Drama RecapUnchained LoveUnchained Love (Episode 7-8 Recap)

Unchained Love (Episode 7-8 Recap)

  • Title: Unchained Love
  • Also Known As: 浮图缘, Floating on the Edge, Forbidden Love
  • Director: Wu Qiang
  • Casts: Dylan Wang, Chen Yu Qi, Peter Ho, Zheng Li
  • Screenwriter: Li Jing Ling
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 36
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Where to Watch: iQiyi, WeTV
  • Adapted from the web novel: Fu Tu Yuan by You Si Jie

List of Recap:

Hello readers, here are new Unchained Love episode recap for you. In these episodes 7 and 8, I’m a bit emotional because we’ll get to know some bad character that deserved some beatings. But before that, let’s meet new characters.

New Characters Appearance

Bu Yu Lu

Unchained Love episode 7-8 recap - Bu Yu Lu
Unchained Love episode 7-8 recap – Bu Yu Lu

Bu Yu Lu was Bu Yin Lou’s father. He was the Grand Tutor for the princes of Great Ye. Bu Yu Lu put his dignity above everything and was willing to do anything to preserve it. He was a cunning person and looked down on women, especially Bu Yin Lou and her mother.

Bu Chen Shi

Unchained Love episode 7-8 recap - Bu Chen Shi
Unchained Love episode 7-8 recap – Bu Chen Shi

Bu Chen Shi was Bu Yin Lou’s mother. She was a concubine of Bu Yu Lu. She was an ordinary woman, thus he always looked down on her. Bu Chen Shi wished her daughter to have a better fate than her.


Unchained Love episode 7-8 recap - Ruolan
Unchained Love episode 7-8 recap – Ruolan

Ruolan was the personal maid of Princess Hede. She was a quiet person but she was loyal to her.


Episode Recap

Episode 7

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(1)

Xiao Duo caught Yuwen Liang Xu red-handed when he tried to smuggle a pack of poisonous Monkshood Root. He also caught all the entertainers of the acrobatic troupe before they returned to Zhaoding Bureau. Xiao Duo reminded Cao Chun’ang that there was a fine line between life and death in their job. If his intuition did not work that day, the spies would have taken Yuwen Liang Xu and their colleagues would be dead. Xiao Duo ordered Cao Chun’ang and She Qilang to receive their punishment because they let their guards down.

Xiao Duo found a pile of self-help books on how to win a woman’s heart. Cao Chun’ang said that one of their spies bought that book as a guidance to win a heart of a female royal merchant. Xiao Duo brought the books to his room because he wanted to take a look at them. Cao Chun’ang and She Qilang were confused with his strange behavior. Both of them believed that their Godfather had encountered very tricky problems.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(2)

After he made sure that all the windows were closed, Xiao Duo sat and started to read the books. For every piece of advice in the book, he imagined Bu Yin Lou. One piece of advice caught his attention. It was said that women loved to play with kites. Hence, Xiao Duo started to learn how to make a kite from a master.

Although Xiao Duo was a highly talented man, his hands were not adept in kite making. The learning process made him desperate. Yet, the master pitied him. He encouraged Xiao Duo to keep on trying. The Master thought that Xiao Duo’s career was in a dire situation that he had to learn new skill for an extra money…😂

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(3)

Meanwhile at the Mausoleum. Eunuch Liu was confused because Bu Yin Lou and Li Ping Ru never cried for help or asked for forgiveness. His attendant also said that they heard waves of laughter in the tomb. Bu Yin Lou and Li Ping Ru had a great time at the tomb, they even played cards near the Emperor’s robe.

Li Ping Ru said that since they recited Xiao Duo’s name, she had a good sleep and never had a nightmare. Suddenly, Eunuch Liu came to see them. To stop him from threatening Li Ping Ru, Bu Yin Lou threw a candle at him. Eunuch Liu saw that his scheme did not work and ordered Bu Yin Lou and Li Ping Ru to stop guarding the tomb.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(4)

Bu Yin Lou asked Li Ping Ru again about the reason why Eunuch Liu always gave her a hard time. Li Ping Ru said that it was probably because she did not have any money to reward him and it made the evil eunuch held grudge against her. Bu Yin Lou did not believe her words but Li Ping Ru refused to tell the truth. When she returned to her room, Li Ping Ru saw Eunuch Liu. He dragged her to his room and asked her whether she had made up her mind to be his mistress. Li Ping Ru refused although he threatened her with death.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(5)

When Eunuch Liu started to untie her robe, somebody knocked on his door. Eunuch Liu opened it and suddenly his head was covered by a sack and his head was hit by a brick. That person was the one and only Bu Yin Lou. Li Ping Ru was panicked when she saw the motionless Eunuch Liu.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(6)

Bu Yin Lou calmed her down and to avoid his revenge, she had a wicked idea. She stripped and tied Eunuch Liu and took him to the tomb entrance. After that, she called the concubines and pretended that they found him by accident. Bu Yin Lou also wanted to report to the Imperial City about the accident. But the embarrassment prevented him from acknowledging the accident.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(7)

Li Ping Ru admitted that she was too ashamed to tell Bu Yin Lou about Eunuch Liu’s bad deeds. Li Ping Ru was a meek woman. She wanted to rely on Bu Yin Lou. However, Bu Yin Lou refused because she wanted Li Ping Ru to be brave and relied on herself.

Bu Yin Lou was surprised when she looked around and realized that they had sat on the pavilion surrounded by unnamed graves. Li Ping Ru explained that those graves belonged to the lowly-ranked concubines. All their life, those concubines were trapped in the Imperial City. And after their death, they could not go anywhere and nobody would remember their names. Li Ping Ru told her that it was their fate as lowly concubines.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(8)

Bu Yin Lou remembered her mother who was also a lowly concubine of Grand Tutor Bu. One day, she kneeled in front of him. Her father reprimanded her mother who refused to return with him to the Imperial City. Her mother’s refusal created a rumor about her father’s adultery. Grand Tutor Bu said that she was blessed because he took her into his house and gave her status. Bu Chen Shi asked Bu Yu Lu to let her leave with her daughter, Zhuo Ying (Bu Yin Lou). Bu Yu Lu refused and said that Zhuo Ying could not go anywhere because she was his daughter.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(9)

Bu Chen Shi did not want her daughter to have the same fate as her. Bu Yu Lu said that it was a woman’s fate to be inferior. Her life and Zhuo Ying’s life were not theirs to decide. He left after he said that. Bu Chen Shi looked at her daughter and told her that one day she had to leave the house. She wanted her to live a free and happy life.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(10)

Oh my God, I was enraged when I type these words. Those poor women who had to live under others’ pressure like that. 🤬

The memories ignited an emotion inside Bu Yin Lou. Just because they were women, why they could not control their life? In life or death, they were just like a bird in a cage. Bu Yin Lou did not want to be buried there.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(11)

Tong Yun commented that her mistress used to pull tricks quietly, but now she made a huge commotion for Eunuch Liu. Bu Yin Lou said that now she has someone powerful to back her up, she had to be low key and not show off in public. Tong Yun said that rather than rely on Xiao Duo, Bu Yin Lou should put her hopes in the new Emperor to bring her back to the Palace.

She also told her mistress that she had an opportunity lying in front of her. She should use it in order to gain success in life. Tong Yun did not understand why her mistress refused to do anything and thought that living an idle life was a good life.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(12)

Tong Yun reminded Bu Yin Lou that she had violated Xiao Duo’s order to stay out of trouble. Bu Yin Lou’s eyes widened when she remembered his warning back then. She made a huge commotion right now that she believed would destroy Xiao Duo’s plan. Bu Yin Lou feared that Xiao Duo would reprimand her harshly. Moreover, the next day was the day when Xiao Duo had promised to meet her.

At the Prison, Xiao Duo was able to fish out some information from Yuwen Liang Shi’s spy. Yuwen Liang Shi and Yuwen Liang Xu had a pair of jade pendants that they could use as a token to command spies from all over the region. Xiao Duo intended to get Yuwen Liang Xu’s jade pendant secretly. He wanted to lure all of Yuwen Liang Shi’s spies.

After he ordered Cao Chun’ang about the jade, he told him that he would take a day out for a personal matter. Cao Chun’ang was confused because he never asked for a day out and wanted to go with him, but Xiao Duo refused. His refusal made him worried that Xiao Duo had replaced his position as Xiao Duo’s right-hand man.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(13)

The next day, in order to get his approval to join Xiao Duo’s “personal matter”, Cao Chun’ang prepared several sets of new clothes for him. He also did not forget to put some flattery words for his Godfather. Cao Chun’ang thought that Xiao Duo wanted a day off to fly a kite by himself. Xiao Duo was shocked that Cao Chun’ang knew his plan.

But it was actually very easy to guess because Xiao Duo hid a kite under his robe and Cao Chun’ang had fished out information from the kite master. When Cao Chun’ang saw the kite, he was shocked because the kite was ugly. In the end, Xiao Duo followed Cao Chun’ang’s advice to wear a blue robe because he wanted to be a handsome young man.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(14)

However, when they almost stepped out from the Zhaoding Bureau (Cao Chun’ang managed to persuade Xiao Duo, so he could tag along with his Godfather). She Qilang reported that Yuwen Liang Xu left the villa to play cuju at the cuju field.

Xiao Duo came to the cuju field and challenged Yuwen Liang Xu to play against him. He bet on his jade pendant, so Yuwen Liang Xu would also bet on his jade pendant. Yuwen Liang Xu agreed to play against him. He warned Xiao Duo that he was well versed in entertainment things such as food, drinks, and play. Even the talented Xiao Duo could not match it.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(15)

And he was right.

Xiao Duo’s team was completely beaten up. They were eunuchs of the Zhaoding Bureau, there was nothing they could not do. However, playing cuju was not their forte. Cao Chun’ang even stupidly run to his own goalpost as though he was scoring a goal for his team.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(16)

This Zhaoding Bureau’s eunuchs might be powerful, but they still lacked on some skills. Somebody had to give them a proper guidance about how to enjoy entertainment and how to sharpen their social skills. Do you remember the books about noble ladies? They needed those kinds of books as guidance to win a woman’s heart. 😅

Princess Hede came to the field and saw the sorry state of the Zhaoding Bureau. She thought that it was a shame for their country because they lose in a cuju game. Cao Chun’ang revealed that Xiao Duo played the cuju game because he bet on a jade pendant. In a fit of anger (because she was ashamed of the Zhaoding Bureau’s loss), Princess Hede joined the game and challenged a one-on-one duel with Yuwen Liang Xu.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(17)

However, Yuwen Liang Xu’s focus was distracted during the game because he was attracted to Princess Hede’s beauty and moves. He threw the jade pendant to her hand and ran away from the field.

Unchained Love recap - episode 7(18)


Episode 8

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(1)

With a proud expression, Princess Hede gave Yuwen Liang Xu’s jade pendant to Xiao Duo. Xiao Duo explained the jade to the princess. Since the jade was precious, Princess Hede gave him a suggestion to forge an imitation of the jade. While she returned the real one, so Yuwen Liang Xu would not get suspicious of them. Xiao Duo accepted the suggestion. When everything was settled, Xiao Duo was ready to leave for the Imperial Mausoleum, but the weather seemed unpredictable. He could hear the roaring thunder and it seemed it was going to rain soon.

Meanwhile, at the Mausoleum, Bu Yin Lou and Tong Yun had waited for a very long time at the entrance stairs. Tong Yun was so bored that she slept while Bu Yin Lou kept her eyes on the gate. They also heard the roaring thunder, but Bu Yin Lou was optimistic that it would not rain because the sun was so bright that day.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(2)

But soon all of them were caught up in the rain. Xiao Duo hold the kite tightly so it would not get wet. He looked up to the rain that has been pouring like a bucket of water while in another place, Bu Yin Lou stood with a dejected face under the umbrella. Xiao Duo kept the kite safe under his robe when he rode in the rain. But no matter how fast he rode, Xiao Duo still came late and the gate was already closed. But he had come all the way to the Mausoleum. A mere gate could not stop him. So he jumped over the wall and Cao Chun’ang followed suit.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(3)

Bu Yin Lou seemed to be thinking about something and came up with the conclusion that Xiao Duo was already unconcerned about her. She thought that it would be good for them if Xiao Duo forget about her. They could live a safe life. She even made a vow that if they met, the first one who talked was a dog.

Suddenly the door was opened and a blue-clad person walked in. He smiled cheerfully but did not utter a word. Contrary to their servants who started to bark at one another while they left the room.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(4)

Funny how Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou did not utter a single word but they are communicating inside their mind. Bu Yin Lou could not take it anymore when she realized that Xiao Duo could understand her thoughts. She was the first one who apologized to Xiao Duo. But before she could say anything further, Xiao Duo apologized as well for being late. He gave her the weird-looking kite and Bu Yin Lou instantly praised it for being good. But her face contorted when Xiao Duo said that it was a goldfish kite. After the kite matter was settled, Xiao Duo took Bu Yin Lou from her room and they had a night ride to the Fushui Town.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(5)

To be honest, the kite did not look like a goldfish at all. I thought it was a dragonfly…🤣

Later that night, Eunuch Liu and his attendant went to Bu Yin Lou’s room only to find Tong Yun at her door. He told her that there was a fatal flu epidemic at the Mausoleum. Nobody was allowed to go in or out. When Tong Yun sneezed, Eunuch Liu thought that she already contracted the disease. He immediately left the courtyard. It turned out that after Xiao Duo and Bu Yin Lou left, Tong Yun and Cao Chun’ang had to guard the room and pretended that Bu Yin Lou was there too.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(6)

Early in the morning, Xiao Duo took Bu Yin Lou to visit the Bu residence. Bu Yin Lou hesitated to enter the house. Bu Yin Lou told Xiao Duo that her mother wanted her to leave the family so she would no longer be manipulated by the Bus. But after she entered the palace, her mother did not send her any letters. Bu Yin Lou thought that Bu Chen Shi must be angry with her.

When she ran to the house, nobody was there. But there was her father who was shocked to see her. He said that to run away from the Mausoleum was a crime that would implicate the whole family. Bu Yu Lu dragged Bu Yin Lou, he wanted to take her to the Magistrate’s office to turn herself in and admitted to her crime.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(7)

What a good father he was!😤

In the face of the powerful Xiao Duo, Bu Yu Lu treated his daughter with much courtesy that a daughter should receive. He asked her why she did not inform him in advance that Xiao Duo would come. He thought that Xiao Duo had come for him and not because of his daughter. This shameless father had no limit at all.

Bu Yin Lou asked about her mother, but Bu Yu Lu said that her mother had recovered after she went to enter the Palace and has returned to the capital. Bu Yu Lu used the chance to ask Xiao Duo about the rumor regarding The Emperor and Bu Yin Lou. Bu Yu Lu was elated when he learned that Bu Yin Lou had the favor of the Emperor.

Before they went back to the Mausoleum, Bu Yu Lu gave Xiao Duo a box of painting stuffed with gold leaves. Xiao Duo did not hesitate to take the box and promised to protect Bu Yin Lou. But after he left, Bu Yu Lu’s expression was complicated.

Bu Yin Lou was angry to have a father like that. However, she still took the money because it was not easy to earn money. Xiao Duo told Bu Yin Lou that he knew about her life before she went to the Palace. Bu Yin Lou lived with her mother outside the Bu residence until she was 12 years old. After that, she was taken to the Bu residence. Her father neglected her and her legitimate mother treated her badly.

Xiao Duo understood now that although Bu Yin Lou seemed like a happy person she always concealed herself and was vigilant every time. It turned out that she did not have anybody to protect her, instead, she had to protect her weak and sickly mother.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(8)

Bu Yin Lou set aside all her flirty attitude and seriously asked Xiao Duo what he wanted her to do. She did not want to have any misunderstanding. But in the end, the misunderstanding remained because Bu Yin Lou believed that Xiao Duo really wanted to be her sister 🤣.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(9)

Bu Yin Lou dragged Xiao Duo to enjoy Fushui Town. They went on a boat ride, Bu Yin Lou taught Xiao Duo how to row a boat. They had a great time laughing, eating, talking, and drinking.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(10)

Bu Yin Lou gave Xiao Duo a card with his face drawn on it. It said that Xiao Duo was the God of Calamity who could do anything and has a stunningly beautiful face. She also showed him her card, who according to Bu Yin Lou, was a useless card because it could not stand against the knights and the Emperor. However, Xiao Duo still like her card and took it away.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(11)

At the same time, Tong Yun and Cao Chun’ang were having a great time at the Mausoleum. They had a drinking duel and drank until their stomachs hurt and could barely open their eyes.

In a drunken state, Bu Yin Lou told Xiao Duo about her childhood memories. She recalled that she used to be bullied by other children because her mother was a concubine and they did not have a home. But later, her father came to pick her up. They got on a boat and went a long way to the capital. Bu Yin Lou thought that she was home at last. But her mother was unhappy because she did not like the Bu family. And later, she felt the same way too. Both mother and daughter wanted to be free.

They wanted to go wherever they wanted to go, do whatever they wanted to do, and be with whoever they wanted to be. Xiao Duo asked Bu Yin Lou who she wanted to be. The drunk girl pointed her fingers at him and told Xiao Duo, that she wanted to be with him before she passed out on his lap. Xiao Duo was so happy that he grinned from ear to ear while his fingers did not stop touching her face.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(12)

In the middle of the night, Li Ping Ru ran to Bu Yin Lou’s room. She cried and banged her room again and again. Eunuch Liu and several attendants came to encircle her. Eunuch Liu said that Bu Yin Lou was infected with the disease and was asleep, so Li Ping Ru should not disturb her. Li Ping Ru cried and begged him to let her go. Tong Yun heard the commotion outside the door, but she could not open the door. If she did that, Eunuch Liu would find out that Bu Yin Lou had left the Mausoleum. Eunuch Liu dragged the crying Li Ping Ru to his room and tortured her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(13)

The next morning, Tong Yun was distressed because her mistress still had not returned. When she saw Bu Yin Lou, she immediately reported that something had happened to Li Ping Ru. What she found shocked her. Li Ping Ru sat alone listlessly with a body full of bruises. There were wound on her wrist and forehead as if she had tried to slit her wrist and banged her head to the wall.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(14)

Li Ping Ru muttered that Bu Yin Lou should mind her own business, lest she would ruin her future. Li Ping Ru was devastated because nobody helped her during the night. She decided to trust Eunuch Liu instead of being inferior and trampled by others. Bu Yin Lou reminded her that Eunuch Liu was a despicable and shameless person.

He was unworthy to be called reliable. Li Ping Ru cut her word and asked who was reliable other than him. Bu Yin Lou was speechless when she heard the words. Li Ping Ru asked Bu Yin Lou why she did not open the door, although she had cried and begged her to save her.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(15)

Bu Yin Lou stammered that she was not at the Mausoleum, but she could not reveal where she went. Li Ping Ru thought that Bu Yin Lou was making up stories and told her to leave before she went to her bed and sat motionlessly.

Unchained Love recap - episode 8(16)


My Musings

The Emperor’s concubines lived a horrible life. Most of them were sent to the Palace out of their will. Inside the Palace, they still had to struggle to have a decent life. The one with the powerful family backing or wealth would have a good life. But those who came from a weak family with little to no power and without a sufficient amount of money would be trampled by others, including the servant. Those women were supposed to be the Emperor’s women. They should live in glory and bask in gold. But in reality, their lives could be worse than a servant’s.

It was so sad to watch these episode… those poor women… 😭😭

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