Ending ExplainedYou Are Desire Ending Explained

You Are Desire Ending Explained

Dear readers, You Are Desire was a 30-episode-long drama with Zhou Yi Ran and Zhuang Da Fei as the main leads. The story was heartwarming and heart-wrenching at the same time. This ending explained  post was made for those who were not afraid of spoilers, or at least those who needed some explanation about the ending.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that You Are Desire just released an extra episode and I had included it in this post. So, what are you waiting for? Happy Reading!

You Are Desire Ending Explained

What Happened to Lin Yu Jing?

Lin Yu Jing’s senior from the Marketing Department asked for Lin Yu Jing’s help to translate some journals. She was not confident at first, but the senior convinced Lin Yu Jing that it was just an easy task for her. Lin Yu Jing had shown her ability during the Marketing competition, so translating some journals would be easy for her.

You Are Desire Ending Explained - What Happened to Lin Yu Jing
You Are Desire Ending Explained – What Happened to Lin Yu Jing?

Suddenly the senior received a message that said Luo Qinghe was accused of plagiarism. And the news would affect the Qinghe Silver Jewelry exhibition. Lin Yu Jing was shocked and immediately called Shen Juan to inquire about the news. Shen Juan explained the whole situation and asked for her help to contact Fu Ming Xiu.

Lin Yu Jing helped Shen Juan solve the problem regarding patent infringement. They managed to win the case. Meanwhile, Lin Yu Jing also finished her translation job. Her senior praised Lin Yu Jing for her hard work and excellent results. And it evoked Lin Yu Jing’s interest in Marketing. She realized that she always like this field of work.

Later on, Lin Yu Jing accepted an invitation from her senior to attend a marketing class. During the class, Lin Yu Jing was able to answer a question from the professor. She also provides a very good sample for car advertising.

After the class ended, the professor praised her and told Lin Yu Jing that she was a good seedling in the marketing field. It was too bad she took a finance major. His words stirred an inexplicable feeling inside Lin Yu Jing.

Later a professor named Hu Zhong Quang, who was famous for her marketing strategy was going to give a lecture at Pucheng University. Lin Yu Jing wanted to join the class, but she had an exam on the same day. She managed to rush to the lecture.

During the class, she was so immersed in the lecture that she did not realize that Shen Juan was also in the same class recording the lecture for her. And because of this lecture, Lin Yu Jing made up her mind to switch majors. She finally realized her passion lies in marketing instead of finance. She called her mother to tell her about her decision.

Lin Yu Jing was flabbergasted when Lin Zhi easily agreed to her decision. Lin Zhi also said that Lin Yu Jing was already an adult and she could make her own decisions.

When the graduation ceremony was getting new, Lin Yu Jing applied for a position in Professor Hu’s marketing team. She was interviewed and obtained a position.

However, the job would be located in Huaicheng and this put Lin Yu Jing in a dilemma. If she accept the offer, Shen Juan and her would have to endure a long-distance relationship. She would be in Huaicheng, while Shen Juan would stay in Pucheng due to his professional athlete career. Lin Yu Jing could not decide so she kept the news From Shen Juan.

Later on, before the graduation ceremony, Lin Yu Jing, Shen Juan, and their friends have a hot pot meal inside the store. They reminisced and enjoyed their last time in Qinghe Silver Jewelry Store because the building would be demolished soon.

When they were together on the porch, Lin Yu Jing told Shen Juan that the first time she saw him was when she just arrived in Pucheng. Back then he wore a red hooded jacket, riding a bicycle under the rain. Later she met him again in the store when she brought her bracelet to be fixed. And those meetings left a huge impression on her.

Lin Yu Jing did not know that Shen Juan already learned about the job in Haicheng. She kept silent because she was not ready to make the decision. Moreover, Shen Juan was getting ready to enter the provincial dormitory and start his professional career. They spent some time having a meal in the new dormitory room and then went to the amusement park.

The graduation photoshoots were the end of the story, it remained unclear whether Lin Yu Jing decided to tell Shen Juan or not. However, the photo shoot was a happy moment for everyone, including Lin Yu Jing and Shen Juan.

What Happened to Shen Juan?

A middle-aged man named Feng Li approached Shen Juan. He introduced himself as Luo Qinghe’s friend. He wanted to cooperate with Shen Juan and made a mass production of Luo Qinghe’s design. However, Shen Juan refused to cooperate because he believed that mass production was a violation of Luo Qinghe’s principle. After Feng Li left the apartment, he called his lawyer to prepare for the next plan.

You Are Desire Ending Explained - What Happened to Shen Juan
You Are Desire Ending Explained – What Happened to Shen Juan?

Feng Li’s lawyer, Huang Yuming, invited Shen Juan and Nie Xinghe to tell them that Luo Qinghe had plagiarized Feng Li’s company products. He showed them that Luo Qinghe’s Galaxy Bird was similar to Feng Li’s Hanhaji series. Therefore it was a patent infringement.

Nie Xinghe got emotional, but Shen Juan remained calm. He said that during the process of applying for the patent for Hanhaji, Luo Qinghe was already bedridden in a vegetative state and never woke up until his death. Huang Yuming was left speechless. Feng Li who overheard their conversation tried to persuade them to change their mind. But Shen Juan was determined to never cooperate with him.

With the help of Lin Yu Jing, Fu Ming Xiu, and his friends, Shen Juan searched for any evidence that the Galaxy Bird’s design belonged to Luo Qinghe. They found a receipt of purchase from a person named Zhou Hang. The receipt was already damaged so their only clue was the name. Shen Juan called Nie Xinghe to ask about Zhou Hang, but he said he did not know the person.

Shen Juan and his friends worked tirelessly to find more clues until they found an account with Zhou Hang’s name and an address attached to it. They went there but their hard work was futile. Suddenly Nie Xinghe called him and told Shen Juan to come to the store because he had information about Zhou Hang.

Shen Juan went there to retrieve the information and let Lin Yu Jing wait outside the store. Nie Xinghe admitted that he was the one who erased the messages from Luo Qinghe’s phone. Shen Juan got angry and gripped Nie Xinghe’s collar. Although Nie Xinghe taunted Shen Juan to hit him, he managed to suppress the emotion.

After the lawsuit case was solved, Shen Juan thought it through and decided to follow Luo Qinghe’s arrangement to give the store to Nie Xinghe. He went to see him with a box of Luo Qinghe’s designs and a printed message recorded between Luo Qinghe and Zhuo Hang. He told Nie Xinghe that his uncle entrusted the store to him and that his love for Nie Xinghe was no less than his uncle’s love for Shen Juan.

Although Shen Juan gave the silver store to Nie Xinghe, inside his heart he was reluctant to do it. So he went to Lin Yu Jing for a consolation. She understood his feelings very well because the store held so many memories. However, Shen Juan realized that handing over the store to Nie Xinghe was the right thing to do.

Shen Juan was appointed as the shooting team’s new captain after Ning Yuan retired because he would pursue his postgraduate studies. This made him very busy in the shooting range, but he still managed to attend a marketing lecture for Lin Yu Jing. He recorded the lecture because he did not want Lin Yu Jing to miss the lecture because of an exam.

Between his business, Shen Juan managed to create a necklace with a whale pendant for Lin Yu Jing who loves whales. He told her that in his heart, Lin Yu Jing was like a whale. She was brave, strong, gentle but powerful. She could dive into the sea and find the other side but also fly to the sky to pursue the light. He believed whatever choice she took, Lin Yu Jing would do it well.

After 4 years in the college, the graduation ceremony was approaching. Finally, Shen Juan had to retire from the shooting team. But he would continue his passion and made it his professional career on the provincial team.

Shen Juan learned that Lin Yu Jing had a job offer in a marketing team, but it was stationed in Huaicheng. He felt at a loss because Lin Yu Jing hadn’t told him about it. But Shen Juan believed in Lin Yu Jing and knew that it must be a dilemma for her. So he kept silent and pretended to know nothing.

Shen Juan went to Lin Yu Jing’s dormitory to pick her up. The moment he saw Lin Yu Jing, Shen Juan could not help but hug her tight. Long distance relationship was not an easy thing to do. He took her to his new dormitory and they spent some time together, cooking meals, eating, and kissing.

During that time, Shen Juan never asked about the job offer. He respected Lin Yu Jing’s decision and believed that she would tell him if the time was right. After that, they went to the amusement park and reminisced. Before they separated that night, Lin Yu Jing hugged him tight. She said that she was reluctant to leave him.

On graduation day, Shen Juan asked for a day off so he could attend the ceremony. They took many graduation photos with their friend including Wang Yi Yang, He Song Nan, Gu Xia, and Xu Ruyi. Everybody smiling. They were ready to face the future.

What Happened to Nie Xinghe?

Nie Xinghe was shocked when Huang Yuming told him that the silver ornament that was sold in his online store was plagiarized from Feng Li’s design. He got emotional and refused the accusation. However, he said that it was he who opened the online store and made the products. It has nothing to do with Shen Juan.

You Are Desire Ending Explained - What Happened to Nie Xinghe?
You Are Desire Ending Explained – What Happened to Nie Xinghe?

But when he heard Feng Li mention the cooperation, Nie Xinghe went up to Shen Juan to ask for an explanation. Shen Juan explained that Feng Li wanted to mass produce Lu Qinghe’s design, but he refused so Feng Li came up with another idea to threaten him. Nie Xinghe realized that it all happened because he sold the Galaxy Bird online. He said that he would take full responsibility for it. But Shen Juan said that Feng Li had targeted him and he did not want Nie Xinghe to interfere.

His words make Nie Xinghe angry. Nie Xinghe asked Shen Juan why he should bear the consequences of his action. He accused Shen Juan he always taking over everything. Nie Xinghe felt that he did not have a right to take responsibility for his own. Shen Juan calmly answered that Nie Xinghe did not understand his uncle at all. And if he was still alive, Luo Qinghe would be disappointed in him.

When Shen Juan asked him about a person named Zhou Hang, Nie Xinghe said that he did not know him, but he lied. So when Shen Juan and Lin Yu Jing went to find the address connected to Zhou Hang, Nie Xinghe called them and said he had a clue about the person.

While he waited for Shen Juan, Nie Xinghe stared at the star constellation lamp. He remembered the past and could not help to shed tears. Nie Xinghe got panicked when he accidentally knocked the lamp and broke it. He anxiously tried to fix the lamp.

When Shen Juan arrived, Nie Xinghe gave him a bunch of information about Zhou Hang. He also admitted that he was the one who erased the message about Shen Juan’s shooting competition from Luo Qinghe’s phone.

But from Zhuo Hang, he learned that Luo Qinghe already knew about it but he still followed Nie Xinghe’s arrangement to deliver goods. Not only that, when Luo Qinghe returned, he brought a qingming cake for Nie Xinghe. He taunted Shen Juan by saying that in Luo Qinghe’s heart, he was more important.

Shen Juan was angry when he heard that. If only his uncle had not gone to deliver goods, he would not rushed to the competition and he would not caught in an accident. However, Shen Juan suppressed his anger and refused to hit Nie Xinghe. Inside Nie Xinghe’s heart, he already realized that he was the one responsible for the accident. He wished Shen Juan’s hits would alleviate the guilt from his heart.

Nie Xinghe was packing up his stuff when Shen Juan came with a box of Luo Qinghe’s designs. Shen Juan told him to look at the printed messages recorded between Luo Qinghe and Zhuo Hang. In the message, Luo Qinghe said that he intends to make Nie Xinghe his partner at Qinghe Silver Jewelry Store. He praised him for being a good kid and a talented disciple.

Nie Xinghe was speechless when he read the message. Shen Juan told him that he had given the store to Nie Xinghe. Shen Juan also explained that Luo Qinghe wanted them to do things they were passionate about. Luo Qinghe’s love for Nie Xinghe was no less than his love for Shen Juan. It was just Nie Xinghe was too stubborn and insecure to realize it.

Before he left Shen Juan emphasizes that he gave the store to him, not because he forgave Nie Xinghe. But because he wanted to fulfill his uncle’s wish Nie Xinghe better not disappoint him again. Nie Xinghe cried after Shen Juan left.

After he contemplated his life, Nie Xinhe decided to temporarily close the shop and embarked on a journey where he followed Luo Qinghe’s footsteps. He wished it could give him some inspiration and become a disciple that Luo Qinghe was proud of. Before he left, he went to see Lin Yu Jing. Nie Xinghe gave her the star constellation lamp and asked her to give it to Shen Juan. He also apologized for sending Shen Juan’s statement of police record to Lin Zhi.

What Happened to Their Friends?

Gu Xia and Fu Ming Xiu

After Fu Ming Xiu told Lin Yu Jing about his refusal of Gu Xia’s confession, Lin Yu Jing asked whether he had any feelings for her. Fu Ming Xiu said that their relationship would be not feasible. However, he calculated it from a logical point of view. Fu Ming Xiu never considered his own feelings.

You Are Desire Ending Explained - Gu Xia and Fu Ming Xiu?
You Are Desire Ending Explained – Gu Xia and Fu Ming Xiu?

So later he felt a sense of loss after Gu Xia ended her internship at the law firm. He started to look for her and got anxious when she ignored him. But Gu Xia could not really ignore nor give up on Fu Ming Xiu. She wrote him an email containing her analysis of their relationship. Gu Xia told him that they still had a good chance to be together.

The email made Fu Ming Xiu reconsider his decision. That night, Fu Ming Xiu went to find Gu Xia who was drunk with Xiao Mo Gu. She complained about him but ended up kissing Fu Ming Xiu. The next day, Gu Xia woke up at the office and saw Fu Ming Xiu was working. She got panicked and was about to leave when he asked her to come with him.

Fu Ming Xiu took Gu Xia to a bridge where they could hang a padlock. Fu Ming Xiu confessed to her and said that he did not want to miss her. And that was the beginning of their own story.

He Song Nan and Xu Ruyi

Although they looked fine from the outside, He Song Nan and Xu Ruyi still struggling with their life. He Song Nan realized that he had to work harder to understand Xu Ruyi’s situation. Meanwhile, Xu Ruyi had to deal with her boss who scolded her and told her to return to the office on the weekend.

You Are Desire Ending Explained - He Song Nan and Xu Ruyi?
You Are Desire Ending Explained – He Song Nan and Xu Ruyi?

Xu Ruyi was exhausted by all the work that she had to do in the office. But then she received a message from her mother who asked her to return home because they did not want them to work too hard. The message left her crying in the middle of the night.

Wang Yi Yang

Wang Yi Yang had to stay for another year at the university because his credit was not enough to graduate. Meanwhile, his work was unsuccessful too. With a low mood, he went to Qinghe Jewelry Store only to find that the house would be demolished. He invites his friends to discuss that matter.

You Are Desire Ending Explained - Wang Yi Yang
You Are Desire Ending Explained – Wang Yi Yang?

But only Lin Yu Jing showed up. Shen Juan and He Song Nan could not make it. Wang Yi Yang was disappointed and angry toward them. He even thought about dropping out of school.

The next day, Shen Juan and He Song Nan visited him. He Song Nan tried to talk to Wang Yi Yang and persuade him to rethink his decision of dropping out of school. Yet, Wang Yi Yang got angry and left. Shen Juan comforted He Song Nan.

Later, Wang Yi Yang showed up when Shen Juan and He Song Nan arranged a hot pot night at the store. They talked and reminisced. Gradually, Wang Yi Yang’s mood improved and he no longer feeling down. On the graduation day, Wang Yi Yang also showed up to celebrate the day with his friends.

Extra Episode – The Graduation Trip

Shen Juan, Lin Yu Jing, Gu Xia, Wang Yi Yang, Xu Ruyi, He Song Nan, and Fu Ming Yu went to the beach. They play, talk, laugh, eat, and drink together. They watched the rainbow appear after the rain and enjoyed the day to their heart’s content.

You Are Desire Ending Explained - Extra Episode-The Graduation Trip
You Are Desire Ending Explained – Extra Episode-The Graduation Trip

Xu Ruyi told He Song Nan that her parents asked her to return to her hometown. She has not decided yet, but it seems she would follow her parent’s wishes. He Song Nan was brokenhearted. He said that after he graduated, it was Xu Ruyi who took care of him. And now he wished that he could do the same for her, but he would respect her decision.

Later, when Xu Ruyi learned that all her friends also worked hard for their lives, she decided to stay at Pucheng.

Gu Xia got a call from Fentian Law Firm. They informed her that they could not recruit her because she did not have a legal license yet. Gu Xia was a bit down but hide it from Fu Ming Xiu.

But when Wang Yi Yang told them about his hardships during a game, Gu Xia open up about her rough year. She had failed when she applied for jobs in many companies and law firms. However, she was optimistic that she would pass the judicial exam and get her lawyer license.

Wang Yi Yang did not want to live an ordinary life like others. He wanted to be a video blogger because did not like the routine and systematic life. He was not sure if his choice was the right path, but he would strive for it.

Lin Yu Jing told Shen Juan that she would go to Huaicheng. She was shocked when Shen Juan said that he knew all about it. He said that it was a good opportunity for her and if she missed it, she would regret it.

And even if Lin Yu Jing stayed in Pucheng, Shen Juan would advise her to go. He mentioned the Farewell essay that Lin Yu Jing wrote before she left Pucheng back in high school. Shen Juan said that he understood now that farewell was for a good reunion.

Shen Juan said that meeting Lin Yu Jing and being with her feels like fate has been kind to him. Lin Yu Jing could not say anything. With a red-rimmed eye, she looks at Shen Juan and reaches out to hold his hand.

Shen Juan also told her that he gave her a whale necklace because he wanted her to like them, free to choose the sea or the sky. Carefree to do what she wanted to do because their relationship would not be a constraint to her. No matter where she went, in the end, they would return to each other.

The story finally ended with a whale jumping to the sky and their meeting in the past flashed before their eyes.

My Two Cents

Aaaahhhhh… finally this You Are Desire drama was not an open ending anymore. Every question was provided with an answer. And I could not ask for more. Even though the whale scene was a bit off, I liked the closing. The flashed scene was good and it gives you nice lingering feelings.

So, what do you think dear readers, do you agree with my You Are Desire ending explained? Don’t forget to write your opinion about his drama in the comment box. Don’t forget to read about this drama review in You Are Desire drama review post. I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained. Bye!

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