Ending ExplainedTiger and Crane Ending Explained

Tiger and Crane Ending Explained

I was disappointed with the ending of Tiger and Crane drama. There were too many sacrifices that hurt my fragile heart. The ending itself was considered a happy ending. The director hinted at a second season after a fortune teller claimed that the fate of Hu Zi and Qi Xiao Xuan is not over yet. If you enjoyed this drama, then you must be excited to wait for the next season. But before that, here’s the Tiger and Crane Ending Explained. Enjoy!

Tiger and Crane Ending Explained

What Happened to Hu Zi?

Hu Zi left the camp after witnessing his mother’s execution. His friend followed him and tried to comfort him. They accidentally entered the cave where Yan was being held. They only realized it the next day when they could not find Qi Xiao Xuan.

Fortunately, Mo Gu Zi had given them a thread that helped them locate Qi Xiao Xuan. They went into a hidden room and discovered that Qi Wu Ji was the villain. The actual mastermind behind Yi Mei. Qi Wu Ji’s intention was to take Qi Xiao Xuan’s heart.

Tiger and Crane Ending Explained - What Happened to Hu Zi?
Tiger and Crane Ending Explained – What Happened to Hu Zi?

Hu Zi and his companion managed to stop him from doing that. They fought against Qi Wu Ji and Yi Mei, but they could not defeat them. It was only when Mo Gu Zi sacrificed himself that they were able to escape.

When they return to the camp, the demon hunters and sorcerers refuse to believe Hu Zi’s explanation about Qi Wu Ji. However, Xiu Da Men and Chen Jinian spoke up for Hu Zi and his friends as they were also suspicious of Qi Wu Ji. Soon after, a strong sandstorm broke out and Hu Zi’s Mother appeared in human form.

Hu Zi’s Mother revealed to him that she was saved by Yi Mei. They had an agreement beforehand. Yi Mei would restore Hu Zi’s Mother’s human form, while she would tell Yi Mei the truth that happened 500 years ago. However, their main priority is to stop the Legendary Sea. And the first thing they had to do was to find the location of the Demon Emperor’s heart.

Using Second Master’s paper cranes infused with the power of Hu Zi’s Mother, they find the location at Twin Mountain.

Hu Zi’s Mother took Hu Zi, Qi Xiao Xuan, Zhao Xin Tong, and Wang Yu Qian back into the past. Back then, Dianfeng Valley was a green and lush forest where the Mountain Gods and mystical beasts resided. The deities have safeguarded the world and the Four Seas for thousands of years.

Hu Zi and his friends saw the people who came to Dianfeng Valley to pursue their desires and aspirations. Among them were the twin brothers Qi Wu Ji and Qi Wu Shuang, accompanied by Ye Kong Ming. Qi Wu Ji was there to cure his brother’s disability.

Hu Zi and the others witnessed Qi Wu Shuang falling in love with Ye Kong Ming. Unfortunately, Ye Kong Ming had already set her sights on Qi Wu Ji. However, Qi Wu Ji fell in love with Hu Zi’s Mother, a deity who also lived in the valley.

Hu Zi and the rest of the group watched as Hu Zi’s mother and Qi Wu Ji interacted harmoniously. Hu Zi felt uneasy, so he carefully asked his mother about Qi Wu Ji. The answer shocked both Hu Zi and Qi Xiao Xuan: Qi Wu Ji was Hu Zi’s father.

Qi Wu Ji started to change after he went to see the Mountain God. Hu Zi’s mother told them that the Mountain God was what they know as the Demon Emperor. And it was Qi Wu Ji who killed the Mountain God.

After the Mountain God died, the legendary flame started to spread out from the mountain into the valley and later into the Legendary Sea. Black and gold smoke also emerged from the cave and possessed the people and animals in the forest. They became violent and started attacking each other.

Hu Zi and his friends saw Hu Zi’s mother run to Qi Wu Ji to ask what had happened. However, Hu Zi’s mother realized that the person in front of her was not Qi Wu Ji. She demanded that person tell her where Qi Wu Ji was. She unleashed her golden aura and at the same time, the people arrived.

The fake Qi Wu Ji declared that she was a demon and they had to kill her. After being shot by an arrow, Hu Zi’s mother fell off the cliff. She swam across the Legendary Sea to the Mainland. Her body was badly injured and she lost her divine power.

Hu Zi’s mother used her last bit of divine power to weaken the legendary flame. However, it also shortened her time. Before she died, she told Hu Zi that he was the son of a god and he should believe in himself.

Hu Zi lost his mother, Wang Yu Qian, and Zhao Xin Tong one after another. It was a hard hit for him, but it also awakened the divine power within him. With his power, Hu Zi defeated Qi Wu Ji and uncovered the truth. Later on, Hu Zi decided to stay and guard the Dianfeng Valley. He spent his day being lazy and watching Zhao Xin Tong’s spear hanging on a tree.

What Happened to Qi Xiao Xuan?

Qi Xiao Xuan found his twin brother chained up in a cave after following an orb. Qian reunited with Yan. However, Yan still held a grudge against Qian. Yan’s heart wavered when Qian said that he came to Dianfeng Valley for him, but he never thought of taking Yan’s body. Qian knew that Yan had been living a lonely and desperate life for eight years.

Tiger and Crane Ending Explained - What Happened to Qi Xiao Xuan?
Tiger and Crane Ending Explained – What Happened to Qi Xiao Xuan?

During that time, Qian also experienced anxiety and nightmares. Every time he closes his eyes, Qian can see Yan’s desperation. Qian told Yan that he was no longer able to live this kind of life any longer. Qian told Yan that he wanted to stop fighting. When Yi Mei attempted to merge their spirits, Qian, who feigned unconsciousness, intervened.

Subsequently, he and Yan teamed up to stop Yi Mei. Unfortunately, a powerful force stopped them, and it was Qi Wu Ji. Qian was taken aback, but Yan revealed that Qi Wu Ji was not their ancestor, but a demon.

The curse cast by the Mountain Gods had caused Qi Wu Ji to lose his heart and senses. He wanted to be human again and escape the valley. Therefore he needed Qian and Yan’s special heart and body. Qi Wu Ji threw them into the spirit mirror world, where they had another conversation. Yan also declined to take his body after meeting Eldest Master, the calligraphy brush.

The Eldest Master explained that since Yan had been locked up in the Spirit Mirror World, Qian had changed. He became cold, composed, and ruthless instead of the timid and cowardly person he used to be. Yan also noticed that Qian still kept all his belongings in his room. This made him realize that whoever got trapped inside the mirror, of them would live in pain.

Therefore, they had to stop the Spirit Lock Ritual. Yan made a decision to sacrifice himself and pushed Qian towards the only exit out of the world. Qian returned to his body. He activated a magic thread before collapsing, which would guide his friends to locate him.

Unbeknownst to Qian, even though Yan looked fierce and ruthless, he still had some kindness in him. He accompanied Yi Mei to Dianfeng Valley to break their curse. When Yi Mei asked Yan to destroy the puppet she had made for Qian, Yan was unable to do it.

Qi Wu Ji continued to target Qi Xiao Xuan’s heart. He tried several times and finally succeeded. While Qi Wu Ji rejoiced in his new heart, Qi Xiao Xuan had an encounter with the Mountain God in his mind. The deity explained to Qi Xiao Xuan that he was killed by Qi Wu Ji 500 years ago, so he put a curse on Qi Wu Ji.

Nevertheless, Qi Xiao Xuan was able to break the curse. The god revealed that the curse was originally a test and that it contained divine power. After Qi Xiao Xuan passed the test, the divine power was awakened within him.

When he awakens from the dream, Qi Xiao Xuan now has a pair of crane wings on his back and his body radiates the golden aura of a god. Qi Wu Ji was astonished because Qi Xiao Xuan and Hu Zi were both possessing divine powers.

Qi Xiao Xuan joined forces with Hu Zi to defeat Qi Wu Ji and reveal the truth. after everything was over and it was time to depart the valley, Hu Zi decided to stay. Qi Xiao Xuan bid farewell to him and returned to his life as a Demon Hunter.

What Happened to Zhao Xin Tong

In the Dianfeng Valley, Hu Zi and Zhao Xin Tong got trapped in a cave. They met Zhao Xin Tong’s ancestor, an imperial demon hunter named Zhao Ling Yan, who also came to the valley 500 years ago. Zhao Ling Yan taught the Ultimate Spear Technique to Zhao Xin Tong before he vanished.

Tiger and Crane Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhao Xin Tong?
Tiger and Crane Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhao Xin Tong?

With this technique, Zhao Xin Tong was able to break through the cave wall. But her energy was depleted, and Hu Zi had to carry her on his back. To keep her awake, Hu Zi spoke to her. He said that if they died, he would become a star next to her so that he could be with her forever.

Hu Zi told Zhao Xin Tong that if they go back to Babao Town, he will open a restaurant in front of her house for her to have a meal. They also agreed to plant a hibiscus tree together. However, the strong sun drained their energy and caused them to pass out on the sand. Qi Xiao Xuan found and brought them to the camp where the rest of the group waited for them.

Zhao Xin Tong witnessed Hu Zi and Qi Xiao Xuan fighting Qi Wu Ji, and She arrived on time while Qi Wu Ji was in the process of absorbing Qi Xiao Xuan’s heart. Zhao Xin Tong was overcome with sadness upon witnessing Wang Yu Qian’s dead body disintegrate. However, there was not much time for grieving.

Through her strategy, Zhao Xin Tong stole the phurba, but it cost her her life. Hu Zi saw Qi Wu Ji use Zhao Xin Tong’s own spear to stab her. He went pale and ran over to her immediately. Zhao Xin Tong passed away in Hu Zi’s arms, but not before giving him a hibiscus seed that she had kept on his armband.

After everything ended, Wu Li Dan put the Zhao name plate back into the Fame Hall in Tiagang Hall to commemorate the braveness of Zhao family.

What Happened to Wang Yu Qian?

Wang Yu Qian realized that if they could not defeat Yi Mei and stopped the Legendary Sea, then none of the people in the world would be able to live in peace. This included the Qianyu State. He departed from his kingdom and brought along some of the strongest sorcerers to join his friends on their journey to Dianfeng Valley.

Tiger and Crane Ending Explained - What Happened to Wang Yu Qian?
Tiger and Crane Ending Explained – What Happened to Wang Yu Qian?

After the Qilin God ended the agreement with the Wang family, Wang Yu Qian could no longer heal anyone. Nevertheless, before his disappearance, the Qilin God planted a golden lotus in his body to save the world. Wang Yu Qian displayed his brave side during the battle with Qi Wu Ji. However, a sword couldn’t defeat the Demon Emperor, instead, it was Wang Yu Qian who died at the hands of Qi Wu Ji.

Before he died, Wang Yu Qian told Hu Zi and Qi Xiao Xuan about the Golden Lotus. He also asked them to return to the mainland alive. Wang Yu Qian’s body turned into golden dust after his death. Amidst the dust, a shining golden lotus appeared. The lotus possessed healing properties that could heal the wounds of the demon hunters and sorcerers. Yunzi recognized the golden lotus and realized that their king had died.

What Happened to Yi Mei?

Yi Mei rescued the White Tiger from a fire as they had an agreement. Yi Mei needed to find out where Ye Kong Ming’s body was hidden in the valley. After Yi Mei turned the White Tiger into her human form, the tiger took Yi Mei to a cave where Ye Kong Ming’s body was preserved in a coffin. When Yi Mei saw her master again, she told her that she was there to bring Ye Kong Ming back.

Tiger and Crane Ending Explained - What Happened to Yi Mei?
Tiger and Crane Ending Explained – What Happened to Yi Mei?

Yi Mei used to be a doll created by Ye Kong Ming, who sewed every part of Yi Mei with love and care. She worked hard on the doll and took it with her everywhere. One day, Ye Kong Ming encountered a good-looking young man who was pushing another man in a wheelchair. The man’s name was Qi Wu Ji and the one in the wheelchair was his twin brother, Qi Wu Shuang.

Ye Kong Ming fell in love with Qi Wu Ji and followed him to Dianfeng Valley. In the valley, the spiritual gem transforms Yi Mei doll into a human. Since then, Yi Mei has always accompanied Ye Kong Ming. One day, Ye Kong Ming was very sad when she found out that Qi Wu Ji never loved her. Instead, he fell in love with a woman who lived in the valley – the White Tiger.

Everything changed after Qi Wu Ji killed the Demon Emperor. He hunted the White Tiger and led the remaining demon hunters to kill the tiger. After that, he declared his love to Ye Kong Ming and made her his bride. Yi Mei believed Ye Kong Ming would be happy. However, it did not seem to be the case.

They stayed in the valley for a year, and Ye Kong Ming gave birth to a boy with a twin primordial spirit in his body. Meanwhile, Qi Wu Ji constructed a ship that could sail across the Legendary Sea. However, before their departure, Ye Kong Ming was in a state of panic. She stole the phurba and it to Yi Mei as well as her baby.

Ye Kong Ming told Yi Mei to leave the valley without any explanation. Qi Wu Ji ran to halt them as soon as the ship had set sail. Ye Kong Ming attempted to hold him and tell the ship to leave.

Yi Mei had no idea why her master would do such a thing to her. The events from that time left Yi Mei perplexed for 500 years. Nevertheless, the White Tiger claimed that all that occurred 500 years earlier was false. Yi Mei was surprised when the White Tiger revealed the truth to her.

After the tiger left, Qi Yan Ran arrived and immediately began to attack Yi Mei. The two engaged in a fierce battle, during which Yi Mei nearly stabbed Qi Yan Ran. At this crucial moment, Jiang Xi Ci came to shield her but tragically lost her life in the process.

Yi Mei knew her life was over. She dragged her body to Ye Kong Ming, wanting to touch and see her for the last time. Yi Mei died and turned into a doll. Qi Yan Ran placed Ye Kong Ming’s body in the coffin and put Yi Mei’s doll in her hand. Finally, Yi Mei’s desire to be with her master was fulfilled.

What Happened with Qi Yan Ran?

After Qi Yan Ran’s grandmother passed away, she realized her mistake. When she saw Qi Xiao Xuan and his friend struggling in the camellia formation, she helped them. Qi Yan Ran fought against Yi Mei since she had disgraced the Qi family and killed Jiang Xi Ci.

Tiger and Crane Ending Explained - What Happened with Qi Yan Ra
Tiger and Crane Ending Explained – What Happened with Qi Yan Ra

However, Yi Mei was able to escape with the white tiger. The presence of the tiger startled everyone, especially Hu Zi. Qi Yan Ran wanted to pursue Yi Mei, but Qi Xiao Xuan prevented her. Qi Yan Ran persisted because she wanted to make amends for her wrongdoing and vowed to bring back Qi Xiao Xuan’s body.

Subsequently, Qi Yan Ran arrived at the cave where Yi Mei found her master. They engaged in a fierce fight and both of them were wounded. Yi Mei had the advantage and nearly killed Qi Yan Ran if Ling Zhi hadn’t protected her. Qi Yan Ran quickly threw her sword, piercing Yi Mei’s heart and causing her death. Later, Qi Yan Ran decided to place Yi Mei and Ye Kong Ming together in the coffin after witnessing their tragic end.

Ling Zhi’s body could withstand the injury. Qi Yan Ran was still unaware that the young woman who aided her before was her grandmother. She was surprised when Ling Zhi’s spirit returned to her former appearance as Jiang Xi Ci.

Their familial bond was strained. Nevertheless, Qi Yan Ran felt different now and Jiang Xi Ci had acknowledged her own wrongdoing. She shed tears as Jiang Xi Ci’s spirit disappeared and turned into a blue pearl. She brought the pearl back to camp.

When everything ended, Qi Yan Ran became a different person. Whenever she had time, she would go to the Ancestral Hall to talk to Jiang Xi Ci’s nameplate.

What Happened to Qi Wu Ji and Qi Wu Shuang?

Qi Wu Ji was the real villain behind Yi Mei. He earned his curse by killing the Demon Emperor and now lives as a wandering ghost without a heart, desperate to escape. Qi Wu Ji attempts to leave the valley, but the valley will petrify him every time he tries. Only the heart of the Twin Primordial Spirit could save him. Yi Mei was willing to help him for one reason – Ye Kong Ming.

Tiger and Crane Ending Explained - What Happened to Qi Wu Ji and Qi Wu Shuang
Tiger and Crane Ending Explained – What Happened to Qi Wu Ji and Qi Wu Shuang

Hu Zi and his friends intervened when he nearly took all of Qi Xiao Xuan’s heart. Hu Zi, Zhao Xin Tong, Wang Yu Qian, and Mo Gu Zi were there and tried to kill both Qi Wu Ji and Yi Mei. However, even after Qi Xiao Xuan woke up, they were overpowered by Qi Wu Ji. Mo Gu Zi used all of his primordial power to restrain Qi Wu Ji and urged his friend to leave the cave. Before he died, Mo Gu Zi expressed his happiness to meet them all.

Qi Wu Ji was able to break free from Mo Gu Zi’s cocoon and revealed his demon side to the other demon hunters and sorcerers. His demonic appearance convinced the demon hunters and sorcerers. Hu Zi and his companions arrived on time and revealed the truth to the people.

Hu Zi explained that Dianfeng Valley was not where demons were born, but rather the abode of the gods. Qi Wu Ji was responsible for the gods’ demise and the contamination of the Four Seas. Qi Wu Ji did not deny the accusation but openly admitted it. Qi Wu Ji summoned his demons to eliminate the demon hunters and sorcerers. Hu Zi and Qi Xiao Xuan teamed up to confront Qi Wu Ji and retrieve the phurba from him.

The battle between Qi Wu Ji and the people was intense. Everyone exerted their full strength to vanquish the demons. Even the feeble Wang Yu Qian participated in the combat. Nevertheless, Qi Wu Ji murdered him and Zhao Xin Tong. He also absorbed Qi Xiao Xuan’s heart.

But Qi Wu Ji didn’t stay happy for long. Hu Zi and Qi Xiao Xuan, who possessed God’s power, defeated him. Qi Wu Ji wasn’t willing to accept his defeat and died with a feeling of resentment in his heart.

To ease the resentment that lingered in Dianfeng Valley, Hu Zi and Qi Xiao Xuan traveled back in time to Qi Wu Ji’s past. They were transported to the day of Qi Wu Ji’s and Qi Wu Shuang’s birth. Qi Wu Ji was born healthy while Qi Wu Shuang was born weak.

Sadly, their mother passed away after giving birth to Qi Wu Shuang. Their dad thought Qi Wu Shuang was a jinx after witnessing his misfortunes. As a result, Qi Wu Shuang grew up as a abandoned young master.

The only person who was kind to him was Qi Wu Ji. When they were older, Qi Wu Ji learned about the Dianfeng Valley, a place where one’s desires could be fulfilled. He took both Qi Wu Shuang and Ye Kong Ming, who insisted on joining, to the valley.

Before leaving, they met Wang Qian Yu, ancestor to Wang Yu Qian. He was treating people who were suffering from an epidemic. Wang Qian Yu found out that their destination was Dianfeng Valley and asked Qi Wu Shuang for a cure for the epidemic.

Qi Wu Shuang held an affection for Ye Kong Ming, who only had eyes for Qi Wu Ji. This unrequited feeling became a problem later. When Qi Wu Shuang told Ye Kong Ming he loved her, she refused him harshly.

With the help of White Tiger, Qi Wu Ji found where the Mountain God lives and took Qi Wu Shuang there. But the Mountain God knew that Qi Wu Ji had two requests – one was for a cure for his brother’s disability and the other was for a cure for an epidemic. The deity asked Qi Wu Ji to pick one desire since everyone could have only one.

As Qi Wu Shuang looked at him hopefully, Qi Wu Ji chose the cure for the world as his wish. The furious Qi Wu Shuang roared, and a black aura suddenly emanated from his body. He grasped the phurba and killed the Mountain God. Soon after, Qi Wu Shuang became a demon. He used his power to possess Qi Wu Ji’s body and create the legendary flame, causing chaos to the world.

Hu Zi and Qi Xiao Xuan approached Qi Wu Shuang and, with their newfound power, were able to communicate with him. To relieve his resentment, Hu Zi and Qi Xiao Xuan showed him another version of Qi Wu Shuang’s life.

In the end, Qi Wu Ji told him that he would still choose the people. But as long as he was alive, Qi Wu Ji would find a way to heal Qi Wu Shuang’s leg. And during that time, he would be Qi Wu Shuang’s leg. Qi Wu Shuang eventually realized that his brother had never abandoned him and the resentment in his heart dissipated, leaving him at peace.

My Musing

Dear readers, the story ended, leaving only Hu Zi and Qi Xiao Xuan. It’s unfortunate that Zhao Xin Tong and Wang Yu Qian were the only descendants in their families, as their deaths mean the end of the Zhao and Wang families.

Could this lead to chaos in the Qianyu State? Do you think the country would have fallen into a power struggle for the throne if the Wang family hadn’t been there? Maybe that’s just my wild imagination. But I still need to express my disappointment.

What do you think of the ending of this Tiger and Crane drama, readers? Did it satisfy you or do you feel the same way I do? Please share your opinion with us. I’ll see you in another Ending Explained post. Bye!

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