Ending ExplainedLove You Seven Times Ending Explained

Love You Seven Times Ending Explained

Dear Readers… How are you? I’m sorry for the long post. This is the Ending Explained for Ding Yu Xi’s drama, Love You Seven Times. The answers to all questions about Xiang Yun’s real identity and the mystery that was hidden 30,000 years ago were revealed in the 5th and 6th lifetimes. Meanwhile, the 7th lifetime was the continuation of Chu Kong and Xiang Yun’s relationship. A quick heads up, if you want to read this drama review, you can read it on Love You Seven Times drama review post. So, without further ado, onto the story!!

Love You Seven Times Ending Explained

Fifth Lifetime: When the Truth Revealed

Chu Kong and Xiang Yun returned to 30,000 years ago with the help of Moluo Clan’s Tianji Mirror. However, they lost their memory because they had to drink the Water of Forgetfulness. Chu Kong returned to his past, while Xiang Yun returned to her past as Cang Hai, the Empress of the Moluo Clan.

Love You Seven Times Ending Explained - Fifth Lifetime: When the Truth Revealed
Love You Seven Times Ending Explained – Fifth Lifetime: When the Truth Revealed

Back then, the head of the six realms was the Moluo clan. This means Cang Hai was the leader of all creatures in the six realms.

Cang Hai was in the age of marriage, but she did not want to have an arranged marriage. So, she went to the mortal realm to find a future husband. During her stay, she pretended to be a weak fairy named Xiao Tang. Fate brought her to Chu Kong, the 2nd prince of Qilin Clan.

Cang Hai took a fancy to Chu Kong and tried to make him fall in love with her. Later, her identity is revealed when Chu Kong arrives at the Moluo Clan’s palace to refuse the arranged marriage between him and Cang Hai. Chu Kong wanted to tell Cang Hai that he already had a fiancée named Xiao Tang.

Chu Kong and his brother Hao Xuan were surprised to see her. Chu Kong was elated but afraid at the same time because he used to bad-mouthed Cang Hai to Xiao Tang, without realizing that they were the same person. While Hao Xuan was fuming he realized that his dream to marry Cang Hai had shattered.

Hao Xuan wanted to marry Cang Hai and took over the throne of six realms. Previously, Hao Xuan was happy because Chu Kong fell in love with Xiao Tang. So, he promised that he would support Chu Kong’s decision to marry Xiao Tang. By then, when Chu Kong lost his chance to marry Cang Hai, Hao Xuan would step in and become the replacement.

But alas! He was shocked when he learned that the small fairy Xiao Tang and Cang Hai were the same person. So, his previous plan failed miserably.

Hao Xuan made another plan. He trapped Jin Cheng and made him disclose the secret of Princess Ming Yue, the twin sister of Cang Hai. After that, he manipulates the Divine Prophecy.

Before, it was said that evil would destroy the world, but Hao Xuan used his power to change the prophecy into “Moluo Empress would destroy the world”. Because he changed the Divine Prophecy, a Doom sign appeared on Hao Xuan’s arm. Hao Xuan did not care about the pain, as long as he could ascent to supreme domination.

Hao Xuan manipulates Ming Yue to sign a soul contract with him. Ming Yue fell into his trap and had to obey him when he asked her to kill the Dixiu clan. By using Ming Yue to kill the Dixiu Clan, Hao Xuan wanted to convince the world that Cang Hai was the evil who would destroy the world.

After the Dixiu Clan terminated, he devoured Ming Yue’s power. But it was not enough, he planned to devour Cang Hai’s power as well.

Meanwhile, Cang Hai never knew that she had a twin sister, Ming Yue. Her father hid Ming Xue’s existence because she was born with a demonic power. She had been confined inside a black stone at the sea. When Hao Xuan manipulated Ming Yue, Cang Hai was at the small cottage where she held her wedding with Chu Kong.

After they drink the nuptial wine they vow to always be together and inject a strand of their primordial powers into a piece of red thread. The thread then binds them together. When they were about to proceed with the wedding night, Jin Cheng knocked on their door with his unconscious children and asked Chu Kong to cure them.

Chu Kong managed to cure them, but it injured his primordial power. When Cang Hai was trying to save him, she felt a pain in her chest. Jin Cheng guessed the pain was related to Ming Yue. So, he told Cang Hai about Ming Yue and they rushed to save her. But unfortunately, they were late.

During the fight with Hao Xuan, Jin Cheng was killed because he protected Cang Hai. When Hao Xuan almost killed Cang Hai, Chu Kong appeared and shielded her. If it was a normal situation, Hao Xuan could never defeat Chu Kong, but now Chu Kong was injured, and he had Ming Yue’s power inside his body.

Cang Hai saw the circumstances were unfavorable for Chu Kong. Her mind tried to find a way out and she thought that Ming Yue’s power must be linked to her, so Cang Hai decided to kill herself by jumping into the void. Chu Kong tried to stop her but failed.

Because she was protected by a spell that Chu Kong cast on Tianji Mirror, Xiang Yun could regain her memory and return to the present time. And when the spell was activated, Chu Kong’s memory returned at the same time. So, before Hao Xuan erased his memory, Chu Kong was able to activate the Tianji Mirror and return to the present time as well.

Sixth Lifetime: A Journey to Find Cang Hai’s Power

When Chu Kong returned, he went to Jin Lian to return the Tianji Mirror and tell him the truth. Xiang Yun also presented and revealed her identity as Cang Hai. Jia Lian was shocked before he kneeled to greet her. However, Chu Kong and Xiang Yun did not have any evidence of Hao Xuan’s crime.

Love You Seven Times Ending Explained - Sixth Lifetime: A Journey to Find Cang Hai’s Power
Love You Seven Times Ending Explained – Sixth Lifetime: A Journey to Find Cang Hai’s Power

Chu Kong also came to Xiu Ming and talked to him. He came up with a plan to obtain the evidence, but Chu Kong needed Xiu Ming’s help. They knew that Hao Xuan would use Xiu Ming to kill Chu Kong. So, they planned to fool Hao Xuan.

Chu Kong needed Xiu Ming to pretend to kill him, so he could go to the Mystery Forest and take over the power of Demon King. It was the only way he could enter the Void and look for Cang Hai’s power. They hid it from Xiang Yun, but she was able to see through their play.

With the help of The Red Thread Master who gave her a hairpin that could disguise her identity, Xiang Yun went to the Mystery Forest to look for Chu Kong.

Chu Kong’s soul was born into the body of a cat demon. He killed the Demon King and took over the reign. However, he had to pass the test of the Elders before he could take the Demon King’s power. The Elders sent him a spy to closely monitor Chu Kong’s every move. And the spy was Xiang Yun. At first, Chu Kong pretended not to know Xiang Yun.

But later he admitted that he did it intentionally to avoid Xiang Yun’s sadness. To cultivate the Demon King’s power, Chu Kong must sever all emotional ties, including love. And after he attained the power, he would lose all his memory.

Meanwhile, Zi Hui (Nu Wa Spirit Stone) secretly kills demons and takes their demon core. He did it because Hao Xuan held Jin Luo as a hostage and fed her poison. Zi Hui had no choice but to obey his orders. Hao Xuan wanted Zi Hui to create a Demon-Vanishing Formation because he planned to devour all the demon power in the Mystery Forest.

Xiu Ming saw Hao Xuan kill one of the Demon Elders. He becomes suspicious of him and reports it to Immortal Sun. He did not believe at first. But after Immortal Sun saw with his own eyes that Hao Xuan admitted his plan to absorb all demonic power in Mystery Forest, his loyal heart wavered.

Zi Hui sacrificed himself to prevent Hao Xuan from activating the Demon-Vanishing Formation. His stone heart was destroyed, and he was dying. Before he died, Zi Hui held a wedding ceremony with Jin Luo. He asked Xiang Yun to invite Jin Lian because he wanted Jin Lian and Jin Luo to reconcile.

Hao Xuan learned about this. His spy reported that Jin Lian went to the Demon King’s mansion and was respectful towards Xiang Yun. He becomes curious about Xing Yun’s real identity. Hao Xuan found Immortal Li’s writing on the missing page from the Book of Fate and realized that Xiang Yun was Cang Hai.

The Elder of the Demon Clan finally decided that Chu Kong deserved to attain The Demon King’s power. Because of the Love Knot power, he did not lose his memory, since he remembered that Xiang Yun was the naughty fairy from the Marriage Pavilion.

Hao Xuan led the Heavenly Army to attack Mystery Forest. The members of the Demon Clan and the army of the Moluo Clan united to protect the Mystery Forest. To buy the time so Chu Kong could obtain Cang Hai’s power Xiang Yung surrendered herself to Hao Xuan and was imprisoned in the Heavenly realm.

Xiu Ming and the Red Thread Master persuaded Hao Xuan to do a public trial for Xiang Yun. With the help of Xiu Ming who fixed the Xuantian Mirror, Xiang Yun managed to expose Hao Xuan’s crime in front of the six realms. Hao Xuan refused to admit until Chu Kong arrived. He returned the power of Cang Hai to Xiang Yun and exposed his Doom Sign. Now the whole world believed that Hao Xuan was the real villain.

Since the power of Cang Hai was revived, therefore the power of Ming Yue inside Hao Xuan was also restored. He threatened to kill himself because if Hao Xuan died, Xiang Yun would die too. Hao Xua fled to the cliff near the void. He still refuses to repent and release the demon power inside him to bring chaos to the world.

Xiang Yun and Chu Kong worked together to defeat him. Hao Xuan still laughed even if he failed because he believed that Chu Kong would not kill him.

Chu Kong was not hesitant to kill Hao Xuan because he had a Soul Protection Spell which protected Xiang Yun’s life. However, the spell could only protect a person for a lifetime. So, when the spell was activated, he would die but Xiang Yun would live. He cast off his gold qilin power and gave it to Xiang Yun who was frantic seeing him dying.

But no matter how many tears she shed, Chu Kong still turned into a million of golden dust and the Love Knot on their wrist was finally untied.

Seventh Lifetime: When Everything Back to Square One

After the death of Hao Xuan, Xiu Ming took the position of Heavenly Emperor. But he said that the position was temporary. Xiang Yun refused to resume her position as Moluo Clan Empress and let Jin Lian and Jin Luo rule the clan. the six realms were at peace again.

Love You Seven Times Ending Explained - Seventh Lifetime: When Everything Back to Square One
Love You Seven Times Ending Explained – Seventh Lifetime: When Everything Back to Square One

Xiang Yun was brokenhearted and always drank at the star platform. She reminisces about their lifetimes. One day, Xiu Ming came to comfort her. Xiang Yun told him that if he ever met the right person, Xiu Ming had to cherish her, to avoid being like her and Chu Kong who always missed each other.

When she talked, a star flew in front of them. It was the Star of War that belonged to Chu Kong. And it only means one thing, Chu Kong was still alive. Xiang Yun went to the mortal world to find him.

In the blink of an eye, 300 years has passed. Jia Lian and Jia Luo also went to the mortal world. Jia Luo was looking for the reincarnation of Zi Hui. Suddenly they saw a man who looked exactly like Zi Hui. When they followed him, Jia Lian and Jia Luo found out that the man always had a dream about a certain girl. Jia Luo was surprised and ran to chase him, while his brother smiled when he saw his sister happy.

The Red Thread Master made an extra strong red thread for the most eligible bachelor in the six realms, Xiu Ming. With the help of Immortal Sun, they mischievously put the thread into Xiu Ming’s wrist.

When he saw the red thread on his wrist, Xiu Ming immediately rushed to avoid them. He said he would visit the mortal world. The Red Thread Master and Immortal Sun immediately gave way with a smile. The Red Thread Master was so sure that Xiu Ming would find his soulmate soon.

Xiang Yun set up a Love Knot stall in front of the Marriage Temple. She sells wish tags for those who are looking for a soul mate. When the Temple was empty, she hung a tag on the tree and prayed. The wind blows and the plum blossom petals fall like rain. A red umbrella suddenly appeared, and a familiar face finally appeared in front of her.

My Musing

I have a theory about the Red Thread Master. On the 38th episode, Xiu Ming asked the Red Thread Master whether he knew that Xiang Yun was Cang Hai beforehand. The Red Thread Master hesitated for a split second before he shook his head.

Love You Seven Times Ending Explained - poster

However, as the one who knew the secret behind every creature in six realms, it was possible that The Red Thread Master already knew the real identity of Xiang Yun. He hid it from everybody else, probably because he instinctively knew that Xiang Yun was harmless. Or maybe at that time, he believed that every reborn soul was innocent, including Cang Hai.

Another theory about Xiu Ming. It seemed that he only wanted to take the position of Heavenly Emperor temporarily because Xiu Ming was waiting for Chu Kong to return. He might not covet the throne, but he had to protect the people, the realms, and the throne for the sake of Chu Kong.

What do you think about my theories on this Love You Seven Times wnding wxplained, dear readers? Were they justifiable? Don’t forget to write your thoughts in the comment box below. I’ll be waiting for your reply, dear readers… Bye!

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