Qi?

Because Cheng Qi Rang had blackmailed Min Hui, Xin Qi found a way to help her out of her predicament. Xin Qi secretly investigated Cheng Qi Rang, but he hid it from Min Hui. He went to find Lin Xiyue, just after her house was ransacked by Cheng Qi Rang’s men. Xin Qi made use of Cheng Qi Rang and Lin Xiyue’s fallout to pull Lin Xiyue to their side and reported Cheng Qi Rang to the police.

After Cheng Qi Rang’s case was over, Blue Jay made an offer to buy out Guanchao. Xin Qi did it for the sake of Min Hui. Xin Qi did not want her hard work to fall into Cheng Qi Rang’s hands. It was also a way to make Cheng Qi Rang pay for his crime. Xin Qi wanted to take over Guanchao’s control but he needed more share in his hand.

So Xin Qi, Min Hui, and Lin Xiyue went to see Zheng Yi Ting. They wanted to persuade her to let him buy 5% of her share in Guanchao. At first, Zheng Yi Ting refused. But after Min Hui told her that Cheng Qi Rang had purposedly let her husky dog be mauled to death by a pit bull, she surrendered.

After everything was over, Xin Qi proposed to Min Hui. But before he completed his words, he got a heart attack. And this time, it was quite severe. Xin Qi must return to the USA for surgery. He went to the airport quietly after Min Hui proposed to him and they got engaged. Xin Qi showed his sincerity as a husband and father by leaving a testament for Min Hui and Quan Quan.

Xin Qi spent six months in the USA. When he finally was in perfect health, Xin Qi returned to Bincheng and gave Min Hui a surprise meeting. They got married not long after that. Two years later, Xin Qi took his wife, Quan Quan, and a baby boy to the large tree where they first met.

What Happened to Cheng Qi Rang?

Cheng Qi Rang tried hard to acquire Be Agile. He used all means to find out how much money Min Hui and Cao Mu prepared for the bidding. Although Min Hui and Cao Mu (plus Xin Qi) tried to outwit him, Cheng Qi Rang still walked out of the meeting room as the winner and become the owner of Be Agile.

The Love You Give Me Ending Explained - What Happened to Cheng Qi Rang?
The Love You Give Me Ending Explained – What Happened to Cheng Qi Rang?

Cheng Qi Rang’s action made Zheng Bang Guo upset. He had reminded Cheng Qi Rang not to invest all of Guanchao’s money. But Cheng Qi Rang was adamant and he even got a 32 million loan from the bank. However, after the disagreement, Zheng Bang Guo still chose him to be his successor.

Min Hui refused to work under Cheng Qi Rang. She handed him her resignation letter from Be Agile. Cheng Qi Rang put pressure on her. He used Min Hui’s colleagues in her R&D team as a threat. If she resigned, those people would be tortured by him. Min Hui had no choice but to stay.

Cheng Qi Rang wanted to get rid of Lin Xiyue after Min Hui was in his palm. He gave Lin Xiyue a 2,5 million yuan check and told her to leave Bincheng. Lin Xiyue was shocked to realize that she had been used by Cheng Qi Rang. She got angry and refused to leave him.

She threatened that she would expose Cheng Qi Rang’s crime when he harassed Min Hui. Lin Xiyue also mentioned that she had the evidence. Lin Xiyue would make sure that the Zheng family would kick Cheng Qi Rang out of Bincheng. But the next day, Lin Xiyue’s apartment was raided by unknown people. They ransacked her house, clearly looking for something. But Cheng Qi Rang did not find the evidence. He started to think that Lin Xiyue had lied to him.

After Min Hui and Lin Xiyue went online, they reported Cheng Qi Rang to the police. Cheng Qi Rang was arrested for a sexual harassment attempt. After his scandal went viral in the media, Guanchao’s stock plummeted and Cheng Qi Rang went to prison.

What Happened to Cao Mu and Chen Jia Jun?

Chen Jia Jun was shocked when he learned from Cao Mu that his older sister, Su Tian, was Min Hui’s friend. He barged into Min Hui’s hotel room when Xin Qi was there. He accused Min Hui to be the one who killed Su Tian. Chen Jia Jun investigated Su Tian’s death. And several bus passengers told him that Su Tian was involved in an argument that involved pushing and pulling with another girl. And the girl was Min Hui.

The Love You Give Me Ending Explained - What Happened to Cao Mu and Chen Jia Jun?
The Love You Give Me Ending Explained – What Happened to Cao Mu and Chen Jia Jun?

Chen Jia Jun’s accusation shocked Min Hui and Xin Qi. Min Hui was hurt when she saw the distrustful look on Xin Qi’s face. She got angry and asked Chen Jia Jun and Xin Qi to go to Shi’an town to reinvestigate the accident.

They met the police officer who investigated the accident back then. Officer Deng clarified that he never told Chen Jia Jun that Min Hui was involved in Su Tian’s death. Because his testimony was not enough to convince Chen Jia Jun, they went to another person who pulled Min Hui out of the bus. Mr. Jiang told them that at a critical moment, Su Tian wanted to return to her seat because she left a photograph there.

Min Hui tried to stop her, she pulled Su Tian but Su Tian pushed her. In the end, it was Mr. Jiang who pulled Min Hui seconds before the bus rolled down the cliff. Mr. Jiang’s explanation cleared the doubt behind Su Tian’s death in Chen Jia Jun and Xin Qi’s minds.

When Chen Jia Jun was clamoring about his sister. The one who got angry and disappointed over her man was not only Min Hui, but Cao Mu as well. She changed her door passcode, blocked Chen Jia Jun’s number, and ignored him for some time. Chen Jia Jun regretted his action and was determined to fix the situation. He stood outside Cao Mu’s apartment for a very long time. And when she saw his sorry state, Cao Mu’s heart soften. They reconciled after that.

When Be Agile was having a hard time because of the acquisition plan. Cao Mu asked Min Hui to also join the bidding. They planned to buy their own company. With the help from Blue Jay and other investment banks, they joined the bidding but lost to Cheng Qi Rang. But after a twist and turn, Be Agile finally landed in their hand.

Cao Mu and Chen Jia Jun continue to stay together. At Min Hui’s wedding, they made a bet. If Chen Jia Jun was able to catch Min Hui’s bouquet, they would get married. This time, Cao Mu agreed. With a high jump, Chen Jia Jun succeeded to catch the bride’s bouquet.

What Happened to Zhou Ruji and Yao Zizhu?

After Zhou Ruji learned how it felt to be abandoned by Yao Zizhu, he realized that the feeling he felt for her was different from the feeling he had for Min Hui. He had been liking Min Hui for four years and he did not know anymore whether his feeling was because he liked Min Hui or it was present out of habit. Zhou Ruji’s feeling for Yao Zizhu was completely different from what he had for Min Hui. For Yao Zizhu, Zhou Ruji was willing to do anything to make her happy.

The Love You Give Me Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhou Ruji and Yao Zizhu?
The Love You Give Me Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhou Ruji and Yao Zizhu?

Yao Zizhu was happy when Zhou Ruji told her about his feelings. But his drunken state did not make her believe all of his words. She talked to the sleeping Zhou Ruji, if in the morning he still remembers everything he said before, he should come to find her with a bouquet of roses. On the contrary, if he forgets all of his words, she would admit that they were not fated to be together. Thankfully, Zhou Ruji remembered it. He came to Yao Zizhu when she was practicing ballet with a bouquet of roses. Since then, Zhou Ruji and Yao Zizhu were officially a couple.

After Min Hui and Xin Qi’s wedding, all of them went on a vacation. Zhou Ruji seemed to propose to Yao Zizhu on a sunny day at the beach.

My Two Cents

Soooo… dear readers, were you satisfied with how The Love You Give Me ended? I’m a bit disappointed with Cheng Qi Rang’s closing. I wondered, did Zheng Yi Ting still considered Cheng Qi Rang as her husband for the sake of her pride, or would she give up on her marriage? Well, let’s wish it was the latter. Cheng Qi Rang deserved to be kicked out of the family. 🤬

Anyhow… that’s all for The Love You Give Me ending explained. I hope all of you were satisfied with the post. If you want to read about this drama review, you can check it on The Love You Give Me drama review post.

See you on the next post! Ciao!

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