Drama RecapImmortal SamsaraImmortal Samsara (Episode 17-18 Recap)

Immortal Samsara (Episode 17-18 Recap)

  • Title: Immortal Samsara
  • Original Title: 沉香如屑(Chénxiāng rú xiè)
  • Year: 2022
  • Number of Episodes: 38
  • Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy, Drama
  • Country: China
  • Where to Watch: Youku, Viki

List of Recap:

In the previous Immortal Samsara episode recap, Yan Dan was struggling to cross the Night Forgetting River. Her feelings for Ying Yuan made it hard for her to let go and forget. Meanwhile Ying Yuan fainted after fixing the pillar in the Sacred Temple. As for Yumo, he managed to cut a gap in the sky and left for the Mortal Realm. Let see how episodes 17 and 18 will unfold.

Episode Recap

Episode 17

Luming saw Yumo’s spirit was able to break through the barrier in the sky and left the Celestial Realm. He prayed for his two friends to be reunited and able to live a happy life.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 Luming

In the meantime, Ying Yuan who poured all his power to fix the pillar in the Sacred Temple, was lying unconscious in Gou Dan Ju Hut. The Imperial Physician said that his vital essence was affected and that there was nothing he could do except to try and preserve his celestial spirit. However, it was uncertain whether Ying Yuan will ever wake up.

Having said that, everyone was still hopeful that his obsession with his feelings would pull him back.

The palace attendants were taking care of him and praying for his recovery day by day. One day, the lotus flowers in the pond magically bloomed. But Yan Dan who was still wondering in the Night Forgetting River was still unable to cross over.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 lotus pond

In the Mortal Realm, Yumo woke up by the side of the river. Some villagers were doing daily activities such as washing clothes, fishing, etc. Yumo checked his wrist and smiled when he saw the lotus seal was still there. He decided to begin his search for Yan Dan.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 hopeful Yumo

800 years have passed. Luming came back to the Pavillion of Books after cultivated and able to leave that place and became the Supreme Majesty’s attendant. Turned out that day was Yan Dan’s birthday. He was missing his friend. He wondered if Yumo was able to be reunited with Yan Dan in the Mortal Realm.

To calm his restless mind, the current attendant in the Pavillion of Books asked if Luming could help her instead to distract himself. She just received the list from the Lord of the Night Forgetting River, containing names of those who have crossed over.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 attendan pavillion of books

However, there was a report of someone who has not crossed over after so long. Luming was flabbergasted to see Yan Dan’s name on the report. Those who were still unable to cross over after 900 years would have their souls perished.

Crossing the river after 800 years, Yan Dan was tormented throughout. She has lost her sight and would soon lose all her five senses. It will be 900 years in several days, and by then she would die.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 Yan Dan lost her sight

On his mad sprint towards Gou Dan Ju Hut, Luming bumped into Zhixi. He told her what had happened to Yan Dan. He lashed at her in anger, asking if she was satisfied with what she has done to Yan Dan now. Waa Luming, I love this part!

Luming went to Ying Yuan’s side, who was still lying unconscious in his bed. He begged Ying Yuan to wake up and help Yan Dan. The Dream Butterfly came at this time. Luming realized Ying Yuan and Yan Dan were in love with each other, and this feeling was eating away at them.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 Luming begged Ying Yuan

Zhixi came at this time trying to fix her mistake. She gave some of her blood to revive half of the lotus heart inside Ying Yuan. She warned Luming not to let Ying Yuan know of this matter and left afterwards.

Meanwhile at the Magical Artifact Pavillion, narcissistic Ying Deng was going through all the magical artifacts gifted to her by the God of Death. The God of Death has suffered some injuries and wanted to request medical assistance from her. Ying Deng instead used this opportunity to use him.

One of things gifted to her this time was a Sound Bat, which allowed one to hear anything from a distance and communicate through it as well. Ying Deng was delighted.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 crazy Ying Deng

At this time, someone came to report to her that Ying Yuan was awake. She immediately went to visit him to give a spirit protecting elixir. But Qingyun told her Ying Yuan was in a meeting and could not be disturbed. Unable to pass through Qingyun, she unwillingly passed the elixir to him and left.

She then released the Sound Bat, which looked like a giant beetle. So why was it called a Sound Bat…? (-_-)ゞ

Inside Gou Dan Ju Hut, Ying Yuan was looking at the report on Yan Dan. Luming was on his knees, feeling heartbroken for Yan Dan. He felt it was Ying Yuan who forced her to jump the Liao Wu Bridge. There were only three days left to 900 years of Yan Dan wondering in the Night Forgetting River. Luming begged Ying Yuan to help her.

At this moment, Ying Yuan realized that he has always been mistaken from the start. He immediately left to help her.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 Ying Yuan felt he was wrong

Of course, all of this was overheard by Ying Deng through the Sound Bat, er beetle, bat…mmm help meee…!

Ying Yuan had wanted to go to the Night Forgetting River, but the celestial soldiers were in his way, trying to stop him. The Supreme Majesty, informed by Ying Deng it seems, also came at this time and reprimanded him.

Ying Deng also chimed in to stop him from breaking the Heavenly Laws. To this, Ying Yuan decided to give himself punishment in front of the Supreme Majesty. He inserted three crystal frost in his chess for every law he was about to break. Stupefied, Ying Deng’s face looked as if she just stepped on a bee. So, the Supreme Majesty could only let him go.

Meanwhile Ying Deng secretly released the Sound Beetle, Bat. Huuh I’m just going to say the Sound Bat haha, it was what Ying Deng’s attendant said.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 Ying Yuan punished himself

Ying Yuan went down to the Night Forgetting River, much to the relief of Yi Zang the death reaper. Ying Yuan was shocked to see what Yan Dan has become; with eyes which could no longer see and body that was numb with pain. Ying Yuan doubted Yan Dan was willing to see him, hence he motioned to Yi Zang not to reveal who he was.

Ying Yuan disguised his voice to be Yi Zang’s voice and told her that he will help her cross the river. But Yan Dan would prefer to die at this point and free herself from torment. Ying Yuan did not want her to lose hope, so he persuaded her to rest and try another day.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 Ying Yuan helped Yan Dan

In the inn by the Night Forgetting River, Ying Yuan took out the lotus incense burner and burn some incense. Luckily Yan Dan’s sense of smell was still intact. Ying Yuan also placed a hand warmer in her hand trying to make her feel comfortable. She still had her sense of touch.

She told him she has never slept this past 900 years. He told her that since this was the last night for her in the Night Forgetting River, he will help her sleep with Spirit Calming Music.

As Ying Yuan helped Yan Dan settled in bed, he saw her feet which has been savaged by the coldness of the river. He also saw the hair pin which he once gave her, placed under her pillow. With tears running down his face, Ying Yuan determined to take care of Yan Dan this time. He then gave her a pair of boots.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 Ying Yuan take care of Yan Dan

At the South Sea Dragon Palace, Ao Xuan was wearing the red wedding attire looking through all the betrothal presents for Zhao Lan. It was revealed that after they came back from the Heavenly Realm 900 years go, Zhao Lan fell ill. She has only gotten better recently.

But an attendant came at this time to report that Zhao Lan’s sickness has relapsed. She was not able to get out of bed. So, Ao Xuan was advised to propose to her on another day. As you can imagine, Ao Xuan’s face looked terrible when he heard this.

But of course, in reality, this was only a lie made up by Zhao Lan. She was busy polishing a black scale which seemed very valuable to her.

Ao Xuan broke into her room at this time and exposed her lies.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 handsome Ao Xuan

Ao Xuan was livid having been duped by Zhao Lan for the past 900 years. Amidst the argument and slight scuffle, the black scale in Zhao Lan’s sleeve fell and taken by Ao Xuan. He said he will return the black scale only after Zhao Lan married him.

Zhao Lan was devastated.

Meanwhile, the east Dragon King was cultivating at this time when Ao Xuan came to him. Something seemed to go wrong with the cultivation process and Ao Xuan was worried for his father. His father assured him that it was due to his old age that his old wound was still not healed.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 worried Ao Xuan

Ao Xuan then reported that his engagement to Zhao Lan was delayed once again. He then showed the Dragon King the black scale he took from Zhao Lan. The Dragon King immediately recognized it as the scale of someone from the Nine Fins Clan.

Responding to Ao Xuan’s confusion, the Dragon King explained about the Nine Fins Clan, who was once the ruler of the Four Seas. They controlled the power of fire and water. Since now a descendant from the Nine Fins Clan emerged, the East Dragon Palace will have to step down as ruler of the Four Seas.

He interrogated Ao Xuan about the origin of this black scale in his hands. Ao Xuan then told him everything he knew of Yumo during his stay at Xuan Xin Cliff. He began to suspect Yumo is from the Nine Fins Clan who purposely stole Zhao Lan from him 。(*^▽^*)ゞ.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 Ao Xuan is angry

He was now determined to kill Yumo.

Ao Xuan told his plan to the Dragon King and requested some soldiers to follow him to the Mortal Realm to kill Yumo. The Dragon King agreed and even equipped him with the Spirit Shattering Hook.

In the meantime, the God of Death was seen cultivating his power and directed it towards a wall covered in runes. He seemed to have failed in breaking the seal on it due to his injuries. Suddenly, Ying Deng’s voice came through from the Sound Bat and taunted him. Taunting people seems to be her way saying hello.

She told him she knew of a way to cure his injuries, which was to use the Four-Leaf Lotus. It could cure any illnesses and even control the dead. She further told him of Yan Dan, a Four-Leaf Lotus deity who has taken on a human form.
She instigated him to kill Yan Dan at the Night Forgetting River.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 God of Death

It was now the last day for Yan Dan to try and cross the river once more. But Ying Yuan took her to a different part of the river. He promised to show Yan Dan something beautiful for the last time. Yan Dan refused as it would be wasteful on her, she was now not able to see except only blurry images.

Ying Yuan then turned that part of the river into a lotus pond filled with lotus flowers. He was fulfilling his promise to her to see the lotus flowers together. Yan Dan was able to smell the flowers. Then suddenly the Dream Butterfly flew out of Ying Yuan’s robe.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 Dream Butterfly

It fluttered to Yan Dan’s hand.

Not knowing it was Dream Butterfly, Yan Dan thought it was an ordinary butterfly. Ying Yuan persuaded her that if she went to the Mortal Realm, she could see many butterflies and other beautiful things there. She could start over again.

At this time, Yi Zang who has been drinking and was drunk, came and saw the fluttering butterfly. Not knowing any better, he exposed it was Dream Butterfly. Yi Zang tried to explain to the confused Yan Dan, but Ying Yuan stopped him from sharing further information on the Dream Butterfly. Ying Yuan told him the God of Death has summoned him.

Immortal Samsara ep 17 Yi Zang

I am confused. What’s…going on…?

Episode 18

Yi Zang did not get to finish what he was trying to say. Hence Ying Yuan lied to Yan Dan instead by saying that the Dream Butterfly was able to come out of the cocoon only when it sensed no love. He then persuaded her to forget her love and cross the river successfully.

Yan Dan took this to mean that Ying Yuan did not love her when she saw his dream in the hut.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 Yan Dan misunderstood

Ying Yuan parted the river and planned to send Yan Dan to the Mortal Realm personally. But as Yan Dan said her goodbye to ‘Yi Zang’, and took her step towards the river, the God of Death came to attack her.

He brought his soldiers to bring Yan Dan alive. Ying Yuan recognized who he was then he placed Yan Dan behind a barrier to protect her.

Meanwhile, Yumo has been looking for Yan Dan in the entire Mortal Realm but to no success. He was confused but he saw the lotus seal on his wrist was still there.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 Yumo

He used his power to track her down, but unexpectedly Ao Xuan with a group of soldiers showed up instead. Ao Xuan has been waiting for Yumo to use his power so he could track him down using the black scale in his hand.

Ao Xuan planned to not let anyone from the Aqua Clan know of Yumo’s existence and kill him secretly. Ao Xuan and his soldiers attacked Yumo, but they were no match for him and Yumo successfully escaped.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 Ao Xuan attacked Yumo

Back at the Night Forgetting River, Ying Yuan was fighting the God of Death and the Dream Butterfly cocoon fell through the lotus pond without him noticing. At first, Yan Dan was worried for ‘Yi Zang’ and told him to leave. But of course, Ying Yuan assured her that he was fine and able to take on the God of Death.

Yan Dan told him that someone must have been behind this attack. Because she has been at the river for 800 years and no one has attacked her before.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 Yan Dan notice something was wrong

Ying Yuan immediately noticed the Sound Bat hovering around and destroyed it. Ying Yuan realized the God of Death was conspiring with someone from the Heavenly Realm. Also, from the way the God of Death attacked him, he knew the God of Death had injuries on his body. That was why he needed Yan Dan’s Four Leaf Lotus properties to help him heal.

Ying Yuan beat him down and revealed his identity as the Sovereign Lord Qingli, Ying Yuan.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 Sovereign Lord Qingli

Yan Dan who was feeling the abnormality of the situation, called out for ‘Yi Zang’. But Ying Yuan assured her that he was fine. Then he placed a sound barrier spell on her to prevent her from hearing anything.

Being the Lord of the Night Forgetting River, but he was going to kill someone who was crossing the river, Ying Yuan was planning to execute him. But then he saw the Golden Seals of the Seven Planets on God of Death’s arm. Ying Yuan ordered him to explain how he was injured by an artifact belonging to Sovereign Lord Wan Yun, when he never even crossed paths with him.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 God of Death injuries

Turned out he was injured by Wan Yun during the Celestial-Demon War. He was betrayed by Elder Shuo Hua and ended up defeated by Wan Yun. At that time Demon King Xuan Xiang was already killed by the Sovereign Lord.

But what the God of Death said did not match the Heavenly Record on the Celestial-Demon War. Ying Yuan began to suspect there was another reason behind the heavy casualties during the war.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 another reason Ying Yuan

Ying Yuan had wanted to interrogate him again but when he turned around Yan Dan was gone. She has already crossed the river in order to help ‘Yi Zang’ escape the attacks from God of Death and turned the focus on her instead. Such a kind heart, worthy to be our strong female lead. Ying Yuan offered his help to get Yan Dan to the Mortal Realm. But to Yan Dan, if she could not forget Ying Yuan, everywhere is the same as the Night Forgetting River to her. Hence, she preferred death.

Since Yan Dan was adamant in wanting to forget Ying Yuan, but could not do it with her own effort, Ying Yuan decided to help her. The spell to erase memories required a lot of power and unique items, but Ying Yuan decided to help Yan Dan with this one wish.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 Make Yan Dan's dream come true

Ying Yuan went to various places to fulfill the requirements needed to refine the Amnesia Pill. To perfect it, he went to get the Heart Burning Flame in exchange with the Fire of Death. Ying Yuan revealed the real reason why he was willing to risk his life to make this pill and was finally able to obtain the Heart Burning Flame.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 Ying Yuan spoe the truth

He gave the pill to Yan Dan, who he placed under a spell to rest. The next step was to burn a love token with the Heart Burning Spell to sever the ties between them. Ying Yuan took out a lock of both his and Yan Dan’s hair, which he secretly took from her. Scenes from previous episode was shown to let the viewers see that Ying Yuan who seemed cold all this time was actually a fool for love all throughout for Yan Dan. Or as an Indonesian I would say he is a ‘bucin’ (Budak Cinta; slang for slave to love). An embarrassing situation for a Sovereign Lord to be in.

He then burnt the lock of hair in the wooden Lotus Incense Burner, feeling hurt and miserable.

Yan Dan’s memories of Ying Yuan were being erased one by one, but Yan Dan resisted.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 Yan Dan's memories difficult to erase

So, Ying Yuan used his power to burn the root of love in her heart. Finally, Yan Dan’s memories of Ying Yuan was gone. But at this moment, several Dream Butterflies appear on the surface of the river. They hatched from the cocoon that fell from Ying Yuan’s robe when he fought the God of Death earlier.

The Dream Butterflies flocked towards Ying Yuan and Yan Dan. Oh my lawd, my skeptic heart towards true love just cannot accept this (≧д≦ヾ).

Accompanied by the Dream Butterflies, Ying Yuan carried Yan Dan to cross the Night Forgetting River.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 dream butterflies

He turned Yan Dan into a flower spirit so she could go to the Mortal Realm. He entrusted Yan Dan’s protection to the Chenhua hairpin in her hair.

Finally succeeded in sending Yan Dan to the Mortal Realm, Ying Yuan planned to interrogate the God of Death some more. However, someone mysterious attacked Ying Yuan and stalled him from reaching the God of Death. When Ying Yuan was able to escape them, the God of Death was already dead. His internal core was crushed.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 Mysterious person

Ying Yuan was sure from this incident that something was hidden during the Celestial-Demon War. He then decided to go interrogate the Demon Clan.
In the Mortal Realm, a spirit called Zilin was being chased by a group of another spirits. Along the way, he bumped into Yumo who was also being chased by Ao Xuan and the gang. They decided to help each other to defeat their enemies.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 Zilin and Yumo

Zilin and Yumo worked together seamlessly.

Suddenly, Ao Xuan ruthlessly attacked Yumo with his Spirit Shattering Hook. Yumo was injured but was able to break his attack. But then he felt the lotus seal on his wrist disappearing, which made him lose his concentration. At the critical moment, Zilin grabbed him and took him away.

The soldiers tried to follow in pursuit, but Ao Xuan stopped them. Having been pierced by the Soul Crusher, Ao Xuan was sure Yumo was going to die.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 cruel Ao Xuan

Finally able to escape his enemies, Zilin breathed a sigh of relief. But then he noticed Yumo was badly injured. Regarding Yumo as his savior, he was determined to save him.

The next scene showed Ying Deng placing the empty container for the Sound Bat into the incinerator, destroying evidence of her evil deed. But secretly Zhixi has been following her and was watching her every move.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 Zhixi

In the East Dragon Palace, Zhao Lan and the North Sea Dragon King came to set the wedding date. Turned out, Zhao Lan was demanding Ao Xuan to keep his promise, which was to return the black scale once she agreed to marry him.
But Ao Xuan said he lost it which angered Zhao Lan. Immediately, she declared the marriage was cancelled. To Ao Xuan, since Yumo was dead, marrying Zhao Lan was only a matter of time.

This Wang Haoxuan is so handsome that every time he spouted poison out of his mouth, my heart is feeling things it shouldn’t. Aiyah, what to do.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 handsome Ao Xuan

Meanwhile, Zilin brought the injured Yumo to a mystical looking hot spiring to let him heal. Unexpectedly, Yumo was able to restore his dragon core. As Yumo wondered where he was, Zilin only said that this place was Qiu Xi’s private hideout.

As they were about to make their way out, they were trapped inside a cage made of vines. Qiu Xi and his followers have surrounded them. As Yumo was about to strike, he saw a group of female avian spirits were dragged over in front of Qiu Xi.

Immortal Samsara ep 18 Zilin and Yumo captured

Zilin recognized one of the female spirits as Bai Ling, who has helped him escaped before. Eager to save her, Zilin broke the cage made of vines and attacked Qiu Xi.

What will happen next…? Well, we shall see in the next episodes ( ・◇・)?

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