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Simple Days Ending Explained

Dear readers… how are you? I hope you were well. This is the Ending Explained for Simple Days drama. The 26-episode-long drama finished with a happy ending for Gu Mo Li and Zhu Jin Cao. However, they had a long way to go before they could truly be happy. Let’s find out what happened to their lives. Enjoy the post!

Simple Days Ending Explained

What Happened to Gu Mo Li?

When Zhu Jin Cao lost his job due to Gao Jin Xin’s scandal, Gu Mo Li also got upset. She went to Jinshan and vented her frustration on him. In Gu Mo Li’s eyes, Zhu Jin Cao was weak because he was willing to endure injustice instead of bringing down Gao Xia Qing. Zhu Jin Cao had been avoiding his problems like an ostrich hiding its head in the sand. He had forgotten that he was a father and a son.

Gu Mo Li was helped by her mother and former mother-in-law to solve the problem with Gao Xia Qing. Additionally, Zhou Yu offered her the opportunity to pursue her dream of becoming a painter, which she had always dreamed of since her school days. However, Gu Mo Li felt uneasy about accepting the offer from Zhou Yu, who had feelings for her. Because she felt like she was betraying Zhu Jinghua.

Shen Liu Liu reminded Gu Mo Li that her career has nothing to do with Zhu Jin Cao. Gu Mo Li should take the risk so she would not have regrets. Eventually, Gu Mo Li accepted the offer. Meanwhile, at the same time, Zhu Jin Cao came to ask for a fresh start. Gu Mo Li decided to restart her life, but not with Zhu Jin Cao or Zhou Yu. Her words broke his heart.

Simple Days Ending Explained - What Happened to Gu Mo Li in the end
Simple Days Ending Explained – What Happened to Gu Mo Li in the end

When Zhu Jin Cao declared that he wanted a separation, Gu Mo Li became furious and said things she shouldn’t have. However, after being together for years, Zhu Jin Cao knew that those words were spoken out of anger.

This time they were really separated from each other. Zhu Jin Cao went to Wuxi, while Gu Mo Li started her life as a painter. However, she did not feel happy. Instead, she became stressed upon learning that Zhu Jin Cao was not doing well in Wuxi.

Gu Mo Li’s solo exhibition was a huge success, earning her 1 million yuan (almost 140,000 USD) in one fell swoop. However, it aroused suspicion that she had been involved in a scheme. This suspicion was intensified after Yan Li told her that her paintings were not worth such a high price.

Gu Mo Li’s former boss also warned her to be careful around Zhou Yu. It was Zhu Jin Cao who made her realize that she had fallen into Zhou Yu’s trap. Her solo exhibition was actually a cover for Zhou Yu’s money laundering operation.

Thanks to Zhu Jin Cao’s quick actions, the police arrested Zhou Yu and declared Gu Mo Li a victim. Gu Mo Li left the police station feeling relieved, but her relief was short-lived when she discovered that Zhu Jin Cao had left her behind.

Unaware of Zhu Da Li and Zhang Shan Ya’s divorce, she tried to contact Zhu Jin Cao but received no response. He only called her after Zhu Da Li passed away and asked Gu Mo Li to go to his hometown and bring Zhu Yi Ke with her. Despite Zhu Da Li’s hot temper and aggressive personality, his death shocked the entire family.

Gu Mo Li regretted her impatience and stubbornness when dealing with her former father-in-law. She also realized that their parents were only thinking about how to make Gu Mo Li and Zhu Jin Cao’s little family happy. To avoid wasting their kindness and goodwill, she yielded and asked Zhu Jin Cao to remarry.

Upon hearing the news of Zhu Da Li’s death, Wu Yu Lan and Gu De Mao reflected on their own behavior. The couple realized that they had been too hard on Zhu Jin Cao and had interfered too much in their daughter’s marriage. They decided to stay away from it and let Gu Mo Li live her own life happily with her small family.

Gu Mo Li and her small family returned to Shanghai, where she remarried Zhu Jin Cao. She continued to pursue her dream as a painter, with Mi Na as her agent.

What Happened to Zhu Jin Cao?

Gao Xia Qing falsely accused Zhu Jin Cao, resulting in Zhu Jin Cao losing his job. Gu Mo Li gave Zhu Jin Cao a voice recorder containing Gao Xia Qing’s confession. She hoped it would clear his name and reputation. Zhu Jin Cao refused to use it as evidence. He warned Gu Mo Li that making the record public could lead to the cyberbullying of Gao Xia Qing’s family.

Simple Days Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhu Jin Cao in the end
Simple Days Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhu Jin Cao in the end

Zhu Jin Cao felt sorry for Gao Xia Qing’s 5-year-old son. Gu Mo Li was irked by his refusal and began to suspect that Zhu Jin Cao had feelings for Gao Xia Qing.

However, things did not work out as he expected. Although it was later confirmed that Liu Zhi had accepted a bribe, Zhu Jin Cao was still asked to resign because the scandal with Gao Xiao Jing had affected the company. Zhu Jin Cao returned to Shanghai to look for a new job, which was not an easy task.

As a transition job, he started doing ride-hailing services. His mother found out about his resignation when she brought him breakfast to his office. Unfortunately, Gu De Mao also discovered Zhu Jin Cao’s ride-booking job by accident.

After being scolded by Gu Mo Li for disappearing and seeing how worried his mother was, Zhu Jin Cao began to take action against Gao Xia Qing. With the help of his mother and former mother-in-law, they managed to stop Gao Xia Qing. However, a new issue emerged.

Zhu Jin Cao offended his father, leading to Zhu Da Li severing ties with him. He demanded that Zhu Jin Cao pay back the money for the small apartment, kicked him out of the house, and forced Zhu Yi Ke to stay with the Zhu family. Gu Mo Li became angry upon hearing this. However, Zhu Jin Cao dismissed her because he did not want to involve her in his family’s affairs.

Zhu Jin Cao decided that the best way to resolve his relationship with Gu Mo Li was to break up cleanly and go to Wu Xi for his new job. The parting pained both his and Gu Mo Li’s hearts. Now he works in a small outsourcing company. Although things have not been easy for him, Zhu Jin Cao is persevering.

Zhu Yi Ke informed her father that her mother had earned one million yuan from her paintings. This amount of money raised Zhu Jin Cao’s suspicion. With the help of a client, Zhu Jin Cao learned how to check for possible money laundering in Gu Mo Li’s painting transactions. He investigated and discovered that a person named Zhou Congde and a company called Decong Art were involved in dubious money laundering through art.

When he asked for leave to help Gu Mo Li, his boss refused and threatened him with termination. Zhu Jin Cao chose to resign without hesitation, leaving his colleagues dumbfounded.

Zhu Jin Cao started his investigation and found several artists who were victims of Decong Art and Zhou Congde, who turned out to be Zhou Yu’s father. Zhu Jin Cao presented a stack of evidence to convince Gu Mo Li.

Zhou Yu caught them talking in the office and tried to bribe them to pretend not to know anything. Zhou Yu also admitted that he ran an illegal business while belittling Gu MoLi by saying that her painting was just a pile of paper if he did not recognize her.

Zhu Jin Cao showed Zhou Yu that he had recorded everything he had said. And with the record as solid evidence, the police arrested Zhou Yu. Fortunately, Gu Mo Li was exempted from responsibility because she was a victim.

This Zhu Jin Cao is quite good to be a private detective. No wonder he was suck at his job. It turned out that his ability lies somewhere else…

A A After resolving the case, Zhu Jin Cao rushed back to his hometown where he learned about his parent’s divorce. At the courthouse, he listened to all the suffering Zhang Shan Ya felt during 36 years of marriage with his father.

Zhu Jin Cao felt guilty for thinking only of his small family and neglecting his mother. Zhang Shan Ya strived alone to keep the family harmonious and had to bear the pain.

After the death of Zhu Da Li, Zhu Jin Cao realized that he had not paid enough attention to his parents. He and Gu Mo Li regretted their divorce and felt guilty about what had happened. The tragedy brought them a new beginning when Gu Mo Li asked him to remarry.

What Happened to Zhang Shan Ya and Zhu Da Li?

Zhang Shan Ya went to see Gu Mo Li in a panic. She explained that Zhu Jin Cao had lost his job and she could no longer contact him. However, Gu Mo Li’s lukewarm attitude disheartened her.

Simple Days Ending Explained - What Happened to Zhang Shan Ya and Zhu Da Li in the end
Simple Days Ending Explained – What Happened to Zhang Shan Ya and Zhu Da Li in the end

Zhang Shan Ya admitted that her family had never been kind to Gu Mo Li. However, Zhang Shan Ya still told Gu Mo Li that she knew how deeply Zhu Jin Cao and Gu Mo Li loved each other, and that Gu Mo Li should cherish it. In order to solve the problem between Zhu Jin Cao and Gu Mo Li, Zhang Shan Ya could only turn to Wu Yu Lan.

She followed Gu Mo Li to Jinshan and heard Gu Mo Li scolding her son. Zhang Shan Ya saw how discouraged her son was, and asked Zhu Jin Cao to return to Shanghai with her. Then Zhang Shan Ya asked Wu Yu Lan to find the recorder that Gu Mo Li had mentioned.

Wu Yu Lan found it, and they learned the truth. However, since Gao Xia Qing had moved out of the neighborhood, Zhang Shan Ya and Wu Yu Lan decided to fight back against her through the Internet.

During Gao Xia Qing’s livestream, Zhang Shan Ya and Wu Yu Lan appeared and both cursed at her, calling her a home wrecker and a green tea (a bad person who pretends to be innocent and charming). With the participation of Zhu Jin Cao who put pressure on Gao Xia Qing, Zhang Shan Ya and Wu Yu Lan managed to solve the problem. However, the livestream created another problem for Zhang Shan Ya after Zhu Da Li’s friends saw the livestream and made fun of him, saying that his wife used to be harmless, but now she could curse others fiercely on the Internet.

Zhu Da Li was furious after being laughed at by his peers. He barged into Gu Mo Li’s house and had a fierce argument with Wu Yu Lan and Gu De Mao. Zhang Shan Ya tried to stop him but got hurt instead. Zhu Jin Cao and Gu Mo Li witnessed the incident. Zhu Jin Cao stopped his father immediately and threatened him. At the same time, Gu Mo Li called the police.

Due to this incident, Zhu Da Li severed ties with Zhu Jin Cao. He demanded that his son pay back the deposit for the small apartment. However, when Zhang Shan Ya asked for a divorce, he refused. Zhang Shan Ya went to Jiang Hai Tao to ask for help. She went back to her hometown to file for divorce.

Both Zhang Shan Ya and Zhu Da Li went to court, but Zhu Da Li adamantly refused the divorce. Even if the court granted him a divorce, Zhang Shan Ya would not be allowed to touch the family’s property. After the court hearing ended, Zhu Jin Cao demanded Zhu Da Li apologize to Zhang Shan Ya.

Zhu Jin Cao also told Zhu Da Li that if he was a decent man, he should divorce Zhang Shan Ya. Seeing his wife and son walk away from him made Zhu Da Li feel indescribable feelings.

When Zhu Da Li returned home, he started to cook. He had never cooked before, so he could only make a simple dish. When Zhang Shan Ya returned, he asked her to sit at the table and consider the food as a farewell meal. He wanted to talk to her about things he could not say in court, mainly because Zhu Jin Cao was there.

Zhu Da Li told Zhang Shan Ya that he was willing to leave the house for her and also give her all their savings. He added that he was well aware of her scheme but he still had the final say.

Zhang Shan Ya got angry, took the money, and left to pack up. Just as he was about to apologize, Zhu Da Li suffered a stroke. He struggled to write ‘I’m sorry’ on a piece of paper before fainting. Zhang Shan Ya panicked and rushed him to the hospital. Unfortunately, Zhu Da Li could not be saved.

Zhang Shan Ya felt guilty because she was the one who started everything. She knew that Zhu Jin Cao needed a bigger house, so she filed for divorce, which would give her half of the property in Shanghai. If they could sell it, Zhu Jin Cao could have some money for the down payment.

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to her, Zhu Da Li’s health had deteriorated. He had been suffering from high blood pressure and high blood lipid levels for the last three years, but he kept it from her. The divorce was the trigger that caused him to have a stroke. After that, Zhang Shan Ya urged Zhu Jin Cao and Gu Mo Li to return to Shanghai while she stayed in their hometown.

A few months later, Wu Yu Lan and Gu De Mao visited her. They urged Zhang Shan Ya to return to Shanghai because their kids and granddaughter were worried about her. Zhu Jin Cao and Gu Mo Li had already bought a new home, so Zhang Shan Ya could stay in the small apartment.

Wu Yu Lan and her husband had also bought another apartment near Zhang Shan Ya, so they could stay close and take care of each other. At first, Zhang Shan Ya refused, but then she yielded after Wu Yu Lan and Gu Ded Mao reminded her that they were family and should stay close to each other. Zhang Shan Ya returned to Shanghai. Her happiness doubled when Gu Mo Li finally called her ‘Mom’.

What Happened to Shen Liu Liu and Wang Liang Xiao?

Shen Liu Liu visited the hospital to check her health. However, she discovered that she was pregnant with Wang Liang Xiao’s child. Shen Liu Liu chose to keep the news of her pregnancy to herself and not tell Wang Liang Xiao.

Simple Days Ending Explained - What Happened to Shen Liu Liu and Wang Liang Xiao in the end
Simple Days Ending Explained – What Happened to Shen Liu Liu and Wang Liang Xiao in the end

Shen Liu Liu got angry after her boss insinuated her morning sickness (she pretended to be sick) in front of her colleagues. During the meeting, she announced her resignation. Huang Qian Niu followed suit, stating that he had had enough of putting up with them. Their departure caused the boss to lose his composure.

Huang Qian Niu discovered Shen Liu Liu’s pregnancy when he followed her to the hospital. Shen Liu Liu did not reveal who the father was and forced Huang Qian Niu to keep it a secret from everyone. Later, Shen Liu Liu started her own company, Liulian Education Consultancy, with the help of Huang Qian Niu.

Wang Liang Xiao learned of Shen Liu Liu’s pregnancy from Huang Qian Niu. He secretly tried to help her by recommending her company to a friend abroad. However, the job requires Shen Liu Liu to fly to the U.S. Shen Liu Liu refused the offer, and Wang Liang Xiao blurted out to his friend that he should reschedule it because Shen Liu Liu is pregnant.

Shen Liu Liu told Wang Liang Xiao that keeping the baby is her choice, and she did not want to burden him. She also refused the job offer. Shen Liu Liu’s words left him stunned. Wang Liang Xiao started to contemplate his principles in life.

Wang Liang Xiao actually likes Shen Liu Liu, but he is afraid of commitment and starting a family due to his past experience. His parents love him very much, but it made Wang Liang Xiao feel that their excessive hopes and love are a shackle to him.

But Shen Liu Liu changed his mind. She was brave to face the pregnancy alone and regarded the baby as her happiness. So, Wang Liang Xiao made up his mind that he wanted to be with the baby’s father and Shen Liu Liu’s husband.

Shen Liu Liu and Wang Liang Xiao got married at the Civil Bureau on the day she was about to give birth. Fortunately, they obtained the certificate before going to the hospital.

What Happened to Gao Xia Qing?

Gao Xia Qing tried to break apart Gu Mo Li and Zhu Jin Cao’s family because she fell in love with him. Zhu Jin Cao confronted her and questioned her actions, which included taking Gu Mo Li’s photo at the gym, spreading rumours, sending a dubious text to Gu Mo Li on New Year’s Eve, and letting Zhu Yi Ke eat ice cream when she knew that Zhu Yi Ke could not eat it.

Simple Days Ending Explained - What Happened to Gao Xia Qing in the end
Simple Days Ending Explained – What Happened to Gao Xia Qing in the end

Gao Xia Qing admitted that she did it because she liked Zhu Jin Cao and wanted him to see who was the right person for him. According to Gao Xia Qing, Gu Mo Li never appreciated Zhu Jin Cao.

Zhu Jin Cao refuted her words and emphasized that his wife would only be Gu Mo Li and he never liked Gao Xia Qing. His sharp words hurt Gao Xia Qing’s heart. She always thought that Zhu Jin Cao was kind to her because he also liked her but was afraid to admit it. Zhu Jin Cao only sympathized with her for being a single mom who raised a son.

Gao Xia Qing turned to Liu Zhi, a former colleague of Zhu Jin Cao who recruited her as a live streamer when she needed money to pay rent. She agreed to work with him and gained many viewers by speaking about the scandal.

However, Zhang Shan Ya and Wu Yu Lan launched a counterattack through live streaming. They played the recording of Gao Xia Qing admitting her wrongdoing to Zhu Jin Cao. Gao Xia Qing’s heart began to waver, but Liu Zhi continued to urge her to counterattack to gain more viewers.

Finally, Zhu Jin Cao appeared and showed her a video from Zhu Yi Ke’s school surveillance camera. Zhu Jin Cao also presented Gao Guo’s voice recording, in which he admitted to spending New Year’s Eve alone at home.

After hearing her son’s voice, Gao Xia Qing finally relented. She could not involve her son in her plan, or it would ruin his life. Gao Xia Qing returned to the livestream, admitted her wrongdoings, and apologized to Zhu Jin Cao and Gu Mo Li. Liu Zhi could only grit his teeth because his plan to make a huge amount of money from her livestream failed. After that, Gao Xia Qing never appeared in Zhu Jin Cao and Gu Mo Li’s life again.

My Musing

So what do you think about the ending, dear readers? Zhu Da Li’s actions seem contradictory to me. He was kind to others because he cared about his family’s reputation, but he was horrible to his family. Although I knew this was only a fictional drama, I never missed to curse characters who beat their own family members.

Well, that’s all for today. Thank you for visiting dear readers. I hope this post helps you understand the ending of Simple Days. I’ll see you in another post of drama review and ending explained. Ciao!

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