Ending ExplainedSword and Fairy Ending Explained

Sword and Fairy Ending Explained

Sword and Fairy ended some time ago. The drama tells the story of Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao’s journey to find their past. You may be curious about what happened to them in the end. Did they stay together or were they separated for good? So, without further ado. Let’s start!

Sword and Fairy Ending Explained

What Happened to Yue Qi?

Because Yue Jin Zhao was badly wounded, Yue Qi decided to fight Zhu Yu alone. She recalled her friend who died and was wounded on their journey to save the world from Zhu Yu’s crimes. Yue Qi’s swords appeared, and she pointed them at Zhu Yu, her own mother.

Suddenly, Zhu Yu closed her eyes, and Yue Qi entered her sea of awareness. Zhu Yu called Yue Qi, who then came to her. She seemed very worried about her daughter and asked Yue Qi if she really wanted to kill her mother.

After seeing that Zhu Yu had bewitched Yue Qi, Yue Jin Zhao attacked Zhu Yu. They fought while Yue Qi remained lost in her mind. Yue Jin Zhao called out to her repeatedly, hoping to wake her up. He had lost the strength to use the resonance, but it was enough to wake Yue Qi up. She immediately threw her sword at Zhu Yu, who was unaware, and it pierced right through her body.

In her final moments, she smiled at Yue Qi and told her that she did well. Zhu Yu’s body slowly dissipated into golden dust.

Yue Jin Zhao woke Yue Qi up from her stupor. She was happy to see him but didn’t realize how weak he was. Yue Jin Zhao informed her that she had fulfilled her duty as a sword wielder. Yue Qi explained that she put Zhu Yu to sleep because she changed her mind at the last minute.

Sword and Fairy Ending Explained - What Happened to Yue Qi?
Sword and Fairy Ending Explained – What Happened to Yue Qi?

She also knew that Yue Jin Zhao was severely wounded and dying. However, he did not want her to know about his condition lest she get worried. So Yue Qi pretended to be ignorant. Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao went to the city and sat by the river.

Yue Jin Zhao’s life was hanging by a thread. When the time came, he sent Yue Qi to buy a candied haws for him. She went and bought it from an old granny at the bridge. After the granny left, her tears dropped. Before long, Yue Qi knew in her heart that Yue Jin Zhao was no longer there.

Following the death of Yue Jin Zhao, Yue Qi’s emotional state was not good. She appeared too calm, which made Luo Zhao Yan and Ming Xiu worry. On her birthday, Luo Zhao Yan and Ming Xiu prepared egg noodles for her, which she eagerly ate. After finishing the noodles, Luo Zhao Yan noticed some soup at the corner of her lips.

Yue Qi had been waiting for someone to wipe it for her, and no one was doing it. Only then did she realize her sadness because the person who always wiped it away for her had long gone. Yue Qi began to cry. She said that after Zhu Yu died, she felt a hole in her heart. And when Yue Jin Zhao died, the hole was getting bigger and she felt her heart was gone.

Yue Qi visited the Yu Clan to see Shuo Xuan, who used a meditation spell to replace Kun’s consciousness and control the body. Shuo Xuan requested Rehai’s assistance in healing Zhu Yu’s body. Kun was injured, and Shuo Xuan struggled to repress its instincts. She alone would not be able to hold on. But Ying Xuwei did not agree because it only gives temporary relief.

Yue Qi suggested that she could provide spiritual power to Kun since she possesses the bloodline of Kun. Therefore, it would not affect the human world. However, Yue Qi had a condition: the sleeping Yu Clan members would enter the time stasis with Zhu Yu.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Yu Clan members should return to the sea. Shuo Xuan reluctantly agreed to the conditions. Yue Qi also agreed. Yue Qi gave up her position as the young lord of the Yu Clan, allowing Shuo Xuan to take her place. However, when the time gate opened, Shuo Xuan decided to follow Zhu Yu into the time stasis.

After everything was settled, Yue Qi informed her friends Ming Xiu, Luo Zhao Yan, and Xiang Qing that she would be taking a different path from them. Yue Qi was sad to part with them. However, she knew that it was the best decision for herself.

Yue Qi went to the dragon platform carrying her fish tokens. She wished for Yue Jin Zhao to come back alive and was willing to change her existence for his life. The God informed her that ‘existence’ referred to her memories and others’ memories of her. Yue Qi agreed. Unbeknownst to her, Ying Xuwei had already arrived at the platform to exchange his life for Yue Jin Zhao’s.

However, Ying Xuwei’s life was too short, so Yue Jin Zhao’s life would also be too short. Therefore, he told the God that he would exchange his life and whatever Yue Qi offered to resurrect Yue Jin Zhao. Ying Xuwei knew that Yue Qi would come to bargain for Yue Jin Zhao’s life and out of guilt, Ying Xuwei wanted to make amends to Yue Qi and Yue Jin Zhao.

Yue Qi lost her memories and her existence in the memories of those who knew her to bring back Yue Jin Zhao. As a result, nobody recognized her as she walked down the street. However, when she accidentally bumped into a young man carrying a similar fish token, they both stared at each other. He had sharp brows, a straight nose, and small lips. In this Sword and Fairy ending, She did not recognize him, but she felt like she had known him for years.

What Happened to Yue Jin Zhao?

Yue Jin Zhao was badly injured when they fought with Zhu Yu. Yue Qi was worried about him, but Yue Jin Zhao told him that Zhu Yu had been trying to reestablish the connection with Mist Soul. If she succeeded, then many people would die in vain. To avoid this, Yue Qi stood up to fight her mother alone.

Sword and Fairy Ending Explained - What Happened to Yue Jin Zhao?
Sword and Fairy Ending Explained – What Happened to Yue Jin Zhao?

After Yue Qi was lost in Zhu Yu’s sea of consciousness, Yue Jin Zhao attacked Zhu Yu, causing him to be severely wounded. He was able to use their resonance to bring Yue Qi back. After Zhu Yu’s death, Yue Qi could not hide her sadness. Only after Yue Jin Zhao hugged her, Yue Qi could snap out of her stupor.

Yue Jin Zhao and Yue Qi returned to the mortal world and sat by the river to talk about many things. Yue Jin Zhao’s face was deathly pale as if he were at the end of his life. Unfortunately, this was the case, because the wound from the fight with Zhu Yu was too severe.

However, Yue Jin Zhao did not want Yue Qi to see him in this state. As he felt his end approaching, he sent Yue Qi to buy some candied haws. Yue Qi left happily to buy the candied haw. Yue Jin Zhao watched from afar, tightly clutching the fish token in his hand. As he closed his eyes forever, his hand slowly loosened the grip.

Meanwhile, Yue Qi could no longer hide her sadness. As her tears fell and the candied haws dropped from her hand.

Yue Jin Zhao came back to life with the help of Yue Qi and Ying Xuwei. He returned to the mortal world and lived a good life there. He often wandered the streets to hear stories from the storyteller. One day, he bumped into Ming Xiu. She did not remember him but felt a familiarity towards him.

In this Sword and Fairy ending, Yue Jing Zhao bumped into a young girl clad in green. She was carrying a candy in her hand, and her smile was mesmerizing. Yue Jin Zhao blushed when he saw her. Just like when Ming Xiu saw him, Yue Jin Zhao also felt a strange familiarity towards the girl. Yue Qi felt the same way. They locked eyes on the bridge, both knowing they shouldn’t miss the moment.

What Happened to Luo Zhao Yan and Xian Qing?

In Sword and Fairy ending, Luo Zhao Yan and Xian Qing were badly wounded during the fight against the Yu Clan. Luo Zhao Yan was very sad upon seeing Xian Qing. She thought Xian Qing had died, but when he opened his eyes, Luo Zhao Yan could not contain her happiness. Although his hair had turned completely white, the most important thing was that he had survived.

Sword and Fairy Ending Explained - What Happened to Luo Zhao Yan and Xian Qing?
Sword and Fairy Ending Explained – What Happened to Luo Zhao Yan and Xian Qing?

Luo Zhao Yan told Xian Qing that she wanted to seek eternal life because her lifespan was not long. She wanted to have more time to spend with Xian Qing. As a good lover, of course, Xian Qing would follow her wherever she went. They parted ways with Ming Xiu, who put up a strong front. Luo Zhao Yan reassured Xiang Qing that they could always visit Ming Xiu at Mount Yuqing if they missed her.

The couple had been searching for the art of eternity for days but in vain. Xian Qing consoled Luo Zhao Yan, but she said that she no longer wanted to find it and chose to cultivate alongside of him. They decided to settle down and build their love nest.

Years later, Xian Qing, Luo Zhuo Yan, and Ming Xiu met in the city. Xian Qing’s hair had turned black again with a white streak on his forehead. He and Luo Zhuo Yan looked very happy together.

What Happened to Ju Shi Fang?

Ju Shi Fang received a mysterious letter. The letter claimed to have a way to undermine Zhu Yu’s power, but only if Ju Shi Fang was willing to sacrifice his life. Shocked, he went to find his friend to tell them about it. However, he discovered that Ming Xiu had also received the same letter. Ju Shi Fang gave up the idea and went to the riverbank by himself.

Sword and Fairy Ending Explained - What Happened to Ju Shi Fang?
Sword and Fairy Ending Explained – What Happened to Ju Shi Fang?

When Ju Shi Fang arrived, he saw Cang Feng. He gave Ju Shi Fang a small bottle and a letter. The letter stated that the bottle contained Yue Qi’s blood, which could remove the Bloodbinding between Zhu Yu and the Mist Soul since Yue Qi and Zhu Yu are bonded by blood. Ju Shi Fang was instructed to apply the blood to Shuo Xuan and injured her. Then Shuo Xuan would enter the Core of Demon Realm to recover.

And when it happened, Yue Qi’s blood and the power of Rehai would remove the Bloodbinding. This would cause Zhu Yu’s vitality energy to drop immensely, creating a chance to kill her.

Ju Shi Fang knew that if he did not do it, Ming Xiu would. Therefore, he decided to take on the task to protect her. However, the thought of leaving his friends saddened him. That evening, the Chief Sect prepared a small celebration for his birthday.

Ju Shi Fang kneels down and kowtows to show his gratitude. Then his friends appear to join the celebration. It was an unforgettable night for Ju Shi Fang, especially since he knew he might not survive the next day.

At night, Ju Shi Fang went to see Shuo Xuan with Dou Bao, ready to fight. They fought fiercely. Ju Shi Fang did everything he could to injure Shuo Xuan. It was not an easy task because Shuo Xuan was a better fighter than him. In the end, Dou Bao was destroyed, and Ju Shi Fang was deeply saddened.

Ju Shi Fang died from Shuo Xuan’s water arrow but managed to get close enough to hug her and stab Shuo Xuan from behind before he died. The following day, Yue Qi found his letter on the desk and, after reading it, frantically ran to the front of the hall. There, she saw Jue Shi Fang’s lifeless body being sent inside a water orb. Jue Shi Fang’s death surprised everyone, and Yue Jin Zhao carried his body on his back to the hall.

Yue Qi, Yue Jin Zhao, Luo Zhao Yan, Xian Qiang, and Ming Xiu were not the only ones saddened by his passing. The Sect leader and everyone in the Zhengwu Alliance also felt sad.

Meanwhile, far away in the Demon Realm, Shuo Xuan was staring at the ceiling in mourning. She looked pale, and her eyes were empty and teary. She opened the Luban Lock that Ju Shi Fang gave her and found her picture painted inside every piece of wood. Her heart ached, and she cried.

It was long after Ju Shi Fang’s death and the world was finally at peace, a little boy was running around the market and bumped into Ming Xiu. Yue Jin Zhao was also there to help him up. In the Sword and Fairy ending, the boy carried a wooden backpack on his back. He was polite and kind.

What Happened to Ming Xiu?

After the death of Ju Shi Fang, Ming Xiu showed the mysterious letter to Xian Qing. He recognized Luo Mai Ming’s writing. Xiang Qing slowly understood why the letters were only addressed to Ju Shi Fang and Ming Xiu. It was because Luo Mai Ming wanted to entrust Luo Zhao Yan to him. Xian Qing was speechless.

Sword and Fairy Ending Explained - What Happened to Ming Xiu

Ju Shi Fang’s death strengthened Ming Xiu’s determination to help her friends. Ming Xiu had an idea to foresee the future. As the guardian of Pureness, she believed she should be able to do so. However, this ability came at a price: her sight.

Ming Xiu discovered that Kun had three weaknesses in its body. She informed Ying Xuwei about them so that he could target them with his weapon. With the Bloodbinding destroyed and Ming Xiu’s help, Kun was defeated.

After the final battle, Ming Xiu returned to Mount Yuqing to visit Gu Han Jiang’s tomb. She told him everything that happened to their friends. She lives alone and sometimes goes to the city to meet her friends, Luo Zhao Yan and Xiang Qing. In the end, Ming Xiu crossed paths with Yue Jin Zhao once. Although she did not remember him, she felt like she had seen him before.

My Musing

Soooo… Finally, the story of Sword and Fairy drama came to an end. Honestly, I did not have much enjoyment after watching this drama. So I am not sure if I will put it on my re-watch list. However, your opinion may be different about Sword and Fairy drama ending, dear readers. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below. We would greatly appreciate it. well, that’s all for today. I will see you in another post of Ending Explained. Goodbye!

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