Ending ExplainedRoyal Rumours Ending Explained

Royal Rumours Ending Explained

Hola readers, this is the Ending Explained of Royal Rumours. I was quite surprised because the mastermind was hidden very deeply. We could only learn about them at the end of the drama. However, I was quite satisfied because the ending was a happy ending.

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So, are you curious about what happened to the mastermind in this Royal Rumours drama? Let’s figure it out!

Royal Rumours Ending Explained

What Happened to Hua Liu Li?

Hua Liu Li felt that she had a headache because of Ji Yuan Su and He Yuan Ting’s excessive actions in pursuing her. However, she realized that He Yuan Ting also had an ulterior motive to steal the Hua Family’s defense map. Ji Yuan Su used this change to laid a trap for He Yuan Ting.

Royal Rumours Ending Explained - Hua Liu LI
Royal Rumours Ending Explained – Hua Liu LI

Meanwhile, Hua Liu Li also had a problem with Jin Po’s envoys’ stubbornness in the peace negotiations. On the final day, she got some help from Grand Preceptor Du who came to deliver the late Emperor’s whip. It could be used to hit incompetent rulers and treacherous officials. This meant that the Grand Preceptor Du backed her up. However, after the treaty was signed, Grand Preceptor Du collapsed.

From He Yuan Ting, Hua Liu Li learned about Censorate Zhu’s secret. He was the one responsible for the army provision in the Battle of Yunchang Ridge. Hua Liu Li did not easily believe his words and went to verify it. However, that night, Hua Liu Li and Censorate Zhu were attacked by a group of black men and he died. Hua Liu Li was accused of the murder of Censorate Zhu. While in reality, Censorate Zhu died because he protected his 5-year-old daughter.

Hua Liu Li decided to help Ji Yuan Su with his matters. Before the Taiping Banquet, she made an arrangement with Pei Ji Huai. Hua Liu Li was worried because their information was incomplete. And she was afraid that there would be more than the assassination during the banquet. After she asked her parent’s permission, Hua Liu Li decided to deploy the Hua Family’s elite army which was stationed outside the capital.

When Ji Yuan Su ran from the enemies to the back of the mountain, Hua Liu Li went there to save him. She came at the right time and helped him fight but they were outnumbered. They were cornered before Song Guang and the Hua Army came to help them. Song Guang died protecting Hua Liu Li and Ji Yuan Su.

Hua Liu Li and Ji Yuan Su fell from the cliff because he tried to save her from He Yuan Ting’s arrow. The next morning, Ji Yuan Su panicked because she was unconscious. However, Hua Liu Li woke up and they shared a kiss.

What Happened to Ji Yuan Su?

Ji Yuan Su helped Hua Liu Li to win the negotiation by deceiving He Yuan Ting with a fake defense map. He did it to make Jin Po’s army lose in the battle so Jin Po would have no reason to avoid the treaty.

Royal Rumours Ending Explained - Ji Yuan Su
Royal Rumours Ending Explained – Ji Yuan Su

After the negotiation was over, Ji Yuan Su took Hua Liu Li to Du’s mansion. He wanted Grand Preceptor Du to learn about his relationship with Hua Liu Lu. Grand Preceptor Du gave him the last teaching about how to be a ruler. He said that if Ji Yuan Su knew what he wanted, then he know how to overcome the obstacles. But if Ji Yuan Su was doubtful, he would have difficulties.

Through the death of Censorate Zhu, Ji Yuan Su found a way to find the mastermind. He put the Hua family under strict supervision and spread the news that he broke their alliance. At the same time, Ji Yuan Su used the chance to put a good end to Yun Han’s situation.

He ordered Pei Ji Huai to put a drug in Yun Han’s drink. Yun Han fainted and was taken to prison. Ji Yuan Su was disappointed to know that Yun Han had another master. However, Yun Han used to save his life and he paid it back. He freed Yun Han and let him return to his master. Although he did not admit it, Pei Ji Huai knew that he was sad.

At the Taiping banquet, Ji Yuan Su was prepared for an attack. Ji Yuan Su did not know who the mastermind was. However, he already made an arrangement beforehand. Unfortunately, when the enemies entered the hall, they were too strong.

Ji Yuan Su had to lure them to the back of the mountain to save the innocents. He fought very hard before Hua Liu Li and the Hua Army came. When the enemies were gone, he got hit by He Yuan Ting’s arrow and they fell from the cliff.

When they were found by Ji Yuan Hao, Ji Yuan Su took Hua Liu Li to Eastern Palace. In front of General Hua and his father Emperor, Ji Yuan Su stated that Hua Liu Li was her Crown Princess. He also promised that he would not marry another wife or concubine. After the situation resumed normal, Ji Yuan Su married Hua Liu Li in a grand wedding.

What Happened to He Yuan Ting?

He Yuan Ting was deceived by Ji Yuan Su into believing that the defense map was in Hua Ying Ting’s pants. He made General A’Wa stole all of his pants. He Yuan Ting was very sure that he would win the negotiation and put pressure on Jin’s envoy by saying he would not sign the treaty and choose to start a war.

Royal Rumours Ending Explained - He Yuan Ting
Royal Rumours Ending Explained – He Yuan Ting

When the negotiations were at a stalemate, the battle report from Frontier arrived. Hua Jing Yi led the Hua Army to wipe out Jin Po’s army and won the war. He Yuan Ting was shocked because he believed that Jin Po would win the war. He signed the treaty with resentment. He was angry because Hua Liu Li fooled him again. When Hua Liu Li revealed that he stole the fake defense map. The anger turned into fury.

He Yuan Ting realized that although the State of Jin was vindictive, they were always generous. He went to see Hua Liu Li and asked for her cooperation in the future for an exchange of a secret about the Battle of Yuncang Ridge, ten years ago. There was someone in Jin who was overly ambitious and reaped the benefit from the battle. He told Hua Liu Li that the man who was responsible for the combat ration at that time had become an official. And he was Censorate Zhu.

At the Taiping banquet, He Yuan Ting was suspicious of Prince Consort Xie and his family. He followed them out of the hall and ended up on the cliff where Ji Yuan Su and Hua Liu Li fought. He shot an arrow at Hua Liu Li, but it was Ji Yuan Su who took it. He watched Hua Liu Li and Ji Yuan Su fell from the cliff. He Yuan Ting learned that Hua Liu Li was alive after he received their wedding invitation.

What Happened to The Masterminds?

There were two masterminds behind everything that happened in Jin Country. Prince Consort Xie Lin Zhou and Consort Lin.

Prince Consort Xie Lin Zhou was Princess Le Yang’s husband. He wanted to take over the throne. He was a cruel man who did not hesitate to harm his own wife.

Prince Consort Xie Lin Zhou made a move at the Taiping Banquet. It was the right time since the Hua family was under arrest and had broken their alliance with Ji Yuan Su. He prepared a poisonous wine for Ji Yuan Su, but he did not know that Ji Yuan Su had prepared beforehand. Soon after the hall was full of men in black. Yet, Ji Yuan Su already prepared his Black Troop to encounter the attack.

When he realized that he lost the battle, Xie Lin Zhou was shocked because he had no way out of the capital. By then, he just realized that Yun Han betrayed him by not telling him about the change in the city guards. Prince Consort Xie used the reason that Princess Le Yang was missing her hometown so he could leave the capital.

However, he could not leave the capital and his carriage was surrounded by Ji Yuan Su’s men. Xie Lin Zhou used Princess Le Yang as a hostage to force Ji Yuan Su to open the gate.

Before he left, Xie Lin Zhou confessed that the reason why he devised the plan was because he was Consort Lin’s former lover. Besides that, he held a grudge because Princess Le Yang always belittled him. To save the Princess, Ji Yuan Su opened the gate. But then he shot an arrow that killed Xie Lin Zhou.

Meanwhile, Consort Lin thought that the Emperor was terminally ill and took some guards to the hall. Unbeknownst to her, the Emperor pretended to be sick so he could catch the mastermind. Consort Lin held a grudge because she had to enter the palace to be a concubine when she already had a lover and was about to get married. She also despised Ji Yuan Su because of his unruly nature and thought that her son, Ji Yuan Hong was as good as Ji Yuan Su.

But she was shocked when Ji Yuan Hong entered the hall and stated that he never wanted the throne and was willing to be punished alongside his mother.

Consort Lin confessed that Xie Lin Zhou was the mastermind behind the Battle of Yunchang Ridge. While she was the one who killed Ji Yuan Su’s mother. At that time, she wanted to kill him, but it was Ji Yuan Su’s mother who drank the poisonous soup. Consort Lin was stunned when Ji Yuan Su said that he killed Xie Lin Zhou, so they were even. Consort Lin only came to her senses when she saw her son’s painting.

The Third Prince had given Consort Lin several scrolls of his paintings. When Consort Lin open them, she saw her paintings and also paintings of her, the Third Prince, and the Emperor. The message conveyed was clear, he never asked for anything. He only wanted her to stop feeling down. He wanted all of them to have a happy and smooth-sailing life. Consort Lin could not stop her tears from rolling down her cheeks. Deep down inside, she regretted everything.

What Happened to Tian Jia Min and Ji Yuan Hao?

When Hua Liu Li and Ji Yuan Su went missing, Ji Yuan Hao asked for permission from the Emperor to search for them. Before he left, he gave a bundle to Tian Jia Min and asked her to wait for him.

Royal Rumours Ending Explained - Tian Jia Min and Ji Yuan Hao
Royal Rumours Ending Explained – Tian Jia Min and Ji Yuan Hao

There were wooden dolls inside the bundle and Tian Jia Min was happy to accept it. Tian Jia Min’s parents did not oppose her relationship with Ji Yuan Hao. Because Tian Jia Min’s mother was fond of him.

What Happened to Yun Han and Du Xiu Ying?

Yun Han’s master had been controlling him through poison. When Censorate Zhu died, Yun Han was worried that Hua Liu Li had found out his identity. A few days later, the Grand Preceptor Du also died. He was killed by someone who gave him poisoned wine. Yun Han was suspicious that his death was not natural and went to investigate.

Royal Rumours Ending Explained - Yun Han and Du Xiu Ying
Royal Rumours Ending Explained – Yun Han and Du Xiu Ying

Yun Han came to pay respect to Grand Preceptor Du. Before he left, he gave Du Xiu Ying his jade whistle. With that whistle, Du Xiu Ying could call him. When Du Xiu Ying accepted the whistle, there was a slight happiness in her heart.

Yun Han was not surprised when he woke up in prison after he fainted. However, he was shocked when Pei Ji Huai said that Ji Yuan Su had found out his identity but he did not get rid of him. Ji Yuan Su also killed Qin Yue because he wanted to protect Yun Han.

Yun Han confessed that he was the only remaining member of the evil concubine cohort. However, Pei Ji Huai did not kill him, instead, he released him. Yun Han’s heart lurched when Ji Yuan Su told him that he was disappointed in him. He thanked Yun Han for saving his life years ago and told Yun Han to return to his master. When Yun Han was about to suicide, Ji Yuan Su stopped him. He said that Yun Han already had a hard life and was taken advantage of by others.

Ji Yuan Su also said that he once promised to give him freedom, therefore he would pave the way for him. He even did not need Yun Han to tell him who his master was. Before he left, Ji Yuan Su said that dying was easy, but Yun Han deserved to live a good life.

At the Taiping Banquet, Yun Han shielded Ji Yuan Su from a bomb. He was badly injured at that time and it worried Du Xiu Ying greatly. Yun Han pretended to be dead so Du Xiu Ying could continue her life. Meanwhile, the heartbroken Du Xiu Ying became a teacher at the academy.

What Happened to Yuan Wei and Pei Ji Huai?

Yuan Wei was angry because she felt Pei Ji Huai had deceived her in the matter of Hua Ying Ting’s pants. From a heart-to-heart talk, Yuan Wei admitted that she liked Pei Ji Huai but she was worried because their statuses were different. Pei Ji Huai was the aide of the Crown Prince and a Junior Secretary in the Supreme Court while Yuan Wei was only a maid.

Royal Rumours Ending Explained - Yuan Wei and Pei Ji Huai
Royal Rumours Ending Explained – Yuan Wei and Pei Ji Huai

Hua Liu Li told Yuan Wei that she was her sister and was not only a maid. She was a captain who fought in a battle with the Hua family. Hua Liu Li told Yuan Wei to tell Pei Ji Huai that she liked him.

Hua Liu Li asked Yuan Wei and Pei Ji Huai to find Song Guang and the Hua family’s elite army. But Yuan Wei told Pei Ji Huai to stay in the capital while she looked for the army alone. When everything ended. Yuan Wei and Pei Ji Huai lived happily together.

My Musing

How do you like this Royal Rumours ending explained?I’m glad that Royal Rumours ended happily for everybody except Yun Han and Du Xiu Ying. It was sad, but it was the best for both of them. When we saw the last scene of He Yuan Ting, I thought it might be a sign for the next season. What do you think, dear readers? Just put your answer in the comment section below 🙂

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