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Sweet And Cold Ending Explained

Dear readers… I hope you are all well today. This is the Ending Explained post of Sweet And Cold Drama. I am sure you are waiting for this, so let’s get going!

Sweet And Cold Ending Explained

What Happened to Meng Hao Tian?

Meng Hao Tian and her company, Pai Video, planned to make a short drama and start to find the perfect cast. Fang Hui came to her with 5 Element Media’s actors’ catalog. She advised Meng Hao Tian to cooperate with Zhou Yu. Meng Hao Tian was hesitating because she knew that Zhou Yu would refuse her.

Sweet And Cold Ending Explained - What happened to Meng Hao Tian?
Sweet And Cold Ending Explained – What happened to Meng Hao Tian?

However, because they need them, Meng Hao Tian found a way to make Zhou Yu willing to cooperate with her. She asked Fang Hui to make an appointment with Zhou Yu. Meng Hao Tian offered Zhao Yu a position as a shareholder. Just as Meng Hao Tian predicted, Zhou Yu refuse at first. But after some persuasion, the three of them joined hands in the project.

Suddenly, Xiao Rui and Mrs. Zhou barged in to stop the contract signing. Mrs. Zhou said that Meng Hao Tian had offended her brother, Wang Wen Jun. He was the owner of Xingqi First-Tier, a big and famous agency. Xiao Rui also accused Meng Hao Tian of wanting to drag Reda down with her. Meng Hao Tia was stunned because she did not know that Mrs. Zhou was Wang Wen Jun’s sister.

Mrs. Zhou recalls 5 Elements Media’s actors from the project. but Zhou Yu came up with some help and sent some of his actors to be the cast. Meanwhile, Zhao Rui suddenly interested in the project. She came with Fang Rui to give Meng Hao Tian several options for cheaper places for the shooting. Meng Hao Tian agreed and the shooting proceed.

When the short series drama was aired, it received good feedback from the audience. However, it only last for a day because the platforms suddenly taken down the videos. At the same time, Pai Video received a lawsuit from Wang Wen Jun. Meng Hao Tian realized that Xiao Rui framed her. So she took Fang Hui and Zhou Yu to Xiao Rui’s office and asked for an explanation.

Xiao Rui said that he was also framed by Wang Wen Jun. He held a grudge against Meng Hao Tian because of Liang Luo Fei. He was Xingqi First-Tier’s actor and Meng Hao Tian exposed Liang Luo Fei’s domestic violence scandal.

Mrs. Zhao came to see her husband. She told him that her brother was willing to withdraw the lawsuit if 5 Element Media if Zhao Yu sever the partnership with Meng Hao Tian. hou Yu refused to follow her advice, so Mrs. Zhou storm off the office in anger.

Several days later, Fang Hui and Amy caught Xiao Rui trying to steal Reda’s Finance seal. Fang Hui scolded him and revealed her investigation. It was Xiao Rui who frame Meng Hao Tian from the beginning. Fang Hui told Xiao Rui that he would fall into Wang Wen Ju’s trap if he sign the contract with him and he would drag Reda with him. So to avoid it, Fang Hui took the seal with her.

Meng Hao Tian decided to meet Mrs. Zhou. She told her that she was willing to withdraw from the collaboration project. Before she leave, she showed a behind the scene footage to Mrs. Zhou. Through the video, she saw her husband’s passion for filmmaking never die. Meng Hao Tian told her that she did not want their project to affect the relationship between Zhou Yu and his wife. Shortly after the meeting, Wang Wen Jun withdraw the lawsuit and their video returned to the platforms.

Leng Si Ming asked Meng Hao Tian to come with him and visit his parents. Meng Hao Tian was hesitating. She told her mother that she was scared. Meng Hao Tian’s mother knew that Meng Hao Tian had a fear of marriage because of her failed marriage.

So she told her daughter that the most important thing in the marriage was the right person. And if Meng Hao Tian had found him, she should hold him firmly in her heart. After she heard her mother’s words, Meng Hao Tian made up her mind and agree to visit Leng Si Ming’s parents.

However, the meeting did not went well because Mr. Leng had invited Maggie as well. Her presence made the situation awkward. Mr. Leng asked Meng Hao Tian about her father and she answered truthfully. Mr. Leng told her that Maggie was their future daughter-in-law. He emphasized that marriage was an important matter for their family.

Leng Si Ming heard this and got angry. To ease the situation, Meng Hao Tiang told Mr. Leng that she had no intention to marry Leng Si Ming and left the house. Since that day, Meng Hao Tian’s mood was worse and people around her often find her absent-minded.

Leng Si Ming returned and went to Meng Hao Tian’s apartment. He gave her a diamond ring and a proposal. But she refused and returned the ring. They stop contacting each other for six months until Maggie asked Meng Hao Tian to meet her.

Maggie said that she had been trying to get into Leng Si Ming’s heart but it was no to avail. There was already Meng Hao Tian in Leng Si Ming’s heart. Over time, he had been in constant arguments with his father. And finally, Mr. Leng relented and no longer interfered in Leng Si Ming’s relationship. Maggie urged her to reconcile because she knew very well that Leng Si Ming was still in love with Meng Hao Tian and so did she.

What Happened to Leng Si Ming?

Yuan Wen Bin tried to cut Leng Si Ming in every corner. He used Lingzhi’s resources and money to compete in every project that Lingdian had and even snatched his partner and investor. The latest was Shuangqiao. This company built robots and had the best team in robot technology. However, once again Lingzhi ruined his plan.

Sweet And Cold Ending Explained - What happened to Leng Si Ming?
Sweet And Cold Ending Explained – What happened to Leng Si Ming?

However, the tech team of Shuangqiao was not satisfied with Yuan Wen Bin. He did not understand their vision and only care about the money. Leng Si Ming told them his dream of building a robot to accompany lonely people, especially when they missed someone. He wanted his robot to have the ability to respond to emotions and also mimicked human voices. After the engineers found out that they have the same vision, Shuangqiao agreed to sign the contract with Lingdian.

Maggie had fallen in love with Leng Si Ming. She often asked him for help, including when her drunken neighbor kept knocking at her door. Leng Si Ming agreed to help and went there with Meng Hao Tian. At Maggie’s apartment, Meng Hao Tian could read Maggie’s feelings in an instant. Fortunately, Leng Si Ming did not seem to realize it.

When Maggie asked for help again, Meng Hao Tian visited Maggie on Leng Si Ming’s behalf. Maggie was shocked when she saw Meng Hao Tian in front of her door. Before Meng Hao Tian left the apartment, Maggie stopped her and said that she fall in love with Leng Si Ming. Meng Hao Tian was stunned at first. But then she smiled and told Maggie that she could tell Leng Si Ming about her feelings.

However, Meng Hao Tian believed that Leng Si Ming would reject Maggie. She confidently said that nobody could take her boyfriend away from her. However, if Leng Si Ming was a jerk who love to fool around, she would be happy to let Maggie take him away. In the end, Maggie did express her feelings to Leng Hao Tian and got rejected.

When Leng Si Ming invited Meng Hao Tian to meet his parents, he did not know that his father had invited Maggie too. His face become unsightly and annoyed at the sight of her. Leng Si Ming’s anger exploded when his father blatantly said that he have to marry Maggie. He almost fought his father, but Meng Hao Tian stopped him.

When she left the table, Leng Si Ming wanted to chase her, but his father suddenly had a heart attack. He could not leave his father sick, so Leng Si Ming watched Meng Hao Tian leave helplessly. He stayed for quite some time to help his father’s company after her mother plead for him to stay.

When he returned, Leng Si Ming took a ring that he had prepared for a long time to Meng Hao Tian. Although he already put the ring on her finger, Meng Hao Tian take it off and returned the ring. She said that they should take some time off.

Time goes by and six months has passed. Leng Si Ming invited Meng Hao Tian to the Lingdian product launch ceremony. However, she did not come because, at the same time, Meng Hao Tian’s company also launched another short drama series. Leng Hao Tian also refused the cooperation offer from Maggie’s family company. He said that he would not stay long at his father’s company.

After Maggie had a conversation with Meng Hao Tian, Leng Si Ming saw Meng Hao Tian run under the rain. Leng Si Ming immediately came to shield her with an umbrella. They stared at each other and could not hide the love from their eyes. Although six months has passed, Leng Si Ming and Meng Hao Tian still loved each other. They walked together under the rain with a slight smile hanging on their lips.

What Happened to Yuan Wen Bin?

Yuan Wen Bin’s obsession to defeat Leng Si Ming had made him frustrated and anxious. Wang Da Wei, his right-hand man, should bear all his scoldings. Yuan Wen Bin did not realize that his obsession starting to endanger Lingzhi. He asked for more money to fund the tech research and his demand had become more unreasonable.

Sweet And Cold Ending Explained - What happened to Yuan Wen Bin?
Sweet And Cold Ending Explained – What happened to Yuan Wen Bin?

So Yuan Wang Shan had to step in and suspend his son from the CEO position. When he told Yuan Wen Bin his decision, Yuan Wen Bin only stare at him in disbelief. Yuan Wen Bin could not understand why his father would support Leng Si Ming’s company with his own money but refused to help his son.

When he tried to return to the company, Yuan Wen Bin’s card was denied at the electronic gate. He could only enter the company with Wang Da Wei’s help. Yuan Wen Bin asked Wang Da Wei to join him but was refused. Wang Da Wei said that if Yuan Wen Bin treated his employee nicely, everybody would be eager to leave with him. Implying that he always treat other badly.

Wang Da Wei also said that no matter where Yuan Wen Bin go, Yuan Wang Shan would always protect him. But if he left Lingzhi, nobody would care about him. Wang Da Wei told him that Yuan Wen Bin should do something rather than go to the company and blame him.

Yuan Wen Bin continued to search for Shen Chunyi. He finally found her hiding in a retreat. Shen Chunyi was in good condition. Her mind become clearer and her anxious heart was healed. However, there was one more thing happened, she was pregnant again. When Yuan Wen Bin came, he accidentally heard two kids talk about Shen Chunyi’s pregnancy.

Yuan Wen Bin told her that he had nothing left and realized that everything he thought was his were never belong to him completely. Shen Chunyi consoled him and said that he could prove his attitude differently and reclaim everything that truly belonged to him. She did not want to be together again with Yuan Wen Bin. But she promised that Yuan Wen Bin would always be the baby’s father. Yuan Wen Bin asked whether he could live on the retreat for a while because he did not want to return to his house. Shen Chunyi did not reject his request.

So Yuan Wen Bin tried a different style of life. He woke up early in the morning to pick vegetables and fruits and he enjoyed it until Luo Zi Yi came and find him. Yuan Wen Bin got tempted by his promise and was willing to help him. He took Luo Zi Yi to meet two of his colleague. And because Yuan Wen Bin signed the contract, they followed suit.

However, the contract turned into a scam and his colleague blamed him. Yuan Wen Bin panicked and tried to find Luo Zi Yi while the rumors spread that Yuan Wen Bin was a fraudster.

Shen Chunyi took Yuan Wen Bin to see Ji Mo To talk about his problems. He refused to talk at first. Ji Mo said that he was the only one who knew what he want and the only one who could help himself.

After looking everywhere, Yuan Wen Bin got information about Luo Zi Yi’s whereabouts and went there with Jiang Lei Lei. They confronted Luo Zi Yi and after he talked to Jiang Lei Lei, Luo Zi Yi agreed to surrender himself. When he got home, Yuan Wen Bin listened to his father call. It turned out Yuan Wang Shan also searched for Luo Zi Yi and helped Yuan Wen Bin clear the rumors. Yuan Wen Bin realized that his father wanted to make him a better person and never abandon him. He gladly ate a bowl of noodles prepared by his father.

What Happened to Jiang Lei Lei?

Jiang Lei Lei was sad because Qi Lang left but she did not show it. She kept on working in her flower shop alone. She ignored his messages because Jiang Lei Lei was confused and scared of her feelings. Qi Lang secretly monitored her and Xiao Tuan. When they were busy at the shop, he delivered dinner for them. After he set the table, Qi Lan hide and watched them eat. Jiang Lei Lei knew that the food was prepared by Qi Lang and run after him, she was sad when she could not find him anywhere.

Sweet And Cold Ending Explained - What happened to Jiang Lei Lei?
Sweet And Cold Ending Explained – What happened to Jiang Lei Lei?

Qi Lang listened to the conversation between the mother and son. Jiang Lei Lei asked Xiao Tuan about his feeling toward Qi Lang. She used to be afraid Xiao Tuan would not accept Qi Lang as his family. Yet she was surprised that Xiao Tuan was supportive of her feelings and he really liked Qi Lang. Xiao Tuan said that he wanted Qi Lang to protect his mother because his father was never around.

Jiang Lei Lei was touched by Xiao Tuan’s love for her. However, she said that Qi Lang might never return because she made a mistake. Xiao Tuan did not like his mother sad and said that he would find Qi Lang for her. So he went around the yard and found Qi Lang. Jiang Lei Lei was surprised to see Qi Lang and asked whether he want to go with her to the resort for a business trip.

Jiang Lei Lei and Qi Lang went to the resort. Qi Lang criticize her because Jian Lei Lei wanted to cross the river in heels. So Jiang Lei Lei asked him to lend her his hand. In the middle of the stone bridge, Jiang Lei Lei said that she just ended a seven years marriage and was hurt because of it. Qi Lang thought that Jiang Lei Lei wanted to refuse him again. But then Jiang Lei Lei said that she was afraid to face her feelings and afraid that Qi Lang’s attention to her was just temporary.

She was afraid that Qi Lang would leave her, dislike her when she was old, and was worried because she could not cook. Qi Lang smiled at her worries and stopped her words with a kiss. He said that he would treat her and Xiao Tuan well. Jiang Lei Lei smiled and said Qi Lang made her want to be brave again.

Luo Zi Yi came to Jiang Lei Lei and asked for Yuan Wen Bin’s contact number and she refused to give him. He saw Qi Lang and Jiang Lei Lei introduced him as her boyfriend. Luo Zi Yi asked her whether she trust Qi Lang and was willing to let Xiao Tuan close to him. Jiang Lei Lei scolded him for meddling in her business.

Yuan Wen Bin came angrily and asked Luo Zi Yi’s whereabouts. Jiang Lei Lei also panicked because Xiao Tuan was there and heard everything. Xiao Tuan heard the rumors of his father being a fraudster and wanted to find him. He refused to eat or drink until he saw Luo Zi Yi.

When they finally had information about Luo Zi Yi’s whereabouts, Jiang Lei Lei and Yuan Wen Bin went to find him. At that time, Luo Zi Yi was talking to some people about the investment. Jiang Lei Lei told the investors that Luo Zi Yi was a liar and fraudster.

Luo Zi Yi told Jiang Lei Lei that he tried to earn money for the sake of Xiao Tuan, but Jiang Lei Lei cut his words. She said Xiao Tuan had already learned that his father was a liar and refused to eat and drink because of it.

Jiang Lei Lei tried to make Luo Zi Yi realized that he would make Xiao Tuan live a miserable life. She did not want Xiao Tuan to live a life like Meng Hao Tian’s life because she was burdened with her father’s debt. After Luo Zi Yi saw Xiao Tuan and promised to keep their communication through letters, Luo Zi Yi surrendered himself to the police.

Qi Lang sold his motorcycle and brought a car. He dressed neatly and went to pick up Jiang Lei Lei and Xiao Tuan. Qi Lang opened the car trunk that was filled with flowers. Jiang Lei Lei was surprised to see the flowers and shocked when Qi Lang suddenly kneeled to propose to her. Jiang Lei Lei was all smiles and accepted his proposal. Xiao Tuan was happy and decided to change the way he addressed Qi Lang, from Brother Qi Lang to Father Qi Lang. It was the beginning of a new chapter of their life.

My Musing

I was glad that this Sweet and Cold drama had a happy ending, Yuan Wen Bin finally understood his father’s intentions and their relationship improved. Yet, I was sad because there was no wedding scene in this drama. I wanted to see Meng Hao Tian in a wedding dress. ☹️

Sweet And Cold Ending Explained- Leng Si Ming and Meng Hao Tian
Sweet And Cold Ending Explained- Leng Si Ming and Meng Hao Tian

Anyhow, what do you think about this drama? I also wrote Sweet and Cold drama review, you can check it if you want to know how I though about this drama. Don’t forget to write your comment in the comment box below. I’ll see you in another post of Ending Explained!

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