Ending ExplainedLove is Panacea Ending Explained

Love is Panacea Ending Explained

Love is Panacea is a romantic drama that does not make you want to cry your heart out. The ending was bittersweet but touching. Without further ado dear readers, let’s get started in to this ending of Love is Panacea drama. Happy reading!

Love is Panacea Ending Explained

What Happened to Su Wei An?

Zhao Mei Lan was against Su Wei An and Gu Yun Zheng’s relationship after Du Yong Song visited her home and made a hurtful remark about Su Wei An’s HD condition. However, Gu Yun Zheng was persistent and did a lot of things, such as organizing a small concert to lift Su Yuan’s spirits and taking part in Zhao Mei Lan’s square dance activities.

In the end, his efforts paid off. Zhao Mei Lan finally gave in after watching him join a family support group for HD patients. She felt her heartache lighten when she gave her blessing to Su Wei An and Gu Yun Zheng for their relationship.

Love is Panacea Ending Explained - What Happened to Su Wei An?
Love is Panacea Ending Explained – What Happened to Su Wei An?

Su Wei An was preparing for the Weiguang Research Fund competition. With the strict guidance of Gu Yun Zheng, she created her research proposal and presentation. Gu Yun Zheng was not a lenient mentor, and Su Wei An was not a weak student either. They faced difficulties at the laboratory, but still returned home in a good mood.

On the day of the presentation, Gu Yun Cheng, Su Wei An, and Fang Ming Fan discovered that He Xiao Guang had stolen their presentation material. Unfortunately, Wen Ran had the opportunity to do her presentation before Su Wei An. Later, at the podium, Su Wei An admitted that she carries the HD gene, and this convinced the judges and Huaren Hospital was chosen as the winner.

However, HD research requires a substantial amount of funding. Su Wei An worked diligently to secure funds for the continuation of the research. But they still need more funds especially when they begin the animal testing phase. Su Wei An and Gu Yun Zheng were secretly trying to find more money for the research.

Su Wei An wanted to celebrate Chinese New Year with her aunt and mother, but her aunt refused. On New Year’s Day, Gu Yu Zheng suddenly appeared with gifts, including a pot of orchids he had obtained from his grandfather. His sincerity touched Zhao Mei Lan, who was happy to see him. Gu Yun Zheng had just sat down on the couch when the doorbell rang.

Zhao Mei Lan opened the door and saw an old man standing in front of her. That old man is Du Run Ze, who wanted to crash the New Year’s party despite Gu Yun Zhe’s protest. He brought many gifts and his housekeeper to help with cooking and cleaning. They joyfully celebrated New Year’s Day.

Later, Su Yuan’s health worsened, and she began to consider euthanasia. Her caregiver informed Du Yu Cheng about it, and he secretly gave Su Yuan a new trial of HD drug. Su Yuan took the medicine, but it ultimately caused her death. Su Wei An and her mother were devastated.

When Su Wei An went to the sanatorium with Gu Yun Zheng to collect Su Yuan’s belongings, they found the drug that led them to Du Yun Cheng. Su Wei An exposed her aunt’s case on the Internet and reported it to the police. However, her report indirectly affected their research. The news of the failed drug spread, causing HD patients to refuse to participate in the clinical trial.

Su Wei An concealed the fact that she had already experienced HD attacks several times. Her mother didn’t know, but Gu Yun Zheng appeared to suspect the onset. On Gu Yun Zheng’s birthday, she prepared a cake and a pile of gifts for every birthday until he reached old age.

After the drug trial failed to recruit patients, Su Wei An took a bold step by volunteering herself as the first subject for the clinical trial. Gu Yun Zheng initially refused, but Su Wei An convinced him by saying that medical research requires courageous patients and families to succeed.

After pondering for a while, Gu Yun Zheng eventually made up his mind to propose to her. He knew that he could not stop her, so he wanted to become a part of Su Wei An’s family and be the one to sign her consent form. Su Wei An agreed to the proposal and they shared a hug.

On the wedding day, Su Wei An gave the bridal bouquet to her mother, Zhao Mei Lan. She wished her happiness to continue and entrusted Zhao Mei Lan to Uncle Zhou, Zhao Mei Lan’s dance partner who was also her boyfriend.

The research continued for many years after the wedding. Su Wei An and Gu Yun Zheng managed to make a breakthrough that received worldwide attention. Her story has become more well-known than Gu Yun Zheng’s. Despite holding only an undergraduate degree, Su Wei An has published many high-impact factor scientific papers. Unfortunately, at the conference press, her seat remained vacant.

What Happened to Gu Yun Zheng?

Gu Yun Zheng went to confront Du Yong Song about visiting Su Wei An’s apartment. Gu Yun Zheng revealed to Du Yong Song that he already knew that Du Yun Cheng was his biological son and that he had an affair but still married Gu Xing Chen.

Love is Panacea Ending Explained - What Happened to Gu Yun Zheng?
Love is Panacea Ending Explained – What Happened to Gu Yun Zheng?

Then, Gu Yun Zheng gave him the photo that Cui Ji had sent to Gu Xing Chen and severed their father-son relationship. Du Yong Song was shocked that Gu Xing Chen knew about his affair with Cui Ji and that her death was triggered by the photo. Du Yong Song regretted his actions and vented his anger on Cui Ji.

Gu Yun Cheng and Su Wei An received funding from the Weiguang Research Fund. Their research on HD went smoothly after they were free from Wen Ran and He Xiao Guang’s interference. However, lack of funds turned out to be their biggest obstacle.

Gu Yun Zheng sought help from his mentor, Professor Wang, who promised to introduce him to a pharmaceutical company that could help him with funding. Yet, Wen Ran tried to deceive Gu Yun Zheng, but he was able to easily avoid the scheme.

Gu Yun Zheng almost sold his mother’s house if Grandpa Du had not stepped in and helped him. Du Run Ze sold his old house and bought a smaller home in the suburbs, giving the rest of the money to Gu Yun Zheng.

Su Wei An received news that Su Yuan’s condition had worsened. Gu Yun Zheng attempted to operate on her, but Su Yuan passed away before he could do the operation. Su Yuan’s death was caused by Du Yun Cheng’s illegal drug trial, so he and Su Wei An reported it to the police and also exposed it to the media.

Gu Yun Zheng’s research stalled because they could not find enough participants for the clinical trial. The HD patients and their families were scared to participate in the research trial after learning about Jiehui’s failed drug. So, Su Wei An stepped forward and offered herself to be the first subject. She admits that she had her first attack of HD.

Gu Yun Zheng refused, but Su Wei An was adamant. He then went back to the hospital and saw injured and sick patients with their families. Gu Yun Zheng pondered over Su Wei An’s request and realized one thing. He could not stop Su Wei An, so he wanted to be her family member who supported her.

Gu Yun Zheng returned home and waited for her to wake up. The first thing he said to her was, “Wei An, let’s get married”. Gu Yun Zheng felt a strong sense of responsibility towards Wei An and wished to be the one to sign her consent papers.

At the support group meeting, Gu Yun Zheng informed the attendees that his fiancée had volunteered to be the first test subject. As his fiancée, Gu Yun Zheng would work hard to develop the cure for HD patients and do his best to support her. His speech encouraged the attendees to participate as test subjects. The news reached Du Yun Cheng’s ears, and he became furious when he learned that Su Wei An had also joined the clinical trial.

After Du Yun Cheng was imprisoned, Gu Yun Zheng and Su Wei An began planning their wedding and sent invitations to every department in Huaren Hospital, except for Du Yong Song. He called Gu Yun Zheng to his office, hoping that he would invite him to the wedding, but Gu Yun Zheng had no intention of inviting him from the beginning. He completely destroyed his relationship with his son.

At that moment, Du Yong Song finally realized that his own selfishness caused him to lose his family. The wedding took place in a small and private setting where everyone laughed and shared in the happiness. However, Du Yong Song could only watch them from afar.

Years later, Gu Yun Zheng gave a speech about the breakthrough they had made in the field of HD medication. After years of hard work, Gu Yun Zheng and Su Wei An’s new drug, GHS380, passed the phase III clinical trial and was released to the market as a treatment for early-stage HD.

In his speech, he mentioned Su Wei An and pointed to the empty seat in front of him. As the audience gave him a standing ovation, Gu Yun Zheng stared at the door. He saw Su Wei An in a white dress smiling at him.

Later, Gu Yun Zheng played kite with a young boy at the beach. The boy’s name, Gu Yu Su, is derived from the names of Gu Yun Zheng and Su Wei An. The name means that his father and mother will never be separated.

What Happened to Du Yun Cheng?

Du Yun Cheng left the country after Professor Wen retired and stopped all research on the HDQ39 project. He no longer had any hope of bringing HDQ39 to the market and lost control of Jiehui. His father and grandfather blamed him, which caused him to lose his temper.

Love is Panacea Ending Explained - What Happened to Du Yun Cheng?
Love is Panacea Ending Explained – What Happened to Du Yun Cheng?

Du Yun Cheng then blamed his father and grandfather for not recognizing his presence and ability, no matter how hard he tried. He also declared that he would never return to the Du family’s old house.

Du Yun Cheng returned to China when Jiehui was on the verge of collapse. To mark his return, he participated in the Weiguang Research Fund competition for his research on HD. However, even though they stole Gu Yun Zheng and Su Wei An’s presentation material, they still lost to them.

Over time, Du Yun Cheng’s research team led by He Xiao Guang couldn’t overcome the bottleneck. Therefore, he asked He Xiao Guan to modify the data, and He Xiao Guang had to comply. The research made no progress, and Du Yun Cheng’s desperation to defeat Gu Yun Zheng had driven him to obsession.

Du Yun Cheng instructed He Xiao Guang to replicate an illegal foreign drug. However, He Xiao Guang realized that if they did that, it would lead them to serious consequences that could lead them to prison. He refused the order and was fired by Du Yun Cheng.

Nevertheless, Du Yun Cheng continued with his plan. He attempted to find enough patients as test subjects, but many declined. Later, he tried the drug on Su Yuan, but it caused another severe aneurysm, and Su Yuan died. Su Wei An confronted him, but he denied it. Du Yun Cheng instructed his assistant to keep everything under wraps; still, the news leaked on the Internet. Su Wei An reported him and Jiehui to the police.

Du Yun Cheng was furious when he found out that Su Wei An had become a test subject in a clinical trial. He came to see Gu Yun Zheng and punched him in the face, demanding an explanation as to why Gu Yun Zheng did not stop her. Du Yun Cheng believed that Gu Yun Zheng was desperate to defeat him, so he used Su Wei An. Gu Yun Zheng rebutted him, stating that Du Yun Cheng’s research failure was the cause of Su Wei An’s risky decision.

Du Yun Cheng’s troubles did not end there. The Ethical Committee denied clinical approval for his new drug HDQ40. The incident caused Jiehui’s stock to plummet, and shareholders demanded that he step down as CEO. Nevertheless, Du Yun Cheng persisted.

The police began to investigate Jiehui. Lin Zhu advised Du Yun Cheng to flee abroad. After considering the idea, Du Yun Cheng instructed Lin Zhu to sell serum from his laboratory to a foreign laboratory. It was illegal to do because it could leak China’s genetic resources. During their conversation, Du Yun Cheng was not aware that Wen Ran was eavesdropping on their conversation.

Du Yun Cheng took Wen Ran and his assistant to finalize the transaction. He had no idea that Wen Ran had already cooperated with the police, Su Wei An, and Gu Yun Zheng to arrest him.

As the police led him out of the warehouse with his hands cuffed, Du Yun Cheng stopped to talk to Gu Yun Zheng. He sneered that Gu Yun Zheng had completely defeated him. He also accused Gu Yun Zheng of stealing his happiness, family, and childhood.

Gu Yun Zheng retorted that his mother did not know about Du Yun Cheng’s mother’s existence, and it was Cui Ji who caused Gu Xing Cheng’s death in Lacaya. Gu Yun Zheng said that while Cui Ji was expecting Du Yun Cheng, Du Yong Song was already engaged to Gu Xing Cheng. That was why Du Run Ze always treated him coldly and why Du Yong Song hated him.

Du Yun Cheng was just a tool for his mother to enter the Du family. Du Yun Cheng finally realized from Gu Yun Zheng’s words that everything he had to endure in his childhood was for that reason.

Du Yun Cheng was sentenced to 15 years in prison. When Cui Ji visited him, Du Yun Cheng blamed her for everything that had happened. He said she only used him as a tool to become Mrs. Du and to satisfy her own vanity. After the visit, Cui Ji decided to leave Du Yong Song. She finally realized that her selfishness had ruined her son.

What Happened to Wen Ran?

Wen Ran hated Su Wei An even more after she beat her in the Weiguang Research Fund Competition. But she was unable to do anything about it and could only grit her teeth.

Love is Panacea Ending Explained - What Happened to Wen Ran?
Love is Panacea Ending Explained – What Happened to Wen Ran?

One day, He Xiao Guang told her that Du Yun Zheng had ordered him to reproduce an illegal drug and claimed that it was a drug for HD patients. He warned Wen Ran that Du Yun Zheng had gone mad and would do anything to defeat Gu Yun Zheng. She did not believe his words and tried to test Du Yun Cheng herself. Her heart lurched when she learned that he had done an evil deed. However, the test raised Du Yun Cheng’s suspicion.

Wen Ran accidentally overheard Du Yun Cheng talking to his assistant. He wanted to sell a serum to a foreign buyer and ran away from the country. Now, Wen Ran had to accept that Du Yun Cheng was not the same person anymore. Wen Ran was frightened and asked her father, Professor Wen, for help. Afterward, she talked to Su Wei An about Du Yun Cheng. According to Wen Ran, Su Wei An was the only one who could convince Du Yun Cheng to stop.

On the designated day, Wen Ran and Du Yun Cheng went to an abandoned warehouse to complete the transaction with the foreigners. Unbeknownst to him, Wen Ran was already in coordination with Su Wei An, Gu Yun Zheng, and the police. The police raided the warehouse and arrested Du Yun Cheng. Since then, nothing has been heard of Wen Ran’s whereabouts.

My Musing

Love is Panacea drama’s ending appeared rushed and vague. It was unknown how Su Wei An’s illness developed. However, she never attended any conference on HD, which means her condition was not very good. Nonetheless, she seemed to still have a clear mind to write scientific papers. I think Su Wei An passed away in the end.

What happened to Wen Ran? We saw her commit a heinous crime in many episodes, but her story ended with a police raid. Did the scriptwriter forget about her? LOL. Anyway, that concludes this sweet Love is Panacea drama ending. Don’t forget to leave your opinion about the ending. I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained. Bye!

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  1. I have finished the drama nd it was a good drama but the ending was very fast nd not clear so it was kinda difficult to understand… Except the ending part story, acting everything was good… At one point I started crying when I felt his emotions what he was trying to convey… If I love someone nd I know that he don’t have much time to live it’s really painful… You have to be strong for that person but u will be shattered from inside cz the fear of losing that person will kill u from inside…. I was feeling the emotion when I was watching thz nd I started crying… But thz drama is really good..


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