Ending ExplainedBlooming Days Ending Explained

Blooming Days Ending Explained

Dear readers, Blooming Days was a story of loyalty and courage. Luo Qing Lian and He Lian Xin have to overcome more challenges after being reunited. But even though they have to face both internal and external problems, their love is still as strong as ever.

Blooming Days Ending Explained

What Happened to Luo Qing Lian?

Luo Qing Lian received the final order from Prince An to find the Wisest Ruler for Quliang. She coordinated with Lv Bei Yi to kidnap He Nan Zhao and feign his death. This was for the sole purpose of preventing He Yun Shuo from being biased when appointing the next ruler. It was also to dissuade He Lian Xin from worrying that his father only valued him because he was He Nan Zhao’s father.

Blooming Days Ending Explained - What Happened to Luo Qing Lian?
Blooming Days Ending Explained – What Happened to Luo Qing Lian?

Even though He Lian Xin successfully became the next ruler, the problem was not over. Luo Qing Lian was accused of a crime when Fang Huai Rui’s princess consort robe was burned in the shape of a lotus, Luo Qing Lian’s favorite flower. The person behind the incident was Fang Huai Rui. She did it because she felt threatened by Luo Qing Lian’s presence. After all, Luo Qing Lian was loved by He Lian Xin.

The relationship between Luo Qing Lian and Madam Rong became tense when Cige’er proposed a marriage alliance. And the chosen bride was Ling Wei, the daughter of Madam Rong. Madam Rong asked Luo Qing Lian for help to stop He Lian Xin from marrying Ling Wei to Cige’er. But both Luo Qing Lian and He Lian Xin knew they had no choice. As members of the He family, they must prioritize the country over themselves.

When Luo Qing Lian visited the envoy, she discovered that Celun, the envoy member, was, in fact, the King of Cige’er. He is a wise and kind person. Luo Qing Lian tried to persuade Madam Rong to accept the marriage, but she still refused. In the end, Ling Wei accepted the marriage and went to Cige’er with Celun.

Three months later, Madam Rong’s health declined. She died in Luo Qing Lian’s arms after she asked Luo Qing Lian to promise that she would always help He Lian Xin to make Mu stronger so that Cige’er would not bully Ling Wei in the future.

Luo Qing Lian went to ask Mu Hai Yao to join hands with her. She refused the offer but then Mu Hai Yao agreed. Luo Qing Lian and Mu Hai Yao become closer and have a good relationship.

When Mu Hai Yao was framed in order to provoke Mu Tian Shu, it was Luo Qing Lian who begged He Lian Xin to help Mu Hai Yao. He Lian Xin had already realized that Mu Hai Yao would never harm him, but in the end, Mu Hai Yao died in confinement.

After Ruan Zhi Mei and He Lian Xiu were caught and punished for their crimes, Fang Huai Rui requested to be removed from the position of Princess Consort. He Lian Xin then offered the title to Luo Qing Lian, who declined it. She preferred to be the woman He Lian Xin loved most and was worried that being a Princess Consort might change her.

While they were discussing this, Su Nan Chun informed them that the Grand Chancellor had deployed troops to Quliang. To fight them off, Luo Qing Lian and He Nan Zhao joined He Lian Xin in the front line.

What Happened to He Lian Xin?

After ascending the throne, He Lian Xin confessed that he had asked Mu Tian Shu for help in preventing He Lian Hua from entering the city. However, Mu Tian Shu agreed to help him if he promised to release his sister, Mu Hai Yao. Luo Qing Lian was surprised but she accepted the apology.

Blooming Days Ending Explained - What Happened to He Lian Xin?
Blooming Days Ending Explained – What Happened to He Lian Xin?

As a new ruler, he still had to rely on others, including the Mu and Fang families. Although He Lian Xin wanted to appoint Luo Qing Lian as his Princess Consort, Luo Qing Lian understood that Fang Huai Rui was needed for the position, so she declined.

He Lian Xin requested Lv Bei Yi’s assistance with government problems, but he constantly declined. Later on, when He Lian Xin mentioned Luo Qing Lian, Lv Bei Yi finally agreed to help. Due to He Lian Xiu’s provocation, Mu and Cige’er were on the brink of war.

The king of Cige’er, however, went to Quliang disguised as an envoy and asked for a marriage alliance. He wanted to marry He Lian Xin’s daughter, Ling Wei. He Lian Xin was saddened because he couldn’t bear to be parted from his daughter. However, they were out of options if they wanted to maintain peace between the two countries.

The other issue arose when the provisioning case was revealed. Luo Rong Yu, the father of Luo Qing Lian, was responsible for the incident. He Lian Xin understood that it was a ploy orchestrated by He Lian Xiu, but did not realize that Ruan Zhi Mei was the mastermind behind it. The case was solved when Fang Erge confessed that he was the mastermind and was punished by being beheaded.

Ruan Zhi Mei later interfered with He Lian Xin’s New Policy and forced several officials to commit suicide and had Mu Hai Yao imprisoned. He Lian Xin believed that Mu Hai Yao was impossible to be involved in this case. While she could be jealous and arrogant, she truly loved him and wouldn’t harm him. But before she died, Mu Hai Yao refused to see him, and He Lian Xin felt a pain in his heart.

After Mu Tian Shu accidentally killed He Yuan Xua, He Lian Xin was coerced by Mu Tian Shu into sentencing him to death. This was the only way to lure out the mastermind behind the whole incident. He Lian Xin initially refused, but Mu Tian Shu was aware that he could not escape unscathed, as it would disappoint the people. When He Lian Xin finally granted his wish, Mu Tian Shu was relieved that he finally had a chance to atone for his mistakes.

He Lian Xin was greatly disappointed with Fang Huai Rui. He treated her coldly and granted Fang Huai Rui’s request to be removed from her position as the princess consort. He then offered the position to Luo Qing Lian, as he wanted to give her the title for twenty years, but Luo Qing Lian refused because she was afraid of losing herself.

The Grand Chancellor made a move to conquer Quliang and since the He family had great loyalty towards the Emperor, he aimed to destroy them. At first, He Lian Xin and Luo Qing Lian wanted to give up because they didn’t want Quliang to be destroyed. But then they decided to go to the front line.

He Nan Zhao told them that He Yun Shuo used to say that Quliang did not belong to the He family or the Mu Kingdom. It belonged to whoever lives in the people’s hearts. He believed that the people had them in their hearts. Not long after he said that the people of Quliang appeared, each with a weapon, whether a man or a woman.

The people were prepared to stand with them against the enemy. They come together out of respect for their leader and love for their country.

He Lian Xin joined forces with the Cige’er Army and defeated the massive army of the Grand Chancellor, bringing peace to Quliang.

What Happened to Lv Beiyi?

After eleven years, Luo Qing Lian still trusted Lv Bei Yi, even though he changed his stance. Luo Qing Liang gave He Nan Zhao the comb of Lv Bei Yi as a reminder of his loyalty. When He Yun Shuo became critically ill, Luo Qing Lian pleaded with him to save He Nan Zhao if anything happened to her and He Lian Xin. Lv Bei Yi rescued and kept He Nan Zhao safe in his courtyard.

Blooming Days Ending Explained - What Happened to Lv Beiyi?
Blooming Days Ending Explained – What Happened to Lv Beiyi?

Lv Bei Yi learned from He Nan Zhao that Luo Qing Lian taught him about six people who could protect his life. His parents, his grandfather, Madam Ruo, Madam Rong, and the last one was someone he had never met before, which was Lv Bei Yi.

After He Lian Xin was appointed as the next Prince An, Lv Bei Yi returned to his normal life. He Lian Xin came and asked to help him. Lv Bei Yi refused but in the end, he relented and went to assist He Lian Xin.

Lv Bei Yi and He Yuan Xue grew closer, but they haven’t married yet. Lv Bei Yi vowed to wed He Yuan Xue after the New Policy was implemented. When the news broke about Mu Tian Shu leading soldiers to protest at Qingkang Hall, she hastily went to help Lv Bei Yi. She arrives on time to see Lv Bei Yi fighting Mu Tian Shu and his soldiers. He Yuan Xue noticed Mu Tian Shu’s intentions to stab Lv Bei Yi and ran to shield him.

The sword pierced her body and He Yuan Xue was badly injured. Lv Bei Yi wanted to save her, but He Yuan Xue refused because she knew she might die soon. She only wanted to remain in his arms. Lv Bei Yi immediately vowed to take her as his wife. When He Yuan Xue died, Lv Bei Yi’s tears flowed like a river. Meanwhile, Mu Tian Shu was in shock; he could not believe he had just killed the princess.

Lv Bei Yi was heartbroken when He Lian Xin appointed him as Chief Clerk of the Left. He went to He Lian Xin to refuse the order because he was already tired of politics.

What Happened to He Lian Xiu and Ruan Zhi Mei?

He Lian Xiu began supporting He Lian Huo as the next successor to the throne, following Ruan Zhi Mei’s advice. However, he felt slightly disappointed with his wife because he realized that Ruan Zhi Mei was obsessed to be a Princess Consort.

Blooming Days Ending Explained - What Happened to He Lian Xiu and Ruan Zhi Mei?
Blooming Days Ending Explained – What Happened to He Lian Xiu and Ruan Zhi Mei?

When Ruan Zhi Mei failed to kill He Nan Zhao, Ruan Zhi Mei and He Lian Xiu were almost sentenced to death if Luo Qing Lian had not begged for them. However, Ruan Zhi Mei felt ashamed by Luo Qing Lian’s actions. She confronted He Yun Shuo and justified her wrongdoing, even suggesting the immediate execution of He Lian Xiu.

During Ruan Zhi Mei’s outburst, He Lian Xiu could only cry and beg his father to forgive her. However, He Lian Xiu was shocked when his father expressed that he wouldn’t need to assist He Lian Hua if he possessed even half of Ruan Zhi Mei’s bravery. He Yun Shuo already knew all of his secrets, which surprised him.

When He Lian Xin ascended to the throne, Ruan Zhi Mei remained in a low profile, but she still kept an eye on Luo Qing Lian. She realized that her real enemy was Luo Qing Lian. Meanwhile, He Lian Xiu secretly instigated a war between Mu and Cige’er to prevent He Lian Xin from ascending the throne.

However, Fang Huai Rui found out about this and warned Ruan Zhi Mei. When He Lian Xiu returned home, she reprimanded him for being careless. This made them gradually drift apart.

He Lian Zuo began to realize that he might have made a wrong move by supporting He Lian Xiu. He made his decision when He Lian Xiu sent an assassin to kill Ling Wei, so the war between Mu and Cige’er could not be avoided. In order to protect his niece, He Lian Zuo helped Ling Wei and killed all the assassins.

This was the only way he could express his regret. Due to He Lian Zuo’s involvement, He Lian Xin’s strategy to incite war between Mu and Cige’er crumbled, leaving He Lian Xiu in despair. When Ruan Zhi Mei came to rebuke him, He Lian Xiu erupted in anger, accusing her of solely aiming to become a princess consort. He bitterly said that they were a married couple who would flee separately when disaster struck. His words left her shocked.

Ruan Zhi Mei visited Fang Huai Rui. They conspired together to frame Luo Qing Lian by making her father, Luo Ruo Yu, the scapegoat of the provision case. Ruan Zhi Mei had done many other things to clear He Lian Xin’s name, including threatening officials and making them commit suicide.

He Lian Xin was unaware of these deeds. Ruan Zhi Mei believed that she owed him too much, and this was the only thing she could do to give him a carefree life.

Ruan Zhi Mei instigated Mu Tian Shu to go against He Lian Xin’s New Policy by killing Mu Hai Yao. He Lian Zuo withdrew when he learned of Ruan Zhi Mei and He Lian Zhi’s scheme. He said that he was always devoted to He Lian Xiu, but Ruan Zhi Mei and He Lian Zhi never realized that He Lian Xiu had always wanted a prosperous Quliang more than the throne itself.

He Lian Xiu learned that Ruan Zhi Mei was the shopkeeper, and she was the one who harmed people. But Ruan Zhi Mei did not regret anything she had done, because she believed that it was for the sake of He Lian Xiu. When He Lian Xiu wanted to surrender, she blocked him. She explained that Mu Tian Shu’s punishment was a rare opportunity to force He Lian Xiu to abdicate.

Thus, He Lian Xiu and He Lian Zhi went to Qingkang to force He Lian Xin to abdicate. But all their plans went awry when they learned that Mu Tian Shu was still loyal to He Lian Xin and ordered his men to follow He Lian Xin as their subordinate. He Lian Xiu realized that he had reached a dead end. To protect Ruan Zhi Mei, he confessed that he was the shopkeeper responsible for many crimes.

At the mansion, Ruan Zhi Mei learned that she had lost. She gathered the evidence of her crimes and went to Prince An’s residence to confess and ask for punishment. He Lian Xin didn’t want to see her but granted her request. He Lian Xiu panicked when he heard that Ruan Zhi Mei had left. Later, when Ruan Zhi Mei drank the poisoned wine, he also killed himself in the bedroom.

What Happened to Mu Hai Yao?

Mu Hai Yao returned to the mansion in grandeur, shocking everyone, including the prince’s legal wife, Fang Huai Rui. She maintained her haughty demeanor, as expected. Even though Mu Hai Yao had spent 16 years in exile, she was still the daughter of the powerful Mu family.

Blooming Days Ending Explained - What Happened to Mu Hai Yao?
Blooming Days Ending Explained – What Happened to Mu Hai Yao?

Apart from her overbearing attitude, there was one thing that never changed about her. Yao: her profound love for He Lian Xin. Although Mu Hai Yao knew she had lost his heart long ago, she still wanted nothing but his love.

When she returned, Mu Hai Yao met Madam Rou. She apologized to her, but Madam Rou coldly refused to reconcile with Mu Hai Yao. This rejection left Mu Hai Yao feeling dejected.

Mu Hai Yao’s health deteriorated as she coughed incessantly. When Luo Qing Lian offered cooperation, she refused. Luo Qing Lian needed Mu Hai Yao’s assistance in convincing Mu Tian Shu to support He Lian Xin’s New Policy implementation. However, when Luo Qing Lian told her that she was no longer the one in He Lian Xin’s heart, but Quliang instead, Mu Hai Yao relented and agreed to cooperate.

When Luo Qing Lian was in charge of Official Zheng’s food, Ruan Zhi Mei intercepted it using Shen Jing Yan as a diversion. She pretended to faint in front of Luo Qing Lian. Mu Hai Yao noticed that Luo Qing Lian was busy with Shen Jing Yan and offered to help deliver the food. Both Mu Hai Yao and Luo Qing Lian were unaware that Ruan Zhi Mei had tampered with the food.

Because of that incident, Mu Hai Yao was confined. Mu Hai Yao accepted her fate calmly, knowing that her life would not last long and that she had already lost the love of He Lian Xin. In confinement, her health deteriorated and she was dying. When Mu Hai Yao died, Luo Qing Lian was by her side. Ruan Zhi Mei took advantage of Mu Hai Yao’s death to provoke Mu Tian Shu’s anger.

After He Yuan Xue’s death, Mu Tian Shu realized that someone had schemed against him. Those people were trying to make him turn against He Lian Xin. Despite this, Mu Tian Shu remained unwaveringly loyal. He used his death to entrap the mastermind. By doing so, he was able to atone for his sins and avenge his sister.

What Happened to Fang Huai Rui?

Fang Huai Rui began to worry that her future as He Lian Xin’s princess consort was in jeopardy. She never won He Lian Xin’s heart and her family was not as influential as the Mu family. Fang Huai Rui tried to eliminate Luo Qing Lian by tampering with her Princess Consort robe and setting it on fire. Unfortunately, her plan fails as He Lian Xin still loves and protects Luo Qing Lian, causing endless heartbreak for Fang Huai Rui.

Blooming Days Ending Explained - What Happened to Fang Huai Rui?
Blooming Days Ending Explained – What Happened to Fang Huai Rui?

When Ruan Zhi Mei approached her with a cooperation offer, she agreed. They falsely accused Luo Rong Yu of involvement in the provision case. This was intended to protect He Lian Xiu from punishment and undermine Luo Qing Lian’s position in He Lian Xin’s eyes.

However, the plan failed when He Lian Xin discovered that He Lian Xiu was the mastermind and He Lian Yi found evidence of Luo Rong Yu’s innocence. Ruan Zhi Mei returned with a new plan. She wanted Fang Erge, the younger brother of Fang Huai Rui, to confess to being the culprit in order to preserve the Fang family and Fang Huai Rui’s role as Princess Consort. Fang Huai Rui agreed to sacrifice her own brother.

After the deaths of Ruan Zhi Mei and He Lian Xiu, Fang Huai Rui realized she had erred. She went to apologize to He Lian Xin and requested to be deposed. He Lian Xin treated her coldly and Fang Huai Rui had to accept it because she was wrong from the start.

What Happened to He Yun Shuo?

He Yun Shuo valued He Nan Zhao greatly, causing his sons to become wary of him. He Lian Xin even worried that his father only recognized him because he was He Nan Zhao’s father. Because of his declining health, He Yun Shuo appointed He Lian Xin to lead the ancestor ritual. This decision created tension among the Young Masters.

Blooming Days Ending Explained - What Happened to He Yun Shuo
Blooming Days Ending Explained – What Happened to He Yun Shuo

He Lian Xin immediately sent Luo Qing Lian and He Nan Zhao to stay at Prince An’s residence because it was the safest place. However, despite this, He Nan Zhao still became a target of Madam De. Luckily, nothing happened. Nevertheless, this incident increased Luo Qing Lian’s awareness.

Although He Yun Shuo appeared unwell, his mind remained clear. He also asked He Nan Zhao what they should do if he never recovers from his illness. He was happy when He Nan Zhao only asked him to stay healthy and did not mention anything about becoming the heir. He also requested the help of Luo Qing Lian in finding a wise ruler for Quliang.

He Yun Shuo prepared to protect He Nan Zhao and lured those who wanted to harm him into a trap. When a maid tried to kill He Nan Zhao, all the evidence pointed to Ruan Zhi Mei. She couldn’t deny it in front of He Yun Shuo. He Lian Xiu tried to defend her, but He Yun Shuo already knew everything, including how they supported He Lian Hua.

Just as He Yun Shuo was about to sentence He Lian Xiu and Ruin Zhi Mei, Luo Qing Lian intervened, pleading with him to spare them. Luo Qing Lian didn’t want He Yun Shuo to regret his decision on his last day. When He Yun Shuo received the report that He Nan Zhao was missing, he collapsed.

He Yun Shuo’s health declined drastically after he learned that his favorite grandson had died. He realized that his life was nearing its end. He Yun Shuo held on until He Lian Xin returned from the ancestral ritual and appointed him as the new Prince An, the ruler of Quliang. He told He Lian Xin that he had been loyal to the emperor all his life.

He Yun Shuo did everything he could to make Quliang prosperous and to gain power so that he could defeat the Grand Chancellor and free the Emperor from his clutches. But as he gained power, the Prime Minister’s power also grew, and in the end, he still could not help the emperor. He assigned the task to He Lian Xin. Before He Yun Shuo died, Yu De Chang whispered something into his ear.

Suddenly, He Yun Shuo stood up and started laughing. He continued to laugh to his heart’s content before collapsing and died.

My Musing

The ending of the Blooming Days drama was abrupt and hasty. Yet it could capture the essence of Lou Qing Lian and He Lian Xin’s struggle to keep Quliang prosperous and peaceful.

In my opinion, Mu Hai Yao was the most pitiful person in the story. She misses the time when she and He Lian Xin loved each other for three years before she was sent away to exile for 16 years, so don’t you feel sorry for her?

Anyway, that was the ending explanation of the Blooming Days drama. I’ll see you in another post of drama review and ending explained. Bye!

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