Drama RecapImmortal SamsaraImmortal Samsara (Episode 3-4 Recap)

Immortal Samsara (Episode 3-4 Recap)

  • Title: Immortal Samsara
  • Original Title: 沉香如屑(Chénxiāng rú xiè)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 38
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: Youku, Viki

List of Recap:

In the last Immortal Samsara episode recap, Yan Dan and Yumo were facing unknown dodgy attendant who suddenly attacked them near the Kunlun Sacred tree. Now it’s time for Immortal Samsara episode 3-4 recap. As Yan Dan released her spiritual power to attack the opponent, the Kunlun tree tried to grab her instead. Pushing her out of harm’s way, Yumo let himself be captured instead.

Episode Recap

Episode 3

Seeing Yumo caught by the Kunlun tree, Yan Dan was anxious to get him out. Luming happened to hear their call for help and arrived at the scene.

Assessing the situation, Luming said that it required a high-level magic spell to make the vine release its grip. Yan Dan admitted that she was obviously uncapable to produce the required spell, but Yumo seemed to hesitate.

With no time to waste, Luming decided to go and get help. He happened to see Star Deity Jidu and so he hurriedly asked for his help.

With the help from Star Deity Jidu, Yumo was released in no time. Luming then explained the situation to Jidu and at the same time begged for mercy for his friends, Yan Dan and Yumo, who had trespassed to the Kunlun Sacred tree area. Their mischievous act this time was due to the War of Genesis play that Yan Dan was currently working on. Thus, Yan Dan and Yumo came to visit the tree in order to get more details on the Kunlun tree for the sake of the play.

Immortal Samsara episode 3- Jidu

Jidu was not concerned and in fact he was grateful for their timely arrival. If not for their visit to the Kunlun tree at this time, they would not have been able to catch the conspiring attendants, who turned out to be spies from the Demon Clan, red handed.

Both Yan Dan and Yumo were impressed and inspired by Jidu’s wise and virtuous character.

Back at the Pavilion of Books, Yan Dan placed a seal on Yumo’s wrist using her spiritual power. This is her way of protecting Yumo. As long as she’s alive, the seal will never disappear.

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - Yumo's seal

With the Kunlun tree incident, they were able to capture several spies from the Demon Clans. However, they were yet to figure out how the spies were able to gain access to the Heavenly Realm.

Using Lichen, a divine artifact originally owned by Sovereign Lord Zhaosheng, Yingyuan was able to expose the portal from which the demon clan spies enter the Heavenly Realm.

Discovering the portal, Ying Yuan advised Jidu not to seal it yet, so as not to alert the enemy. They then continued their investigation on how the spies were able to communicate with each other.

It was then discovered that the spies exchanged messages through the plum blossoms ornament. Ying Yuan suggested they approached the Superior Deity Tao Ziqi since she has experience dealing with the Demon Clan and thus may be able to decipher the codes in their messages.

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - plum blossom

The scene went to the Heavenly Kitchen where Yumo is seen carrying a tray of food to Yan Dan. He has been using the Heavenly Kitchen secretly to prepare their late-night snacks.

Yan Dan was studying a weiqi manual at this time, claiming she needed to improve her skill in order to keep winning the weiqi game designed by Ying Yuan. This is a matter of pride!

Thinking back to the danger they faced at the Kunlun tree, Yan Dan decided that she needed to teach Yumo some low-level immortal power. Yumo flashed an expression of disdain on his face. But he quickly recovered and added that it was not necessary as he did not want to trouble Yan Dan (such a mysterious character, but he seems harmless at this point, I hope he’s not someone bad).

Noticing Yumo rolling his eyes, Yan Dan suddenly reminded of the spiteful black fish in Xuan Xin Cliff. This agitated Yan Dan, thus she insisted on teaching Yumo some spiritual power anyway. Of course, during the short lesson, Yumo was able to display greater strength than her despite only releasing a fraction of his spiritual power.

At this time, the Heavenly Kitchen attendants notice their presence in the kitchen. Before being found on the spot, Yan Dan and Yumo hid in one of the cabinets. The head of the Kitchen Attendants, Celestial Deity Zihai, however was frustrated since he has noticed food has been missing from his kitchen on a daily basis. So, they searched the entire place for the culprits.

Realizing their predicament, Yan Dan and Yumo in the kitchen cabinet discussed their escape plan. Yan Dan insisted that she revealed herself while Yumo stayed hidden inside the cabinet and looked for an escape later on. Yan Dan was confident her plan would work as she planned to utilize her identity as one of the attendants at Yanxu Heavenly Palace.

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - Zihai

With the excuse of making supper for Sovereign Lord Ying Yuan, Yan Dan explained herself to Celestial Deity Zihai. At first, Zihai believed her and he had the common sense to apologize to Ying Yuan for his intrusion.

Ying Yuan was barely able to keep a straight face hearing both Zihai dan Yan Dan spouting nonsense.

Unable to maintain his patience any longer, Ying Yuan exposed Yan Dan’s lies on the spot. This made Celestial Deity Zihai feeling awkward. He was perplexed but also confused, yet he did not dare reprimand Yan Dan in front of Ying Yuan. So he left and let Ying Yuan handled the situation with his own attendant.

With her fate on Ying Yuan’s hands, Yan Dan shamelessly tried to bootlick so she could be left off the hook. However, Ying Yuan punished her by making her prepare supper for all the Yanxu Heavenly Palace from now on. On top of that, he also made her write 15 copies of the weiqi manual.

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - Ying Yuan punish Yan Dan

Yan Dan was livid.

As Yan Dan turned and left, Ying Yuan was seen smiling while looking at a bowl of soup on his table. It seemed it was the bowl of soup said to be prepared for him by Yan Dan when she was lying to Zihai.

Driven by guilt, probably, Yumo was seen fanning Yan Dan as she copied the weiqi manual. He decided life was hard as an immortal attendant at Yanxu Heavenly Palace.

But Yan Dan was adamant not to leave before she could expose Ying Yuan’s true identity as the one who flipped the divine turtle upside down regularly. She has now started to have ideas on how to help the turtle transform into an immortal. That way not only would the turtle avoid being tormented, but it could also testify against the culprit.

She then tried to do some medical procedure on the turtle to help it cultivate, based on some ancient book she read. Yumo looked on with horror but was helpless to stop her. In the end, the questionable medical procedure left the poor turtle unconscious.

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - turtle

Wanting to infuse the turtle with her spiritual power to revive it, Yumo immediately stopped her and secretly released his own spiritual power to resuscitate the turtle. Yan Dan was happy that the turtle was able to be revived and immediately wanted to re do her shady medical procedure. Yumo stopped her just in time and coaxed her to leave the turtle cultivate on its own for now.

Yan Dan agreed, and in the meantime, she decided to guard the turtle from being harassed by Ying Yuan.

Back at Ying Yuan’s study, he saw a repaired Jade Belt presented on a tray. However, the pattern was that of a turtle. He smiled when he saw this.

But, back in Yan Dan’s chamber, she saw an instruction left for her to make another 15 copies of manual and to re do the stitching job on the Jade Belt. Fuming, Yan Dan decided that she needed to pay back Ying Yuan. She then took out a bottle of Tiglium powder (Google says it is a type of toxin).

The next scene, Ying Yuan was seen playing weiqi with Star Deity Jidu. Yan Dan came in and brought tea. She made two types of tea according to the preference of each Ying Yuan and Jidu. From the smirk on her face, it seemed she has prepared a surprise.

As the weiqi game continued, both Ying Yuan and Jidu were discussing their plans to lure in the Demon Clan spies. With the help of Tao Ziqi, they spread the fake message saying that the spies have actually succeeded in obtaining the Kunlun tree sap. They also threw in the bait on how the magical artifact, Ziwei bottle, would be able to refine the poison further and how the Demon Clan would be able to obtain it.

Jidu suddenly realized that Ying Yuan was winning the weiqi game as he was engrossed with the discussion on how to trap the Demon Clan. At this time, Yan Dan offered Jidu to drink the tea she has made.

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - Yan Dan tea

Upon seeing how oddly friendly Yan Dan was to him today, Ying Yuan decided to switch his tea with Jidu. Yan Dan panicked and decided to brew Ying Yuan a new cup of tea.

Not long after, Yan Dan made another attempt to make Ying Yuan’s life miserable. She took his clothes away while he was bathing. But before she was able to get away with it, Ying Yuan discovered her act. Ying Yuan lectured her to stop playing tricks and focus on her cultivation instead. Yan Dan responded by saying that Ying Yuan has been purposefully making her life difficult, hence she was only trying to get back at him just the same.

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - Ying Yuan bathing

Ying Yuan responded by swiping Yan Dan’s belt with his spiritual power. Yan Dan was embarrassed and went away with a huff…. taking his clothes along with her. Ying Yuan only closed his eyes then smiled helplessly, continuing his bath.

Yan Dan seemed to have learnt her lesson. The next scene showed her presenting Ying Yuan with the Jade Belt she has fixed. This time the stitch work was acceptable, though the pattern she made was plain.

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - Belt

To reward her, Ying Yuan gave her a beautiful Jade bracelet. Yan Dan was happy to receive it at first, however the bracelet turned out to be a Distance Keeping bracelet.

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - bracelet

Ying Yuan only needed to say how far, and the bracelet would miraculously move Yan Dan away from Ying Yuan according to the stated distance.

Yan Dan’s days after that had not been easy. Every time Ying Yuan saw her, he would cast the spell to repel her away from him.

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - Ying Yuan distance

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - Yan Dan distance

In the Demon Realm, a mysterious guest came to visit Elder Shuo Hua.

At the same time, Elder Shuo Hua was being reprimanded by Demon King, Xuan Xiang for staging a rebellion. Elder Shuo Hua expressed his disappointment for the Demon King who had low ambition.

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - Xuan Xiang

Suddenly, a deity came and informed the Demon King Xuan Xiang that the Divine Majesty has a message for him. Almost instantly, Xuan Xiang dispersed and left.

Speaking to the mysterious guest, Elder Shuo Hua concocted a plan to use Celestial Deity, Tao Ziqi’s life to push the Demon King to act. (To be honest, this Demon King is very intriguing to me, I wonder why he’s so meek).

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - mysterious

Back at the Pavilion of Books, Yan Dan felt depressed having been bullied by Ying Yuan countless times. She asked Luming if there was any ancient text that could teach her how to fight back the Sovereign Lord without touching him.

Luming told her that he was not interested in immortal cultivation. Thus, Yan Dan revealed to him that her object of vengeance was Ying Yuan. Surprisingly, Luming, one of the die-hard fanboys of Ying Yuan, was rejoiced when she said this. He immediately handed her a booklet from his person.

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - Luming

However, it turned out to be the Law of Enchantment, an instruction on how to seduce Sovereign Lords. Annoyed, Yan Dan demanded Luming to give her something useful.

Luming then seriously said that in order to improve her spiritual power, she needed to learn all the basics and cultivate properly. However, most books on middle to high level of spiritual cultivation were all at the Yanxu Heavenly Palace.

At Yanxu Heavenly Palace, Jidu was seen discussing the matter of the Demon King Xuan Xiang with Ying Yuan. Although the Demon King was not ambitious, but the Elders in the Demon Realm seemed to have other ideas. They may come up with ways to provoke the Demon King and forced him to rise and fight. Hence, they needed to be on their guard.

Meanwhile at the courtyard, they saw Yan Dan copying numerous texts as all the other attendants surrounding hee. They were interested to see the rare texts that Ying Yuan made her copy. One by one they borrowed the texts from Yan Dan for them to read.

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - courtyard

It could be seen that while she was copying the texts, Yan Dan was diligently studying them too. And she was a fast learner as well.

At this point, Jidu realized that Ying Yuan was not punishing Yan Dan but was guiding her instead. Ying Yuan denied his kind intention in front of Jidu, causing Jidu to tease him to take Yan Dan away. Ying Yuan naturally said that he felt responsible in guiding Yan Dan (hahahaha…riighht…!).

As it turned out, the reason why Yan Dan has been diligent was because she planned to use the newly learnt spiritual technique to get back at Ying Yuan (Yan Dan is so naive, yet she has guts).

Immortal Samsara episode 3 - Yan Dan revenge

Needless to say, she failed and was ridiculed by Ying Yuan.

She demanded Ying Yuan to take the bracelet off and fight her one to one. But Ying Yuan challenged her to take the bracelet off herself.

Have to say that I am enjoying the plot so far. How about you?

Episode 4

In this episode, vicious Curator Deity Ying Deng came to visit Yanxu Heavenly Palace bringing along with her a luxurious Jade Belt. From the short conversation she had with Ying Yuan’s personal attendant, it can be understood that Ying Deng had once served under Ying Yuan as well in the Yanxu Heavenly Palace (it seems in the previous recap, I incorrectly wrote her name as Ying De, I apologize <(_ _)>).

While Ying Deng was jabbering away explaining the beneficial properties of the elegant Jade Belt she brought, she also did not miss on the chance to point out that it was Yan Dan’s fault that the belt broke. Ying Yuan did not even spare her a glance, not even his dull, lazy glance which he gives Yan Dan whenever she was lying.

Immortal Samsara episode 4 - Ying Deng belt

However, in the end Ying Yuan said there was no need to gift him the belt as the attendant who committed the mistake, Yan Dan, has already restored the belt. Here Ying Deng could see that Ying Yuan was actually wearing the said belt, the one with the plain pattern.

Ying Yuan later pointed out that the Jade Belt brought by Ying Deng was too luxurious for him. Not giving up yet, Ying Deng pointed out that the restored belth made by Yan Dan was too plain and she even offered to re do Yan Dan’s stitching work with a gold thread.

Right at this moment, Ying Yuan’s personal attendant came in to report that Yan Dan has finished making copies of the Book of Immortality. At this, Ying Deng’s eyes bulged, and she disapprovingly remarked that Yan Dan was too lowly to even touch the ancient text.

Right before her claws pounced on the copies made by Yan Dan, Ying Yuan stopped her from snatching them away (or whatever it was she was trying do, I bet not anything nice). However, this action then revealed the magic trick that Yan Dan buried within the papers. It was some harmless trick which caused Ying Yuan’s face to be dirtied by some powdery substance.

Ying Yuan slightly smiled at this, while Ying Deng tried to clean his face with her handkerchief. Ying Yuan refused her gesture (bahaha). Not knowing her place, Ying Deng then announced that she would bring Yan Dan to the Heavenly Gallows to be punished for being so audacious. Ying Yuan stopped her by saying that this was a challenge he gave to Yan Dan, in which Yan Dan had won.

Ying Yuan then added that since Ying Deng was no longer part of Yanxu Heavenly Palace, this was not her jurisdiction to give out punishment. After being reprimanded by Ying Yuan, Ying Deng could only leave the Yanxu Heavenly Palace. She glared at Yan Dan who was standing outside of Ying Yuan’s study.

Successfully learning a new magical trick, Yan Dan had wanted to go and share it with Zhixi. But Ying Yuan immediately asked her to make copies of another ancient book.

Immortal Samsara episode 4 - ancient text

In Pixiang Hall, Yan Dan’s performing group were being chased away by the Pixiang Hall’s supervisor. Yan Dan stepped up to introduce herself as the one who has always been in contact with the supervisor through Luming. She has given the supervisor many magical artifacts in the hopes that she and her group will be allowed to use the vacant Pixiang Hall for their play.

Turns out it was Ying Deng who commanded the supervisor to throw Yan Dan and the group out. Ying Deng came to Pixiang Hall and said only immortals are allowed to use the Hall, where as Yan Dan was only an attendant.

Ying Deng further incited Yan Dan by mentioning that Zhixi at least understood the rules and knew how to give salutation properly as a servant. To this, Yan Dan gave her salutation but also added that Zhixi is not a servant but a Vice Curator. Her bold, yet accurate, reply angered Ying Deng and she attacked Yan Dan with her spiritual power.

However, Yan Dan defended herself with the techniques she learnt from the ancient text given by Ying Yuan for her to copy. Ying Deng exerted more power and caused Yan Dan’s knees to buckle. At this time, Ying Yuan came and told Yan Dan instructions on how to improve her power. Through Ying Yuan’s guidance, Yan Dan was able to conjure up more power and brought Ying Deng down.

Ying Deng was sprawled on the floor and looked forlornly at Ying Yuan. Instead of sympathizing with her, Ying Yuan admonished her for stepping over the boundary and trying to punish an attendant from his Yanxu Heavenly Palace. He also added that a leader should not be arrogant and mean. And that she should keep her claws off his people (wuaah … if she still does not take the hint at this point, I think she has water for brains).

Back at Yanxu Heavenly Palace, Yan Dan was diligently copying the ancient text, when Zhixi came by and gave her some tanghulu as snacks. Zhixi said that ever since Yan Dan was made to copy ancient texts, she has become smarter. Yan Dan then proceeded to share with Zhixi about the techniques she has learnt from the texts.

Yan Dan also shared her personal opinion on some of the techniques, showing that she seemed to have aptitude towards learning spiritual powers.

Not long after, Zhixi needed to leave and prepare for her assignment at the Magical Pavilion. Every 200 years, the artifacts in the Magical Pavilion needed to be assessed and sorted out for the ones who were broken. The broken magical artifacts will need to be brought to the incinerator and be properly disposed of. Zhixi would be the one in charge of this.

Hearing this, Yan Dan suddenly had a bad feeling. She asked Zhixi whether the Ziwei bottle was included as one of the broken artifacts. The surprised Zhixi confirmed. Yan Dan understood that this was a bait to lure the spies from the Demon Clan.

Naturally, Yan Dan did not agree to Zhixi being the one to go to the incinerator, as this was too dangerous. Hence, she immediately went to Ying Yuan and requested to switch with Zhixi for this dangerous task. She was even willing to do more copies of weiqi manual so long Ying Yuan agreed to her request.

Immortal Samsara episode 4 - Yan Dan request

At first, Ying Yuan did not agree, but Yan Dan argued that the Sovereign Lord’s priority is the safety of the Six Realms, but Zhixi is top priority for Yan Dan. She would not rest until she was allowed to take Zhixi’s place in this dangerous mission. She also said that, in order to avoid suspicion, she would disguise herself as Zhixi. In the end, Ying Yuan relented, he realized Yan Dan would not give up and would keep pestering him.

At the Magical Pavilion, Zhixi was practicing new spiritual power technique and projected it to a fountain. However, she was disappointed that the result was not as she expected and ended up breaking the fountain artifact.

At this moment, Ying Deng (that insidious woman) came and her attendant berated Zhixi for breaking the artifact. Ying Deng then grabbed Zhixi’s face and asked her to bring all the artifacts that were meant to be incinerated (such a cruel boss). She told Zhixi that the Supreme Majesty has sent them a secret order to give the broken artifacts to Yan Dan at the Yanxu Heavenly Palace. She would be taking the artifacts to the incinerator instead of Zhixi.

Ying Deng was unhappy because to her this was the same as showing that the Magical Pavilion is incompetent. She then slapped and threatened Zhixi that if she could not outshine Yan Dan, Zhixi will be kicked out of the Magical Pavilion. Hearing her poisonous words, Zhixi started to feel frustrated towards Yan Dan (waah this woman is really playing a cruel game).

Immortal Samsara episode 4 - Zhixi

The next scene was of Yan Dan, disguised as Zhixi, bringing a box full of the broken magical artifacts to the incinerator which was at Qianyun Palace. Meanwhile, Ying Yuan was back at his study playing weiqi while at the same time monitoring Yan Dan through the hairpin in her hair.

Since Yan Dan has improved her spiritual power, common demons would not be a problem to her now. But she was still given some protection on her.

At Qianyun Palace, Yan Dan gave the artifacts to the attendant, named Yanchi. She was then offered to have tea, but she politely refused by saying she wanted to monitor the artifacts being burnt in the incinerator personally.

At first, the process was going smoothly, however when it was time for the Ziwei bottle to be placed in the incinerator, Yanchi hesitated. At this time, some scuffles could be heard, and several attendants barged in while dragging the real Zhixi into the room.

Yan Dan’s disguised was exposed and Yanchi used his demon power to reveal Yan Dan’s true face. At this time, other spies in the demon clan streamed into the room. The real attendants of the Qianyun Palace were annihilated, and the demon clan spies made their move to attack the two girls. They were planning to kill the girls on the spot.

Outnumbered by the demon clan spies, Zhixi could not take any more attack and fell down. As Yanchi was about to strike her, Yan Dan immediately flew to her side and defended her. Zhixi asked Yan Dan to run as she saw Yanchi was not her match, but Yan Dan pleaded for her to run instead. Their love for each other is so touching…

Immortal Samsara episode 4 - Yan Dan vs Yanchi

Just when it seemed like Yan Dan was about to be strike down, the Jade Bracelet she wore seemed to be helping her with her spiritual power, hence Yan Dan was able to defeat Yanchi. But as Yan Dan was amazed by her own strength, Yanchi blasted her with his spiritual power infused with the fire from the incinerator.

Fortunately, Ying Yuan came in time and caught Yan Dan before she smashed into the other side of the room. With a swish of his sleeve, Ying Yuan was able to defeat all the enemies.

The immortal guards came in and arrested all the demon clan spies. With the situation now under control, Yan Dan went to Zhixi and asked her why she still came even after she risked her life to keep Zhixi safe. She then explained to Zhixi the original plot that was supposed to go down tonight.

Understanding the situation, Zhixi then thanked Ying Yuan for having guided Yan Dan. But unexpectedly, Ying Yuan said it was all due to Yan Dan’s natural talent. Yan Dan was thrilled to be praised for the first time.

After reporting to Ying Yuan that Yanchi has hidden the Ziwei bottle inside his sleeve, she left with Zhixi and let the investigation work to be continued on by Ying Yuan.

When Yan Dan and Zhixi arrived at the Magical Pavilion, they overheard other attendants gossiping about them. They were saying that out of the two Lotus maidens, they have always thought Zhixi was the stronger one. But now that Yan Dan has been receiving guidance by Sovereign Lord Ying Yuan, it seemed they have been mistaken. Zhixi was actually the weaker one.

Hearing the two mindless attendants spouting nonsense, Yan Dan was furious and told them off on the spot. Unable to respond to Yan Dan’s aggressive berating, the two dimwitted attendants left without saying a word.

After they left, Zhixi felt downhearted and told Yan Dan that what they said was true. But Yan Dan reminded her that between the two of them, who was the stronger one now; and who was the one who was a Vice Curator at such a young age, they were all Zhixi’s accomplishments. Yan Dan told Zhixi how she was the greatest in Yan Dan’s eyes. Assured that Zhixi has regained her confidence back, Yan Dan left the Magical Pavilion.

Immortal Samsara episode 4 - Yan Dan to Zhixi

Zhixi then flashed back to the time when they were younger and were studying to cultivate their spiritual power. Zhixi was the slowest learner in class and the whole class ridiculed her as the weaker of the Lotus twins. Whereas Yan Dan who didn’t even attend class was able to learn the cultivation method easily. Turns out Zhixi has been feeling down and incompetent since young. Comparing herself to Yan Dan, she cried silently.

When Yan Dan came back to Yanxu Heavenly Palace, she saw Ying Yuan was drinking wine on top of the palace roof. She shouted at him not to jump and kill himself as with his power, he will not die from such a height (oh man, haha). Ying Yuan used the magical power in the jade bracelet and pulled her up to sit together with him on the roof.

There was a badump badump moment at this part when it looked like Ying Yuan was about to kiss Yan Dan. But it didn’t happen, and the two ended up playing drinking game on the roof instead. Their relationship seemed to improve, and Yan Dan felt more comfortable in speaking to him.

Immortal Samsara episode 4 - kiss

She was prattling away asking him about so many trivial questions. She wondered why Ying Yuan seemed unhappy even though they have already captured the demon clan spies. Ying Yuan said that his responsibility in keeping the realms safe was so great. Ying Yuan worried that the demon clan would plot in the dark. He wanted the stop another war from happening.

Whereas Yan Dan, she was just an immortal attendant without worries. Ying Yuan felt it was great that she cherished her ability to live her life in a carefree way. Ying Yuan then asked Yan Dan the reason she worked so hard on the play. She wanted to win the prize promised by the Supreme Majesty, which was to be granted a request.

Yan Dan told him that her greatest desire was to be able to get someone to support her for a comfortable life. Specifically, she wished for her sister Zhixi to attain great status as an immortal deity. That way Yan Dan would be able to continue living a carefree life while relying on her sister for status and livelihood. However, her sister was scared of going to the Mortal Realm as part of the requirement to become an immortal deity. Yan Dan wished for the Supreme Majesty to grant her request to go down to the Mortal Realm in Zhixi’s place.

Immortal Samsara episode 4 - Yan Dan Ying Yuan

Suddenly, their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of an attendant announcing that the Supreme Majesty summoned for Ying Yuan’s attendance at Yuqing Palace.

The attendant said that the Supreme Majesty has learnt of the attempt of treason by the head of the Qianyun Palace and would like to discuss the matter with Ying Yuan. Before they left, the attendant gazed at the roof seemingly thinking he may have some nioses from up there. Ying Yuan quickly replied that some canaries have been building their nest on the roof, hence there were some noises there from time to time.

Yan Dan who already climbed down and hid behind one of the pillars was grateful of Ying Yuan’s distraction. She began to think that his burden was not light, she was grateful of her identity as a mere immortal attendant. But at the same time, she started to sympathize with Ying Yuan (ah so this may be where the seed of love comes from haha).

The next scene showed Ying Yuan speaking with Star Deity Jidu, whose real name was Huanqin (Star Deity Jidu is his title). To investigate the case with the demon clan, Huanqin was planning to go to the demon realm himself to get more clues. Ying Yuan warned him not to be reckless.

At this time the Pixiang Hall’s supervisor came and thanked Ying Yuan for his personal attention to Pixiang Hall. Huanqin was surprised upon hearing this and wondered how and when Ying Yuan has started to pay attention to operas and plays. Ying Yuan said that an attendant felt he was too boring and needed to have more hobbies. Hence, he started to try developing a liking to seeing plays.

Immortal Samsara episode 4 - supervisor

Huanqin decided to leave to prepare for his descent. Ying Yuan warned him one more time not to be reckless and to send word back first before attacking.

I think this is quite a nice pace in the plot. What do you think?

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