Ending ExplainedBorn to Run Ending Explained

Born to Run Ending Explained

Dear readers, Born to Run drama is an inspirational story about mothers and daughters. They have gone through hardship and bitterness, which helped them reinvent themselves. This story is a must-have on your watch list. If you are reading this post, I am sure you have already watched some of the episodes and are curious about what will happen to them and how this drama ended. So, this is Born to Run Ending Explained. Without further ado, let’s find out!

Born to Run Ending Explained

What Happened to Zhao Xiu Fang?

Zhao Xiu Fang worked hard to prepare her store and finally opened Xiufang’s Fried Chicken in a grand ceremony. She invited all her friends and family. Her smile never left her face as she achieved her long-awaited goal of providing a safety net for Cheng An Xin.

Born to Run Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhao Xiu Fang?
Born to Run Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhao Xiu Fang?

She refused to return the store to the Qins because she was thinking about Cheng An Xin’s future since she had lost her legs. The store would later serve as Cheng An Xin’s financial backup. Zhao Xiu Fang was content and relieved knowing that the store could support both her and her daughter, even if they could only live together until the day she died.

Cheng An Xin overheard her mother’s wish from behind the door. She was touched because Zhao Xiu Fang really loved her and cared about her happiness.

Later, Zhao Xiu Fang partnered with her daughter to open Anxin Dance Studio. On her 61st birthday, she decided to make it their family’s rebirth anniversary. After all the hard work and bitterness, Zhao Xiu Fang enjoyed a fulfilling life.

What Happened to Chen An Xin and Lin Tian Yu?

After being missing for days, Lin Tian Yu still made it to the grand opening of Xiufang’s Fried Chicken. He met Chen An Xin, who was bewildered when she saw him. Since Chen An Xin could not cook the fried chicken, Lin Tian Yu had to make his own food.

Born to Run Ending Explained - What Happened to Chen An Xin and Lin Tian Yu?
Born to Run Ending Explained – What Happened to Chen An Xin and Lin Tian Yu?

When Chen An Xin asked why he could do that, Lin Tian Yu said that as a son-in-law, he had to learn because the store was the only thing that their family had and someday they will inherit it from her mother. Chen An Xin was stunned upon hearing the indirect proposal.

Lin Tian Yu admitted his feelings for Cheng An Xin, and they became a couple for a short while. However, when Cheng An Xin asked him to be her partner in the Dance World competition, Lin Tian Yu turned her down and disappeared without answering any of her messages.

Cheng An Xin finally found him by pretending to be a client of a weight loss program. With a little bit of coercion, Cheng An Xin was able to convince him to become her boyfriend. They went to the mountain house where Lin Tian Yu told the story of Peng Peng’s death.

Regret and guilt weighed heavily on him, ultimately preventing him from pursuing a career as a professional dancer and even causing him to change his name. Lin Tian Yu always thought that Peng Peng died because he could not let go of his ambitions.

Chen An Xin and Lin Tian Yu entered the Dance World tournament. They danced a duet performance entitled “Rebirth”. Both of them were nervous, but they made it to the stage. Chen An Xin and Lin Tian Yu did a good job on stage, but on the last step, they both fell to the stage. Although the judges sympathized with them, one of them refused to vote for Chen An Xin and Lin Tian Yu. As a result, they did not make it to the next level.

But before she left the stage, Chen An Xin asked the judges to give Li Tian Yu a chance. They did not recognize him at first, but when Chen An Xin told them his former name, Lin Zheng. The judges and the production team agreed. Despite his nervousness, Lin Tian Yu returned to the stage and stunned the audience.

Lin Tian Yu also made peace with his inner conflict after apologizing to Mrs. Li Ya. The two of them shared a hug before Lin Tian Yu entered the stage. He got the highest ranking in the Dance World competition, while Cheng An Xin’s video became a sensation on the Internet. This is enough to make their name recognized by the dance society. This was enough to make their name recognized by the dance community.

In the end, Cheng An Xin and Zhao Xiu Fang got the chance to open their dance training studio, An Xin Dance Studio. Cheng An Xin and Lin Tian Yu’s relationship grew stronger as they supported each other.

What Happened to Chen Ruo Hua?

Chen Ruo Hua realized that the only way to oppose her mother was to become her. She copied her mother’s attitude, which changed her personality completely. Chen Ruo Hua spoke only harsh words to Zhao Xiu Li and ignored her presence.

Born to Run Ending Explained - What Happened to Chen Ruo Hua?
Born to Run Ending Explained – What Happened to Chen Ruo Hua?

When Zhao Xiu Li dressed up, Chen Ruo Hua would criticize her dress, saying it was ugly. She also criticized her mother’s relationship with Wang Jr. Zhao Xiu Li was bewildered by the changes, but every time she protested, Chen Ruo Hua spoke even harsher.

After considering the situation, Chen Ruo Hua decided to regain her freedom as soon as possible. When Li Zhong expressed that he had fallen in love with her at first sight, she accepted his proposal. However, when Li Zhong wanted to rush the marriage, she hesitated. Ultimately, due to Zhao Xiu Li’s protest, Chen Ruo Hua made up her mind.

Chen Ruo Hua soon learned that her mother was right about Li Zhong when she caught him in bed with another woman. Li Zhong immediately stopped Chen Ruo Hua and tried to persuade her to keep their engagement. Despite feeling angry, Chen Ruo Hua realized that she had been too weak. She could have left the house and her mother, rented a small apartment, and found any job that could support herself.

However, she did not pursue it because she desired a good life and status but could not bear the bitterness. Instead, she sought her own freedom by relying on others. Chen Ruo Hua’s mind instantly returned to the state of helplessness she felt when Li Zhong coerced her into continuing with the marriage.

The night before the wedding, Chen Ruo Hua left and went to see Liu Jing Wei because she was upset with Li Zhong and later with her mother. She tried to make him sleep with her to avenge her heartache caused by Li Zhong’s actions.

However, Liu Jing Wei refused her attempt. In the end, she left the house. Later, Li Zhong discovered that she had gone to Liu Jing Wei’s home and beat Liu Jing Wei for touching his woman.

Chen Ruo Hua still decided to marry Li Zhong despite his affair. She felt hopeless and easily manipulated by him, even though her heart was unwilling. On her wedding day, she put on her dress and headed to the reception hall, but there were no smiles on her face.

On the way, Zhao Xiu LI and her friends, Mr. Wang and Wang Jr., conspired to abduct Chen Ruo Hua. With the help of the women who often dance in the park, they successfully helped Chen Ruo Hua escape from the wedding. During the ploy, Wang Jr. convinced Chen Ruo Hua that her mother truly loved her, despite her toxic behavior.

Chen Ruo Hua had to hide in Beijing to escape from the Li family’s revenge. She worked as an intern at a company. After her internship ended, she was hired as a regular employee. Chen Ruo Hua is also now in a relationship with Liu Jing Wei.

Li Zhong’s crimes were later revealed, and the police questioned him. Chen Ruo Hua and Zhao Xiu Li could finally be at ease. During her time in Beijing, Chen Ruo Hua never called her mother, and her mother never called her. But deep down inside, she really missed her mother. They reconciled after Chen Ruo Hua decided to call her mother and told her that she missed her.

What Happened to Zhao Xiu Li?

When Chen Ruo Hua retaliated against her by copying all of her insulting and devaluing tactics, Zhao Xiu Li did not understand why her own daughter became so hostile towards her. She thought that Chen Ruo Hua still harbored resentment towards her over Zhou Kaize. However, she was glad when Chen Ruo Hua was willing to go on the blind dates she arranged for her.

Born to Run Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhao Xiu Li?
Born to Run Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhao Xiu Li?

Everything seemed okay for Zhao Xiu Li until Chen Ruo Hua chose Li Zhong without consulting her. Zhao Xiu Li became restless upon hearing rumors about Li Zhong’s crime and affairs from the Wangs. She tried to express her displeasure to Chen Ruo Hua, but instead, Zhao Xiu Li received a harsh scolding from Chen Ruo Hua.

The mother and daughter often argued fiercely about this. Zhao Xiu Li eventually realized that Chen Ruo Hua wanted to distance herself from her, which is why she wanted to marry Li Zhong as soon as possible. Chen Rui Hua told Zhao Xiu Li that she had been a bullying mother to her and her brother. Chen Ruo Hua mentioned Chen Ruo Xuan’s video but did not provide any further details.

Zhao Xiu Li was unsure why Chen Ruo Hua called her a bully, but she still went to Chen Ruo Xuan’s school to confirm. Chen Ruo Xuan’s teacher told her that Chen Ruo Xuan was burdened by Zhao Xiu Li’s dream and even wanted to commit suicide. Dejectedly, Zhao Xiu Li left the school.

Later, she found Chen Ruo Xuan’s laptop on Chen Ruo Hua’s bed and took it. Upon opening the video, Zhao Xiu Li couldn’t help but shed tears as she saw Chen Ruo Xuan express his sorrow and helplessness in the video. He said that he wished his mother to change, so the three of them could live happily. Zhao Xiu Li regretted that her actions, which she thought were in her children’s best interest, had actually caused them unhappiness.

In an attempt to make amends, she tried to prevent Chen Ruo Hua from marrying Li Zhong, but her efforts were in vain. She resorted to extreme measures to stop the wedding. Mr Wang stopped the car, while Wang Jr persuaded Chen Ruo Hua to run away while Zhao Xiu Li replaced her daughter and sat on Li Zhong’s car. 😂

Li Zhong was surprised when he realized that the person wearing the wedding gown and sitting in the car was the middle-aged Zhao Xiu Li and not the young and beautiful Chen Ruo Hua.

Later on, Zhao Xiu Li married Wang Jr. They lived a good life because Wang Jr. loved being scolded, while Zhao Xiu Li did not feel the need to stop scolding, which seemed already engraved in her bones. Although Wang Jr. seemed weak, he was able to tone down her temperament a little bit.

What Happened to the Qin Huai Yang?

Qin Huai Yang grandly proposed to Chen An Xin. She accepted the proposal in front of a crowd of people and Zhao Xi Fang’s expectant eyes. However, when Chen An Xin told him that she did not want to have children, even if she was able to, Qin Huai Yang’s determination withered. He could not make his stance clear and pretended that he needed to ask his parents’ opinion.

Born to Run Ending Explained - What Happened to the Qin Huai Yang?
Born to Run Ending Explained – What Happened to the Qin Huai Yang?

Chen An Xin had already anticipated the outcome. She did not feel any remorse for it. Later, Qin Huai Yang pretended to have myocarditis to break off their engagement. Chen An Xin and Zhou Xiu Fang laughed out loud. However, Qin Huai Yang changed his mind and proposed to her again. This time, Chen An Xin refused him directly.

What Happened to Qin Feng?

Qin Feng continued his relationship with Chu Zhi Juan. However, Chu Zhi Juan was not on good terms with Qin Feng’s mother because she despised the fact that Chu Zhi Juan was older than Qin Feng. It was during a meal to discuss the wedding that Chu Zhi Juan decided to cancel the wedding and break off the relationship with Qin Feng.

Born to Run Ending Explained - What Happened to Qin Feng?
Born to Run Ending Explained – What Happened to Qin Feng?

Chu Zhi Juan realized that she was not as soft and kind as Chen An Xin and refused to be oppressed by her future mother-in-law. Chu Zhi Juan left Qin Feng decisively when she realized he did not have the ability nor will to oppose his mother.

Later, Qin Feng met An Xin, Lin Tian Yu, and Zhao Xiu Fang. He tried to cover his awkwardness, but when they left, he stared at his ex-wife with regret in his eyes.

Serves you right, Qin Feng!!!!

My Two Cents

I was rather impressed that Chu Zhi Juan was able to clearly see that the obstacles in her relationship with Qin Feng were Mrs. Qin and Qin Feng himself. I admired her resoluteness in breaking up with him, even though she was already dreaming of marriage. It was a good decision because if she had married Qin Feng, Mrs.

Qin’s attitude towards her would have been much harsher than it was towards Cheng An Xin and her family. Qin Feng deserved to live alone because he could not take responsibility for his own life, being a mama’s boy.

That was all, dear readers. I hoped this post would clear up some confusion and give you a thorough explanation about the ending of the Born to Run drama. You can also read the review of this drama on Born to Run drama review post.

If you have recovered from the roller coaster of emotions, check out our drama review section. Maybe you’ll find another drama to brighten your day. See you in another post. Goodbye!

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