Ending ExplainedA Date With The Future Ending Explained

A Date With The Future Ending Explained

Dear readers… This is the Ending Explained of A Date With The Future drama. This post was written for those who wonder what happened to Xu Lai and Jin Shi Chuan, or those who were curious about Huo Yan Zong’s one-sided love ending. Fret not, the closure was a good and happy ending. So, let’s get started. Happy reading!

A Date With The Future Ending Explained

What Happened to Xu Lai?

When Jin Shi Chuan was in a deep coma, Xu Lai watch the footage he made for her. Jin Shi Chuan said that although Xu Lai always said that he was her light. But for him, Xu Lai also lit up his life. He loved to see her smile and told her that he would always be around.

A Date With The Future Ending Explained - What Happened to Xu Lai
A Date With The Future Ending Explained – What Happened to Xu Lai?

Commander Wen asked Xu Lai to come to the station and talked to Jin Shi Chuan’s teammate. The team was not in good condition after Liu Xu’s death and Jin Shi Chuan was in a coma. She gather them to watch Liu Xu’s last video that he made for his teammates. She told them to stay strong and not dwell in grief because the world needs them.

Xu Lai visited Jin Shi Chuan every day. She always talked to him even if he could not hear her. Everybody around her was worried about her condition. Even Jin Shi Chuan’s grandfather suggested she should stop waiting. They did not know when he would wake up and Grandpa did not want Xu Lai to waste her time.

The constant reminder from others made Xu Lai sad. With a painful expression, she begged Jin Shi Chuan to wake up because she had been living in fear of he might never wake up. Her pleads unexpectedly wake him up.

After a very long dream, Jin Shi Chuan opened his eyes and saw Xu Lai asleep on his side. Xu Lai still supported him because she understood that Jin Shi Chuan had been through the hardest time in his life. She tried her best to be by his side and cheered him up.

When Xu Lai went to her parent’s house for dinner, they told her their love story. It turned out that Xu Lai’s mother was the one who proposed first. Her parent’s story gives Xu Lai an idea to propose to Jin Shi Chuan. She almost pop the question when Jin Shi Chuan cut her words and invited her to celebrate the Chinese New Years party at the station.

On the designated day, everybody was busy decorating the hall and prepared for food. The preparations have yet to finish when the alarm rings. Xu Lai wait for the squad accompanied by Zhang Qiu. She was surprised when Xu Lai told Zang Qiu that she planned to propose to Jin Shi Chuan that night.

In the middle of their conversation, the light was off. All of a sudden, the room was lit when the spotlights were turned on. The firefighters entered the room with style. They were clad in shirts and tie, looking proper and prim. Thus they dance to the music making a lively performance. But the surprise was not over yet. Jin Shi Chuan joined his teammates and dance in front of Xu Lai. He ended the performance with a question “Xu Lai, will you marry me?”.🥰

Xu Lai and Jin Shi Chuan spend some time to find the perfect wedding gown for her. They were accompanied by Xu Lai’s parents. Mother Xu also tried some dresses after Xu Lai urged her to do that. Soon the mother and daughter duo made Father Xu and Jin Shi Chuan stunned. Unexpectedly, Father Xu uses the chance to propose to Mother Xu once again. Mother Xu said yes. Xu Lai was happy to see her parents finally reconciled.

On their wedding day, the whole squad was there. Everybody was happy to see Xu Lai and Jin Shi Chuan finally become husband and wife. But in the middle of the wedding, Commander Wen received a call. A major collapse happened at the City Stadium. Grandpa Jin informed Jin Shi Chuan about it.

After he get approval from Xu Lai, Jin Shi Chuan immediately ordered his team to gear up. Thus, Xu Lai announced that the wedding was over because the groom had to help the rescue and the bride had to make a live report. That night, the newlyweds returned unscathed but tired. However, they were not too tired to spend the wedding night. 🥰

What Happened to Jin Shi Chuan?

Due to his outstanding performance in natural disaster relief in Huining, Jin Shi Chuan was assigned to do a one-year training at the headquarters.

A Date With The Future Ending Explained - What Happened to Jin Shi Chuan
A Date With The Future Ending Explained – What Happened to Jin Shi Chuan?

His teammate made a farewell party for Liu Xu who decided to retire early. Liu Xu wanted to take care of his grandmother and find a wife in his hometown. Jin Shi Chuan spills the news of his assignment to Xu Lai only a week before his departure. And this made her sad and angry. Jin Shi Chuan had to coax her before Xu Lai finally give in and stop being angry with him. They spend a few days off together.

Only a few days before his departure and on Liu Xu’s last day as a firefighter, they had an emergency. A small-scale oil refinery in the south of the city was on fire. So Jin Shi Chuan and Liu Xu joined the team.

The situation was dangerous because there were many hazardous materials in the factory. To prevent explosions, the firefighters had to close the valves manually while racing the time. Jin Shi Chuan and his team put on heat-resistant suits and entered the site.

However, it did not work according to plan. Zhang Yang and Liu Xu found an undetected leakage in a tank on the third floor. They managed to close the valves but it did not prevent the fire because the floor was already full of liquid chemicals. Jin Shi Chuan, Liu Xu, and Zhang Yang were trapped. All of them were injured because of an explosion.

Lu Fangqi tried to control the situation and help their comrades. The team managed to save Jin Shi Chuan and Zhang Yang. But Liu Xu sacrifices himself to save Zhang Yang. Because the factory was still prone to explosion, Commander Wen forbid everybody to enter the building. But Jin Shi Chuan with his heat-resistant suit insisted. He wanted to bring Liu Xu out of the building. But before he could step inside, another huge explosion occurred.

Jin Shi Chuan’s head was heavily injured and he fell into a coma. Zang Qiu told Xu Lai that he might be in a coma forever. And if he managed to wake up, his condition was still in danger. Xu Lai needs to prepare herself for the worst-case scenario. But Xu Lai was willing to wait for Jin Shi Chuan to open his eyes. She takes care of him every day and always talks to him even if he did not hear It.

In his dream, Jin Shi Chuan saw Liu Xu bid him goodbye but refused when Jin Shi Chuan said he wanted to accompany him. Jin Shi Chuan almost walked toward the light when he heard Xu Lai cry and begged him not to go. She stretched her hand and called his name. Jin Shi Chuan saw the tears but hesitated.

The next morning, his consciousness returned and Jin Shi Chuan woke up. The first thing he saw was Xu Lai deeply asleep by his side. Jin Shi Chuan told Xu Lai that she was the one who woke him up because he did not want her to be alone.

Because Jin Shi Chuan disobey his superior in the factory incident, his assignment was canceled. The commander reassigned him to be the squad captain. To lift the mood, Xu Lai took Jin Shi Chuan and Ping’An on a date at the dog training ground. Then they went to eat dinner at Grandpa Jin’s house.

Jin Shi Chuan’s grandfather was urging him to propose to Xu Lai. He even prepared a jade bangle and money. Yet, Jin Shi Chuan refuse because he already had a plan to propose to Xu Lai.

Jin Shi Chuan went to see Huo Yan Zong to give the wedding invitation. Huo Yan Zong asked Jin Shi Chuan to invite someone for him. It was obvious that he wanted to see Yu Shi Shi at the wedding.

On the wedding day, Jin Shi Chuan still had to lead a rescue operation when there was a major collapse at the City Stadium. But it did not hinder them from having a blissful marriage. Jin Shi Chuan and Xu Lai were still ready to fulfill their duty to protect the city while they tried to make babies. 😅

What Happened to Huo Yan Zong and Yu Shi Shi?

After he saw how much love Jin Shi Chuan had for Xu Lai, Huo Yan Zong realized that he was thoroughly defeated. During the lowest time of his life, it was Yu Shi Shi who was always by his side.

A Date With The Future Ending Explained - What Happened to Huo Yan Zong and Yu Shi Shi
A Date With The Future Ending Explained – What Happened to Huo Yan Zong and Yu Shi Shi?

Yu Shi Shi restarts her career as the spokesperson of the Yunkai Group. While Huo Yan Zong realized that his feelings for her were getting stronger. But, this time he had to work harder because Yu Shi Shi refused his feelings. She did not want to be hurt again. Amy, her manager, told her many time that Huo Yan Zong did not pretend to fall for her. Yu Shi Shi did not believe any of her words.

Yu Shi Shi thought that Huo Yan Zong still had Xu Lai in his mind. So at her debut anniversary party, she did not invite him. Yet, Huo Yan Zong’s presence was her third wish when she blew the candle. Yu Shi Shi still thought about him even though she had no confidence that he would show up. Yu Shi Shi was astounded when Huo Yan Zong appeared at her party. He went there immediately after he receive the invitation from Amy.

Huo Yan Zong was waiting for Yu Shi Shi at Xu Lai’s wedding. She arrived late when all the guests had left the venue. Huo Yan Zong invited her for a drink and they went to a bar. He apologized for everything that happened between them. He said that Yu Shi Shi helped him to learn how to let go of his obsession and gained a friend.

However, Huo Yan Zong was shocked when Yu Shi Shi told him that she would go abroad to study. Yu Shi Shi said that she had been living for others and now it was the time to live for herself.

On their way back, Yu. Shi Shi told Huo Yan Zong that she still liked him. He was stunned. Yu Shi Shi saw his state and jokingly said that she was not going to cling to him ever again. But to her surprise, Huo Yan Zong confessed that he had fallen for her. Yet, he realize that he was too late. They like each other, but they realized that the timing was not right. They parted ways and meet again a year later.

What Happened to Zang Qiu and Lu Fangqi?

After Liu Xu’s death, Lu Fangqi was not in good condition. He ignored Zang Qiu’s text messages or calls. Although Lu Fangqi tried to be brave and strong in front of his comrades, he still had a heavy burden in his heart. Xu Lai and Commander Wen noticed the changes in him.

A Date With The Future Ending Explained - What Happened to Zang Qiu and Lu Fangqi
A Date With The Future Ending Explained – What Happened to Zang Qiu and Lu Fangqi

After the incident happened, the firefighters were carried on a psychological intervention. Everybody was not doing well, but Lu Fangqi’s condition was the worst. Commander Wen wanted to ask Zang Qiu to talk to Lu Fangqi personally, so Xu Lai helped him relay the message.

Lu Fangqi admitted his condition after he realized that he had a serious condition after he passed out during a rescue operation. He was willing to try for a treatment. Meanwhile, Zang Qiu realized that she finally could bid goodbye to the past. Now both of them were ready to embrace the future.

Lu Fangqi and Zng Qiu went to a psychologist. He diagnosed him with PTSD and should get treatment. The psychologist uses hypnosis to untie the knot in his heart. Because Lu Fangqi still resisting the treatment, they tried another way. Zang Qiu would conduct supportive psychotherapy on him.

Through cooking together and candlelight dinner, Zang Qiu helped Lu Fangqi to open up to his painful memories. Lu Fangqi decided to go through treatment because he wanted to recover from his illness. Their relationship was also improved.

Lu Fanqi asked Zang Qiu about Jin Shi Chuan’s proposal. She said she was touched by it because she knew them from the beginning of their relationship. When he mentioned marriage, Zang Qiu said that she did not want to get married. Lu Fangqi was upset because he had been thinking about it and he was ready to build a family with her.

Zang Qiu said because she was married before, she knew the difference between marriage and dating. There were many responsibilities behind a wedding and she did not want to restrain him. No matter what he said, Zang Qiu was adamant about marriage. They parted ways in anger that night.

But Lu Fanqi and Zang Qiu were missing each other, so after a few days without seeing each other they make up with smiles on their face. On Xu Lai and Jin Shi Chuan’s wedding day, Lu Fangqi runs to catch the wedding bouquet. He gave the bouquet to Zang Qiu who happily accept it.

What Happened to Jiang Xin?

If you wondered what happened to this evil queen, she provoked Xiao Zhou to betray Xu Lai. Jiang Xin told Xiao Zhou that Xu Lai did not choose him as a prospective employee for the TV station. Xiao Zhou believed in Jiang Xin so he followed her plan. Resulting in Xu Lai being caught in trouble with Nursing Home Report. However, it made Xiao Zhou’s heart restless. He knew that Jian Xin was not a good person, but he already fell into her trap.

A Date With The Future Ending Explained - What Happened to Jiang Xin
A Date With The Future Ending Explained – What Happened to Jiang Xin

Jiang Xin and Xu Lai become a rival when both of them become a candidate for the chief position. Afraid that Xu Lai would win and kick her out, Jiang Xin made a drastic measure. She locked Xu Lai inside a large freezer when they cover news about a cold chain logistic firm.

Xu Lai almost died if the workers did not find her. Xiao Zhou found footage that recorded Jiang Xin when she close the door. He told Jiang Xin about the footage and in return she threatened him. Xiao Zhao was in a dilemma. But after Xu Lai’s words reminded him of his initial dream, Xiao Zhou made up his mind.

He rejected the company’s offer to recruit him as an employee and send the footage to their chief and Xu Lai. Because of his report, Jiang Xin was arrested by the police. She was accused of endangering someone else’s life. Meanwhile, Xiao Zhao chooses to work in another place to start anew.

My Two Cents

I wondered, why did Xu Lai’s wedding dress still in a clean state after she wore it on a live report. And Jin Shi Chuan’s shirt was as crisp as new. What sort of magic did they do? 😝

I love that this story ended happily for everyone. It was too bad that the dog was nowhere to be found at the wedding. I was expecting a pack of dogs at the wedding. It would make a marvelous sight. What do you think, dear readers? Did my idea feasible? 😁

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this A Date With The Future ending explained post. If you want to read about this drama review, you can read it on A Date With The Future drama review post. I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained. Ciao!

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