Ending ExplainedHave A Crush On You Ending Explained

Have A Crush On You Ending Explained

This was my least favorite Ending Explained post that I wrote. This Have A Crush On You drama has a happy ending, well… sort of 🤷‍♀️. I was a bit disappointed by it. However, I promised that I would keep my stance neutral on this Have A Crush On You ending explained, and would not use this article as a medium to rant.

If you wondered about my rant, please visit my Have A Crush On You drama review post. Without further ado, let’s start. Happy reading!

Have a Crush On You Ending Explained

What happened to Ruan Liu Zheng?

Ruan Liu Zheng’s heart was broken when Ning Zhi Qian told her that they should not remarry and end their relationship. She went back to her life and got close to Xue Wei Lin who was not tired of chasing her. However, Ruan Liu Zheng still could not let go of her feelings for Ning Zhi Qian. She also told Xue Wei Lin that the relationship between them was impossible.

Have a Crush On You ending explained - Ruan Liu Zheng
Have a Crush On You ending explained – Ruan Liu Zheng

Because of Ruan Liu Zheng’s meritorious deeds when a criminal patient run amok in the ward, the Beiya Hospital decided to offer her a position as an employee after her secondment was over. Ruan Liu Zheng was surprised but she did not immediately agree because she promised to return to West District Hospital. In the end, she refused the offer after Ruan Lang’s bribery case that involved Ning Zhi Qian. But the case was a blessing in disguise because it brought Ruan Liu Zheng and Ning Zhi Qian back together.

During the Covid emergency situation, Beiya Hospital also opened an isolation ward. Ruan Liu Zheng did not join as a volunteer in the ward, but she had to face the news that her father had stage IV liver cancer. He hid it from his children and asked for help from Ning Zhi Qian because Father Ruan believed in his ability to keep it a secret.

Father Ruan knew that his chances were low so he refused all kinds of treatment. Only when his condition was critical, Ruan Liu Zheng and Ruan Lang learned about Father Ruan’s condition. Father Ruan passed away in peace at his home, when he was basking in the sun with a photo album of his daughter in his lap.

After Ruan Liu Zheng returned to West District Hospital, she decided to be a volunteer in Africa with Ning Zhi Qian, Tan Ya, and Ai Fei. They returned to Dahl Chinese Hospital. When Ning Zhi Qian left her to join the International Hospital, Ruan Liu Zheng find herself facing a dangerous situation because of a boy named Alfa. He was the son of Bablu, a militant leader who was sought after by the government.

Alfa had a tumor in his brain and Bablu wanted his son to be treated. He threatened Ruan Liu Zheng and told her that if she did not perform surgery, he would blow up the hospital. The surgery was a success. But when they exited the operation room, Ruan Liu Zheng was shocked to see several men surrounding her and her team with rifles pointed at them. Bablu took Alfa away and also Ning Zhi Qian.

Ruan Liu Zheng was panicked after Ning Zhi Qian left. Several days after that, the government army brought news that Bablu’s secret base had been burned and there was a burned corpse, suspected of Ning Zhi Qian’s. Ruan Liu Zheng was restless when she waited for the DNA test result. Fortunately, it was not Ning Zhi Qian’s body. However, he still went missing for several months.

Ruan Liu Zheng was relieved when Ning Zhi Qian returned. But her happiness did not last long before the Dahl government army kept Ning Zhi Qian under arrest. Ruan Liu Zheng contacted the Chinese embassy to help them. She also used the media to gain sympathy for Alfa. He was the victim of the conflict between the government and the militants, and Ruan Liu Zheng wanted to save him.

When Ruan Liu Zheng and Ning Zhi Qian went to a village to treat the patients, Ning Zhi Qian found an active grenade. He immediately took it away to save the children, but unfortunately, it exploded and made him suffer serious injury. Ruan Liu Zheng was panicked. But Tan Ya and Ai Fei reminded her that she was the only neurosurgeon who could save Ning Zhi Qian. The surgery was successful, but Ning Zhi Qian was in a coma.

When Ruan Liu Zheng caught a fever and was asleep for three days, Ning Zhi Qian was taken away from the hospital by an old Chinese man. Nobody knew who took him and where they took him. Ruan Liu Zheng returned to China to look for him. Tan Ya and Ai Fei also followed her to China.

Ruan Liu Zheng searched for Ning Zhi Qian all around Jiangzhou but nobody saw him. Even Father Ning and Madam Liu were gone too, it seemed that they were all avoiding her for some unknown reason. It was Cheng Zhou Yu who found information about Ning Zhi Qian. He was transferred to an international medical organization to receive a new kind of treatment, and his family has signed an NDA agreement with the organization. Therefore, they could not contact her.

Ruan Liu Zheng went back to Dahl. Unexpectedly, she found Ning Zhi Qian there. However, he had totally forgotten about her because he got amnesia because of the brain injury. Ruan Liu Zheng was disappointed but she knew that it was better because he was alive. She decided to stay at Dahl and accompanied him.

What happened to Ning Zhi Qian?

It’s easy to love each other, It’ll be hard to live together. This is what Ning Zhi Qian told Ruan Liu Zheng when she asked him whether Father Ning would be happy if he and Ning Zhi Qian’s mother were remarried. His grudge was hard to let go of. He kept the pain and carried it until he was an adult.

Have a Crush On You ending explained - Ning Zhi Qian
Have a Crush On You ending explained – Ning Zhi Qian

Ning Zhi Qian finally could let go of the past when he helped with the surgery of Madam Liu, her father’s second wife. Although he was still cold to him, a part of his heart has warmed a little bit.

Ning Zhi Qian admitted that he loved Ruan Liu Zheng more than he did six years ago. But then he told her that they should not remarry. Ning Zhi Qian thought that he would not be able to be present in their marriage and he really believed that he did not deserve a family.

Although they were separated, Ning Zhi Qian could not hide his jealousy towards Xue Wei Lin. Especially when Xue Wei Lin got injured and Ruan Liu Zheng was taking care of him at the hospital. Ning Zhi Qian used many means to sabotage their harmonious time.

But after his crazy jealousy, Ning Zhi Qian became determined to make Ruan Liu Zheng his wife once again. They got together again after a bribery case almost made Ning Zhi Qian lose his job. At that time, he not only gained his ex wife’s back but also a new friend, Xue Wei Lin.

When the pandemic started, everything was in chaos. Wuhan government has lockdown the city and every hospital across China was prepared for the aftermath, including Beiya Hospital. But things got hard for him. Ruan Liu Zheng’s father asked for his help when he got very sick. He believed in Ning Zhi Qian’s ability and prudent manner. Ning Zhi Qian accompanied him to see the doctor and get all the tests done.

When the result was out, he went to Ruan Liu Zheng’s house and pretended to visit the in-laws. Secretly he told Father Ruan about his stage IV liver cancer. Ning Zhi Qian also went to find his fellow doctor to design a treatment plan for Father Ruan. Sadly, after Father Ruan sees that his chances were low, he chose to refuse it and concentrated to use his remaining time with his family.

At the same time, Ning Xiang’s brain tumor relapsed. Ning Zhi Qian could not just standstill when he saw his adopted son sick. Although the surgery was risky and he could not perform it himself, Ning Zhi Qian found another fellow doctor who was highly skilled to perform the surgery for Ning Xiang. The day that Ning Xiang was operated on was the day when Father Ruan passed away. Fortunately, the surgery was successful. Niang Xiang’s mother Juan decided to move to Jiangzhou so Ning Xiang could also be near Ning Zhi Qian and Ruan Liu Zheng.

When Ning Zhi Qian went to Africa, he forbade Ruan Liu Zheng to follow him to the International Hospital. Back then, the government and militant conflict was getting dangerous. Staying at the Dahl Chinese Hospital was the best option for Ruan Liu Zheng. But out of his expectations, Ruan Liu Zheng was involved with Bablu and his son, Alfa. And to prevent her from being taken away by the militant, he offered himself to take care of Alfa.

When a corpse was found in Bablu’s hiding, it was identified with a DNA test and the result was not his. Ning Zhi Qian was safe and sound. He was taking care of Alpha in a very secret place hidden underground for months. Bablu threatened him several times, but Ning Zhi Qian was able to keep his life.

Bablu let him go after Alfa‘s condition improved. The government army wanted Ning Zhi Qian to disclose where Bablu’s secret base was but he refused and was put under arrest. He was released after the Chinese government put diplomatic action against the Dahl government.

The government and the militants have reached a peace agreement and Alfa was saved. Nothing could make Ruan Liu Zheng and Ning Zhi Qian happier.

After Ning Zhi Qian was injured in a grenade explosion, he was missing for months and his whereabouts was unknown. Ruan Liu Zheng found him again at Dahl. Ning Zhi Qian suffered from amnesia and the only person he remembered was his mother. Therefore, he returned to Dahl because it was the place where he could stay with his mother.

Thankfully, Ning Zhi Qian still remembered how to be a doctor and served at the Dahl Chinese Hospital. After he suffered from amnesia, Ning Zhi Qian turned into the old him back in university, a lively and cheerful person. He might not remember Ruan Liu Zheng, but he still remembered his affection for her.

What happened to Tan Ya?

Tan Ya’s husband Jian Cheng and his mistress were involved in a car accident. Both of them were injured and were sent to Beiya Hospital. When it happened, Tan Ya was busy taking care of her daughter who was also sent to the hospital because of a fever.

Have a Crush On You ending explained - Tan Ya
Have a Crush On You ending explained – Tan Ya

Tan Ya was a person with a heart as vast as the ocean. When Ruan Liu Zheng apologized because she and Ning Zhi Qian saved Jian Cheng’s mistress, she told Ruan Liu Zheng that no matter how much she resented Fu Xiao Hui, she could not let her die.

Tan Ya put an end to her marriage at the hospital. She told Jian Cheng that if he agreed to divorce, then he could take the money from their saving. But if he did not, she would freeze the account and they would meet at the court. Since Tan Ya also had evidence of their adultery, Jian Cheng had to comply with her request.

After the divorce, Tan Ya’s focus was on her daughter and career. She was oblivious to Ruan Lang’s feelings for her. Yet, Ruan Lang was always there every time she needed him. When Tan Ya was in Africa, she finally admitted that she misses Ruan Lang.

What happened to Xue Wei Lin?

Another person with a big heart was Xue Wei Lin. He understood why Ruan Liu Zheng was so hard to let go of her past with Ning Zhi Qian. He did not show any jealousy when Ruan Liu Zheng told her that she was not completely over her ex-husband. He respected her decision and was willing to support whatever her decision was.

Have a Crush On You ending explained - Xue Wei Lin
Have a Crush On You ending explained – Xue Wei Lin

Xue Wei Lin had a good relationship with Ning Xiang. He, Ruan Liu Zheng, and Ning Xiang spent a very good time in a playground when Ning Zhi Qian was busy. In the end, Ning Xiang treated Xue Wei Lin as his sworn brother… 🤣

Xue Wei Lin who was spoiled by Ruan Liu Zheng’s attentiveness met Ai Fei, a doctor in Beiya hospital who was assigned to be in charge of him. Ai Fei was a cold person. She was strict and calm. Completely the opposite of Ruan Liu Zheng. However, he ended up with Ai Fei. They were spotted together at Cheng Zhou Yu and Ding Yi Yuan’s wedding.

What happened to Ding Yi Yuan and Cheng Zhou Yu?

Ding Yi Yuan’s father used to be against her relationship with Cheng Zhou Yu because of his poor family background. But Ding Yi Yuan reassured her father that she dated him because of his personality and not his family. Cheng Zhou Yu also had the same thought when he explained his relationship with Ding Yi Yuan to his mother.

Have a Crush On You ending explained - Ding Yi Yuan and Cheng Zhou Yu
Have a Crush On You ending explained – Ding Yi Yuan and Cheng Zhou Yu

Cheng Zhou Yu was involved in the treatment plan for two cycling athletes who were injured in a landslide accident. Cheng Zhou Yu was hesitant at first. He knew that if he took Nie Xing’s case and he failed, his career would be doomed. But if he did not, the temptation to prove his capability was strong.

After Cheng Zhou Yu spoke to Nie Xing’s father, he took the case because he wanted to help Nie Xing and his family with another chance to fight for his life. Nie Xing’s father was a good father who supported Cheng Zhou Yu wholeheartedly. He did not want to give up on his son, but he also knew that Nie Xing might not survive. And when Nie Xing died in the operating room, Father Nie did not blame him. However, Cheng Zhou Yu blamed himself.

Ding Yi Yuan who knew how devastated Cheng Zhou Yu was, always stayed by his side. She did not even falter when Cheng Zhou Yu decided to break up with her. Cheng Zhou Yu was afraid his doomed career would drag her and President Ding down. While President Ding protected him inside the meeting room, Ding Yi Yuan also protected the man that she loved the most. She told Cheng Zhou Yu that if he could not marry her, then she would be the one who marry him.

After Nie Xing’s case, Cheng Zhou Yu also took part in another case of a cyclist who was also caught in the same incident, Sheng Su. This time, it was Father Nie who recommended Cheng Zhou Yu to Shen Su’s family. He said that Cheng Zhou Yu had experience in handling the same case. Nobody in the neurosurgery department was willing to take part. In the end, Cheng Zhou Yu got help from Ding Yi Yuan and the surgery went well.

Cheng Zhou Yu and Ding Yi Yuan got married when Ning Zhi Qian’s whereabouts and condition were unknown.

My Musings

Finally, I managed to finish this Have a Crush On You ending explained post. The ending was disappointing but I guess that was all the best for everyone. Ning Zhi Qian could turn a new leaf and Ruan Liu Zheng would cherish every minute with him. Yet, in my opinion, she might always be the person who invested more in their relationship, since they have to start all over again.

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  1. I did not like how it ended.
    40 episodes later we don’t know if he remembers his son or. Ruan Liu.
    A wedding and a baby would have been nice.

  2. I too agree, I did not like how the series ended. The ending left me confused and trying to figure out what just happened! It was such a let down, and ending to a beautiful love story.

  3. Can someone explain why the family or the hospital need to hide the treatment of Ning Zhi Qian to Liu Zheng?

    They knew about their relationship and that she was the one who save or operated on him, why was she not included in their plan? As his ex-wife or fiancee, or his doctor, does she not have the right to know his conditions atleast?

    It was not well explained or shown why it was hidden to her or why the need to hide his treatment to everybody who cares for him.


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